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Vert Yule
Vert Yule
December 25th
Gender Identity:
Character Picture:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Mint Green
Physical Description:
Vert’s physique is lean and soft with very little to stand out. She has straight mint green hair that comes to just below the shoulder blades, with her bangs being parted to the left starting from above her right eye. Her eyes are often narrowed in a sharp glare.

While Vert is often one to slouch and lean out of posture during her downtime, she has a bit of an ingrained upright posture when standing. Her years in Atlas’s preliminary military academy have given her some level of formality and rigidity that she can’t get rid of no matter how hard she tries.
Outfit Description:
Vert’s collection of shirts is almost exclusively graphic tee-shirts with designs of various famous persons or of shows and games. They are almost all a black or green coloration outside of the decal, with some having small personalized details added here and there. The rest of her wardrobe’s contents are in much less variety. Her pants are black jeans, the shorts reach down to her knees and are mostly dark colors, and her socks a plain neon green to compliment black sneakers or slip-on shoes.

Vert wears the Beacon uniform without any changes or alterations. She does wear a neon blue hair band with a dark blue flower attached.

Vert will wear a light tank top and form-fitting shorts underneath her Dust-infused clothing, so as to not hinder her mobility while maintaining her decency in the off chance her outer layer has a problem.
Personality Description:
Vert is a serious and sarcastic girl with a rebellious streak but is a hardworking student when it comes to her passions, even if those passions tend to be opposite to whatever she should be focused on. She has a competitive streak that she will vehemently deny, should it be brought up. Vert is blunt when stating whatever comes to mind, and stubborn when confronted on her personal views.
Backstory Highlights:
The girl known by the name Vert Yule was born to two fairly well-off individuals in Atlesian society, whose focus resided more in their work in the field of Hardlight Dust development than in the care and time needed for their own daughter. The couple had hired caretakers to take the place of parenting, cooking for and tutoring the child until she was old enough that they could ship her off to a preliminary military school “for the good of Atlas”, and “to continue their legacy”. Vert, on the other hand, never felt that sentiment.

Vert had much more readily taken to studies of the arts than to the strict uniformity of Atlas, much to the disapproval of the people that birthed her. The couple had intended to hire former military instructors but one of their own parents had come into the picture instead, taking the young daughter off of their hands. The grandmother, Gemma Lapidis, had been more receptive to Vert’s desires to be different from her parents and their work, to which her grandmother had taught her of Huntsmen, and provided different viewpoints of her current schooling in the preliminary military academy.

The young student had put up with the academy schooling during the day, and was able to do her own thing afterward while in her grandmother’s care. It was also during this time that her semblance came about, though other kids immediately made fun of it for being “knock-off Hardlight” and thus useless. Vert took that personally, yet for all the times it came up, it only served to reinforce her decision to use it to her advantage, even going so far as becoming purely a Dust Caster to show she didn’t need a weapon.

Over her younger teenage years, Vert had fully invested herself in her creative interests and sworn off the idea of staying in the floating city any longer. She convinced her grandmother to move away from Atlas, to which her grandmother agreed and suggested the Vale region. The two moved to Vale and Vert trained to pass the local Huntsmen Academy’s test, set on trying Beacon instead of a military that idealized cold machines over individuals.
Preliminary Atlas Academy
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Vert can project the protective properties of her Aura outwardly, with a solid visual effect not unlike what one would find in Hardlight Dust. These “projections” of her Aura can either be freely shaped or concentrated to hold their shape, although a deeper concentration and focus is needed the more complex the shape is, and is still limited by the amount of Aura she has.

By infusing Dust into the semblance, Vert can do one of two things.

-Vert can imbue the elemental effects of the Dust into the shape of whatever her Aura was, akin to a mold, allowing her to break her concentration without losing the shape.

-Alternatively, Vert can use the projections as extensions of her Dust Casting abilities, like making a whip that releases a jolt of electricity after striking, or a form of grenade containing activated Dust as two examples.

The Aura and concentration needed to use and maintain her semblance’s effects are a key part of the drawbacks, however Vert’s constructs and projections are only as efficient as she understands of whatever she is trying to mimic. If she makes a suit of armor with Dust, she would have to understand how thick the “plating” needs to be, and be aware of which areas are dedicated to movement, lest she encase her joints in rock or ice.
Weapon Name:
Aurora Ensemble
Weapon Description:
Vert’s main weapon in any combat is the dark green full-body suit of clothing that she wears. The suit itself is infused with varying types of Dusts and is layered in some places, with some spots being dedicated to certain types of elements. Vert will occasionally adorn the “suit” with accessories for decoration or pouches to hold powdered or crystallized Dusts as a supplement or backup.
Other Gear:
Outside Combat:
-Black messenger bag with various button/pins on it.
-A plushy doll resembling a teenage Atlesian pop idol

Inside Combat:
-Belt pouch or some other method of carrying Dust refills as a backup.
Fighting Style:
Vert is primarily a caster that relies on her Dust or whatever is in her surroundings that can be used to create an advantage. She relies on her Aura for protection and Dust for offense, as her skill with other forms of weaponry is noticeably weaker, although she does possess basic hand to hand ability.
-Ability to make quick decisions on the fly
-Acutely aware of her own personal finances, and Dust market
-Reasonably knowledgeable with advanced technologies
-Strong memory recovery ability
-Most likely to score *negative* on a cooking test
-Comes off as egotistical but shockingly isn’t
-”Not dateable” isn’t a challenge, it’s a statement from her.
-Sewing and creating outfits
-Drawing and sketching concepts+blueprints
-Imitating moves done by game/comic book characters
-Shopping trips, when buying what she wants
-Basically the entirety of Atlas.
-People that insert their opinion of her and her behaviors
-Talking about her childhood, aka her birth family
-Shopping trips, when she’s forced to come along
Fun Facts:
>Vert Yule is a play-on-words off of "Virtual", with her semblance being "holograms".

>Vert was "created" not that long into 2015, but I had never made her into a full character. Her semblance, for instance, predated Velvet's weapon and Hardlight Dust's official use/name.

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