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Asterion Khryseos
April 20
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Bull Horns)
Character Picture: ... o-Tail.png
Personal Emblem Image:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Gold - CFB53B
Physical Description:
Aster strikes an imposing figure, standing at 6'5, and with enough muscle that he looks as though he could snap an Ursa in two without even trying. Despite his towering stature, however, his soft features and confident demeanour give him a friendly and approachable look. His hair, a honey blonde in hue, tends to be kept short and tousled, with little effort taken to style it beyond making himself look presentable enough for classes. The colour contrasts heavily with his eyes, themselves a bright and striking emerald green. His right eye has a scar cutting across it, from just below his brow to just above his cheekbone.

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Outfit Description:
Aster's outfits tend to be fairly simple. When not in uniform, he can be found wearing a yellow tank top, blue denim jeans, and a pair of well-worn brown combat boots. A purple button-down shirt is kept on his person, though it's more often tied around his waist by the sleeves than actually worn properly.
Personality Description:
Aster is every part the stereotypical boisterous bruiser. He holds himself with a confidence that never seems to waver, but never quite seems to stray into arrogance either - he'll meet any challenge head on with a smile, a laugh, and a joke, though not necessarily in that order. Even in his calmer moments, he'll keep up this part of his personality, never seeming to let life get him down no matter what. He'll offer encouragement and praise wherever he feels like it's appropriate, and is more than happy to make small talk, as long as the other person's willing to hold up their end of the conversation.

Indeed, on the surface, he appears to be an unassailable pillar of strength. Those who look closer will see more than just that smiling face and loud, proud demeanour, however.

Though he's confident, Aster can also be tactless. He does his best to try and avoid it, but sometimes something insensitive will slip out and it'll take him a minute to actually realise the implications of what he's just said - if he even does. And if someone decides to pour their heart out to him, while he can lend a listening ear, he knows that he's nowhere nearly well-equipped to offer anything more than that. Even offering comforting words is something that he has difficulty doing, himself unsure of whether he'll just make the situation worse by doing so or not.

Then there's also the moments where his confidence, even if only for a moment, wavers. When he thinks he's alone, and when he thinks nobody's looking, that personality he presents can slip, and reveal something altogether more... tired. Maintaining such energy for so long takes its toll on him, and in private moments where he's out of sight and out of mind, the light in his eyes fades, and he becomes silent - save for soft, laboured, breathing.

Perhaps his confidence is genuine, and he's a rock for his friends to lean on in times of need. Perhaps it's merely a facade, and he can't bring himself to tear it down for fear of being seen as weak. It's difficult to tell, and even if Aster were to be honest with himself, even he wouldn't be able to say for sure.
Backstory Highlights:
The result of a tryst between an Atlesian businessman and a Faunus woman, Aster's mother fled to Menagerie while still pregnant with him, knowing that he would never tolerate her child being born for fear of being exposed. Left with only the clothes on her back, and whatever money she'd saved up or blackmailed out of him, Aeta - his mother - was forced to work herself ragged almost as soon as he was born. She spent as much time as she could with him, but she wasn't a rich woman, and as tight-knit as the village was, she couldn't rely on their kindness forever.

Her situation was hardly a unique one there, however, and the village always made sure that Aster was never short of babysitters. Deegan Darkwater - a retired hunter - was perhaps the most regular one. He regaled Aster with tales of derring-do, telling of how he braved raging storms and vicious bandits, how he and his team sailed the seas to slay towering serpents only to spend their pay getting blackout drunk, and whatever other stories came to mind. Wide-eyed and impressionable, it was only natural that Aster wished to follow in the man's footsteps, and become a hunter of as much renown as the man that had been taking care of him.

With his mother's (admittedly hesitant) blessing, Aster began to train with Deegan. Aster took to things like a fish to water, and even with Deegan's lack of experience in teaching - much less with teaching children - his pupil picked up how to fight remarkably quickly. Whether it was natural talent, sheer dedication, or just plain luck, the boy managed to progress about as fast as someone with a more traditional education might have. He required some help putting a weapon together, however. Heavy-handed as they came, his early attempts at welding an axe head onto an old shotgun left a lot to be desired.

His initial struggle with putting together a weapon wasn't the first time he'd displayed difficulty with something more intellectual, however. Though it was rare for him to outright fail, it was clear to his teachers that he was never going to be a scholar, and that of all the muscles that he built up over the years, his brain was always last in line. Aster wasn't so stupid that he didn't recognise this, however, but he tried not to let it get him down. He had something that he was good at, after all, and it was all that he thought he wanted to do.

While his lack of a traditional education at a combat school hindered things somewhat, Deegan's endorsement got him a foot in the door. The man had a years-long track record of successful missions, and if he gave his word that his pupil was worth taking on, the school was inclined to believe him. Aster still had to prove himself, of course, but on paper at least, he seemed as fit a candidate for Beacon as anyone else. After the usual tearful goodbyes and words of encouragement, Aster was sent off on the next ship to Vale, eager to show off his skills.

The psychiatric evaluation passed without much issue. It was noted that he was perhaps a little reckless and a little more eager to get into a scrap than most, but nothing that couldn't be chalked up to inexperience and rectified with proper tutelage. The combat exam only served to reinforce this. His fighting style was wild, reckless, and thoroughly unrefined, but there was no doubt that it was effective. He was able to keep pace with his opponent, relentlessly pursuing them with both buckshot and blade. He'd need practice and tutoring, of course, but that much was to be expected of a greenhorn.

Though Aster continues to struggle with academics, he makes up for it with sheer grit and determination. Whether it's a Grimm twice his size or a maths textbook three times his weight, he takes on whatever challenges come his way head-on and with a grin plastered across his face.
While Menagerie didn't have any formal combat schools in range of Aster's village, a retired huntsman passed on his knowledge - and the wildlife gave him a chance to put it into practice.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
When active, Dynamo allows Aster to generate energy through motion, and store it as “charges.” This includes things like running, jumping, striking - anything that involves a significant amount of movement. A maximum of four charges can be stored at any one time, and generating any more energy will have no effect on his abilities.

With every charge that Aster builds up, he gains an increasingly powerful bonus to stamina regeneration, with four charges letting him run a marathon at a sprint, and take a hand grenade’s explosion while barely budging. However, storing charges will also steadily drain his Aura, making it unsustainable for use long-term. Moreover, resistance to knockback does not equate to resistance to damage. If he gets hit with a hammer, he’ll lose the same amount of Aura as he would without his Semblance active - he’ll just be staggered less.

Getting rid of charges isn’t as simple as just dumping them, however. He can either discharge them into a powerful explosion, or switch off his Semblance, effectively resetting it. Exploding has a high Aura cost, however, and it is unlikely that he will be able to use that ability more than once - maybe twice, if he’s lucky - per fight. Switching off his Semblance comes with no Aura cost, but instead causes a shooting pain to run through his body, effectively stunning him for a few seconds, leaving him vulnerable.
Weapon Name:
Lustrous Chimera
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Forged out of simple materials and with only a few moving parts, Lustrous Chimera is a combination of a pump-action shotgun and a battleaxe. Designed above all to be reliable and durable, it is constructed from surprisingly robust metals, easily replaceable parts, and uses inexpensive, widely-available ammunition.

In ranged form, Chimera is a pump-action shotgun with an axe head bayonet affixed under the front of the barrel. As with any scattergun, it is deadly at close range, and is able to shred enemies to pieces using powerful blasts of buckshot. Its design also allows it to fire a range of other different ammo types as well, such as slugs for medium-range coverage, and bean bags for a nonlethal option. However, the weapon's versatility and power comes at the cost of speed and long-range options. As it is a pump-action weapon, Chimera must be racked between each shot, and rounds need to be manually loaded one-by-one. Moreover, without the use of specialised - and highly expensive - ammunition, Chimera lacks any options for long-range coverage.

Chimera's versatility remains consistent even in melee form. With the axe head able to splint into two separate ones, and the stock morphing into a telescopic haft, Chimera can switch to fit a variety of different situations. However, despite this versatility, it is still a fairly heavy weapon, and can prove somewhat cumbersome due to its weight and size, even with Aura. Sufficiently agile opponents are able to run rings around him, or just harass him at range. It should also be noted that, due to the pump expanding across the receiver to allow the axe head to unfold, Chimera cannot be racked, reloaded, or fired when in melee form.
Other Gear:
MACHETE: A simple metal machete. While it makes for a decent weapon in a pinch, it's more useful as a utility tool.
Fighting Style:
Both Aster's Semblance and choice of weaponry necessitate him getting in close. As such, he tends to adopt a fighting style similar to a stereotypical barbarian. Rushing in with blinding speed, he assaults his foes with quick, powerful blows, though this tends to open him up to attacks himself due to a focus on offence. When he's in range, he's a force to be reckoned with, but anyone with a weapon that can consistently keep him at a distance - such as rifles, grenade launchers, and miniguns - will generally have the upper hand, unless he can close the gap.
PHYSICAL: Even without Aura, Aster is remarkably strong, and is capable of lifting heavy loads without much trouble. Given that everyone has some degree of strength with Aura, it's perhaps not as impressive as it could be, but it at least helps when he's hefting his gear across long distances without a vehicle. He's also adept at racking and reloading his shotgun, having practised with it since he was old enough to handle the kick.

SOCIAL: With his ability to keep a level head (or at least present the illusion of one) during stressful situations, and face almost any situation with a high degree of confidence, Aster is every bit the social butterfly. While his bold and brash attitude may not be to everyone's tastes, it certainly makes it easier for him to handle social situations. He's also fiercely loyal to those that he's close with, and will go through Hell and high water in order to help them, even if it comes at the cost of his own health.
PHYSICAL: While he's smart enough that he can keep up with other hunters, and pass whatever tests Beacon throws at him with enough hard work and preparation, it's obvious that he's not built for intellectual pursuits. Moreover, he's not a particularly delicate person, and finds tasks that require a high degree of precision quite difficult.

SOCIAL: While he may appear to wear his heart on his sleeve, Aster tends to keep how he really feels about things buried. It's incredibly rare for him to be emotionally honest with someone, and on the rare occasions he feels inclined to be, almost never tells the whole truth. Additionally, his tendency to internalise things and refrain from speaking honestly tends to take its toll on him, wearing away at him until he can't help but lash out at whoever's unfortunate enough to be close to him.
• HUNTS: Aster's most at home on the battlefield, and it shows. There's something about swinging an axe and charging into the fray that gives him a thrill he can't quite place.
• SOCIAL SITUATIONS: An outspoken extrovert, if Aster isn't fighting or training, you can count on him to be somewhere that there's people.
• HIKING: Having grown up in a fairly rural area in Menagerie, he feels more comfortable in natural areas - such as woodland or coastlines - than in an urban sprawl.
• BAKING: Aster has a sweet tooth, and if he’s got some time free, can sometimes be found putting together something simple, such as muffins or biscuits.
• TEA: The village he was raised in grew tea leaves, and he has an appreciation for a good brew. He doesn't think himself a tea snob, but sometimes he gets carried away.
• MAZES: Though not quite claustrophobic, Aster's not a great fan of tight spaces, stating that they make him feel uncomfortable. That, and they give him the strangest sense of deja vu.
• FISH: While he doesn't mind the taste, he frequently bites into bones when eating them since he has trouble picking them out of the meat.
• ACADEMIC SUBJECTS: It's no secret that he has to put in far more effort than most other students in order to get through subjects like maths or history with a decent grade.
• STEALTH: He's a big guy with a big weapon. Though he's more or less capable of it, insofar as he paid attention during training, he prefers a more direct approach.
• HATS: Normal ones don't fit on his horns right. Tailor-made ones are expensive. Even hoods are a pain to wear, since he can tear holes in them by turning his head too quickly.
Fun Facts:
Aster has a pet golden retriever back at home. The resemblance between the two is, according to Deegan, uncanny.
Recent Events:
Beyond an unfortunate incident involving what he will only refer to as "the anticake," little of note has happened to him thus far.
Alternate Characters:

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