How Collective Approvals Work [REQUIRED READING!]

This area is for approvals to transition a character from a Freelance to a Collective character.
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The Public Canon

By now there has been a lot of mention in the documentation of this site in reference to the public canon, Collective Roleplay, and other various terms that apply to something greater than a simple RP discourse. So what does this all mean exactly?

The Public Canon is a collection of stories, lore, locations, and characters which are grown from the imaginations of the members of this site and stapled together to create a cohesive whole, like a quilt or tapestry which expands every time it is added to and is rigorously examined for flaws and feel. Here is where you will find more strict, dedicated, and refined Roleplay, whether its in terms of quality or in terms of scope; the Public Canon exists for those who wish to join a source of Roleplay which is larger than their own character's story and be a part of it, helping to grow it and influence it in ways that will effect others within this group. In a realm where everybody's opinion matters, you will be asked to try and see things the way others do and as such respecting your fellow RPers is very important. Communicating your goals and what you want to gain from the Roleplay to others should be normalized.

The idea of the Public Canon is meant to be a 'best of' scenario for all involved. The idea here is that nobody should be considered the 'main character' of the canon, rather everyone should have their time to be the hero, and their time to be support to the heroes or to play a role on the sidelines. This doesn't mean you should always be left out of the spotlight! Obviously not every piece of the canon will appeal to everyone uniformly, however the idea is to make these moving parts as acceptable as possible to as many people as possible. This is why majority rulings are important here. In the realm of Collective RP, we all want to build something awesome together, and have fun doing it. Teamwork is what the Public Canon is all about!

The Method

Collective Approvals are conducted by those who are already a part of the Collective Roleplayer pool. These diligent folks have proven their value to the public canon by engaging with the community, and crafting their character's concepts as though they were tending to a fine piece of art. A Collective character is expected to exhibit a full understanding of the world of Remnant by-and-large, essentially these are characters whom one would not be surprised to find in the show itself. They should be free of radical differences that mark them as potentially violating the established lore of the canon, both from the show as well as the public canon as it currently exists, and as such these characters will be scrutinized by those conducting approvals here for any dramatic flaws and potentially undermining qualities that could inappropriately sway the public canon away from what it is intended to be.

Here, research is your friend. Whether that's to better define what themes and pieces you've used to construct your character, or simply research into what has been accepted into the Encyclopedia or even basic research into RWBY itself, knowing what you're doing will take you very far here.

In order to join the Collective at Colors, you should keep this in mind when making changes to your character prior to submitting them for an elevated approval. This process is far more strict than the basic approval process, and as such characters within this category should show an understanding of the topics discussed in the Character Creation Guide. Strict adherence to site rules is mandatory. Literacy is also required. But do bear in mind that nobody is perfect, and perfection is not required here. Though these approvals are more strict in order to keep the public canon free of unwanted influences, it should be noted that imagination should be welcomed and ideas which are shown to be solid and hold up under the public canon should be celebrated, not turned away.

Some things to ask yourself before considering placing your character up for a Collective Approval:

Does my character have clearly defined motives and goals for being in their chosen role in the RP?
Does their Semblance/Abilities make sense and not ask too much of the person I'm roleplaying with?
Am I willing to communicate as much as needed with others in order to ensure that the canon is presented as we all want it to be?
Is there any aspect of my character's profile that could potentially conflict with aspects of somebody else's profile or the established public canon?
Am I willing to let others have the spotlight when it is their time to be important? In other words, am I okay with my character not being the Main Character of a thread for awhile?
Am I willing to allow content that I've created to be used by others in the public canon? (Example: Locations, technology, historical events)

Understanding why these questions are asked and what your answers to each of these are will be important when seeking approval here. We ask that attention be given to important details such as these and a good deal of thoughtfulness and mindfulness be applied when considering others within the public canon.
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