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Felix Satou
February 12th
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Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Felix is of average build for a student his age. He stands a full foot taller than his sister, at 6’2″. He works out to maintain his shape, but he doesn’t overdo it and doesn’t focus on it. His arms are lithe and there’s no six pack underneath his shirt. His figure is much more androgynous than masculine. His waistline is thin. His butt could almost be mistaken for his sister's in the right pair of pants. He has messy, medium length jet black hair that is highlighted by a single streak of red which he keeps meticulously dyed to the roots. His eyes are a piercing, bright turquoise color. He shares his sister’s rosy-pale skin complexion, and smattering of freckles on the upper cheeks and nose. His left arm is covered in tattoos of musical notes and symbols of myriad colors, flowing up his arm and to his shoulder. His right arm has a single, long, thin scar running from the back of his wrist almost up to his elbow. He never tells the same story of how he got it twice.
Outfit Description:
Felix wears an eclectic mix of clothes depending on the season and his mood. His standard outfit is a pair of tight fitted, black jeans with slim suspenders, white sneakers, a white button up shirt, and a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows, accented with markings just beneath the collar, and a loosely tied red tie. Felix very rarely wears the Beacon uniform, citing it as “Too Formal” for his tastes.
Personality Description:
Felix is, in general, a very positive person with a mood that can brighten a room. His bubbling positivity can easily spread to those around him and he knows it. When Felix is happy he tries to give that happiness away and bring others up with him. He actively seeks out people who need that boost in spirits, or who stoke those feelings in him. When it rains, it pours for Felix. On the rare occasions that Felix is in bad spirits he will actively sequester himself from the people he knows for fear that they will think less of him for not being at “One Hundred Percent.” The only exception is his sister, Telu, who he feels comfortable with. When it really rains, it really pours for him. Whether his mood is up or down, he’s always expressive.
Backstory Highlights:
Felix Satou, twin brother of Telu Satou, grew up in Vale. He was raised by fairly normal parents on a successful farm in the agricultural district. The farm wasn’t an exciting place to live, but the Satou twins always found ways to make their lives exciting, whether it was exploring the land near their farm, play fighting (And real fighting) with each other, or finding ways to pass the time in the city proper. The Satou twins never had trouble staving off boredom. Felix found music more intriguing than any other form of entertainment. When he was four he started asking for albums for presents. When he was six it became instruments and lessons. He devoured knowledge about music and his skills flowered in turn. The cost of hiring private tutors was steep, but Felix’ parents believed wholeheartedly in supporting their children’s passions. While he was known in his school for being a musical prodigy he never achieved much fame. Felix was more concerned with improving on his talent than garnering recognition. By the time he was twelve Felix had learned to play guitar, saxophone, and keyboard at a nearly professional level of skill.

The energetic twins both took a liking to the idea of becoming huntsmen early in their lives. Huntsmen were the heroes of Vale, of the world, and their parents supported the decision. While being a hunter was a dangerous profession, the world needs heroes, and they would not have considered themselves good parents if they didn’t help their children pursue their dreams. If the twins weren’t serious about it then they would wash out of Signal, but being a hunter was not a flight of fancy for either of them. Felix’ semblance was sussed out soon after starting to attend Signal, only shortly after his sister’s. While the effect alone would have been difficult to spot, there were subtle visual cues that preceded his good or bad fortune.

His sister was seriously injured during a training bout at Signal when she overused her semblance and caused her aura to collapse. As Telu questioned whether she should continue, Felix encouraged her to stay the course. Being a hunter was the highest calling in the land, and both of them had the aptitude for it. A single mistake in training shouldn’t be the end of a career. His words helped carry both of them through the doors of Beacon Academy.

Through it all, Felix has always been extremely close to Telu and very supportive. The friends he’s had at school and through his hobbies have never been as important to him as his sister and there’s no one else he would rather seek support from than her, even if her ability to be comforting and consoling is somewhat suspect.
Trained at Pharos Academy
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Felix’ semblance is luck manipulation based on mood. The happier that Felix is, the luckier he tends to be. It’s not enough to win the lottery if he’s ecstatic, but things tend to go his way when he’s feeling good. In everyday life it might be seasoning a sauce perfectly without measuring, or grabbing exactly what you needed out of a backpack full of stuff without looking. In a fight, it might be something as simple as an unforeseen sneeze from an opponent or a shot ricocheting and turning a miss into a hit.

On the flip side, if Felix is in a bad mood then things tend to go poorly for him. Stubbed toes and bumped heads are common. In a fight he may find himself tripping over his own feet or pieces of the environment becoming hazards.

More often than not, this luck will manifest as random events in nature and his surroundings, not poor decisions or favorable actions from adversaries.

Felix can also actively impart good luck to those he physically touches. By channeling his semblance during contact he can give away his good luck to someone else. Prolonged contact can lengthen the time they are affected, but it only ever lasts a few hours at most. The more people who are affected by it, the faster it fades at an exponential rate. Realistically, Felix could only impart this luck on up to two or three people for more than just a couple of minutes.

Fuku's effective range is not unlimited, but it can influence events in a large radius around Felix, and a relatively smaller one around someone he's imparted his luck onto.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Description:
Dover is a specialized guitar that Felix built himself. It has a modified body and neck that allow it to shoot dust, the amount and kind determined by the notes and chords that Felix plays. Through trial and error and a lot of help from others, Dover is capable of attacking in a multitude of ways. Single notes can fire off precise shots and power chords can shoot off short-range blasts. Felix combines the chaotic nature of his weapon with the luck granted to him by his semblance to ensure his performances are safe for any onlookers.

Felix does all of his own pyrotechnics with Dover.

The dust throwing capabilities of the guitar can be toggled off manually by Felix, allowing the weapon to be used safely for performances if the venue does not call for Ice and Fire.
Fighting Style:
Felix’ fighting style revolves around using Dover to shoot dust and channeling his semblance in order to aim it more precisely. Shots that most would say are lucky come far more often to Felix when he’s in a good mood, and he’s never in a better mood than when he’s playing music. The positive feedback loop ensures that in most fights his semblance is working for him, making his dust throwing far more dangerous then randomly firing off clouds or bolts of dust. Felix does his best to keep his opponents from closing in to close quarters. While Dover is still capable of firing off blasts of dust at close range it’s more difficult to maintain his playing while dodging. He thrives when fighting with a team, as his incredible luck ensures his allies are never so much as singed by his bursts of flame and electricity, allowing him to give very close cover even in pitched battles. Felix is trained in unarmed combat, not totally useless without his guitar, but a fair amount of his potency is lost if Dover isn’t over his shoulder.
-Unflinchingly Positive (Mostly…)
-Always Looking to Help Others
-Emotionally Mature
-Experienced With Relationships
-Musically Gifted

Felix at his best is an incredible asset as a teammate and friend. He inspires others to greater heights and lifts the mood no matter how Grimm things may seem. He can be selfless and thoughtful, going to great lengths to make the people he cares about happy.
-Can Be Too Positive
-Can Be Flaky
-Inexperienced in real combat

Felix, at his worst, can talk too much. He can tend to want more attention when the spotlight should be on someone else. He has a problem over-scheduling himself and can come off as air-headed when he does. His positive attitude can make him look like he knows very little about how bad people can be. When things don’t go his way or he’s in a bad mood he isolates and blows off plans rather than appearing less than his best.
-Hero of Guitar
-Playing Music
-Listening to Music
-Talking about Music
-Writing Music
-His Sister
-Trying New Things
-Amateurs that are trying their hardest
-Overly Negative People
-People who are overly snobby about music
-Amateurs who think they’re hot shit
-Mean People
-People who dislike his sister
Alternate Characters:
Nym Magenta

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