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Lidiya Askinya
Jan 16th
Gender Identity:
Character Picture: ... sized.jpeg
Personal Emblem Image:
115 lbs
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Light blue
Physical Description:
With her rather tiny frame, she is less than intimidating, however she's decently fit, having a rather high amount of stamina for someone of her size, as well as having a fairly fit looking body. Her silky black hair waves freely in the wind, and her beautiful lilac eyes show only friendliness and compassion to anyone who gazes upon them.
Outfit Description:
Being from coldest region of Atlas, her attire mainly consists of wool coats, and fur jackets. However she is a fan of shorts and skirts with a thin hoodie for more warmer climates like that of Vale or even Menagerie. The main color palette of her clothes consist of white, blue, and pink colorations.
Personality Description:
She is an extremely kind and thoughtful person, as she wishes to make someone's day better, wearing a smile even when she might not be having the greatest time. This stems from her rather lonesome and harmful upbringing.
Backstory Highlights:
Born in a poor family in the frozen region of Atlas. She started with no control in any aspect of her life, like being able to make friends or go where she wanted, she wanted to have more control over her life. During an encounter with her abusive Mother, she unlocked her semblance, the power to give her control in a world she once thought as unfair. She found that she could temporarily, for a mere moment, stop time. Discovering this she used this to avoid the encounter with her mother all together, running away and deciding to get proper huntsman training at Beacon.
Student of Beacon Academy
She is mostly self taught in terms of her Semblance, pushing it to see how far she can go, and to see if she can be more efficient with it. She's moved to continue her training at Beacon.
Semblance Name:
Broken Clock
Semblance Description:
Broken Clock allows Lidiya to temporarily stop Time for up to 10 seconds, the amount of time stopped is dependent on how much aura she currently has. During this time, she is able to move around within the weightlessness of the still time, and mildly affect objects within it. She can use this time to put herself in a more advantageous position, protect and save her teammates. It's however extremely taxing on her aura as repeated use could quickly drain her aura to near dangerous levels with only a few uses.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... n_1280.jpg
Weapon Description:
A powerful hand cannon, capable of switching to different types of dust depending on the situation. Her proficiency with this weapon makes her quite deadly with it, especially when she mixes her semblance in, unleashing a volley of shots of different dust types.
Other Gear:
While not often used since she has Grimmsbane, she keeps a pouch of small sharp throwing knives on her belt when Grimmsbane is away from her or the rare circumstance of having no dust to use.
Fighting Style:
She isn't too confrontational, tending to keep a distance from her opponent, however if she's in a place where hand to hand is needed, she uses her semblance to stop time for mere moments to appear as if she is moving insanely fast, as her physical strength isn't anything too impressive.
She's become a near expert marksman with her revolver only missing her shots to people who can manage to react fast enough to her bullets once time resumes. Despite being rather short, she's managed to keep up an impressive storage of stamina, allowing her to fight longer than the average person. With her experience at stopping time, it gives her more time to process her next moves, and sometimes even correctly predict the next move her opponent will make.
Her reliance on stopping time has left her being not really the strongest person, since she's never had to fight up close, trying to stay at a range her opponent can't touch her. If a fight goes on for too long, she tends to tire easily, using up her stamina to use her semblance, weakening her aura, and shortening her time in the stillness of stopped time. Her lonely life makes her a little awkward to speak with, and doesn't really have a lot of confidence in keeping friends.
She has quite the sweet tooth, loving to try all sorts of sweet dishes from a variety of cultures. She also has a deep appreciation for any friends she makes due to growing up without many. Given her rather lonesome upbringing, she's found enjoyment in books and novels of all sorts, though erotic novels manage to be her favorites.
She dislikes infighting among friends as she believes friends are something to be cherished and kept close, and will step in to try and prevent the fighting. Doesn't like it when she's openly confronted, as she isn't normally a confrontational person.
Fun Facts:
Her precision doesn't end with Grimmsbane, she talented at throwing knives, and bigger objects like swords. She is easily embarrassed, by things like people calling her simple things like cute, or beautiful, as she isn't used to comments like that. Despite her obvious limitations with her semblance at the moment, she believes that with age and practice she'll be able to stop time for more seconds and more efficiently, making it almost natural for her to do so. This belief is what makes her think that she is somewhat destined to keep the peace and fix anything wrong.

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