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Roisin Treacy
Sept 25
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Dog tail)
Character Picture:
Eye Color:
Sky blue
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Rose has pale skin with sky blue eyes and an almost constant grin on her face. Her dark red hair falls just past her shoulders, with golden clips holding bunches either side of her face.

She makes an unimposing figure with both a short height and slim frame. What she lacks in stature however, she makes up for with her toned and athletic build.

Her Faunus trait is a fluffy dog's tail of red-brown colour protruding from her tail bone.
Outfit Description:
Rose's usual attire consists of a red V-neck top with matching skirt, adapted by herself to account for her tail. Over top she sports a short-cropped pink hoodie beneath a battered black and white jacket. She wears several brown leather belts including one that holds the sheath's for her weapons.

Her pants are on off-white and she wears scruffy brown boots that have seen better days. Around her neck is a hand-made sun-yellow scarf that Rose knitted herself.
Personality Description:
The true definition of a tomboy, Rose is unafraid of being herself around anyone. She is a natural prankster at heart and always up for a laugh. Her optimism and impulsiveness go hand-in-hand, for better or worse.

Having spent much of her life being told "no you can't," she will not - and has never - taken "no" for an answer. She is blunt, brash and straight to the point. If 'Telling It Like It Is' was a competition, Rose would win first place and tell all the losers they needed to get better. With that in mind, she is an open-minded individual who you can always trust to be honest with you. She is a steadfast and loyal companion who will do whatever she can to pick up her friends whenever they are feeling down.

Of course, her tendency to put others first can lead to Rose neglecting to look after herself. While she has no trouble putting faith in others, she can struggle to see the value in her own deeds. These insecurities are not helped by the fact that she is not the most academically inclined individual or had much formal training as a huntress prior to Beacon Academy. Rose feels she has to push herself twice as hard to cover for her shortcomings, and she'll be damned if she ever makes it anyone else's problem.
Backstory Highlights:
While Rose was born in Menagarie, it would be difficult to call it her home. In truth, her home was much of Remnant itself. Before her first birthday, her parents had left Kuo Kuana and rejoined the Sedan Caravan; an eclectic group of traders who venture from Kingdom to Kingdom. While they would settle in large settlements for a few months at a time, it wasn't long before they would be travelling to the next.

The caravan consisted of different families whose main source of income was to collect and sell valuable goods from one Kingdom to another; items such as art, clothing, jewellery, trinkets, novelties, seasonal goods and more. Many would also learn a trade they could use to sell handcrafted goods or provide for their travelling community.

This unusual upbringing brought positives and negatives. On one hand, Rose was exposed various cultures and learned many useful life skills to look after herself. On the other hand, the nomadic lifestyle didn't allow for any opportunities beyond the caravan. Education was another issue which was bound to the limited homeschooling abilities of her parents. While her whole family was always supportive of Rose, there was never any expectations for her beyond continuing their way of life.

A dedicated group of adults trained as warriors to protect against dangers on the road but a huntsman or two would often be hired to guard the caravan for periods of time. It was these huntsmen and huntresses that inspired Rose. She was fascinated by their abilities, their bravery against the Grimm and their capability to protect those she cared about.

Her parents would gift her books and toys about Huntsmen to entertain their daughter's fascination but that's all they believed it was. After all, no one from the caravan had ever become a Huntsman before. They told themselves that she would grow out of it. Even when Rose began training with the warriors of the caravan, they would encourage her to take more interest in a different line of work. They expected her to develop an eye for valuable goods to trade, or pick up a craft that she could sell. "Let the Huntsmen worry about protecting the caravan."

But Rose's eyes were set on a future fighting Grimm. Her determination shone through enough to catch the eye of a huntress named Azura. From the age of nine, Azura began tutoring Rose in fitness and combat during her times protecting the caravan. Rose's parents approved since the sessions gave Rose an outlet for her passion, and Azura was happy to entertain an enthusiastic young girl whom she saw had potential. The huntress promised to teach her everything she needed to apply for Beacon Academy once she was old enough.

By the time she was a teenager, Rose had started to become proficient in martial arts. Azura took the next step with weapons training and developing an aura. The latter was more challenging for the Faunus since it required more than physical aptitude but she eventually managed it. Azura gifted Rose her weapons - a customised set of daggers named Fang and Claw - as a reward for this milestone.

As the time to apply for Beacon drew closer, Azura pushed Rose to the next step; discovering her semblance. But try as she might, Rose seemed unable to unlock whatever ability she had. Training and practice could only do so much and studying was still difficult for the Faunus.

These roadblocks came to an ugly head shortly before Rose's application to Beacon Academy. Despite showing the drive to pursue her dreams, her parents were sceptical. While they loved their daughter, they never expected her to become anything more than another trader for the caravan. Rose tried to convince them otherwise but to little avail. The Faunus turned to her tutor in desperation but even Azura admitted that it would be wise to keep her options open. It was a crushing moment. Many others would have simply wilted and withered. But not Rose. The girl dug in her heels and rallied herself for whatever may come.

The day finally arrived to apply for Beacon Academy. Her semblance still evaded her and her education fell below par. But with an excellent display in her combat exam and with remedial educational courses to supplement her schooling, she was accepted. The Faunus was ecstatic about succeeding. Her family wished her well as she left but it stung as they commented she could always return to them if she couldn't handle the academy.

This only added fuel to the fire of Rose's ambition although she knew this was just the first difficult step in a long journey. Her first year has so far consisted of challenging lectures, crunching for exams and remedial studies piled on top. But the new friends and extensive combat training more than makes up for it. Now, if only she could unlock her bloody semblance...
Prior to Beacon Academy, Rose had not received any formal training to speak of. She was taught basic combat by the warriors of her community. Later she was given personal tutorship by a huntress for over seven years. Now she is attending Beacon, she is attending regular classes in addition to remedial support classes to catch up with her peers.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Rose can teleport to the position of any thrown object. In practice, she can throw a dagger or throwing knife and 'blink' to it, disappearing from her previous position and reappearing in the weapon's position. The main applications for this are ascent/descent of terrain, flanking enemies, and quick/surprise movement towards or away from an opponent.

The semblance is limited to objects she can feasibly throw (small handheld items, like her daggers) and the distance she can teleport extends only to the distance the object can be thrown. Once the object hits its target or lands, Rose has only a few seconds to teleport to its position if she chooses to. She can also teleport to its position while the object is still travelling, such as throwing something above an opponent in order to teleport and attack from above.

Teleporting uses only a small amount of aura each time but can quickly drain it if used many times in rapid succession. Examples of this would be avoiding multiple attacks from several opponents, quickly escaping a dangerous aura-of-effect hazard, or trying to cross a large gap.
Weapon Name:
Fang and Claw
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Fang and Claw are two identical daggers measuring 12 inches long. They have a notched handle with a brown leather grip, protected by a finger-guard. The single edged blades are slightly curved and made from a silver metal. While they look rudimentary in design, each is capable of storing a Dust cartridge that can be activated by a trigger in the hilt.

This allows the blade to emit energy of the corresponding dust type, such as flames for Fire Dust. Additionally, when the dagger is swung in an arching motion, a blast of Dust energy can be propelled forward to offer a ranged attack. The Dust cartridges can be swapped out as required; Rose usually carries Fire, Ice, Wind and Lightning Dust.
Other Gear:
A set of nine basic throwing knives sheathed across the back of her belt.
Fighting Style:
Rose's style of fighting favours dexterity and speed. Her small size is used to her advantage as she prioritises evasion and parrying over taking hits and grappling. She can dual wield Fang and Claw, or single wield to leave one hand free to manoeuvre, grapple or throw a knife. Her preferred range is close as she can utilise the short length of her daggers while her enemy struggles to wield their weapon or focus against a target so close. If Rose is caught at range, she has the Dust capabilities of Fang and Claw to rely on, as well as her collection of throwing knives.
- Speed and Dexterity - Rose's size, fighting style and agile build all accumulate in her being incredibly quick and nimble. She can sprint at high speed, traverse small spaces and acrobatically navigate complex terrain. Her semblance also allows for high mobility, once she has unlocked it.
- Persistence - 'Persistence is key' may well be a personal slogan for Rose. The Faunus doesn't know when to give up, and will always try to find a way around any problem she faces.
- Open-minded - Having traveled so much in her youth, Rose has grown accustomed to new ideas and experiences. She is very relaxed about trying new things.
- Humour - Tied to her optimistic nature, Rose will always find an excuse to laugh about something. A good prank is never too far off her mind either...
- Raw strength - Although fitness is a key part of training that Rose takes very seriously, her smaller size inevitably means that she cannot hope to match the pure strength of some opponents. If pinned by a strong enemy in combat, she may struggle to overcome the problem.
- Abrasive - 'Tact' is not a word that appears in Rose's dictionary. While some find her honesty refreshing, others can find her to be flippant and crass.
- Head-strong - The line between tenacity and foolhardiness is rather thin indeed. Unfortunately for Rose, finding that line is not on her to-do list, causing her to barrel into danger with reckless abandon.
- Insecure - Rose still struggles with her studies and unlocking her semblance, a matter is not helped by her families indifference to her career. Despite having reached her goals of attending Beacon, she worries about her abilities on a daily basis.
+ Adventure/exploration - "Nothing better than getting lost for the day."
+ Socialising - "Hey, you. We're friends now."
+ Combat training - "I could do this all day."
+ Pranks - "Gotcha'!"
+ Spicy food - "Ah yeah, that's got a nice kick to it."
+ Dogs - "Whose a good boy? You're a good boy!"
- Rules - "So when a Grimm blows up the classroom that's okay, but when I do it..."
- Academic studies - "Let's see; history, sciences, maths, anything with numbers or letters really...what do you mean that's everything?"
- Isolation/loneliness - "Hello? Anybody? ...fuck, I'm bored."
- Atlas/Mantle - "It's too bloody cold. Not to mention those stuffy farts in the clouds above would probably kick dirt on someone like me if they got the chance."
- Cats - "Pompous little hairballs if you ask me."
Fun Facts:
Despite her natural agility and good fitness, Rose is a terrible dancer. Apparently intensive combat training does not translate to the dance floor. What she does excel in however is needlework. When you grow up in a community with limited resources and have to make do, it's amazing what you can knit with a little yarn, or fix with a handy bit of sewing.

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