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Cirque du Beacon

Who’s that sending shivers down your spine?
That many-faced figure looming over yonder?
You should know him from once upon a time,
‘Tis the season of joys and scares alike to savor!

Sliver Shiver has come back in town for another event! This tenth month of Remnant, Beacon Academy has opened its doors to host the Cirque du Beacon in collaboration with Sliver Shiver. Attractions of all kinds are being held on the academy’s grounds for both attending students and staff as well as the public!

Peruse prizes in plump pastries positively pumped with paddings of prisms and produce at the Dust Pie-Eating Contest! Be careful, the pies are liable to bite back just as much, in more ways than one! Pies are baked fresh and ready for eating in the Academy Gardens.

Come by the Costume Contest in the Amphitheater to the roar of a crowd! Festivities are MC’d by two Sliver Shivers of polar dispositions with guest stars from the audience. Enter as part of the crowd adding your voice to the votes or as a participant to dress up!

The Spooky Dance in the Ballroom will be the place for anyone interested in a full seasonal atmosphere complete with a light show synced to the beat of the music! A few spots are also available for those who want a more relaxed way to celebrate the festivities.
It would be remiss not to enjoy the attractions available! Everyone is encouraged to take in all the delights of this month-long event!

Now, a word from our host including an itinerary of the event!

(The paragraphs below in italics help paint a picture of how the Dust-Pie Eating Contest and the Costume Contest work. They can be used directly prior to your own posts if you wish!)

Other than those provided, students and teachers are free to come up with their own booths. One student may turn a classroom into a small haunted maze, or one student may make a small booth in the hallway to show off their semblance, affect others with it and give them a ride, or maybe give weapon appraisals.

When making a thread with this event, make sure to put #SpookyScarySliver in the thread title! Sliver Shiver could make an appearance in any of your threads outside of the two contests he hosts if you wish.

Dust-Pie Eating Contest (Academy Gardens)

Whoever said eating Dust was unhealthy? What doesn’t kill you and send you to your ancestors makes you stronger, right? Line up, sit down, and enjoy the tasty and slightly gritty pies! You are not told what pie you may be receiving, so be ready for anything, even a normal pie! Flavors range from blueberry, apple, strawberry, cherry, to pumpkin and key-lime! The winner of each contest is awarded a prize!

The Sliver Shiver at this booth is drooling at the sight of all these pies and can be caught almost taking a bite of one of them. He might even push it against his mask to find out that he can’t eat through it and sorrowfully put it back in the tin for a contestant to eat. The pies are prepared by another Sliver Shiver in a small kitchen made entirely of ovens, curtained off.

Roulette! There are ten pies out on the counter, and only when they are all gone does a fresh batch come out!

4x Normal Pie.
1x The pie was infused with Lightning Dust and shocks your tongue and mouth to become numb. Have to really work to chew and swallow!
1x The pie was infused with Ice Dust and thus is cold and icy, each flaky of the pie frozen. Needs a lot of crunching to make it go down!
1x The pie was infused with the hottest peppers from Mistral! Sliver Shiver wanted to use Fire Dust, but Beacon Staff said no. Need to cool your mouth down to continue!
1x The pie was infused with Wind Dust and makes you burp uncontrollably until you can finish the next pie!
1x The pie was infused with Gravity Dust and you must hold yourself to the table or float away and be disqualified! The effect lasts until you finish the next pie!
1x Your pie begins crying at the prospect of being eaten, begging you to let it live to see it’s pie-children again (a trick from the Sliver Shiver hosting, we assure you, it's not actually alive, trust us). You must get over it to continue! Leaving the pie alive gets you disqualified!

Steaming, fresh pies that smell of apple, cherry, blueberry, and more. Spices, mostly cinnamon, is generously added. The pies aren’t huge, about the size of a small pancake, but one might want to eat them all based on how good they smell.

A Sliver Shiver is gazing down at these behind his mask, hardly looking at those walking by. “Oh, my beautiful, delectable pies!” He mourns. “If only I could eat you myself, oh you know I would! I would gobble you up until I was fat enough to roll around! Or and you’re just so pretty!” He got close to one, letting it’s steam waft over his unmoving mask.

He leaned up and threw his arms out. “Oh please, anybody! Won’t you do me the favor of eating these pies for me? Someone please taste these treats! Compete with your friends, see who can last the longest against my pretty’s surprises! Eat them up! They wish to be devoured!”

“Will you be quiet!?” Another Sliver Shiver called from behind a closed off tent, steam and delectable scents wafting out from any crack in the fabric lining. His voice was gravelly, like he grew up breathing cigar smoke. “They are my pies, not yours! Stop doting all over them and get to work!”

The Sliver Shiver out front pouted, his mask not changing but his posture showing how sorrowful he just became. “Please, anybody, anybody!”

Costume Contest (Amphitheater)

Sliver Shiver loves a good fashion show! Enter the costume contest for one of the following categories and win a prize! A contestant can only enter into one category! Your costume must be made of real materials, no Semblances allowed during judging! Cheaters will be found and dealt with by Sliver Shivers Security! The categories are as follows: Cute, Scary, Grimm, Professor Honeydew, Couple’s Costume, Funny, Best Overall, and Worst Overall.

The Sliver Shivers who judge this contest are a two sides of the same coin. One is snooty and only assigns high points to quality costumes of both make and emotion. One is all about seeing the positive side of each costume and will generally assign high points for everyone. The next judge is the audience, giving extra points to their favorite characters! Cheer on your friends!

“Alright!” Calls the Sliver Shiver clown with the stern expression. “Lets start up this fashion contest for those sewing machines and way too many hours on their scrolls!”

“Oh come one,” Replies the other Sliver Shiver, a wide smile on his mask that stretched up into his horns, creepily. “They worked hard on these! And just because they want to kill monsters for a living doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy shows or games or having fun! Lighten up, would’ya?”

“If I did that, I’d die.” The Stern Sliver said in monotone. He gave an empty stare, eyes hidden behind his mask. Uneasy silence filled the room for a few moments.

Then the Smiling Sliver bust out into laughter, slapping his knees before pounding the table, keeling over and dropping his mic onto the table. There was a bit of feedback but everyone in the hall could hear him cackling madly.

“While he hopefully asphyxiates,” Stern Sliver continued, “Lets get this show started! First up we have… Rain Lumos! She’s dressed up as, uhh…”

A female student got up dressed in a a slim black dress, a fedora on her head while a pink feather boa draped across her shoulders. She held a plastic submachine gun in one hand. She posed, one leg up and slowly turning for the crowd.

Smiling Sliver recovered, dragging himself up and leaning unto the Judge’s table. He snatched the microphone up and shouted, “A MOBSTER! That’s fantastic! Oh and she’s got the attitude! That’s going to be nine points from me!

Stern Silver bobbed his head back and forth. “I suppose… But there could have been more flair and accessories added to the dress. It’s a little plain for me. But the boa is a nice touch. Four points from me.

“But what does our audience think?” Smiling Sliver asked, turning to the crowd. There was applause and a few whistles. A few numbers got called out. “As we can only go up to ten points each,” He indicated to both him and Stern, “The Audience can give up to twenty total points! Go wild!”
Stern Sliver stayed facing forward and moved to the next index card. “And next we have…”

Along with these, Sliver Shiver has gone ahead and decorated the Ballroom for those who wish to dance!

Spooky Dance (Ballroom)

The large ballroom is a oval, the majority of the middle of the room clear for dancing. Around the sides are pillars that hold up the balcony overhead that circles the room. The room is lit with neon purple lights, and stay soft and vibrant when slow songs play. With more intense music lights of green and red can flash and sweep around the room. The far end of the room is covered with glass panes, a couple of glass doors that lead to an outside balcony. It’s darker and more private out here with a great view of the Academy Gardens, with a few shadowy places students(and teachers) could use to slink off and hide.
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