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Melina Caedus
April 7th
Gender Identity:
Personal Emblem Image: ... Emblem.jpg
5'6'' (170cm)
216lb (98kg)
Eye Color:
Deep Blue
Aura Color:
White with Reddish Hue
Physical Description:
Melina has shoulder long white hair that fades into a crimson red at the tips. She has eyes deep blue as the ocean and a slender body with slightly toned muscles, making her look well trained to say the least. She has a rather flat bust, however has a more curvy waist. Despite her sturdy looking physique, people can tell she is a girl due to her otherwise feminine features, like her round face and small nose. She has pale lips and a lightly scarred face. These scars or scratches have long since healed and can only be spotted up close.
Most of her facial features are however obstructed by the white-greyish metal mask that is fixated to her face, which much to her dismay can’t be fully taken off. Melina is in need of this mask in order to talk in a somewhat normal volume. Deactivated the mask splits in two parts which retract back to her cheeks to reveal her mouth and nose. When activated it will close itself in front of her mouth and nose, filtering air like a gas mask, and amplifying Melina’s whispering to an ordinary degree. In turn however it causes her voice to sound more mechanical than human, which usually scares people away. The volume of her voice has to be adjusted manually via a switch behind the cheek, which allows her to talk quietly and mute herself even, or raise the volume to be straight up ear deafening.
A glance beyond her clothing reveals several cybernetic augmentations that she has received to reinforce her weakened body, the most notable being the cybernetic mount that has been integrated into her right shoulder for her cybernetic prosthesis.
Aside that a metallic graft visible on her skin going along her spine and her ribs reinforces her bones, especially her spine, to prevent them from breaking or being deformed from lifting heavier objects using her robotic arm.
Beneath her trousers, her legs look partially mechanical due to the augmentations she has received to support the maimed structure. Most notable are the metal reinforcements for both of her tibias and the augmentations that aid the movements of her joints that usually let out a soft motoric wirring sound when moving. Additionally, there are similar reinforcements made to her right shin, both of her kneecaps and her left femur. The prosthesis and the visible augmentations are meant to look like their natural counterparts, but are however painted in a white-grayish color to distinguish them from her skin. Any glowing parts on Melina’s body, such as the lights on the graft and her robotic arm, give off cyan blue light. The rest of her body has various scars tearing through her fair skin, further showing how much she has been through and also proving her devotion to helping others in need.
Outfit Description:
Combat: Melina wears a modified version of the armor used by atlesian military soldiers. While keeping the original white-greyish color, her version adds thick armor plating to her legs and to her white combat boots. Her entire left arm is encased in thin form-fitting metal plates as well is her neck for added protection. Red helix markings on both of her pauldrons and the armor’s otherwise mix of red and blue details indicate her former profession as a foot soldier and combat medic in the atlesian military. Beneath the armor she wears a dark blue combat suit with same colored pants and a utility belt around the waist that stores many kinds of supplies for her to use, ranging from ammunition to dust vials. Melina doesn’t wear the standard issue helmet normally used by atlesian soldiers.
Her family emblem is engraved onto the front of her chest plate for everyone to see.

Non-Combat: Melina loves to wear formal clothing, like uniforms or gowns, due to her coming from a wealthy family and her military background. Her favored atlesian military uniform has been heavily modified to her liking. Instead of just being a plain white colored coat, Melina opted for a color change to distinguish herself more from the military. Her version is a dark blue double-breasted coat with silver buttons, white accents, collar and shoulder flaps with matching cuffs that have two silver buttons, with her emblem stitched in at her right chest and the usual red helix markings on her shoulders. She wears a neck-tie shirt in red, white trousers fixated by a dark blue belt and black boots.
When she doesn't wear her uniform she settles for clothing in blue or red coloring. She has many different outfits for casual occasions, but is usually seen wearing white jeans and a blue shirt with white shoes.
Personality Description:
Melina is an usualy upbeat, but battle hardened person. She is dead honest, very loyal and devoted to helping those around her, often smiling when going about her day. She never acts with malicious intent towards another human or faunus as in her eyes everyone is considered equally. Melina is strictly against inflicting pain on others, specifically hurting other humans or faunus, and will try her best to end any conflict as painless as possible. She is the kind of person that never vents their negative emotions, as her strict pacifism keeps her from being angry at someone else. Instead she will blame herself and think it’s her fault alone, which leads to her constantly beating herself up about things she didn’t do or wasn’t at fault for.
If something doesn’t go the way she intended it to go, she will usually get angry at herself for her incapability. This can either be detrimental for her or downright motivate her to do better depending on her emotional state.

As psychologists have described it, a part of Melina’s personality died when she got crippled. She is now plagued by anxiety due to her cybernetic augments and mechanic sounding voice and is very self-conscious because of it, which is why she is the most confident when it’s evident that her mechanic features are no issue to others.
Her biggest problem is however her mental susceptibility to sudden loud noises or explosions. Those induce a fit of her Acute-Stress-Disorder, which usually leaves her in confusion and extreme levels of anxiety, stress and discomfort. Albeit the therapy she has received in the last few years has curbed these issues more than enough for her to attend Beacon, some of her emotional problems are still ever present.
Nowadays it is rarer than ever for her to approach others out of her own volition making it difficult for her to be sociable.
She also has a bad habit of sorts to fake her happiness, forcing a smile when asked about her wellbeing or her condition.
Usually Melina spends most of her time in solitude and tries to hide her ever so obvious problems from others to not get them involved with her issues, as detrimental as that might be for her. It doesn’t help that her ASD still causes her nightmares and strong phantom pain in her right arm, her legs and her throat.
Among those problems though there is one thing that makes her forget it all, and that is playing the violin. It acts a lot like a coping mechanism for her as the tones of its strings calm her and give her that feeling of safety and confidence she desperately needs. Those same feelings cause her old outgoing self to resurface for a short time, putting a very rare and genuine smile on her face. Those are the moments she is a happy as she can be.
Backstory Highlights:
Melina Caedus is the second child of the wealthy Caedus family in Atlas, a family of natural born doctors, surgeons and apothecaries famous for their medical discoveries and their capabilities as doctors. The entire household is purely human with her big brother, Mason Caedus, being the newest heir to the family estate and considered to be their mother’s successor as the head surgeon of the Sanguinius Hospital. Her father is a high ranking member of the atlesian military going by the full name and titel of Colonel Magnus Caedus. During her childhood Melina learned to play the violin to a masterful degree and spent most of her years growing up in the safety of the family mansion alongside her big brother until he started studying and became a surgeon like her mother. She was her father’s favorite child, he would frequently tell her stories about the world of Remnant, telling her even war stories and about the wrongs of the world when she got older.

The discovery of her family semblance’s healing capabilities during her teenage years has made Melina take a lot after her mother, Maria Caedus. She quickly began developing skills that would support her way of becoming a doctor herself, however adopted a strong sense of right from her battle-hardened father as well. This has made her believe that it would be better to use her medical skills where they are needed the most, the battlefield. So at around the age of 17, with agreement of her father and mother, Melina enrolled into the Atlas Military as a field medic and started using her medical skills and training to aid the wounded and weak. She served for a total of 2 years in the military with the possibility of being drafted to the Atlas Huntsmen Academy due to her astounding capabilities with aura.

Around the age of 19 her platoon was one day sent to a village to help fending off a Grimm invasion. They were to clear out the Grimm with Melina being responsible for evacuation and tending of the wounded. However, they arrived to a scene that wasn’t like a Grimm Invasion at all, but felt more like the aftermath of a raid with Grimm only turning up because they were drawn to the disaster that had befallen the place. Good news were that the platoon was successful fending off the Grimm, with minimal casualties. The bad news were, Melina was among the casualties.
She rescued a child from a collapsing building, sadly not without suffering almost lethal injuries, while the child itself was almost unharmed thanks to her self-sacrifice.

The incident went like this: After spotting a little boy in the upper floor of what seemed to be a dust storage building Melina took it upon herself to save him, disobeying her squad leader’s orders in the process. The buildings structure was unstable, which made it insanely dangerous to enter. Not caring at all, Melina quickly ran upstairs, took the boy into her arms and ran back downstairs as the building began collapsing. When she reached the lower levels a dust reservoir beneath the entry room became unstable and exploded, rupturing the ground beneath her. The resulting explosion hit her like a landmine going off on her, making her drop the kid and disabling her aura completely. Already heavily weakened Melina crawled to the boy and decided to act as a meat shield for him, using her own body to protect him from the rubble collapsing on top of both of them.

After the rubble was moved away the rescue teams got both the boy and Melina, who lost consciousness, to the next hospital. Melina's legs had been crushed by giant pieces of the building falling on her, disabling them in the process, and a beam of solid steel smashed her right arm to paste. Her arm had basically been cut off and couldn’t be saved. As if it couldn't have gotten any more worse, a sharp piece of metal jabbed into her throat and heavily damaged her vocal cords, making it extremely painful for her to heighten her voice to more than a whisper. Whispering was the only option in order to not strain her vocal cords and risk them tearing completely. She was now semi-mute, so to speak.

Melina was in a critical-state and fell into a 2 week coma. Maria Caedus kept her daughter alive using all the resources she had available to her, luckily with success. Melina’s life would have been over, if it weren't for the expertise of her mother and her efforts. The military deemed her too crippled to continue serving and therefore discharged her from her duties with greatest honors. Even if she didn’t die, she would not be able to live a normal life under these circumstances. So her father went to call in a few favors to save his daughter from her fate and give her a second chance.

It was deduced that, while her legs had partially regenerated due to her aura and could be reinforced with cybernetic augments to stabilize them, the same didn't go for her arm. A custom, state of the art, cybernetic prosthesis was made by the engineering branch of the military. To ensure her own daughter’s survival, Maria performed the surgery herself. The entire thing was funded with the support of the military thanks to Magnus’s efforts.

The procedure was a complete success. Maria was capable of surgically removing the metal piece in Melina’s throat and modified Melina’s body with the augments and cybernetic mount for the robotic arm, all the while keeping her stable. While she wasn’t able to completely fix the damaged vocal cords, she was able to prevent them from tearing should Melina, for some reason, raise her voice higher than she should. They went with a partial solution for now until they could find a better way to restore the vocal cords. They managed to make a voice amplifier for her so that she could “speak” again. This is the mask that was fixated in her face. By whispering into the activated mask, Melina’s voice is amplified, giving it however a mechanical tone to it. This was the reason she would later pick up on sign language, as she was afraid to scare other people away with it, which unfortunately was the case the first time she talked to someone.

After taking half a year to get used to these new cybernetics, and taking more than another half to train herself back to her original strength, Melina was determined enough to continue using her skills to help people in need. However she decided that taking up her duty in the military again, wasn't the right thing to do. She was honorably discharged from her duties and left to her own decisions from that point on. Seemingly not having learned her lesson, Melina figured that becoming a huntress would allow her to help others in her own way and act on her own accord without people ordering her around. Although worried this attitude would get her killed in the future, both Maria and Magnus accepted their daughter's decision and allowed her to move on. To go around the tie the Academy in Atlas had with the military, Melina applied to Beacon instead. Besides, Beacon was the most esteemed Academy of them all.
1st Year Student, Medic
Melina comes from a wealthy family in Atlas where, much like many other children in families of that kind, she got a secluded private education in her childhood. She has extensive knowledge in human and faunus physiology and has delved into the arts like many other families did, in her case she mastered playing the violin and was once even a fairly decent singer.
Melina spent two years of her life serving the Atlas Military before she was discharged of her duties after the incident. As a field medic she got plenty of combat experience and is no stranger to the cruelty of a battlefield. On top of that the occasional service in the Riot-Police and the combating of Grimm have helped her develop nerves of steel and an iron will.
The year after the incident were spent on getting used to the new problems she had in life and getting herself back on track to become a huntress.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Upon discovery during her young years, “Einherjar” seemed just like the ordinary Caedus-Family semblance. However the semblance has seemingly evolved when Melina recovered from the incident that crippled her.

Initially Einherjar allowed Melina to heal the wounds of others utilizing her own aura, which is the ability most members of the Caedus-Family share among each other. It also allows her to cure minor diseases and counter-act poisons to a slight degree. She does so only upon touch, her hand usually being engulfed in aura that forms around her arm. The healing capabilities are very potent with its only other downside being that its strength is highly dependent on the amount of aura used. The more aura she spends, the more effective the regenerative capabilities become. For example, she can close very deep wounds within seconds while consuming a lot of aura as a trade-off. It is however impossible to reattach-/ regrow limbs or to fix broken bones, which is why medical treatment is usually still required in such cases. It is also not possible for Melina to heal herself using it. Despite that it's the reason that makes her family the most capable doctors and surgeons that exist.

Now that Melina's semblance has pretty much evolved, it gained a new ability. And that is where the name derives from. The healing properties aside, Einherjar now allows her aura to take on a physical form. That makes it possible for Melina to project her aura as a bright white colored phantasm, whose touch can heal just like Melina’s with the effect being gradually weakened the farther it is away from her.
The Celestial Patronus or “Albedo” as she named it, looks like a female knight clad in white shining armor with angelic wings sprouting from its back. The armor’s style is similar to that of the “Arma Gigas”, except that the helmet is fully closed and its size is the same as Melina. It resembles her a lot with a similar body type and height correlating to the body she had before the incident.

When summoned, the Celestial will float next to Melina or whomever she wants to protect and will primarily defend her and her allies when needed. Unlike its user though, the Celestial is fast as it levitates high enough for its iron clad feet to not touch the floor beneath, albeit it can't fly higher than 2 meters above ground. In turn however its physical strength heavily depends on how much aura Melina fuels into it and is otherwise only as strong as an ordinary human. It is additionally capable, but limited to, replicating the violin Melina uses, in order to play in duet with her, and her old weapons, a spear and a shield of varying size, from its aura to fight. However she lacks the striking power to deal any significant damage to an opponent unless Melina fuels more aura into her to increase her strength. It's fighting style relies on its speed to keep the opponent on its toes or to interrupt attacks directed at Melina or bystanders.
It is also worth mentioning that it can only take a few good hits before becoming unstable. This means that whenever Albedo takes a hit, Melina will have to fuel more aura to keep Albedo around. Should she dissipate by sustaining too much damage Melina won’t be able to call on Albedo for multiple minutes before being able to re-summon her.
Lastly its range is limited to a 15 feet radius around Melina.

True to its names origin, Einherjar is pretty much the old Melina that should have died back then, made manifest. It bears her old selfless personality and her drive to help others without the traumatic and anxiety issues that normally come with Melina’s personality. It does mean that Albedo can act on her own without Melina needing to command her, but it also means that she retains the pacifistic approach of her user and will not attack unless ordered to.
That being said, despite bearing that selfless personality that she once had, Albedo will prioritize protecting Melina at all cost unless she is explicitly ordered by her not to. This behavior causes her to automatically manifest, if Melina realizes she is in imminent danger or in need of assistance. This can range from protecting her from enemy attacks, to aiding her in every-day situations or during one of her “resting periods”. Even for mundane tasks she will manifest and offer assistance, like using an aura created shield as an umbrella during rainy days, keeping doors open for her to walk through or helping her cook or carry things.

At max. Melina can keep Albedo active for 15 minutes, which doesn’t factor in sustained damage or strength enhancement of the phantasm, before the strain on her aura becomes too much. This leads to her manifesting it in short bursts most of the time to preserve her aura for an emergency.
Weapon Name:
Solemn Vow and Pridwen Mk II
Weapon Description:
The Solemn Vow is a military class cybernetic prosthesis, specifically made to replace Melina's right arm, paired with a form fitting gauntlet of the same material encasing her left arm when in battle. The cybernetic replacement sports top-notch technology and is made of a very sturdy, resistant, but also heavy metal. Due to that both the arm and gauntlet are very durable and resist most forms of wear and tear, including extreme heat, cold and corrosion. The prosthesis is strong enough to allow Melina to lift objects twice her weight.
The base of Solemn Vow’s design was the prototype of an armored medical gauntlet that was developed for atlesian medics to use in the war, however never made it past the prototype stage and was decommissioned.
It was equipped with an injection unit, a large needle used for injecting anesthetics and other medical supplements into soldiers, however as Melina opts to use her semblance to do all the medical work, the injection unit has been removed to make room for the several mechanisms in the arm and enable the storage of other medical supplements like band aids and similar, basically turning it into a first aid kid that she literally has on hand.
The dark times of war also saw the implementation of a bone saw into the gauntlet, so that amputations could be done on the fly if necessary. Since Melina is strictly against harming her patients in any form or way, the bone saw has been modified and refitted to be a utility-chainsaw that could be used to cut down structures in Melina’s way or to free people that have been trapped by rubble or similar. It may or may not have been abused a few times to kill small Grimm in melee combat, but that is something Melina won’t admit under normal circumstances.
The gauntlet on her left is made of the same material and has roughly the same mass and weigh distribution as her robotic arm to counteract its heavy weight. It’s fitted with tech that allows Melina to utilize Hard-Light Dust to create shields and platforms and additonally sports a holster for storing the various types of Dust-Shells she can use.
Due to the heavy weight of both the Solemn Vow and her gauntlet, Melina takes so called “resting periods” in which she detaches her robot arm from the mount on her shoulder and refrains from wearing the gauntlet for a set amount of time.

However as Solemn Vow is more of a tool than a weapon, Melina prefers to use her main weapon Pridwen in combat. The Pridwen Mk. II has two forms, Riot-Form, and Polearm-Form.

Pridwen Mk II or just “Pridwen” is a Shield & Baton, both made of a strong, sturdy and weatherproof metal alloy. The shield is big enough to cover her upper body almost down to her knees, like a riot shield, but can shrink a bit in size to be easier to handle when not fighting. Although having way more weight its easy for Melina to carry due to the strength of her robotic arm. In its Riot-Form, the shield is usually attached to the backside of Solemn Vow, but can be detached if needed. The lower black edges of the shield are sharpened to be used like a blade, while the top of the shield remains unchanged to deliver powerful blunt strikes.
In order to use these aspects of the shield, the Solemn Vow can adjust the angle, rotate it and change its position along the arm.
The baton itself contains a battery that can channel electricity to the tip, turning it into a stun baton. It can also extend to become an electric lance, giving her the range advantage in melee combat.
If the situation calls for a ranged approach, the large barrel situated between the two pointed edges of the shield can be used to launch various types of dust shells, each with different effects. These shells are similar to those used in grenade launchers and activate on impact, with the detonation-sound (if there is one) being noticably dampened for Melina's convenience. Those include:
-Ice: A shell that flash freezes the impact zone.
-Wind: Causes a considerable, but mostly harmless, shock wave that disperses smoke and crowds alike.
-Steam: Emulates the function of a smoke grenade. Covers the area in thick steam that blocks vision and is difficult to breathe in without a mask.
-Gravity: A shell that causes objects and people alike around it’s impact zone to be launched up to 2 meters into the air and to be suspended there for no more than a few seconds. Still enough time to leave them defenseless.

For the Polearm-Form the shield can be attached to the baton at its barrel, where the baton will extend to form the staff for the weapon. From there on the shield, which is now the head of the polearm, transforms into that of a poleaxe.
While in Poleaxe-Form the edges of the shield form the blade on one side while the blunt end forms on the other. A spear tip will form in between. This allows for incredible versatility as it grants slicing, piercing and blunt damage possibilities. Several types of dust can be used to enhance the capabilities of this weapon, all with different effects on the individual compartments based on how they are used. The most notable being Ice-, Wind- and Gravity Dust 1 of which possesses a double function based on how the weapon is used.

-Ice: Coats the weapon head in ice. Striking with the blade side instantly flash freezes anything it cuts. Striking the ground with the blunt side creates a wall of thick ice, capable of blocking attacks.
-Wind: Engulfs the spear tip in wind that allows Melina to thrust the weapon forward to shoot a strong torrent of air at an enemy that has considerable knockback, like an air cannon so to speak.
-Gravity: Allows Melina to strike the ground with either side of the weapon's head to cause different effects. Striking it with the blunt side causes objects and people in her vicinity to be launched and suspended up to 5 meters into the air. Striking it with the blade side presses everything around Melina down to the ground. This has a radius of 5 meters.

Pridwen Mk II is a successor version of the first weapon Melina wielded. Back then it was a Poleaxe that was capable of detaching the weapon head to form a small buckler with a spear. As Melina has changed, so has her weapon.
Other Gear:
-Utility Belt: Stores combat supplies. Mostly Dust.
Fighting Style:
Melina, while well equipped for it, doesn’t like causing harm to others and therefore fights very defensively. She preferably wears her opponents out rather than actually harming them. In the past she used to dodge incoming attacks and counter attack, however due to her loss of mobility she isn’t capable of doing so effectively anymore. The incident changed her and the way she fights.

Instead Melina nowadays fights passively with her Shield & Baton, keeping the enemy at bay using her shield to defend herself and waiting for her opponent to attack. All the while she uses her different kinds of dust armaments to make it difficult for her opponent to approach her and lock down most routes of attack. She has great area control and is capable of shutting down most attacks directed towards her or those she is protecting.
Then when her opponent runs out of steam or the opportunity arises, she will counter with an attempt to incapacitate them by using her stun baton and electric lance or knocking them out with a blunt strike from her shield.

When using the Poleaxe Melina tends to get more aggressive, sacrificing solid defense for new offensive and versatile ways to wear her opponent out. She usually wields the weapon with two hands in an upright gate-guardian like stance, which allows for quick use of either the head or the lower end of the weapon. Her attacks are usually a tad bit slower, but targeted and have way more power behind them. She makes wide swings with the blunt or bladed side of the weapon and uses the spear tip and the lower end of the staff to thrust or bash at her enemy. She will occasionally try to shove her opponent to throw them of balance and utilizes the weapons different mechanisms with Dust to enhance her attacks by a wide margin.
Melina can also utilize the Solemn Vow’s absurd strength to swing Pridwen way faster than the weapons design would allow a normal person, sometimes even swinging it with only her right arm while creating shields of Hard-Light Dust with her left to protect herself. She stabs with the spear tip or swings the weapon like a hammer to deliver powerful and targeted strikes with such earth-shattering strength that she could fell most opponents with one good hit. These attacks however leave her wide open for counter attacks and will usually miss their mark against a faster opponent, in which case Melina will go back to using her shield.

Of course, shouldn’t Melina have her weapons on hand, she can use her military training to fight in hand-to-hand combat. She uses the additional power output of her robotic arm and her augments for devastating, but slow, punches, kicks and grapples in order to incapacitate her foes, which usually allows her to overpower her opponent.

If Melina deems it absolutely necessary, or if she is super distressed or enraged even, she can turn the volume of her voice amplifier up to maximum and let out an ear-deafening and stunning screech. It’s so loud that even most creatures of Grimm will be stunned by it and it’s effects are even more effective on faunus with enhanced hearing. This is however very painful for her and strains her damaged vocal cords. Luckily only if Melina suffers immense physical trauma at her neck, the vocal cords could be torn apart, which is why she goes extra lengths to keep that area safe.

Lastly, Melina is difficult to fight as you don’t just fight one, but two enemies at the same time. Her “Celestial Patronus” created by her semblance usually takes form as soon as she engages in combat and can attack and block attacks all the same as Melina, all the while being considerably quicker than her. Since it’s mostly autonomous it’s like fighting a medic who is being constantly body-guarded. She usually tends to the wounded during combat and if not shields others from harm, her familiar making sure she can do her job without being bothered. Fighting her one on one, opponents will have double the difficulty of inflicting damage to her until her guardian is defeated.
+Very competent medic and healer.
+Very tough and independent.
+Can hold her own in a fight.
+Knows sign language.
+Versatile equipment.
+Utilizes many kinds of dust.
+Semblance is versatile and powerful. She can effectively multi-task.
+Incredibly good at playing the violin.
+Can emit a high pitch scream that is ear deafening.
+Got nerves of steel.

Imagine you combine the proficiency and capabilities of a field medic with the armor and weapons of a riot policeman and then give him a bodyguard. That is Melina for you. She is a reliable asset in any team, since she is quite the sturdy healer and independent fighter. Her weapons cover most ranges, grant her incredible versatility, great area control and her semblance makes it very difficult to cause any lasting damage to her and her teammates. Considering she and “Albedo” guard her teammates most of the time, enemies should be crying tears of joy being able to land a solid hit in the first place. In a one on one fight against her, this becomes all the more evident.

After the incident she became far more disciplined and knows her limits better than before. This also means that she isn’t as reckless in the presence of Grimm anymore. She has learned from her experiences in the military and has not become a pampered brat like many would expect from a wealthy atlesian. She is friendly towards anyone and being friendly and reassuring with her as well rewards you with kindness and loyalty unlike anything. When she finally breaks free from her sea of anxiety she will open up and become the best friend one can have. She supports those who stand by her side no matter the odds.
-Mechanical voice. Freaks out a lot of people when talking.
-Antisocial due to self consciousness and anxiety.
-Easily overpowered by a stronger and overall faster opponent.
-Has lost most of her speed and agility.
-Can quickly run out of aura if pushed too far.
-Strictly against harming others. Couldn’t hurt a fly if it wasn’t about life and death.
-ASD (Acute-Stress-Disorder)
-Loud noise and explosions. Trigger ASD.
-Phantom Pain & Nightmares.
-Raising her voice any higher than whispering hurts… a lot.

Melina probably has, of all students at Beacon, the most flaws in terms of her body. And her personality isn’t a lot better all things considered.

Her maimed body, despite her efforts to retain its original capabilities, isn’t in the best shape, with many weak points that can be easily exploited if she is not careful. Aiming for her neck is a crude, but effective way to corner her, even if she will defend with her shield this can be exploited to create an opening in her defense. While it is difficult to damage Melina and her Celestial Familiar, it isn’t impossible. An opponent that is faster than the Celestial can cause major problems for her, as she isn’t really fast or nimble herself. Her Familiar has a maximum amount of damage it can block before it is weakened and needs more aura to stay active. Should it dissipate, it will not come back for several minutes until Melina has regained some of her aura. Lastly, even if she has developed a high tolerance for stress, it isn’t impossible for her to loose it. Especially explosions take a toll on her mental state, which can make Melina loose her composure either enraging her or making her break down, both to her dismay.

For all there is good there is bad in terms of her personality. She isn’t very sociable anymore and needs a rather outgoing friend in order to be able to open up, especially someone who helps her with her problems despite her rebuttals. Additionally her self-consciousness and anxiety make it difficult for someone to become her friend in the first place and her pacifism also cripples her ability to go against someone else.
+Relaxing Music.
+Playing the violin. Is very talented.
+Helping others and those in need.
+Snow. Both the frozen water and her house cat.
+Animals, especially Cats and Birds.
+Same goes for faunus.
+Loves the cold. Even if it’s the cold metal of her robotic arm, it reminds her of the second chance she got.
+Outgoing people.
-Conflict. Doesn’t matter whether it be, bullies, racism, disputes, violence or similar.
-Loud noises and explosions. Trigger ASD.
-Swimming. Hates others seeing her augmentations out of fear of being seen as inhuman or as a machine.
-Being called a machine or automaton.
-Needing to get loud.
-People being scared of her.
Fun Facts:
-Melina can play violin cover versions of many different songs.
-Albedo sometimes acts like a butler towards Melina and plays alongside her when she plays songs meant to be a duet.
Alternate Characters:
Vlithra Qing Long

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