The Carnival of Contests arrives in Vale!

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Event Period: 10/4/2021 - 11/5/2021

Every year around Remnant the tenth month is widely set aside for remembering those in our history who helped shape Remnant to what it is now. Everyone from Ancestors to Heroes are remembered. Their stories are told, graves are visited, genealogy is recorded. Different cultures and kingdoms view this and other holidays differently, like Atlas honoring their dead more in militaristic fashion and devotion, while Mistral takes to the more supernatural side of spooky stories and heroic tales of triumph, or the times when Grimm had the last laugh.

One fun cultural aspect that Vale has is dressing up! From Grimm to Huntresses and Huntsman of legend or in popularity, to even animals and insects for the little kiddies. Most of everyone dresses up to be something, even if it’s the tiny effort of wearing a Grimm mask and changing nothing else about your outfit. Festivals are left up to local governments to organize, and sometimes traveling carnivals appear out of nowhere.

Like this one.

Welcome to Sliver Shiver’s Carnival of Contests!


Here the enigmatic Ringleader and Jester, Sliver Shiver, brings fun and games and a little bit of surprise to all of his visitors. Participate in one or all of the booths, games, public contests and shows that are scattered around the fairgrounds, all hosted by Sliver Shiver! Taste exotic foods from around Remnant, sweet delectables rarely seen elsewhere, and toys and props and masks to take home for year-long fun, all handled by Sliver Shiver!

Silver Shiver is indeed hosting every booth and every food stall all at the same time! His endless dedication to your fun and enjoyment allows him to do so! However, he may act strangely depending on where he is… So come on down, purchase a ticket, and enjoy the ride!

Games, Shows, Public Contests:

Along with all the normal games you may find at any carnival, including archery, dart throwing, milk-bottle knockdowns, ring tosses, water gun races, rubber-ducky number gambling and many more like it, there are special games to entice and excite those with Aura and Semblances to aid in their abilities! All booths and stands are run by Sliver Shiver, except those run by particular students or Beacon Staff, should they choose. Sliver Shiver isn’t picky and is working with the school to provide ‘community service’ by offering roles to help run things and set up and whatnot.

High Striker: Throw a log into the ocean! A number of large logs have been provided next to the docks, allowing all who wish to participate the chance to see who can send a log farthest out into the ocean! Use any means necessary. Each hour a winner is selected and rewarded a prize!
The Sliver Shiver at this booth is excited, high pitched laughter and energetic kicks as he anticipates or watches the logs fly.

Dust-Pie Eating Contest: Whoever said eating Dust was unhealthy? What doesn’t kill you and send you to your ancestors makes you stronger, right? Line up, sit down, and enjoy the tasty and slightly gritty pies! You are not told what pie you may be receiving, so be ready for anything, even a normal pie! Flavors range from blueberry, apple, strawberry, cherry, to pumpkin and key-lime! The winner of each contest is awarded a prize!
The Sliver Shiver at this booth is drooling at the sight of all these pies and can be caught almost taking a bite of one of them. He might even push it against his mask to find out that he can’t eat through it and sorrowfully put it back in the tin for a contestant to eat. The pies are prepared by another Sliver Shiver in a small kitchen made entirely of ovens, curtained off.

40% Normal Pie.
10% The pie was infused with Lightning Dust and shocks your tongue and mouth to become numb. Have to really work to chew and swallow!
10% The pie was infused with Ice Dust and thus is cold and icy, each flaky of the pie frozen. Needs a lot of crunching to make it go down!
10% The pie was infused with the hottest peppers from Mistral! Sliver Shiver wanted to use Fire Dust, but Beacon Staff said no. Need to cool your mouth down to continue!
10% The pie was infused with Wind Dust and makes you burp uncontrollably until you can finish the next pie!
10% The pie was infused with Gravity Dust and you must hold yourself to the table or float away and be disqualified! The effect lasts until you finish the next pie!
10% Your pie begins crying at the prospect of being eating, begging you to let it live to see it’s pie-children again(a trick from the Sliver Shiver hosting, we assure you, it's not actually alive, trust us). You must get over it to continue! Leaving the pie alive gets you disqualified!

Best Grimm: Instead of the classic "Best Pig" contest at some country fairs, Sliver Shiver is holding a Best Grimm contest! A large section of the Emerald Forest has been reserved for your hunting pleasure! This game is exclusively for Huntsmen and Huntsmen in training. Capture and bring in the biggest, nastiest Grimm you can find! The holding cells provided by this very bored acting Sliver Shiver are top of the line and provide plenty of room for your biggest catches! Don’t get too attached, however. For judging purposes, each one will go up against a Professional Huntsmen at the end of the carnival! And you the audience along with the three judges will vote for who captured the Best Grimm after the fights! Bragging rights all year and a prize will be rewarded!

Costume Contest: Sliver Shiver loves a good fashion show! Enter into the costume contest for one of the following categories and win a prize! A contestant can only enter into one category! Your costume must be made of real materials, no Semblances allowed during judging! Cheaters will be found and dealt with by the Sliver Shivers Security! The categories are as follows: Cute, Scary, Grimm, Professor Honeydew of Beacon Academy, Couple’s Costume, Funny, Best Overall, and Worst Overall.
The Sliver Shivers who judge this contest are a variety of characters. One is snooty and only assigns high points to quality costumes of both make and emotion. One is all about seeing the positive side of each costume and will generally assign high points for everyone. The other is sad most of the time, crying behind his mask unless a costume can brighten his day or make him laugh, only awarding high points to those that can break him from his sorrow.

Pick a Door: Literally, pick a door! There are many of them, they’re all locked, and something is waiting for you on the other side! Is it a trick? Is it a treat? A general surprise? A Top Prize? A pie in your face? Open the door by any means, but Sliver Shiver prefers you to use the lockpicks provided to show your skill. What’s on the other side is your prize!
The Sliver Shiver running this booth is always on the edge of his seat, the tips of his gloves little squiggly pieces of metal to assist in helping little children who wish to play and struggle. He is very adamant about only helping children. Prove you’re a child to get his help!

Horror House: Take a trip into Sliver Shiver’s Horror House! Keep your hands and feet and wings and horns and any other Faunus part inside the moving cart at all times. Sliver Shiver is not responsible for any body part missing if you disobey this rule. Hold tight to your loved one as terrifying visages and screams give you a fright! Hear the history of Sliver Shiver and his Horror House, and how it turned from a standing building into a traveling carnival!
The Sliver Shiver running this booth is constantly bored with his chin resting on his palm and a dreadfully monotone voice to betray the curved smile on his mask. Pay for the ride, get in, and get out. Whether all of those who got in step back out again is not his problem.

Scavenger Hunt: What’s a good carnival without a list of special things to look out for! Return this list at the end of the carnival to the Sliver Shiver at the front gate to see what prize you qualify for! The more you find, the more you earn! Some aren't in the easiest places to find, so you have to really be on the search! And remember, cheaters will be found and dealt with by Sliver Shiver Security, so please don’t! The storage closet is getting very full, and won’t fit many more!

You have to find:
• 1x Stop Sign
• 2x Crying Sliver Shiver Mask
• 1x Beowulf Plushie
• 1x Real Sliver Shiver
• 1x Fish
• 3x Bullseye
• 5x Purple Duck
• 6x Successful Ring Tosses
• 1x Timothy Bowen
• 1x Happy Dog
• 1x Feisty Cat

What would a carnival be without food to try! Chocolate(and other flavors) dipped banana’s, fried noodles, meat & vegetable kababs, entire turkey legs, ice cream, pizza, takoyaki, and anything more you could want! Each food stand is run by a Sliver Shiver who is mostly silent, nodding or shaking their heads to questions and pointing for anyone asking for directions. Though they can talk if pressed enough, mostly speaking in short sentences that sum up their side of the conversation.


Something is not quite right about this carnival. Sure, the creepy jesters at all the booths with slightly different masks is one thing, but rumors have circulated about strange occurrences. Arrows at the archery range missing when they were flying straight, or curving back in for a bullseye when it was a bad shot. Odder than odd noises in the Horror House, all concerning. Toys from the booths moving on their own to different spots or turning their heads. Toys and masks from stands have gone missing. The Sliver Shivers are concerned about it, but have jobs to do and are too busy to deal with it themselves.

On the other hand, a little girl named Abigale Blakely was supposed to compete in the Cute Costume Contest as a fairy princess, and went missing! She was last seen at the Pick a Door booth, going inside the door she had chosen and never coming out! Find her before the contest starts!

Whether you discover these oddities yourselves or are told to look into it by the Sliver Shiver at the entrance accepting tickets is up to you.

Two Paths: These mysteries go down two different paths, one a little monstrous and the other a bit more… spooky. Choose which one you wish to explore by messaging me, either by describing which mystery or which flavor of mystery you would like and I’ll be happy to run it for you along with whoever is in your thread.

Threads for this Event:

From TinTabby, to event participants:

So, to be perfectly clear, you can run a thread within this carnival with no intervention from me. Go in with whoever, a rival, a friend or a date, and use what is provided above. For the little details I’m sure you can make something up. If you really want me to make a judgement call or something is unclear, hit me up. The Scavenger Hunt, Horror House, and the Mysteries would require at least minimal involvement with me, but I will try to be very quick on posting(same day). Just make sure to either send me a PM or DM me on Discord if you want to pursue these. If you make a thread for this event at all, please end the Thread Title with “[CoC Event]”. It will make it easier for me to find it and keep an eye on all of you.

Because remember, there is a Sliver Shiver around every corner.

Have Fun!
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