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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of Colors!

I am pleased to finally be bringing you the big news you've all been waiting for. After a few months of technical and mechanical work, as well as filling out basic informational articles on the forum, Colors of Remnant is finally ready to open up for character creation and Roleplay!

In preparation for this momentous occasion, all previous accounts have been purged from the forum and it's been given a clean slate free of bots and inactive profiles. Sorry to anyone who might be inconvenienced by this!

But as we begin operations on site, please bear in mind that the first round of Approvals will work a bit differently than they will in the future. For this initial round of approvals, everybody will be given the right to vote on characters regardless of prior approval, since there's currently nobody approved on the forum! Please refer to the documentation if you are confused about how to submit your profile or how to vote on other people's profiles. They're there for your information needs! And don't forget to include the poll option on your approval submission so people can vote!

As always if you have any questions related to anything at all, feel free to submit a question in the #dial-a-professor channel or you can ask around in general chat at your own risk where I'm sure somebody will be happy to help.

There are a few things that aren't ready for release yet but these will be coming soon to a Colors near you:

-The Encyclopedia article system (Note: articles can still be submitted prior to this being implemented)
-The combat system and rules
-The Grimm Hunt board system
-In-character social media
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