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Victor Valbrand
January 3
Gender Identity:
Born in Anima, raised in Menagerie
151 lbs
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Vee is lean and tall for his age. His black hair reaches his chin and is often styled as inconspicuously as possible to help him blend in with crowds; the bangs of his hair often falls over his right eye. His facial features are sharp and angled, often giving him the impression of glaring unintentionally. Being raised in Menagerie has caused his originally fair skin to tan significantly under the harsh tropical sun. He has scars on his left arm from an injury he received as a child from a Beowulf's claws.
Outfit Description:
When not in his Beacon uniform, Vee wears a sleeveless black vest-like shirt that splits at the waist and terminates at two pointed ends, resulting in an inverted V shape; the middle of his shirt and the hem is white in color, sewn with wind Dust which can be activated as a last resort defense to push back attackers with a gust of wind. His pants are black slim-fit trousers with the same white stitching along the hems at the ends of the legs in a wave-like pattern. He often wears a black leather belt to keep his pants up. His shoes are black sneakers with a flat sole for better grip, with white laces and hems to keep with the theme of his outfit. Due to the climate of Vale being colder than Menagerie, he often wears a long, black hooded coat that hangs to his knees, which he often uses to add unnecessarily dramatic flare to his actions; this coat is actually rather heavy given how mild Vale's climate is but it is not heavy enough to impede his mobility in a fight.
Personality Description:
Vee is rather serious at times and his mouth often gets him into trouble, but he has a kind soul and does what he can to help others. He loves Faunus due to being raised in Kuo Kuana and honestly feels more kinship with them than with his fellow humans. Vee is very strong-willed and independent, valuing his freedom above all else. Second to freedom, he values style, often going out of his way to please his own sense of aesthetics, even going as far as practicing fight choreography in order to perform certain actions in a way that suits his sensibilities. Oddly enough he actually enjoys singing and can be found singing or humming sea shanties he learned from Wolfram Hicks.
Backstory Highlights:
Vee was born in a small village in southern Anima, born to a couple from Argus who'd moved to find a freer life outside the crowded city. Vee was too young to remember them clearly, though, when the village was attacked by Grimm. His parents had been killed in the attack and the village more or less destroyed with few survivors. Luckily, a passing Huntress did what she could to save who she could, including Vee. Being orphaned and too scared to leave her side, the Huntress took Vee with her back to her home in Kuo Kuana on Menagerie, to raise him as her own.

His childhood growing up a human in the Faunus homeland was an unusual one. His adopted mother, the Huntress Véra Noire, was a black cat Faunus and lived in a quiet neighborhood close to the port. It was there that Vee made his first real friends, a group of local children who, while wary of him at first for being human, came to accept him. He enjoyed his life for a while before he eventually began to feel that, being the only human he knew, there must be more to the world beyond Kuo Kuana. At the age of ten, he began to ask Véra about his parents and his birthplace, questions the Huntress didn't have good answers for, so she told him the brutal truth and explained to him just how dangerous the world really was. It was then that he asked her to teach him how to fight and began his training to become a Huntsman like her.

Over the next few years, he learned how to fight and survive, and at the age of thirteen, he was ready to enter a prep academy. Véra, being a Huntress, decided it was time to retire to train the next generation, so she applied to become a teacher at Signal Academy. They moved to the island of Patch where Vee attended Signal while his adopted mother taught there. On the voyage from Menagerie to Patch, Vee befriended another Huntsman who spent his life on the high seas hunting marine Grimm. This Huntsman taught Vee how to use a saber and firearms, which was very different from the rapier styles he'd learned from Véra and would go on to influence his fighting style later.

During his time at Signal, Vee forged his weapons, Victory's Fangs and Freedom's Bastions. The swords, Victory's Fangs, he designed with an aesthetic meant to remind him of his childhood in Kuo Koana with his adopted mother while also combining the fighting style of rapiers and sabers into one weapon, a sword with a straight blade bearing the weight and cutting power of a saber while also having the sophisticated design, grace, and speed of a rapier. Meanwhile, the guns, Freedom's Bastions, he'd designed with his future in mind; weapons meant to safeguard his freedom as a man born outside the restrictive life in the Kingdoms. The revolvers were designed to be further customized as needed, but for the most part he left them simplistic enough to be drawn and used quickly to suit his fighting style. Using these weapons, his prior training, his quick wits, and his thirst for knowledge regarding the world around him, Vee quickly proved himself to be among the best in his class, earning him the chance to attend Beacon Academy once he'd graduated from Signal.
Student, Beacon Academy
Vee was trained for three years by his adopted mother, a Faunus Huntress, who taught him how to fight and survive. He then learned alternate ways to fight from a Huntsman and sailor he'd befriended in Patch. He then attended Signal Academy for four years before graduating and applying for Beacon Academy.
Semblance Name:
Eye of the Maelstrom
Semblance Description:
Vee's Semblance, Maelstrom's Eye, allows him to see everything around him within a radius of 15 meters (approximately 50 feet), though he is not automatically aware of what he sees, just as with normal sight. He cannot see through soft material (wood, plastic, etc.) 6 inches or more thick or hard material (metal, stone, etc.) 3 inches or more thick, nor is he able to see in light that he could not see in with his naked eyes, unless he focuses his aura, burning through it faster the thicker the material or the deeper the darkness. To this end, though, bright light only blinds him if it is shined directly in his eyes. He is able to see around anything within his range. When his Semblance is activated, his eyes glow gold and his aura flickers faintly for an instant. He is able to use his semblance passively so long as his Aura lasts. He cannot see even with his semblance whenever he closes both of his eyes.
Weapon Name:
Fangs of Victory and Bastions of Freedom
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Victory's Fangs
Shiavona, a basket-hilt sword whose guard is made by weaving bars into a net-like pattern. This particular pair of schiavone feature bars shaped like the fronds of the palm trees found in Menagerie. The blade is sharpened on both edges and the tip; it is longer than a cutlass, but shorter than a rapier, and has a good balance of cutting power and thrusting power. There is a single groove along the center of the blade with a small tube connected to the handle, used for the sword's gimmick. The pommel is shaped like the head of a cat, with the eyes of a cat engraved on each side. The leather-wrapped handle is hollow and can open up by removing the pommel to reveal a chamber for slotting vials of powdered Dust, which when activated with a trigger hidden in the guard, spreads the Dust along the blade to infuse it with elemental power. The swords are sheathed at the hips and drawn with the opposite hand.

Freedom's Bastions
A pair of silver revolvers that fire high caliber Dust bullets. They are designed for stability to minimize recoil and quick reloading. The revolving chamber can be completely ejected and replaced with a fully loaded chamber the way other pistols reload by replacing magazines. The chambers are painted to correspond to the type of Dust bullets loaded, with standard bullet chambers are unpainted. The iron sights and top of the gun can be removed to reveal a top rail for customization. The grip is molded to fit the user's hand perfectly, providing a tighter grip and better control. The revolvers are holstered in a leather armpit sling holster and drawn by crossing the opposite hand across the chest.
Other Gear:
When fully geared for combat he wears leather pauldrons and leather vambraces worn over his coat. Underneath his coat he wears a leather vest and a leather gorget, as well as a leather harness on his chest that includes the holsters for his revolvers, as well as a built-in bandoleer with three knives to use as a last resort weapon. He will also wear knee-length leather boots over his pants to protect his legs instead of his usual shoes. He carries a satchel on his belt with two pouches in which he stores extra ammo chambers for his revolvers and extra pommels for his swords in case he loses one. He also has a smaller pouch on his belt designed to safely carry cartridges of powdered Dust to use with his swords.
Fighting Style:
In ranged combat, Vee will use Freedom's Bastions to fire at his opponents while trying to dodge attacks. He will use one revolver for accurate shooting, but in most cases he will use both revolvers to pepper the enemy with repeated shots. He will try to match the types of Dust ammunition he uses with what is necessary for certain tactics, so he is always paying attention to what his companions are doing if he is not fighting alone.

In close combat, he uses Victory's Fangs to deliver strikes to his opponent's weak spots while using clever footwork to avoid attacks. All the while he runs his mouth, delivering near constant taunts to enrage his opponents and make them slip up.

In short, his go-to tactic is to dodge almost constantly and wait for, or create, an opening to strike. He tries to never get hit if he can help it.
*Vee definitely knows how to make an entrance or leave a lasting impression thanks to his focus on aesthetics.

*Vee prides himself on his ability to move his body how he pleases, his footwork and flexibility being his strongest asset.
*Vee can be quite vulgar, a side effect of his tendency to run his mouth. This often gets him in trouble with teachers and other students who take exception to his choice of diction.

*His strong-willed and independent nature often leads to him clashing with authority, often chafing at rules that restrict his freedom to do as he pleases. He tries to avoid trouble though, so he won't go so far as to break the rules unless he has to.

*Despite his thirst for independence and freedom, he never strays too far from Véra. Maybe he's just a mama's boy, or maybe he's subconsciously afraid to be away from the woman who saved his life as a child.
Véra's cooking
Being able to do as he pleases
Human supremacists
The authorities and their rules/laws that impede his freedom
Fun Facts:
Vee would honestly likely have a much happier life living in Vacuo than Vale, but he knows Beacon is arguably the best Huntsman academy in Remnant and he wants to be close to his adopted mother living in Patch.

The inspiration for Vee's design came from Edward Kenway from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and Blade Master Raven from Elsword. I sadly could not find a color name for him, so instead I modeled him after the pirates and privateers of the 1700s, the golden age of piracy, particularly Edward English, the merciful pirate.

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