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Terra Fennel
Fluffbutt, Taffy
Dec 13th
Gender Identity:
Wolf Faunus (Ears and Tail)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
From head to toe, Terra believes her appearance to be bland and boring. Only a little over five feet tall with a head crowned by sandy blonde hair cut above her shoulders, she doesn’t stand out from a crowd of people whose hair mimics the colors of the rainbow. Nor does she stand taller than many of her peers. The girl never sees the golden shine of her eyes that always seems to be brimming with energy whether she’s just lost a training match or passed a test. The fact people often find the freckles that dust her nose cute are lost on the wolf, and she’s often shocked to find them say as much, or that her fair skin, slightly upturned nose, and slender facial features typical of an Atlesian have come together to give her a face she doesn’t realize can be seen as pretty by those around her.

With a runners build, her body is thin with some tone, easily mistaken for something far softer than a huntress in training. Her assets aren’t as pronounced as some of the other students around her with a small, nearly nonexistant in her mind, bust. When she looks in the mirror Terra doesn’t see the girl she’s become, with a healthy color to her skin, and the figure of a growing woman, but instead the girl she was before coming to Beacon who looked half starved. The only features of her physical appearance she thinks highly of are her faunus traits. Both of which are cared for meticulously. The fur of her tail and ears is silken soft to those brave or stupid enough to find out.
Outfit Description:
Beacon Uniform: Terra wears a standard Beacon Uniform for female students with a few minor changes. A tailored in place for her tail to rest over her skirt rather than under. While some of her skirts don’t have this change, she’s currently quite mindful to not wear those as her tail always seems to have a mind of its own. The other change Terra has made is that she’s replaced the standard red tie with a violet one. Like many some of her peers she’s taken to wearing thigh high socks that reach just shy of the hem of her skirt. While she doesn’t always wear it, she does occasionally don a violet colored hat designed to resemble that of a witch with a short, backwards-swept cone and a tip that has a single tight curl in the opposite direction. The cone fits close enough to her head that her ears can poke out of the top.  A love for books about witches has had no small effect on the girl.

Casual Outfits: Terra is a girl without means and has little in the way of casual outfits of note. When she is not wearing the beacon outfit, she is usually wearing a pair of jeans with a makeshift hole made for her tail, and a tanktop or tshirt, many of which have patches of lost color due to an incident with bleach. If the weather isn’t too unbearably warm, she will wear a gray hoody over her shirt. Her hoody is the one piece of street clothing she has that actually accounts for the fact she’s a faunus, with two comfortable holes for her ears.

Combat Outfit: Terra’s Combat is currently dependent on whether she was in her Beacon Uniform or Street Clothes. After some time, she may create something more unique.
Personality Description:
Those who see the determination in her eyes, the way she always tries to excel in what she does, know whether its her studies to be a huntress, or the studies in medicine to become a proper doctor rather than just a field medic she'll commit herself entirely. They are the ones that see the truth of a brave face and a fake smile practiced a thousand times over. Terra is a girl who struggles to be brave, to overcome her self doubt and cowardice to do the right thing. A task that is far easier when she can rely on her desire to genuinely help others.

To those who’ve not seen the truth, they often see a cocky girl, too big for her britches, especially with her the record of her training matches being as it is. Bravado and kindness help to hide the fear that she’s not truly good enough to be a huntress, to be a student of Beacon. A smug smile, even in the face of someone calling her a mongrel or mutt hides the pain on her face that would come from being treated so poorly just for being different.
Backstory Highlights:
Born in the slums of Mantle, beneath the Kingdom of Atlas, Terra was an unfortunate child. Even if she’d been born a human, her life wouldn’t have been destined to be a pleasant one. A human she was not. Terra was born a faunus with two traits. While her family struggled to survive, they did love their children and did all in their power to see them fed and cared for. With Terra’s birth things became ever more difficult. Not only was she another mouth to feed, her nature caused other faunus living around them to shun her family. A freakish child could only be seen as bad luck, or attract even more hate from the humans making everyone’s lives harder. The last thing they wanted was something that reinforced the belief that faunus were just animals.

It can almost be seen as a blessing that Terra never learned of her parents struggle because of her. She has no memories of them, instead she remembers being raised by her brother, and later Dill, a bear faunus to took it upon herself to be a mother to those too young to fight, within the White Fang after her parents were killed during a protest for Faunus rights.

Her days in the White Fang bleed together in her memory. Rarely was there time to see anything but concrete and brick walls and other huddled forms struggling for warmth and food. There was a camaraderie in their suffering, but even among those outcasts who had begun to consider truly fighting back against the humans, she felt like an outsider. She was too weak to fight when the time came, and even her brother began to distance himself from her when he didn’t have a specific task for her. He was both old and strong enough to raise a weapon. What Terra did have to offer however was her semblance. She still can’t to this day remember what caused it to become active, but it became a boon to others within the fang besides her brother.

With her semblance giving her a natural capability to heal others who were injured, Dill saw to it that Terra was taught how to provide proper care as a medic. Healing without medical training was effective, but combining the two gave the group she was a part of, an advantage. Most injuries became something she could treat, and the girl eventually became used to the sight of wounds and blood. Time and time again she would stitch up other members of the Fang so they could go out again. The more she healed them, the more eager they seemed to go back out again to put their advantage to use. Food, weapons, money, and even dust began to become more plentiful as they rarely lost a soldier.

Besides Dill and Terra’s brother Ferrum, there was one other who truly paid any attention to the girl saving lives. Vesper Penumbra. People spoke of him as if he’d once been a leader of many of their group. Terra never saw him fight, but she heard him tell stories. She listened to all the things he had to teach, but there was always something sad in the stories he had to tell. He hated the fact that so many faunus were turning to the Fang not to become a group to support the faunus, but instead soldiers to fight humans.

Soldiers… It was a realization that had begun to sink in for Terra as she grew older. Every person she was healing had become soldiers, eager to go back out to war because she could help them recover. The realization came too late in her mind, and only truly screamed in her mind when her brother came back from a fight being lauded a hero for killing a huntsman. A huntsman. They were supposed to be the real heroes. They fought the grimm, and instead she was treating the wounds of the man who killed a hero.

Her attention focused on far more than just medicine as Terra tried to come up with a plan. More and more often when helping her brother with his ideas for Dust she turned her questions to its use in other forms. She even began to practice with it in secret until discovered by Vesper one night. The old man didn’t expose what she’d been doing and instead helped her learn ever faster. While not a true caster in his own right, Vesper had been a skilled huntsman in his time, and even a leader in war. Teaching the curious girl as much as he could seemed to bring a bit of joy to the old man. Especially when she accidentally revealed she wanted to leave the Fang.

Become a Huntress. Become something more. Show the Faunus what they could be. It was all so grandiose. A story fit for legends, and a story that Terra felt had been thrust upon her, but even for all her doubt and fear, she couldn’t deny the idea of becoming a huntress was infinitely better than being stuck helping murderers, and maybe she could make up for what she had done. So when Vesper told her of his plan to get her out and get her to Vale, she didn’t hesitate. She stole as much dust and Lien as she could from the Fang and left with Vesper. Terra still wonders to this day if she should have taken as much as she did, not because she felt she should leave any for her former comrades, but because her brother followed so quickly after them.

While the wolf was able to eventually make it to Vale in one piece physically, she's found herself struggling to truly move forward. She can’t forget Vespers fate, and the fact that her brother may have also died when the two clashed. Their initial arrival in Mistral had been anything but a safe haven as her brother had found them days after arriving by boat. Even if she had escaped him, and left the Fang, misfortune had its way of tormenting the wolf. It saw fit to reinforce the stories about humans, their abuses, and the terrible things they would do to the faunus.

Terra often struggles to remember the days between leaving Mistral and somehow arriving at Beacon. There were days where she had hidden stowed away on trains and a boat to get this far all to avoid the humans that were living up to the stories her former comrades had told. She still wonders if one of the trains crashing and the people she managed to save were real or just a fevered dream. What she does know is now that she’s arrived at Beacon, and taken everything Vesper taught her to gain admittance, is that she doesn’t truly know anything. Vesper’s dream is not her own, but she doesn’t feel as if she can just walk away from it. It lead her this far.
Terra has been taught by a huntsman class individual with former military experience in basic self defense and dust use for several years prior to arriving at Beacon. While her combat capabilities without dust do fall behind others, her capability to avoid harm and manipulate dust with surprising ease works to her advantage in many situations.

Her medical training came from most of her life being filled with the need to treat injuries minor and grave, and a few guiding hands from those with limited first aid experience, and the few books on medicine they could steal.
Semblance Name:
Sal Norn
Semblance Description:
Terra’s semblance allows the wolf to attempt to create a link between herself and others. While she can create a link with more than one person, linking to two others at once is incredibly taxing. Even with more practice, it is unlikely she could surpass that number by much. The true strength of her semblance comes from how it allows her to pull upon the raw energies within dust and how it aids her allies. It allows her to share aura and guide the aura of those linked to her to help heal their wounds or reinvigorate those worn from combat.

Through such an intimate connection however, sometimes a mild form of empathy can form between herself and the person she is linked with allowing for shared emotions when just between herself and another. Terra is sometimes reluctant to use her semblance as she has been told before it can feel like falling in love. While not everyone experiences such an extreme reaction, and indeed many in the Fang experienced none, she tries to be mindful. Sometimes when connecting with others, especially when its a strong connection in close proximity, threads of violet aura seem to connect her to the other person.

One benefit of her semblance’s strong connection to the aura of other people is that she often feels more energetic if there are more people nearby. She suspects this comes from her semblance taking in the aura naturally given off by people just living their life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to have any more effect for her than an incident with an energy drink.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Description:
A simple luger styled pistol with a peregrine falcon carved into the handle. It is capable of firing dust based ammunition, and while Terra is an accurate shot, it is obviously not a weapon of her design, nor does it properly fit her combat style. Even as such, it is the only way she fights in training matches as she once promised Vesper to never use the dust casting he taught her against huntsman.
Other Gear:
Terra regularly carries around several small dust crystals either in the form of make shift jewelry made with copper wire, or contained in small impact cases in her pockets. A piecemeal first aid kit is usually on her hip containing the basics needed to clean a wound before making use of her semblance.
Fighting Style:
Currently against students, Terra primarily employs evasive tactics while trying to use Peregrine to defeat her opponents. She has 0 wins with this method.
Her true combat style, while evolving, relies heavily on dust casting through her semblance and high mobility. A mist formed with ice dust often fills the air around her in combat quickly hardening into hard scale-like forms in the air to deflect or absorb attacked. While she continues to be evasive as she launches a dust based assault at her enemies via fire, shock, and ice dust, the added defense alone would likely give her the ability to win some of her training matches.
Terra is incredibly skilled with dust to the point of being able to conjure lesser effects of the base elements from a crystal in the case of combined crystals. This tires her out faster than using the appropriate crystal, but can be a great advantage in a pinch.

She is a talented medic with a passion for all things medical. Most wounds and injuries are something she can handle, and she doesn’t balk at the sight of blood. This helps her keep a level head in dire situations despite her fears.

Microwave compatible.
Terra is a bit of a coward, and struggles with her willingness to fight people, currently being unwilling to use dust in training matches. While capable with dust, she has a hard time in a fight without it and has to often focus on avoiding being hit rather than being able to really fight back in those situations. Unfortunately, her combat stamina is currently quite low. Combine this with the fact she often uses dust inefficiently and she doesn’t have much staying power in a longer fight. She is training to correct this, but it will take time.

Terra is very slow to trust, especially humans, and often hides what she is feeling from those around her even when she shouldn’t. Her tail and ears have a habit of giving away what she’s really feeling in a given moment for those who are observant.

Stove and Fire incompatible. (She can’t cook.)
Never truly having the opportunity to indulge in sweets while growing up has given Terra something of a perpetual sweet tooth since coming to Vale. Whether candies, confections, or fizzy drinks, the wolf has a harder time resisting the allure of sweets than she does the call of a beautifully seared steak.

While books of all kinds are a joy to her, especially those of witches and magic, one of her guilty pleasures is a love of romance novels of the explicit variety. While she often hides the cover with something else to conceal her tastes, woe to the innocence of the poor soul who peeks over her shoulder to see what she is reading.

Dust and Medicine are both a form of art in her mind that can be combined to create true miracles. A passion for both has her constantly experimenting to better herself, even if some of those experiments are on herself.
For as much as she tries not to let prejudice blind her, Terra struggles to not despise humans on sight due to the cruelty she's suffered at the hands of humans during her travels. While she is often successful and can interact with them without letting her distaste show through, she doesn’t trust easily.

As an already energetic person with a semblance that can result in even higher levels of energy, she isn’t fond of caffeine as it makes her somewhat twitchy.
Fun Facts:
Her nickname comes from the initials of her full name. In the hopes that she can leave that name all the way back in Mantle, she is guarded over her middle name.
Recent Events:
While she was stowing away on a train to get closer to Vale, there was an accident. Terra can’t remember clearly what happened, but the train ended up derailing due to an explosion. While her aura protected her from injury, many on board weren’t so lucky. Despite her mental state being fragile at the time, she still did what she could for those who could be helped. While she struggles to remember, there were several witnesses who were able to describe her and the help she provided even if many doubted a faunus would do such a thing.
Alternate Characters:
Pearl Essence

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