[Aster/Al] Seating Shenanigans

Head here for a meal! The dining area is accessible at any time of the day.
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Asterion Khryseos
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Weapon Name: Lustrous Chimera

Aster hadn't meant to arrive so late to lunch, but with so many errands to run - and with them being spread out across the campus for some godsforsaken reason - by the time he managed to make his way in past the doors, more or less all of the seats in the dining hall had been taken. There were a few here and there, but it seemed as though the only empty ones were such tight spaces that there was no way he was going to fit without shoving someone else aside to make room.

He sighed a little to himself, and took one last look around, hoping against hope that there'd be somewhere empty and roomy enough for him to sit down, instead of traipsing elsewhere to get something to eat. To his surprise, that extra look around found him a space that, if his eyes weren't failing him, seemed to be wide enough to accommodate him. There was someone already there, however - and if experience had taught him anything, it was best to ask before just sitting himself down next to people he hadn't met. While Vale was nowhere near as bad as Atlas in how Faunus were treated, from what he'd heard, there were always going to be people who didn't take kindly to his kind.

Aster trudged forward and waved to get the stranger's attention, a polite and friendly look on his face as he addressed them. "Hey, you mind if I sit here? It doesn't look like there's anywhere else that'll fit me right now." He ended it with a slightly sheepish chuckle - something to keep the mood light, hopefully.

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Al Ciendra
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What year was it ?
Al was unsure at this point, that history lecture went on for ever, especially since the professor kept switching to side topics and had to answer every single question at length!

She shook her head, now she was free, she could take her time to process all thst information that was filling her head.
Yeah, do some training!
No that had to wait, unlike her head her stomach was not full.
Thinking about this over some good food did sound nice too.

Soon Al was seated, he had taken a quick detour to her room amd tossed away her bag and put on a simple dark red hoodie over her school uniform, she was really tempted to change out of the skirt too, but she was to lazy AND hungry!
Atleast one of those things would be an easy fix with this delicious looking steak that laid on her plate.
She looked around just a bit, happy to notice that there was some space between her and the next person left of her, before lifting up her mask and started eating.

Halfway trough she was interrupted, Al was busy eating and did not pay much attention to who asked so she just nodded as a response, since her mouth was curremtly stuffed with meat.

Then she felt the bench bend a little and she turned to him.
Whoa he was big!
And a faunus too, those ears were very noticeable after all.
Oh wait, horns ?

Al felt a little wierd about eating steak suddenly.
Al chatters in #FF5500
And sometimes she thinks in #FDAD62
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