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Pyry Ward
Dec 31st
Gender Identity:
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203 lbs
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Pyry has fairly square features with a slightly long face. Extremely toned and muscular; large, defined muscles, most notably over his stomach and arms.

Short, dark blue, spiked hair with black tips.

Fairly thick, horned, eyebrows.

Fair complexion.

Light dusting of freckles across his nose.
Outfit Description:
Casual clothes:

- A black toga with gold trim that stops mid-thigh over dark grey spandex shorts that stop just above his knees.

- Arm band: A dark grey band with jagged gold streaks.

- Shoulder guard: A small model of a Beowulf skull on his left shoulder: in honor of the first Grimm he defeated by himself.

- Shoes: Black sandals that tie just below the knee.

- Head: A golden leafed circlet that he wears at all times (other than when sleeping and bathing).

- The traditional Beacon uniform with his golden circlet.

- A pure white toga that falls just below the knee underneath a black cloak (draped over his shoulder) with golden trim and gold sandals that stop at the ankles.
Personality Description:
Pyry is boisterous and outgoing with a fondness for the concept of the ideal man. He normally comes across as extremely goofy and highly energetic. He has an optimistic attitude and can almost always be found smiling.

Flirty with a disregard for personal boundaries.

He does not allow his laid back, jokester, personality to cloud his judgement or get in the way of his goal of becoming a huntsman. Pyry is an extremely hard worker who's always looking for ways to improve his skills.

Mentally and physically tough, Pyry is driven by a desire to protect others. His fighting style emphasizes his physical strength and he is often associated with a disregard for consequences and responsibility. He is a man who so strongly desires to protect those under him that he is willing to break rules and fight dirty to secure victory.
Backstory Highlights:
Pyry comes from Kuchinashi, Mistral.

Pyry's father - Eino - is an ex-mercenary who settled down after the birth of his first kid. His prior line of work has given him incredible fighting skills - with a particular attention to grappling - which he passes on to his children.

His mother - Kielo - is a dancer with no fighting skills. Not wanting to leave her children with nothing she helps them train by working on their flexibility and cardio stamina.

Pyry has two younger sisters - Leka and Yrsa - and a deceased elder sister - Kirsi.

When he was a young child, Pyry was saved by his sister Kirsi from a collapsing wall caused by a pirate attack. Kirsi pushed him out of the way and was pinned under the rubble herself. She sustained serious injuries from the collapse and passed away as a result. This event marked his decision to become a hero - a huntsman - in order to save others. He is less concerned about dealing with Grimm and more focused on taking down humans who are on the wrong side of the law.

Pyry loves his family more than life itself and would do anything to keep them safe, which is why he doesn't feel any shame cheating to win a fight. In his mind it is better to secure victory and protect those he loves than to lose following rules. However, if he is sparring and a girl he is trying to impress frowns on cheating he will make his cheating less noticeable or forgo cheating altogether.

Pyry can't stand the overwhelming sense of dread that comes with living in a town known for its evil-doers which fueled his decision to attend Beacon rather than Haven. He plans to become a top-notch hunter then return to home to clean up the streets of Kuchinashi.
Pyry attended the combat school located in Kuchinashi (it is unnamed in the show) as well as practiced grappling with his father and cardio/flexibility with his mother.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Pyry is able to give his punches a tazing effect. To initiate this affect he must channel his aura into his knuckles or palms and make contact with the target. The effects of the shock are instantaneous upon contact and linger between 5 to 30 seconds depending on the voltage of the attack, how resistant the target is to electricity, and the target's aura resistance.

He is able to strengthen the affect of his semblance through prolonged physical contact and continued activation.

After ten seconds of continued use Pyry's hand starts to go numb and he starts to lose gripping power.

In theory he could use his semblance in any part of his body but he has only been able to get it to work regularly in his hands. In a few instances he was able to get it to get his semblance to activate throughout his body - each of these instances was triggered due to a heightened sense of fear and strong desire to win.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Description:
Keihäs is a dust enfused spear with a spiked butt cap that separates in the middle to become two tonfa batons. The spear handle is black with gold flakes throughout. The spear tip is a grayish blue with a black line down the middle.

While in its tonfa form, Pyry is able to electrically charge his weapon with his semblance to give them a stunning impact.
Other Gear:
Pyry often wraps his hands, wrists, and forearms with grappling tape to prevent injury. The tape itself is highly conducive with electricity allowing him to get more power out of his semblance than he would get barehanded.
Fighting Style:
He does poorly with ranged weapons, due to being nearsighted, and as such relies on close combat.

Pyry's attack style focuses on both attack and defence with emphasis on physical aggression (not to be confused with emotional aggression) through the use of simple and easily repeatable strikes. He subscribes to the theory that it doesn't matter if his opponent can see him coming if they can't outmaneuver or overpower him.

He aims for pre-emptive attacks as much as possible while also counterattacking as soon as possible.

Pyry is not above fighting dirty.
- Will use any object at hand to hit his opponent.
- Won't hesitate to throw sand, mud, water, etc. into his opponent's face.
- Targeted attacks on the body's most vulnerable points such as they eyes, neck/throat, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs, knee, foot, fingers, livers, etc.
- Pyry will often pretend to poke his opponents in the eye then gut punch them while they are distracted.
- Physically strong
- Humorous
- Perseverance
- Honest
- Brave
- Dedicated
- Resilient
- Conceited
- Careless
- Egotistical
- Pushy
- Reckless
- Shameless
- Flirt
- Fighting
- Working out
- PDA: hugs, handholding, kissing, etc.
- Girls
- Card games
- Making flower crowns
- Bromances
- Carnivals
- People watching
- Animals
- The strong picking on the weak
- Extreme heat or cold
- Being late
- Trust-building exercises
- Strong perfumes
- Heavy bass
- Stories where the couples get together after like five minutes
- Chewing gum / the sound of chewing
Fun Facts:
- Tainnuttaa means stun.
- Keihäs means spear.
- Pyry means snowfall. His name has become a running joke in the family because his parents assumed he would inherit their snow-based semblances and named him after the gift they thought he would receive.
- His nearsightedness could be avoided if he wore glasses but he thinks they will ruin his aesthetic and is allergic to contacts.

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