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Nishiki Showa
"Belle Point"
July 7th
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Nishikigoi Gills and Scales)
Beacon Dormitory
Character Picture: ... edited.png
Personal Emblem Image: ... nknown.png
5'4" (162.56 cm)
Eye Color:
Gold Yellow
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Short stature doesn't stop her from being a speedy girl. Living life in the fast lane keeps the body active and the soul satisfied. Showa reaps the benefits of fitness that give her slender build a bit of bulk. Not much since she's built more for speed than might. This suits her just fine since she'd rather streak than bench when it's so much more fun to zip around. She's a colorful blur in motion from the top of her fluffy pigtailed head of red-streaked black and white hair featuring straight cut bangs to her slim limbs which won't take long to take in given her near diminutive height. Her round face radiates warmth from two bright honey pools encircled by long black lashes matched only by the cheery smile.

Showa's Faunus heritage manifests as gills she can breath underwater with on either side of her neck as well as a back of colorful scales alternating between red, white, and black against otherwise peachy skin. Their glossy sheen is a sight to behold, but require constant moisturizing to keep healthy. Salt tends to dry her out as it's particularly harsh on her traits. Showa doesn't skip out on product as it's a pain to keep getting comments from people about smelling a fish market. She's very conscious about whether or not she actually does smell when drying up, but she doesn't risk it. Rosewater and lavender for her, thank you very much.

Cosmetics aren't skimped out on either being just as out there as Showa herself. Blush skillfully enough applied as to appear like a naturally rosy tint to her soft cheeks. A shiny lipgloss that's a shade darker than her natural color for that kissy face. Finally, black nail polish as dark and sparkly as they make it.
Outfit Description:
Big and loud goes the Showa clothing line. A mix between a sporty look and prep school girl uniform in bright red, stark white, and ink black. The white shirt has a top similar to a sailor outfit in all black with short sleeves and white accents tied at the neck by a big red bow. Tying it off at the waist is a designer patterned obi sash thrice secured by two red cords and one white cord. Stylized white and red clouds pop out against a silky black skirt that ends mid-thigh leading to a pair of white stripped biking shorts underneath. Executive cut black socks have cute little bows on the fronts slipping into big red sandal clogs sporting black skate-like protrusions underneath that bump up her short stature to a respectable amount (about 4 in/10.16 cm increase), at least enough so that getting things from the top shelf isn't impossible. A pair of white ropes tied around her ankles finish the day to day attire for her.

The real show stopper goes to the too large white jacket she wears that gives her the volume to match her personality. The hem and neck are accented in black where as the cuffs and zippers are the hot streak red from her palette. Black enamel pins adorn the sleeves depicting some of her favorite things like flowers, butterflies, little birds, and landmarks of her hometown in Mistral. Some of them are limited edition from special events and she'll be damned if she misses out on future distributions, making the collection a constant "pending completion". The jacket also doubles as a portable humidifier that provides a continuous stream of cool, moist air onto her back from the gold interior lining. Function is not without aesthetics as the jacket's back features a gold brocade dragon layered on top of her personal emblem in striking bold format.

Accessories can get a bit overboard, but the usual ones she goes with are designer brand items. Stylish round sunglasses, a silver-buckled black choker, and a very handsome white purse she had to scout a month in advance to get. The choker conceals her gills and keeps rude people from sticking their fingers or something into them. Some humbler jewelry is used to fix her hair like a white ribbon clip for her bangs as well as black and white ropes for her pigtails.
Personality Description:
Peppy and upbeat define Showa, yet she isn't unwise to the real world. Her youth comes with a childish mentality not unusual for a teen girl, but her questionable maturity finds contradiction in steely resolve tempered by worldly experience that places her as quite grown up for her age. Her boundless energy hides a strength of character that doesn't break in the face of adversity and thrives in the midst of it. She's a survivor through and through.

Showa's upbringing has made her grateful for the things she has now going from the cramped settlement in Menagerie to the socialite heights of Mistral. She's never taken anything for granted and has a keen awareness of how lucky she is in life to be able to experience the opportunities she did. As a Faunus rights activist, she seeks to ensure others have the same chances she did growing up and, most importantly, to be happy. She's a compassionate young girl despite her past circumstances and loves to have fun whenever she can. Loving life and living it up to light her surroundings is the appeal that is Nishiki Showa.

On the flipside, Showa is also very much aware of her own talents and can't help but indulge herself in showing them off both as a favored hobby and as a way to prove that she is all that. She can come off as abrasive given the haughty attitude, but it's usually nothing more than harmless strutting that falls short of actually lording over others. She doesn't want to put others down, it's just that she can be a bit much in how forward she is and doesn't really get how to pump the brakes now and again.
Backstory Highlights:
A talented young artist from Menagerie. The snappy headliner or start of a blog summarizing Showa’s life in a neatly packaged title. She lived a comfortable enough life in the Faunus continent, helped in large part to her grandfather’s working relationship to the White Fang as a public relations figure. Showa didn’t get to see her grandfather much when a lot of his time was spent overseas in the Kingdom of Mistral. His work was extremely important to Faunus the world over, as her parents frequently assured her. This didn’t completely soothe worries of a young child and Showa took to her art to cope. Little more than crayons and water colors at that time. Her grandfather loved her doodles, and she was all too happy to latch onto that, developing her natural talent for art at the encouragement of her parents. Printer paper and finger paint gave way to canvas and brushstrokes that went into elaborate works she would send to her family and friends as gifts. It happened to be that some of her grandfather’s White Fang associates saw one of the pieces Showa had sent to him and they liked it enough to want some for themselves. It was a surprise for them to hear that the pieces were done by an 11-year-old. This moment of happenstance led to the start of her career as an artist, with a few months seeing her move to Remnant’s kingdom of the arts, Mistral. Showa was just happy people liked her art and for the opportunity to see the world outside of the Faunus' cramped corner of it.

Years went by and the amount of attention her art attracted gradually grew over the course of her stay. Showa got her education from the kingdom’s school, but had a few tutors on call for when she had bigger projects she pursued. Her grandfather looked after her, but it under his care that Showa came into contact with the White Fang’s underbelly. The organization wasn’t the same peaceful movement that her grandfather had told her about. The half-truths left her unaware of the independent cells the White Fang made use of for their illicit activities. The Dragons were one such gang. Under the guise of her grandfather’s business associates, they asked her to do some pieces for charity to raise funds for Faunus in need. Sowa happily accepted, unknowingly enabling the gang to raise the Lien needed to buy weapons. By the time she found out their true intentions, her alias was already on the pieces and sold. The Dragons made news for their crimes. Showa was distraught with the part she played and tried to tell her grandfather about what had happened in the hopes that his influence in the White Fang would help bring the gang to justice. What she had thought would happen did not come to pass as her grandfather, with a face like stone, only had one thing to say in response: “Do not mess with the Dragons.” Taking the Dragons to justice meant digging up dirty laundry people in high places didn’t want out in the open. Whether she liked it or not, the truth of the event was to be buried in order to preserve the integrity and influence the White Fang sect had in the region. Shock and confusion were at the forefront of her mind. A realization that her grandfather was aware of what the Dragons had done, and yet did nothing to prevent it. Had her grandfather always been working with people like that? Was the White Fang not the kind of noble cause she her family had told her it was? Her world view shattered, and the event would catalyze a series of pieces that would get Showa recognized by art critics around.

Political activism could be said to run in the Nishiki family, from her grandfather and now to Showa herself. As an artist, she made use of the voice she had and the weight of her reputation to speak out against the extremist activities carried out by the White Fang. The alias Showa produced her artwork under guaranteed a level of anonymity from the public as well as protection from those that wanted her silenced, for a while at least. It also strained her relationship with her grandfather and he became distant towards her, unable to get her to speak with him as she once did. Then the first step was taken to repairing what was broken. Showa’s grandfather began advocating the same message Showa was, slowly at first in small ways that may have seemed insignificant, but he steadily pushed back against the extremist actions and the White Fang’s use of independent cells for dirty work. His new stance on matters didn't win any favors with some former allies, but it did endear him to his granddaughter. Showa was happy for the return of the grandfather whom she idolized for being steadfast in his ideals and his efforts to better the Faunus way of life on Remnant. Mending their relationship was a blessing as well as being able to reconcile with a loved one, until he was assassinated. The official story was that a peaceful protest had turned into a riot in the streets. A shot was fired and all hell broke loose from there. The Dragons made sure their message was clear enough for Showa to hear. Fall in line, or be put down. They threatened her family with similar fates. It was an impossible situation for a young girl to have to be in. Showa mourned her grandfather for days. With her only relative in Mistral gone, Showa was on her own. A last memento turned her grieving into determination. Her grandfather died for what he believed in. Showa wouldn’t back down here either.

A period of pretending to capitulate to the Dragons’ threats followed. Showa swallowing her bile to make sure her family was safe until she came up with a way to get them out from under the gang’s thumb. The balance of power was shifting in the White Fang branch in her area, and she had few allies to count on. The Dragons had gone from a gang hopped up on a power trip to the dominant faction acting as liaisons for the White Fang. Their new influence kept Showa from leaving Mistral and her parents from being able to get her out. It was a difficult year, but Showa bid her time until the anniversary of the tragedy that took her grandfather’s life came around. A commemorate piece would be commissioned in honor of the deceased by his own granddaughter. A more perfect public relations stunt they could not have asked for. They’d shed their crocodile tears and lament the loss of so many, Humans and Faunus alike, all while pushing their own agendas to the press. Showa did her part, acting as the meek little girl that was under their control. The reality of the situation was her long-awaited escape from Mistral. Everything had to go flawlessly for her and her loved ones. The plan's inception boiled down to two factors: the encoded messages in the artworks Showa posted on her social media account and her Aura. The messages bypassed Dragon monitoring to send instructions to her family members in Mistral, the exchanges received through the platform allowing for plans to be made to flee overseas to Vale. Mistral was out of the question, Menagerie was hardly much safer, and Atlas or Mantle was a different kind of danger. No, it had to be somewhere on Sanus. Between the two options, there was really only one choice. It was decided that they’d pick her up and then make their way to Vale. As for her Aura, Showa had unlocked it through sheer perseverance. Constantly being watched didn’t let her do anything too overt to train for it, but the little ways she did manage to work into her daily routine bore fruit. It started as a way to simply physically train herself for her escape, like lifting heavy paint cannisters for muscle and running around her studio for speed and stamina, but through commitment and tenacity, it built up over time until she felt something awaken inside her. While Showa couldn’t do anything impressive with it yet given the short time that it was unlocked, it would help in unforeseen incidents for the plan.

Showa was 14 years-old on the day of the momentous occasion and everything had gone as expected. The Dragons were playing it up for the cameras and really leaning into the sympathy angle. Gross. Part one was underway, so Showa just powered through it as much as she could with a plastic smile. The unveiling of her floor to ceiling masterpiece was the main attraction anyway, a feat she couldn’t help but feel smug about despite the circumstances. Getting handed the microphone brought back the weight of it all. A prearranged speech bubbled up to the forefront, the disgusting words they had her memorize that were intended to get the public on their side and twist history in their favor. That wasn’t going to happen. It started that way, but the subtle change in tone the further along Showa went into the dedication had the Dragons feeling antsy. Security couldn’t stop her from grabbing the bucket of ice in time and throwing it at the artwork, revealing the once heroic scene of valor as the bloody massacre it was. The water thrown against it made the red paint run like blood across the floor, punctuating the horror of the tragedy as the real work was unveiled beneath. Showa passionately denounced the leader and the Dragons as a whole, calling them monsters who had no right to call themselves heroes of the Faunus when this was what they did. They had twisted the once peaceful organization into a means to fulfill their own selfish ends. They were pissed as the whole room erupted in a cacophony of noise. The panel was bombarded with questions as the press shouted over each other trying to get their opinions on the matter. She was roughly escorted off the floor and locked up in her studio a short distance away from the showroom to wait for her sentence by the Dragons. Part two commenced immediately.

Security was split between getting control of the chaos caused by her outburst and only a few guards were stationed at the door to her studio. As she intended. Staging the scene, Showa stacked some boxes on top of a ladder directly beneath the vent opening, knocking it open to seem like she slipped through the ventilation system. The benefits of being small were that people didn’t question why she’d need a ladder or if she could fit through tight places. Similar setups for plausible escapes were made to throw them off as she prepared her real means of getting out of there. Showa didn’t have to wait long before the Dragons came barging in looking to unleash their wrath, only to find a seemingly empty room. They yelled for their goons to spread out and search for her, dividing their numbers even further after a detachment was left to keep the press outside. As soon as they thinned out, Showa detonated her paint cans, covering the room in a thick mist of all the colors of the rainbow. Hiding under a tarp with personal protective equipment spared her from the fate of being blinded and gasping for air. Opening rapidly closing, Showa sprinted out the room, taking advantage of the chaos brewing within and outside the building to slip out. Stragglers trying to stop her in the halls got maced in the face with Cadmium Yellow. The paint bomb kept a chunk of the guards and Dragons inside from alerting the ones outside just long enough for her to blend in with the crowd and ride the back of a passing truck to take her away from the studio. Any would be pursuers were mobbed by the press, making her getaway pristine. Showa ditched the truck as soon as she could and made use of the alley ways and secluded nooks to work her way to the harbor. The final part of her plan: getting on board a Vale bound transport.

This was undoubtedly the most uncertain aspect of her escape and the one that would require a not insignificant amount of luck to see her through safely. Some of the dock workers were most likely on the White Fang’s payroll and any of them spotting her could sink her plans to the depths of the ocean. The port was uncharted territory completely out of her control. The time and resources to set everything up in her studio meant jack when Showa had little else to work with here besides opportunity and whatever she could find or had on her. Call her paranoid for not just buying a ticket. Every moment of her life gave her ample reason not to trust any stranger that could be a Dragon hench. Even the regular rando could snap a pic of her face and post it on social media and give her captors a lead. She'd been able to give them the slip so far with barely a bruise from the guards getting hits in as she ran through the halls of the studio, but when they regrouped and made a concentrated effort to net her? Fear started overtaking Showa in the lull when no ideas came to her. Did they catch on to her scheme? Was her family ok? Did they intercept her messages? It came as a great relief when her family arrived none the worse for wear and they skimmed out of the place as fast as they could. The trip was a straight shot across open water for fear that the Dragons put plants along the coast. They weren’t taking any chances, perceived or even remotely possible until they were in Vale. Seeing ground again after so long at sea was another relief that took some of the stress away from her. Settling down and keeping a low profile, Showa’s family remained hidden from the public eye until they felt that the heat had died down. Perusing the news let Showa know how the Dragons had taken a hit to their reputation from her stunt and had become disavowed by the White Fang. Saving face, most likely. Either way, the Dragons were shot out of the sky and sent down to Remnant. A win in her book. The vengeful leader looking to get some payback? Not so much…

The leader saved his hide through some silver-tongued miracle-working and was hell bent on giving back as good as he got. Showa and her family’s reclusive nature ended up backfiring as it made them seem suspicious to their neighbors. Being Faunus and suspicious was a dangerous combination to the wrong kind of people, the kind that wouldn’t hesitate to sell them out for some Lien. Once Showa’s description reached their network, the Dragons made their move. Shadows in the night crept into their home and tied them up. A beating that left her black and blue once the goons took turns trying to break her Aura. Everything looked hopeless and Showa could only struggle against the inevitable as the leader toyed with her until she exhausted herself. At least she got to get in one last act of defiance and spit in the bastard’s eye. Maybe that’d remind him of when she blew up a paint bomb in his face. Fortunately, someone came to the rescue. A Huntress had been investigating the Dragons after they blew up in the media and had gotten wind of their movement to Vale. Showa’s eyes weren’t so bruised that she couldn’t make out the absolute badassery the Huntress unleashed on the gangsters in a truly awe-inspiring feat of skill and power. Showa could only stare after it was all over, the Huntress carried herself with so much grace and confidence, it was hard to think of her as anything other than one of the heroes in stories. Showa sought to gain for herself the same level of strength she saw that night, the power to protect her loved ones and not have to live in fear of those that would oppress others. Pestering the Huntress, the woman eventually put her into contact with Signal for combat training after seeing that Showa had the potential to become a Huntress herself.

Three years spent training and studying at a primary combat school was a far cry from what Showa was used to in general education courses and the tutors she had in Mistral, but like she did throughout her entire life, she persevered. The first year was the hardest as she was beginning right in the middle of the semester and Showa had to play catch up. The teachers would get mad at her for how frequently she graffitied her desk space, but she was a good student for the most part. Diligent in her work and a studious attitude blunted some of their ire when it was shown how serious she took their lessons. Showa rarely took it so far as to warrant anything more than the occasional detention or stern warning. Reprimands that nevertheless brought on the label of being a problem student. Showa ended up graduating with a record that was nothing to scoff at while definitely giving some academies pause when reviewing her application. Imagine her surprise when the very same record got her accepted into Vale’s premiere Huntsman academy, Beacon Academy. The very same said to be the best of the best in all of Remnant! Showa was pumped for the opportunity and the chance to be like the Huntress that had saved her and her family all those years ago. She wouldn’t blow this like she blew up a hundred ounces of paint tagging her neighborhood in celebration when she received the confirmation, honest!
1st Year Student, Activist, Artist
General education course and some supplementary tutors to make sure she didn't fall behind on studies. She received combat training at Signal for three years.

Showa has some first-hand experience in dealing with the average thug and odd Grimm here and there, but doesn't have extensive knowledge of actual combat. She's coasting on natural talent, but is aware of her shortcomings and constantly strives to overcome them.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Showa’s Semblance, Splash, is basically an alarm system she can set up by expending a minor amount of her Aura. She draws from he reserves and puts in into either a static position in three-dimensional space or into an object. The alarm gets triggered if something moves in close proximity and sends out ripples of Aura, the range of the alarm’s proximity can be increased when Showa channels more Aura into it when setting up an instance of Splash. Any instance being set off alerts Showa and she has an innate sense for the distance between herself and the trip. If something with an Aura sets it off, Showa can get a feel of the Aura’s signature with familiarity of the source or person bringing clearer sense of who or what triggered her Semblance. If she isn’t familiar with the source, she gets a muddle signal. Grimm that trigger Splash are always distinguishable with their unique interaction with Aura, so Showa is always aware if something of Grimm origin sets off Splash. Once Showa establishes Splash, the instance remains in place until something sets it off or if she draws the Aura back into herself when in contact with it. Showa can't set off Splash remotely or when in contact with them as she doesn’t count as a trigger herself, unless foreign Aura or a Grimm influence was acting on her. Visual effects of Splash are a slight blur to the affected point in space or object and the noticeable ripple it releases when set off.

Showa uses Splash in conjunction with Dust where its strengths come out in spades. Splash can interact with Dust to create landmines, trip mines, proximity bombs, springboards, cushions, and a wide variety of boobytraps depending on what type of Dust Showa decides to make use of. Gravity is fun since she can create a trampoline to bounce on. Water can turn any instance of Splash into a literal splash as if someone popped a water balloon. More Dust being involved requires more Aura and blurring the area further to the point where the element can be seen suspending itself. Physical instances make this more visible as the object gets roughly infused with Dust, so external signs are always apparent. Minute amounts of Dust don’t show the same level of obvious tampering. Splash can also hold Dust in place and detonate it for a specific chain reaction or formation through an external force. Shooting suspended Dust can set it off. One thing she likes to do is make three-dimensional paintings by using Splash as a canvas in the air for paint sculptures using the Dust infused paint mediums she carries in her weapon.

Multiple instances are possible to maintain as they are little in the way of drain individually and the cost can be replenished through natural Aura regeneration. Setting off multiple at once can give Showa a headache with the amount of stimulus acting on her. Setting up them in large volumes in quick succession can also be physically draining, so steadily trapping the area is better to conserve Showa’s energies. Energies usually spent running from the authorities when she senses them nearby after tagging the side of a building, for instance.
Weapon Name:
Rakugaki Ryū
Weapon Image: ... 8397-1.png
Weapon Description: ... 26f_hq.png ... Art_-_.png

A combination naginata, giant brush, paintball gun, and spray gun kitbash. It's a roughly put together mechanism, but one Showa has done her best to improve over her stay at Beacon. The weapon's melee form is a polearm with a single-edged blade at the top while its firearm mode puts it in the ballpark of a paintball gun crossed with a grenade launcher. An extra design choice lets it use high-pressure air to expel Dust infused paint in fine mists or streams. It shares a lot of its blood with conventional painting equipment, but its functions have been supped up for combat purposes.

Showa believes art can be a weapon, and that carries over with Rakugaki Ryū. Ammunition is a fusion of conventional projectiles and paint mediums, the paint itself being how she incorporates Dust into her arsenal in a fun way. It isn't all aesthetics as Showa has seen how fearsome the Grimm appear, the psychological harm their morphology has affected Mankind with and her weapon is not only a means to fight against them as the monsters they are, but to attack their very image. A creature of pure darkness is considerably less scary when given a pastel palette. Showa intends to increase the morale of her comrades with the art she holds so dear to her heart.

Rakugaki Ryū's firearm mode shares a striking similarity to super soakers and a grenade launcher, the magazine being a rotating barrel that can conform into a more compact state for easier handling in the weapon's melee form. The ammunition works off of a cartridge system in which Dust infused paint is loaded into the slots. It's an injection system that pumps the desired mix into the launcher or into the actual bullets to elementally enhance them. Solid projectiles are on a separate magazine in the back near the stock much like a bullpup rifle design. From the bulky muzzle to the thick stock, the body is a solid bright red while the rotary drum is a glacial white. Black accents the smaller components like the iron sight and trigger as well as in a splotchy camo paintjob.

As a naginata, her weapon stands a bit taller than herself and distributes its weight evenly across its haft. The blade itself is composed of a series of thin, flexible blades that can separate into individual strands that usually make up the rifled barrel of the firearm mode. Each was made with a Dust channeling network to create a brush that can apply her liquid ammunition onto virtually any surface. The Dust infused paint gets drawn from the rotary drum affixed directly beneath the naginata blade and behind it as a brush. The muzzle points parallel to the naginata blade which Showa uses to lob projectiles through the momentum of her swings as well as to release Dust streams to empower her melee attacks.

The flexible metal strands of Rakugaki Ryū also allow for an inconspicious carry-on mode where the muzzle and outer shell of the rotary drum expand over the outstretched branches to form an umbrella. The Dust paint catridges can be seen hidden underneath the shade as well as the other underlying components making up her weapon. Showa usually carries Rakugaki Ryū around like this. Helps to keep the sun off of her and beats the heat.

Strapped to the bottom of the firearm's grip that shifts into the naginata's blade base are several phone strap accessories ranging across all kinds of cartoonish koi fish.
Fighting Style:
Showa isn't physically strong, so she uses her natural speed to keep ahead and afar from her opponents, using the length of Rakugaki Ryū's naginata form to maintain distance if forced into melee. She prefers to control the field than face combatants head-on if she can help it, making use of her weapon's wide area of effect and splash damage to pick opponents off at a range and employing Splash to litter the battlefield with boobytraps to deter them from approaching.

If things do get close quarters, she can hold her own in a melee but doesn't do well against particularly tanky individuals. Hit-and-run tactics is the name of the game and guerilla warfare is all fair. The naginata form also lets her make use of some parkour skills in tandem with her small size for tight maneuvers. She knows what she's good at and sticks to it. Unless she plans on bulking up, she won't be one for the frontlines.
-Great swimmer
- Unshakeable optimism
- Strong moral compass
- Passionate
- Friendly
- Resilient
- Observant
- Haughty
- Heat
- Headstrong
- Fickle
- Validation
- The top shelf
- Cocky
- Painting
- Graffiti
- Vegetables
- Parkour
- Swimming
- Collectable pins
- Praise
- Meat
- Hot and dry weather
- Crowding (not crowds in general)
- Cats
- Cheap skin care products
- Knock off collectibles
- Fish markets
Recent Events:
She was once known as a popular and accomplished artist in some circles of Mistral in her youth under the alias "Belle Point". People may still recognize her after her identity went public, but she's focusing on her career as a Huntress at the present.

Currently a first year student at Beacon Academy.

Showa is a Faunus rights activist and member of an art movement known as "The People's Pigment" that advocates freedom of expression and the end of oppression.
Alternate Characters:
Professor Wednesday Haptasnytrir

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