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Roseman Winchester
Oct 2
Gender Identity:
Faunas Beetle Carapace
Personal Emblem Image: ... nknown.png
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Firey red
Physical Description:
Large and physically intimidating Roseman is a large Herculean Beetle Faunus with the skin of his chest and limbs being replaced by the black carapace of said beetle.

The only part that looks relatively normal is his head with heavily tanned skin and light orangish red hair that sticks put like a sore thumb to anyone that pays attention.
Outfit Description:
He reguarly wears a simple t shirt and pants as his clothes aren't quite as well protected as his body, but he does tend to lean more towards black and orange colored clothing with a great example being his orangish black shoes which he wears to a lot of places.

He will also sometimes also wear a hoodie or jacket of the afformentioned colors.
Personality Description:
Roseman is very stoic without talking a whole bunch, he prefers to watch others act and internalize it first so that he can know how to properly react and interact with the people around him.

This has been noted to cause problems early on in teams as he is often too busy observing them that he accidentally isolates himself.
Backstory Highlights:
Born a bastard son to Carmel Winchester he was raised by his father who never cared he was a bastard and encouraged him to be a buisness man, but let him be a child while young, his father bought some extra private land to the side of his house and let Roseman play there often and for long periods of time hoping that it would help him connect to his Faunus side in a way that Carmel could never understand himself.

However it was on one of the days that Roseman was playing and Carmel was watching that a grim snuck its way into the area, a small fox like creature it attacked Roseman who fought it for a brief period and eventually, with help from his natural armor and strength, killed it.

This event would be his catalyst, as the maids that witnessed this would gossip, spreading it outside of his house people began to take interest.

Even people that hated faunus grew interested in the prospect, after all animals have a long standing history helping mankind, why should this one be any different?

Prospects came to Carmel who was initially furious, before he found opportunity in this situation. He chose to let his son attend signal, and originally commissioned for a weapon, before he was informed by the officials at signal that their students would make their own weapons.

Those first few weeks were the oddest for young Roseman as he was surrounded by people that he not only didn't know but that were his own age. He was forced to sit in a classroom for extended periods of time, even if it was broken up by sparring class, lunch, and recess.

during this time he first struck a hot piece of iron with an anvil surprising himself as he actually felt the vibrations, he instantly became enamored.

Spending an incredible amount of time in the forge he tirelessly worked on his blade, slowly forging it into the wonderful weapon it is now.

From there he had an incredible history in Signal, becoming one of the higher fighters in his class without ever using his semblance, it eventually earned him his spot in Beacon.

But it wasn't fully his idea to be a Hunter, and he was having doubts, so he spoke with his father on it.

His father encouraged him to do what he felt was right, encouraging him to be whatever he wanted. So he chose to be a hunter, not to be stong or for glory or any of that, but so that he could repay his father who sat with him through all the hardships, who stuck up for his bastard and claimed him as his son.
He learned his fighting and smithing in Signal, a place that also helped influence his mindset into analyzing everything.

Meanwhile his father taught him a lot of his outdoorsmanship, often taking his character hunting (the regular kind, hence no capital h) and camping, seeing it as good father son bonding time.

His father is also where he learned his unwavering morals.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Roseman purposefully devolves, his logic and reasoning going down even as his body changes.

In this he has two different forms, one is what he affectionately calls his "Hybrid Mode" which makes him a foot taller, his armor encompasses his entire form and grows slightly stronger, meanwhile he himself grows many times stronger, and he keeps a good 1/2 of his reasoning and logic abilities.

His other form is his "Herculean Form" which makes him a whopping 9'3 beetle, fully equipped with wings and other such features that one would find in such a form. His armor becomes many times tougher and harder, easily blocking bullets, it would take a large amount of power to hurt his shell and even larger amounts to break his shell. However in this form he does not grow any physically stronger than his original form. In this form he has 1/6th all his logic and reasoning

In addition while in these forms he does not have access to his Aura, stopping him from any enhancements or healing period, as well as that staying in these forms slowly lowers his aura, and if it ever reaches 0 he will revert back.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... o1_400.png
Weapon Description:
(Credit to @ahotcuppajo on Tumbler for the image)

So the image above pretty much explains the looks, with one key detail changed, it's not part axe and as such doesn't have the axe things on top.

In function its a very heavy blade made for someone that's stronger than most people, and its uh... not exactly easy for other people to use, the kickback from the laser alone being strong enough to damage regular aura.

Roseman is susceptible to this as well, but only if done 3 times in a row, his tough shell being the main reason as to why this takes longer to hurt him.
Other Gear:
uh... well he has a forging hammer he uses in his off time, he often finds it relaxing to hammer molten metal into different shapes.

He also has a nice Garnet necklace that is shaped like a teardrop, its wrapped around his neck with a fishline cord.
Fighting Style:
Roseman's method of fighting like much of the rest of his self is split in two.

The first side is his weapon fighting style, when in this form he is very graceful even with such a large weapon, he focuses on momentum, often spinning and twirling his weapon in a way that makes it seem like he's throwing it from side to side more than swinging it, using this momentum to gather speed and crush his foes with deadly force.

The second side is his semblance fighting, when fighting like this he loses everything the first style stood for, speed is traded for brute strength, every hit the enemy makes is taken so that he can deal three times that same damage in a single blow, in this form he stops being human, he becomes a beast that ravages and rampages planning nothing but to tear his enemies in two.
Thoughtful: He's cautious, thinking his actions through before he does them and he often includes everyone else around him in his plans trying to make it best for everyone

Strength of a Giant: Strong as he is large, he is much physically stronger than many of his peers

Physical learner: He always did learn physically, letting him learn things that he can do with his own two hands very easily

Unbreakable: he is undaunted by tasks before him, much like his body his will is unshatterable
Inner Monologue: standing there is good and all, but he feels compulsed to look at every little thing in depth, trying to analyze so much often causing him to pause for a while to catch up.

Hesitance: He stutters under pressure, ofted leading to a troubled time making split second descisions.

Bastard Born: He may be a Winchester but he is certainly not seen as one, most that know of his status as bastard child believe him to be lesser and not of their worth, he is still expected to act as a noble man, but receives none of the bonuses that come with that due to his birth.

Physical learner: He is a physical learner, meaning he finds it much harder to learn theory and other such things that he can't physically do.

Untouchable: His armor shields him from the world, yet it can't protect him from the dangers without stopping things from touching him, thus his entire life he has lived, he has never felt the touch of another person. Only on his face can he ever feel another persons touch, leaving his face extremely sensitive but also having him feel alienated and distant from those around him.

The price of safety comes much more steep than what he would prefer.
Forging: He loves the sound of the hammer smashing into the molten metal below him.

Listening: He is a quiet man who loves to listen

Eating: He relishes in the taste of any food he has, with a massive sweet tooth to go along with it every food he tastes is almost like he's tasting it for the first time, making him excited every single time he eats.

Socializing in general: This... well yeah it's pretty self explanatory, while he's really quiet he loves to sit down and talk with others. Its helps him with the disconnect he feels from the others around him.
Political games: They are pointless, why should anyone care for something that never really matters?

Liars: Truth is something he holds dear to his heart, to see someone spit on that is something he despises

Stupidity: no matter the circumstances he hates to see someone make a choice that isn't the best method

Isolation: He hates to be alone, that's when the thoughts come.

Confined Spaces: So small, he can't move, can't breath.
Fun Facts:
When he was jsut beginnning in signal around the age of 13 he was a late transfer and was mocked for his carapace, leading to a phase where he wore as much clothing as he could to hide his features from everyone around him.
Recent Events:
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