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Following a call for the student body to assemble in the amphitheater, staff members would herd their charges through campus and settle in around the large central stage modified for the following days' activities. Excited discussions hushed as the lights would dim to a soft blue glow and a hologram springing to life dominated the empty space.

"Hello, and welcome to the Beacon Pep Rally! My name is Wednesday Haptasnytrir, professor and acting host for this event. Among you are a brave handful who have elected to compete in this season's combat meet modeled after the soon to arrive Vytal Festival Tournament. In following with tradition, students will be able to compete against each other regardless of age or school year in one on one round brackets."

Screens situated across the arena would project Wednesday in imposing detail as the brief pause carried on and allowed the audience to digest her words. Seconds ticked by under a smiling visage akin to a cat amusing itself with the flailing of a mouse. Unlike the cat, Wednesday was eager to put the mouse out of its misery and carry on, ending the relative silence.

"Victors of these brackets will advance until only one combatant remains and be named school champion. However~ keep my lessons in mind, for the enemy before you is not the only danger. That's right~ In this combat meet, runner-ups will have a second chance to advance in a losers' bracket!"

It was clear to all that Beacon's resident bird lady took great sadistic glee in the tournament's design. Victory would not be a straightforward affair, but a constant uphill battle from all sides.

"Bouts will take place over the next few days and, after their conclusion, participants will have a day of rest and recuperation while the next tier brackets are decided! But for right here, right now, our bouts are as follows!"

First Bracket
[Bout 1]: Midnight White vs Castor Achramos
[Bout 2]: Ela Motley vs Hyacinth Bordeaux
[Bout 3]: Vlithra Qing Long vs Asterion Khryseos
[Bout 4]: Nocte Fabri vs Al Ciendra
[Bout 5]: Forrest Waldstein vs Bastion Sandstone
[Bout 6]: Bartok Evergreen vs Kailyn Keison

"Fight hard students! Put the knowledge and training we've given you to use and prove yourselves as protectors of our world!"
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