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Jim Lavay
Oct. 23rd
Gender Identity:
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Hair: Short Dark Brown

Eyes: Have a very vibrant color at all times and glow Fiery Gold when his semblance is active.

Body: Jim has light skin that tans in the summer. He is very muscular with broad shoulders, and low body fat. Despite his imposing figure he still looks trim and toned instead of outwardly bulky.

Face: Jim is always clean shaven, and has no scars or marks on his face that would stand out.
Outfit Description:
Combat: Jim used to wear a massive set of plate armor that he felt augmented his fighting style. After sometime at Beacon he learned that the speed, evasion, and agility outweighed the extra protection. So with that in mind he ditched most of the cumbersome armor, and now wears black fatigues and a black long sleeve under armor shirt. He then compliments this outfit with the Gauntlets and Boots from his former armor.

Casual/Town: Never one for style, and the fact that he is of incredibly humble means Jim typically wears either a T-shirt, with some loose jeans or shorts, and a pair of standard shoes. Even casual gear around town he will sometimes have his sword slung across his back.
Personality Description:
Jim’s personality has changed quite a bit since he originally enrolled at Beacon. Before arriving, he was hardheaded, oblivious, immature, and never thought about the consequences of his actions. Without a question, some of these flaws still plague him today. However, he has shown vast improvements. The biggest change being his maturity level. A direct byproduct of the forced teamwork that the Academy encourages as his interactions with his teammates and many others have truly brought out the best in him.

Thanks to Jim’s maturity it has allowed his positive traits to bubble to the surface. Incredibly loyal and carefree he is always ready to step up and help somebody. Akin to the friend who is always willing to help you move Jim is always there for people. Whether it be with a warm hug or a cold beer its hard to find someone better suited to see a friend through a tough time.
Backstory Highlights:
~A Normal Life: Ages 0-6~

Originally born in Atlas, Jim’s parents who were both officers in the Atlesian special forces and after a long career, they retired to Vale. Once settled life the next five years were uneventful as he grew up along with his older sister. Unfortunately, this would not last forever, after all a person never truly leaves the service. While in a civilian outreach to a small village outside of the main kingdom his parents fell victim to a deadly Grimm attack. While the population was being evacuated Jim’s parents assisted in the defense. It was here that his mother was slain by a massive Beowolf, and this sent his father into a rage. Rushing headlong into the horde of Grimm he was never seen again and presumed dead. Despite their deaths, the couple’s sacrifice allowed the bulk of the villagers to escape with their lives.

~Growing up in Poverty: Ages 6-15~

The passing of his parents ended up being shrouded in controversy as there were some reports of foul play on behalf of the Atlesians. Due to this Jim and his sisters were swept under the rug, and never received their parent’s pensions of military benefits. This resulted in them having to move in the only place they could afford, a very, rough part of Vales industrial district. His sister Cassandra, who was only 14 at the time was forced to take any job available no matter how unpleasant to keep food on the table, and a roof over their heads.

After about a year the elder Lavay realized this lifestyle was unsustainable. Luckily for the pair, another option opened as her semblance began to manifest, and she ended up joining a mercenary group all the while. Doing the best, she could to split her time between the job and raising Jim he was still forced to be incredibly independent for someone his age. So, from the ages of 6-10 despite her best effort Jim never took his education seriously instead preferring to practice with her weapons. Still, against all odds, neither of them got involved with the criminal element which surrounded them.

When Jim was 11, thanks to a benefactor, Cassandra was offered a spot in the premier huntsmen school Beacon Academy. An offer she accepted with reservations until arrangements could be made for Jim to stay with a friend who had recently retired. While accommodations were made for him to have a roof over his head, his sister was still young and struggled in her role as a parent. Something that would become an even bigger issue now that her time was occupied at the academy. This lack of accountability resulted in him falling even further from his studies. He would instead spend time watching Cassandra’s success. Actions that inspired him to follow in her footsteps. So, over the next 4 years, he spent as much time as possible training and learning from her.

~On the Road: Ages 15-18~

Jim was 15 when his sister graduated from Beacon and by this point, he was beginning to show his abilities. Sadly, despite Cassandra’s new status as a huntress they still did not possess the means for him to go to one of the combat school. A situation that frustrated him to the point of leaving. So, in the ultimate impulsive move, Jim took his sister’s former weapons, and his family’s great-war-era heirloom armor then left Vale to forge his path.

The next few years were spent traveling the different kingdoms as Jim attempted to find a purpose. This was not a ride of luxury. It was not a grand tour of the world hosted and catered by a travel agency. It was a daily struggle a story of scraping by and doing what was needed to survive. Whether it be an odd job at a village here or stowing away on a train there. Though he would eventually find some stability thanks to his talents and name dropping of his sister, Cassandra , that allowed him to find steadier work. A mercenary group that mostly provided protection services for those who could afford it. Those that wished to travel outside of the confines of the cities. It was here he’d finally start to gain experience with killing Grimm albeit nothing too impressive.

While he was mostly free to live his life how he pleased it was a polarizing experience. Never satisfied with just being a merc he simply continued doing it because well… it worked. At least it did until Jim was about to turn 19. His girlfriend, another that worked for this company, was slain by the Creatures of Grimm. After finishing the job he spiraled and essentially just ran off. Filled with nothing but introspection he knew it was time to make a change in his life.

~Acceptance into Beacon: Age 19~

The first step on his journey was trying to heal old wounds with his estranged family. However, this hope was short-lived as old scars ran far too deep. He was quickly turned away by his aunt and uncle Jim’s depression only grew as he couldn’t believe that their resentment for his parents’ early retirement was this strong. Forced to take the first transport out of Atlas for fear that he may be doing something incredibly rash he found himself in Mistral. Lost and without a purpose against he went back to the one thing that he was good at and that was fighting.

Jim returned to his baser instincts, and without any guidance, he wanted to help. However, instead of reconnecting with the mercs or attempting to reach out to an academy. He instead started acting as a vigilante. Impulsive and foolishly trying to help people in the only way he knew how. It was at this point on a fated night, a night that would forever change his life he attempted to track down a murderer. The criminal himself was nothing special physically, but he was smart. An ambush had been set up. Though it was by mere coincidence Jim was the one who fell into it. No this was meant for a huntsman that had also been tracking the man. It was here cornered and desperate, he unleashed a level of his semblance he didn’t even know existed lifting a large vehicle, and throwing it at his opponent crushing the criminal. Seconds later the huntsman came crashing in and did what they do best.

Upon analyzing what Jim had done and briefly interrogating him. It was revealed who his sister was the huntsmen knew that there were two options for the vigilante. Either turn him into the proper authorities or attempt to focus this desire and power into the proper channels. Choosing the latter, a call was made, and somehow these awful events led to the fulfillment of his dreams. He was being given a shot at Beacon Academy. Jim would still have to and ultimately did pass the entrance exam. Allowing for both the world and his future to suddenly open up before him.

~Beacon Academy: Ages 19-23~

It was initially difficult for Jim to acclimate to structure after spending so much time out on the road. A struggle that was highlighted even further by the rigid nature of Beacon. The first several month were filled with failure and a few professors questioned if he really had what it took. There was a reason why most funneled through the combat schools, because unlike the bulk of the students his skills were powerful yet unrefined. On top of this his yearning for freedom resulted in a few unsanctioned adventures out of the school. Ones that regularly resulted in trips to the infirmary. Even worse this was just the top layer of his problems as he also struggled socially. Despite making many acquaintances he never got close to anyone. This all changed however with one mission to Mt. Glenn. Fortune favors the persistent, as it was here he ended up meeting one of his future teammates, Ava. A girl that would in fact become much more than that.

Overall things started to rapidly improve for Jim. Even if he had yet to face his biggest obstacle. Now that he was showing that he did in fact belong. He was tasked as part of a team in an outreach program with the local Police Department. Unfortunately, the whole event resulted in a massive failure after tracking down a powerful criminal. The woman not only got away she also left several causalities in wake. However, this time instead of quitting or falling into solace this time Jim took his failure, owning it, and vowing to never let it happen again.

This resulted in a newfound focus on the boy as he formed Team JAHC and complete their trial. Ever since that moment Jim has succeeded in everything he had touched because he is no longer trying to go at it alone. He realized he is only a powerful as his team, and that they are unstoppable together. Something demonstrated as his team rescued his huntress sister for a near-death situation. The same group then held the line during an incursion involving a strange Grimm cult. Life seems to finally be going right for him as he even started dating his teammate.

Many adventures would follow in his remaining years at Beacon. Whether it was a hopeful attempt to relax where Jim and his partner/girlfriend Ava took a ‘vacation’ up to Atlas to visit her family. A ‘vacation’ where their airship came under attack by a massive Nevermore. The pair would end up doing what they did best and saving all the passengers on the ship. Another adventure involved, Jim along with Teammates, as well as another close friend being sent out to assassinate a particularly lethal Grimm. They would never make it to their destination. Instead, their bullhead crashed, and they were forced to fight off the creatures of Grimm including a separate and dreaded Grimm.

During this time as Jim progressed he took mementos from each of his missions as a reminder. One that showcased how far he had come and the things he’s accomplished.

~Post Graduation: Ages 23-Current~

Despite many highs and a couple pretty bad lows Jim would end up graduating from the academy with honors. He and his team had accomplished quite a bit in their time. However, it was finally upon them. The next stage in their careers. Of course, not all things in life are exciting. Such would be the case for the former acclaimed student. After completing a month long job suitable for a junior huntsmen. He would find himself back in Vale. Feeling a little unfulfilled he hoped that the familiar setting might reignite that fire inside of him.
Junior Huntsmen
Beacon Academy
Semblance Name:
Redline - Hereditary
Semblance Description:
Jim’s semblance allows him to gradually burn some of his natural aura reserves gradually in exchange for a reinforcing quality that reduces his sensitivity to physical touch and heightens his personal inertia. This causes him to move with heightened momentum in general, making his movement and his attacks alike require more force and effort to stop in motion.

The decreased sensitivity he feels affects all five of his senses, but Jim mostly uses this to dull his senses of pain and fatigue. A side effect of this is that Jim is able to push himself to his maximum limit without any immediate negative effects. As a result, a lot of injuries that would take a normal person out of the fight only slow him down until he eventually decides to deactivate his semblance. For Jim in particular this removes the physical limits a body places on itself. Allowing his strength training to really take over and its in these moments he pulls off truly remarkable feats of strength.

While his semblance is active his eyes rage in a golden inferno:
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
After the loss of his mother’s sword Jim opted to take his remaining weapon and upgrade it into a blade truly worthy of a huntsman. Using his sister’s Dust-Infused long-swords as a template his plan was to essentially enlarge the design fit it into his massive weapon. He would partner with another accomplished student and master craftsmen. She would partner with Jim to construct a formidable blade which Jim named ‘Reclamation’ a two-meter-long massive great sword. Complete with Dust veins coursing throughout the length of the weapon containing large doses of Fire Dust. Now, with a flip of the switch he can now empower his bone shattering attacks with lethal flames.
Other Gear:
Gauntlets and Boots
-Pieces from his families heirloom plate armor.
-The left gauntlet and boot have his personal emblem.
-The right has his team's emblem.

-Etched on his sword is the names of all his teammates.

Extra Gear
-On his left leg is a drop bag
-Contains: Extra Fire Dust cartridges, A couple flares, regional maps, and a Flashlight
-On longer missions he'll carry a backpack with camping supplies, food, and water.
Fighting Style:
In short Jim is a beast on the battlefield. Weaving together a lethal mixture of unparalleled strength, a motor that doesn’t stop, and the experience of battle. He uses his bursts of speed to close the gaps. Then either hammers a single foe with oppressive and unrelenting strikes, or wide cleaving swings against multiple enemies. That said for as lethal as he can be the young huntsmen is not without his flaws. Still reliant on instinct more than anything else he can find himself over extended and left on an island. Also with such emotionally driven charges he wastes energy on cusses and insults. Those flaws aside he is still an overall he brutal opponent that should not be taken lightly.

Not one to shy away from or conceal his semblance. Jim uses that abilities often to unshackle himself and push his already impressive strength up a notch. Delivering even more powerful and viscous strikes in an unrelenting manner.

-Loyalty: Possess’ and unrelenting loyalty for any of his friend or allies and will go to the ends of Remnant for them.
-Charming: Will talk to literally anyone at any time, and is usually successful at winning over their friendship.
-Comedic: Almost always attempts to make light of even in the direst of situations.
-Virtuous: Prides himself on being a truly good and trust worthy person
-Passionate: His level of caring and intensity is unmatched as he will go to any lengths to accomplish his goals.


-Impressive Physicals: Through a mixture of genetics and proper training. The Lavays just seems to have a knack for being stronger, faster, and tougher than most. Jim being the pinnacle of Strength
-Strength: As mentioned above Jim has trained his aura, body, and mental endurance to make this his number one asset.
-Ambidextrous: While not as important as when he dual-wielded it is a skill none-the-less.
-Unarmed Combat: He is at a point where his lethality varies little whether hes armed or not.

-Stubborn: Falls victim to a one-track mind, and gets severe tunnel vision.
-Oblivious: Frequently miss subtle and even not so subtle social clues.
-Impetuous: He is no stranger to acting before thinking.
-Foolish: Will pursue options that may be views as illogical or dangerous if he thinks it will aid him or his team.
-Passionate: His intensity can turn into rage as he lets his emotions control him.


-Reckless: Can both over extend his team and place himself into bad situations
-Ranged Skills: He did enough to get by, but it is almost never something he goes to.
-Dust Skills: He is capable of using the substance in conjunction with his weapon. However, this is the extent of his knowledge.
-Dust Defenses: Given his lack of experience around the material. He also lacks and special defense against it.
Killing Grimm
Combat Training
Being Adventurous
Spicy foods
Being idle
Seeing others hurt
Fun Facts:
Leader of team JAHC
-Jim Lavay, Ava Blueblood, Shana Heart, Sierra Contras
-Depending on who you ask: Blackjack, Jack of all Trades, Jackasses.

Vytal Tournament
-Qualified during their 3rd year.
-Wrecked the round of four.
-Moved on with Shana and eeked out a win in the round of two.
-Won his 1st singles then lost the 2nd due to recklessness.

Considers himself to be the Paragon of Physical Strength. Though he never stops training.
Recent Events:
Graduated with honors.
Just returned to Vale.
Currently living on his Sister's Couch.
Looking for at least a semi long term assignment in Vale.
Alternate Characters:
Ivory Lavay
Cassandra Lavay

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