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April 1st
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Canine ears and tail)
Character Picture:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Wild and rough Eiji has only recently started to have to care about his outward appearance, or rather was coerced into caring. Upon meeting him you may notice his white hair his often matted and untamed to compliment the scars on his tanned body and the calluses on his hands. His body is a culmination of years of living out in the wild. His entire body is toned and lithe as that of an apex predator.
Outfit Description:
When he isn't in his school uniform, he prefers to keep it as simple as possible. Like the garbs his mother made for him he wears simple shirts or no shirt at all. Paired with handmade kilts for enhanced Maneuverability. His entire wardrobe is substance over style.
Personality Description:
Growing up out in the deserts of menagerie is rough. Eiji's personality reflects this. When words leave his mouth, they come out cold and calculated. A side effect of being alone for as long as he has been.
He is naturally curious about the outside world and its inhabitants but disliked the technology they have developed. He is impulsive and reckless, opting to act before thinking, as you can imagine this has served him well out in the plains but has gotten himself in more trouble than he would like to admit.
Backstory Highlights:
Eiji was born in the desert plains of menagerie where hunting was more than something you did for sport; it was a way of life. His parents and older brother lived simple lives akin to the early days of the world as humble hunter gatherers. His parents were the definition of anti-social, sticking to the plains in order to avoid other Faunus living there. Hunting and scavenging anything they could in the desert plains in order to eke out an existence away from anyone else unbothered by anything else in the world. This is what they told him when he would ask about their past, however there is more to the truth then they let on. Yes, they were happy with their current lives but there was a reason they never bothered to venture back into the jungle. His parents were both originally thieves, and after you make your living for as long as they did it's no wonder the other Faunus could not abide by their behaviour any longer. A trap was laid, and they fell into it. Rather than imprison them they were exiled to the harsh wilderness.

However, there was one unavoidable force in the world they couldn't escape from and that was the Grimm. Like no other Grimm they had seen before it terrorized the plains. After coming back from a watering hole Eiji found his older brother and two parents slaughtered. Only catching a glimpse of the red and yellow Grimm that had slew them.
He picked up his mother's bow and his father's spear and shield and has been on the hunt after that particular Grimm ever since, spending the next four years of his life doing nothing but hunting eating and sleeping, and setting up ambushes on any Grimm he caught the scent of.
Eiji learned all of his skills from his parents and first-hand experience. Be it from hunting and tracking to making his own clothes. His mother even taught him basic reading and writing skills. However due to her untimely demise said skills have not been improved on past basic.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
The amalgamation of what Eiji wants to be, on top of the food chain, even above the Grimm. Eiji's aura hardens around his arms and hands giving him beast like claws and the fury to use them.
His Aura additionally gives him the option to pull aura energy from his defence, completely dispelling his aura shield to add to his strength, making his claws powerful enough to slice through steel, using the semblance however is taxing on his aura pool only able to keep the ability up for a couple of hours at a time, not to mention dangerous should he take a hit. Apex also can be used to encompass additional traits from other animals on the top of their food chain. While he can only have one active at a time he has been able to bring out the following
Apex arachnid. HIs aura forms six arachnid appendages that jot out from his back. Giving him more limbs to stab, block or climb.
Apex Avian. His aura forms into that of the wings of a hawk. Allowing him to fly, albeit poorly as he hasn't trained too much with his wings.
Weapon Name:
Malice and Mercy
Weapon Description:
An Advanced spear (Mercy) and Targe (Malice) he obtained in Atlas during his travels. Both having the ability to utilize dust offensively or defensively. Though he has yet to learn how to utilize said dust.
Other Gear:
A pair of weapons. An old haggard spear along with a wooden target shield. Nothing to write home about, save for its sentimental value as Eiji's father's weapon along with his mother's sewing supplies and her longbow and quiver.
Fighting Style:
Up close or far away Eiji is useful. From shield bashes and shoulder pins to in a tree waiting for his target to turn to deliver an arrow to his target Eiji is well versed in the art of the hunt. Less proficient at fighting people, however.
Good listener- He always likes to hear a tale.
Adaptable- From hunting in menagerie to Atlas, he has made himself successful wherever his endeavours take him.
Honest- Eiji may refuse to speak if he doesn't wish to answer, but he refuses to lie.
Bold-Eiji does not know the meaning of tact, if he can jump in and make a move he will.
Sharpened mind- Spending most of his life alone in the wilderness has kept him sharp. In a place where a crack of a twig can get you killed; he always seems to watch his step.
Stubborn- Once he is set in his ways, he digs his heels in.
Naive- He is quick to trust people at their word.
Reckless- He doesn't seem to value his wellbeing much and will jump into fights without a second thought.
Aloof- When speaking to others he is very quick to his points making approaching him difficult.
Fresh food- Nothing beats a fresh meal.
warm days- He prefers it warm like on menagerie.
Fish- A new kind of meal he hasn't had much opportunity to have.
Flowers- Who can resist the fresh aroma of a blooming flower?
Water- He doesn't like being wet.
hairbrushes- Adverse to brushing his hair or tail.
technology- He didn't need it before, why should he now?
wastefulness- You should always use everything you can.
Arrogance- He cares little for arrogant people.
Grimm- Hates em with a fiery passion
Fun Facts:
Does not like baths

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