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Forrest Waldstein
Forrest Waldstein
July 21
Gender Identity:
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
5'10" (178 cm)
150 lbs (68 kg)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Forrest is a youth of average height and a slim, well proportioned build. He has his brown hair styled in a side part, and tries to keep it neat despite the cowlick at the crown of his head. Overall, Forrest is considered an attractive young man by most people, helped in part by a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. Despite being fair skinned, he tans nicely in the sun. During the summer months, Forrest’s hair naturally but subtly photo-bleaches, giving his normally brown hair blonde highlights.
Outfit Description:
In combat, Forrest wears a rustic dark green tunic and pants with leather boots, leather bracers and fingerless gloves. He also sports a sash wrapped around the waist and a hooded cloak that opens at his right side, both garments are a medium green color. The cloak is held in place by a leaf-shaped brooch. While attending classes, Forrest wears the typical male school uniform.

Forrest recently invested in a new, casual outfit for going out into town. The top consists of a light grey, short sleeved, slim fit linen shirt with a pair of black drawstrings at the base of the collar, a pair of dark grey jeans, which he tucks his shirt into, and a light brown belt fully looped at the waist. For footwear, he wears boots of the same color as the belt. To top it all off, he sports a sleek black watch on his left wrist.
Personality Description:
Forrest’s personality can be broadly described by the proverb “still waters run deep”. Forrest has a tranquil, easygoing, polite demeanor on the surface, which masks a fiercely burning determination that many would be shocked to see from within him. He also is very compassionate, respectful and patient with others. Forrest can be protective of those he sees as his friends and is incredibly loyal to them. He holds an egalitarian worldview, and believes everyone is created equal and deserves to be treated as such.

However, Forrest is a bit of a wallflower, and may need some coaxing to warm up to others. Forrest also harbors a fiery temper when pushed too far, and usually ends up regretting what he does after his temper subsides. Forrest has a lack of self confidence in himself which is exacerbated by his perfectionism and fear of rejection. He can be prone to mood swings at times. Forrest absolutely despises being called weak, something he has heard too many times from his great grandfather.

Forrest often performs well academically and attends class regularly, but prefers not to participate in class unless the subject intrigues him. The dreaded words “group project” never fails to send uncomfortable shivers down his spine.

Forrest has a tendency to get flustered when caught off guard in social situations, and usually needs a moment to collect himself and return to his calm demeanor.

Although Forrest won't admit it, he really wants to fit in with the other students at Beacon. Due to hanging around what the staff would call the more "unsavory" students, Forrest has been picking up some roguish tendencies in his quest for acceptance.
Backstory Highlights:
Forrest Waldstein was born in Oakhearth, a remote village in the forests of Vale. His father, Rowan, was a renowned Huntsman, but tragically died on a mission before his son was born. As a result, this left Forrest’s mother, Hazel, to raise Forrest by herself. However, a degenerative disease developed in Hazel, rendering her physically weak and vulnerable. At the age of five, Forrest had to be taken into the care of the Patriarch of the Waldstein family, Silvanus, since Hazel had become bedridden due to her degenerative disease.

Silvanus was just over a century old at this point, but had the appearance of a middle aged man. His increased longevity seems to be an inherent side effect of his Semblance. Because of this, Silvanus fought in the last years of the Great War, which shaped him into a man who believed that strength was the most important aspect of a person. He would have no great grandchild of his remain a weakling. Silvanus told Forrest, “You will become a Huntsman, like your father before you.”

Many grueling years of training passed, with Silvanus taking up the mantle of teaching Forrest. He believed it was the best way to train the boy, since he was too prideful to send him to a combat school. However, Silvanus grew frustrated with his adolescent pupil, as he had yet to develop a Semblance. The training exercises became harsher and more strenuous as Silvanus’s frustrations grew. This sparked a heated argument one day between the two. Nasty, stinging words were spat at each other for what seemed like an eternity, until a servant stepped in with an urgent message…

Hazel was dying.

Both of them rushed to her with reckless abandon. They found Hazel, withered and frail. It hurt them both to see her in such a state. Hazel called over Forrest. They spoke for hours about anything and everything before she drew her last breath. Forrest was absolutely devastated at the loss of his mother. The sudden eruption of emotions awakened his Semblance, as a massive tree exploded into existence, surrounding the building they were in. Everyone was unharmed, but Forrest collapsed and passed out.

A couple days passed since the incident before Forrest woke up. Silvanus was by his side when he awakened. He spoke to Forrest, “I’m sorry… I was too harsh on you. I think it would be best if… you were trained at Beacon Academy.” Silvanus had to force the words of that last sentence out by swallowing his pride, for the wellbeing of his family superseded his pride and strength. Forrest agreed, some distance between them would be necessary. For now, at least…
Forrest received basic education from his mother, while Silvanus taught him more advanced concepts such as battle strategy, history, botany, arithmetic, and science. Forrest is an avid reader which contributed to his vast array of knowledge at his disposal. Forrest has a particular interest in medicine and medical technology and will go out of his way to learn more about them when he can.
Semblance Name:
Sylvan Anthem
Semblance Description:
Sylvan Anthem is able to enhance life within its area, it is most notably used to call forth plants. The plants and trees grown via this Semblance seem to deter Grimm. Forrest has shown that he is able to grow wooden objects such as a shield, manipulate the terrain, and create defensive structures. Forrest can call plants up to 100 feet (30 meters) away, although they take longer to manifest the further away they go from him. However, the plants and trees grown this way are equally susceptible to fire as normal plants and trees would be and seem to be equally durable. Plants created by Sylvan Anthem last a short amount of time under normal circumstances before they begin to wither away, unless Forrest gradually expends his Aura to extend the duration. Naturally, larger and more complex plants require more effort and Aura to grow and maintain. Also, Sylvan Anthem dramatically loses effectiveness in extremely hot and cold climates such as deserts and tundras where plants struggle to grow. Additionally, a side effect of Sylvan Anthem's life enhancement causes Forrest to possess an increased lifespan, similar to his great grandfather, Silvanus.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... ture-blade
Weapon Description:
Grashalm is a shortsword that transforms into a repeater rifle. Its sword form has a green blade with golden filigree on both sides of the blade. There is a red gemstone embedded at the base of the blade. The hilt appears to be wooden and also has a golden crossguard and pommel. When Grashalm transforms into the repeater rifle, it maintains its green color and the golden filigree appears on the barrel.
Other Gear:
- A locket with the Waldstein family crest engraved into it (the inside contains pictures of Rowan and Hazel Waldstein, his late parents)
- Bandages for wounds
- Medicinal herbs used to heal wounds or cure sicknesses or poisons
- A medical guidebook containing information on how to treat wounds, cure sicknesses, etc.
- A wilderness survival guidebook containing information on the various flora and fauna of Remnant as well as survival techniques to use in the wild
- A few books simply there for a good read
- Flint and steel
- Various seeds, used to help in the growth of plants via Sylvan Anthem
Fighting Style:
Forrest is a skilled swordsman, and typically uses techniques that exploit and counter aggressive attacks from his opponents. He is quick and agile, and often attacks in flurries of slashes and stabbing attacks. When paired with his Semblance, his attacks become more threatening, often conjuring roots or branches to disarm or immobilize enemies. However, his marksmanship is decent at best, and prefers single melee combat. Additionally, Forrest can become overwhelmed against multiple opponents without access to his Semblance. He uses his quickness in combat to compensate for his lack of strength, and attacks with immense power can be enough to break his defense if not properly countered.
- Tenacity: Forrest’s tenacity in combat surprises everyone time and time again, whether he is maintaining an offensive or defensive position. He will not relent until the enemy is destroyed and his friends are safe. Outside of combat, Forrest will not stop easily when he puts his mind to something.

- Insightful: Forrest has a knack for reading people and situations. More often than not, his intuition is usually correct. People find it difficult to lie to Forrest’s face and get away with it.

- Clever: Forrest picks up new ideas and concepts faster than the average person. When paired with his knack for reading people, he can accurately assess certain aspects about a person and how to exploit them, though he is loath to do this for selfish reasons.
- Self-Confidence: Forrest's somewhat troubled upbringing has given him a fatalistic view on things. Forrest has a tendency to stay in his comfort zone and isn’t willing to take risks. He often worries about what other people think of him and does his best to give himself a good reputation among his peers. Socially, this means that Forrest is reluctant to flirt with girls because he fears rejection.

- Tenacity: Forrest’s tenacity can also be a weakness for him. Forrest doesn’t pay attention to his physical limitations in combat situations and can end up getting seriously injured. He also needs to serve a cause greater than himself in order to tap into his tenacity.
- Honesty
- Equality
- Walks in nature
- A good book
- Writing
- Romance novels (though he would be VERY embarrassed to admit this)
- Injustice
- Seeing animals in pain
- Extremely loud noises
- Being called weak
Alternate Characters:
Grayson Albus Luminum
Professor Simab Zibaq
Esmerelda Umbra
Silvanus Waldstein

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