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Azure Teardrop
Sep 9th
Gender Identity:
180 lbs
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Azure has a thick body with a noticeable lean build, his muscles being easily made out even through most clothing – especially if they are a tight fit, which is almost always. Additionally, Azure is also quite tall, standing at an above-average six feet, and in combination with his body build, it can make for an intimidating sight in many a battlefield. His hair is rather short, and unevenly colored two ways, with the right side being white and the left one being black – his eyes matching the color of the latter. A scar can be seen a bit above his forehead, but he doesn't really pay it any mind.
Outfit Description:
For his battle attire, Azure wears a dark blue leather jacket, and a fishnet shirt underneath; the former half buttoned with plenty of his chest visible, and both without sleeves. While most of his arms are left bare, the back of his hands and part of his forearms are protected by steel bracers. The lower side of his outfit consists of deep black leather pants, roughly trimmed at the shins to give way for a pair of leather boots reinforced with steel. At the back of his waist is a somewhat small bag, where Azure mainly keeps dust catridges.

Casually, Azure can, and will, wear pretty much anything, but he usually follows a repetitive trend: A shirt a couple sizes too small, short-sleeved and worn wide open, and a tank top underneath; the lower portion begins with a pair of pants, generally trimmed at the shins – though they'd be naturally short like that sometimes – to make way for a pair of boots. Casual wear will often be his go-to choice over the Beacon uniform.
Personality Description:
Honest to a fault, Azure is often that one guy who always asks the embarrassing or difficult questions when no one else can, and is able to say what is on his mind without stuttering once. He loves meeting new people, and even though he would like it even better if they could just fist their first meeting out, learning more about them through plain old speak works too. He can be quite the sucker for fighting, and will most likely not turn down any offer to battle in any capacity, regardless of how powerful they might actually be. Last, but not least, Azure is quite protective is his pals, and one would have to go through him before even thinking about messing with them.
Backstory Highlights:
Azure was born in Vacuo, losing his mother immediately due to birth complications, and was left with a father who despised because of that – to the point of physical and psychological abuse. This, in turn, affected his school life, making him prone to violent outbursts towards his classmates, until, eventually, he was expelled.

Afterwards, Azure left his home behind and joined a local, small gang that some of his friends at school were also part of. He would meet Tin, the leader of the gang – called that due to his scrap metal leg – and the person who would acknowledge his potential as a warrior. Tin would immediately begin training Azure into a capable fighter, during which time he would learn about the leader's desire to purify the world from all evil, including human's own.

The training was gruesome, and the missions and tasks he was assigned to even more so, but it all worked out in the end, with Azure becoming quite the hardened warrior. However, he would soon experience lost with the death of the gang's leader at the hands of a rival gang. As promised, he took the mantle of leader at the age of sixteen, and his first order was to get some much needed payback from that rival gang. Many more coups would follow that one, though all of them were with the purpose of accomplishing Tin's dream.

Approximately a year and a half later, Azure would come into contact with a young, nameless girl abandoned in the streets. She apparently had no recollection of who she was, name included, so Azure named her Rouge after her vivid red mane. Rouge adapted quickly to the cheerful and familiar atmosphere of the gang, and spent quite a lot of time speaking with Azure about a lot of different topics, and it was after hearing about Tin's dream that she told him that, one day, she would become a Huntress to make the world a better place to live in.

That conversation what was made him realize that, unlike her, who had a goal she could rightfully call her own, Azure had nothing of the sort. His one and only goal was borrowed from Tin, so it couldn't be considered his own. Thus, he began to feel a little envious of Rouge because of that.

A couple years later, however, the peace the gang had been enjoying came to a screeching halt when Vacío, the biggest crime syndicate in the area, orchestrated an attack towards them. The heads of the syndicate had grown mad at Azure and his "family" for constantly meedling on their shady affairs, and sent both the second largest local gang, and a group of mercenaries, to take care of them. The result were the deaths of a large portion of the gang, with Azure and a handful of others being the only survivors of the whole ordeal...

Alone on the streets, Azure would soon be recognized by a nearby patrol as a gang leader and was subsequently caught, then jailed within a local station. During this time, he would mourn his late friends and seethe in silence, though ultimately would reach to the conclusion that holding a grudge against them wouldn't be sane, nor would it change anything in the slightest -- such being a thing he learned from Rouge.

Shortly into his confinement, Azure would be left free thanks to the efforts of an old friend from the gang, who had just revealed to him that he joined the group on orders to investigate Azure and his actions, but decided to not report him after realizing that the gang's ideals were pure and fair. They would then move to Vale, as his pal feared that Vacío might send attempt on Azure's life if they learned that he still lived.

Not long after settling on Vale, and upon remembering the dream of the late Rouge, Azure made the decision to join Beacon Academy in order to become a Huntsman and honor the young girl's memory. Though in truth, he felt that, by joining the prestigious combat school, he just might be able to find a dream he could call his own.
1st Year Student
Azure never attended school proper, as he was expelled from it at an early age. Instead, he learned all of what he knows today from the people on the gang he used to be part of: Writing and reading, basic numbers, some general history, and, of course, fighting (against other people, though, not Grimm).

All of what he's currently lacking knowledge about is being taught to him at Beacon's supplementary lessons, fortunately.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Tempo is a Semblance that allows Azure to alter the rate of his heartbeats and the pace at which his blood flows through his own body, in order to increase a different set of abilities depending on whether he quickens it up, or slows it down.

High Tempo is the state he enters to when he increases his heartbeat in, at least, a 50% above the normal rate, and it boosts his physical capacity in a similar percentage. Inversely, Low Tempo is what he goes into when he decreases the rate a 50% below the average, enhancing his eyesight and hearing, and increasing his reaction speed. While going beyond just 50% is indeed possible, he cannot do so at his current level without experiencing severe pain after just a sparse few seconds.

This Semblance requires Azure to constantly burn through his Aura reserves in order to stay in this state, so he cannot maintain it for too long – at 50% his limit is about 5 minutes. Additionally, his body will also eat through his stamina at a drastic pace for as long as this ability remains active, which greatly limits how much he can move and act while on this state. Last, but certainly not least, keeping this ability active for extended periods of time without proper rest can make his body grow numb to the point of temporarily losing complete control of his body.
Weapon Name:
Lucky Nine
Weapon Description:
Lucky Nine is a two-form weapon that can change between a long sword, and a Dust-powered railgun.

The sword has a blade that is as long as his own arm, and just as wide, and is composed of two separate pieces joined together at the middle. The tip of the sword is divided in two, leaving a flat, blunt space between them that makes it really bad to stab things with. It is deceptively light, and despite that, it packs a lot of cutting power behind its swings.

The railgun, accessed by transforming the weapon by pressing a hidden trigger at the handle, sports a high power due to its Dust-based bullets, fired from a Dust cartridge that can support up to nine shots before running out of juice. However, that same nature of its bullets limits this weapon's effective range, only letting it hit targets that are within a medium range of Azure.
Other Gear:
Azure always keeps a pair of worn down brass knuckles with him at all times. They're mostly a memento of his time as part of the gang. Those knuckles can be wielded, however, and they pack quite a punch, albeit not particularly towards anything Grimm. He will only use them if he deems it absolutely necessary, though.
Fighting Style:
Despite his unconventional upbringing, Azure has a refined, defense-oriented style that consists on sticking close to an opponent and reacting to their moves, countering whenever he sees the chance. He doesn't mind getting roughed out a bit, or a lot, and will remain patient on his search for an opening, for there is always one.

While this gives him a fair match against fellow close quarter fighters, ranged foes are a difficulty that he admittedly finds hard to properly handle on his own. In those cases, he will either use his ranged weapon to throw them off and close the distance in short bursts, or just face them off from afar if he deems both of their skills at range similar enough.

His semblance plays a balancing role in his style, as it is often used to try and level the playing field between him and his opponent, when they vastly surpass him in either strength, agility or ability.
Related to fighting: Above-average strength and stamina; close quarters combat specialist, with or without his weapon; highly resilient to both damage, and pain in general.

Related to social: Honest to a fault; unable to be phazed by any and all intimidation attempts; trustworthy; surprisingly amiable, and a bit charismatic.
Related to fighting: Limited knowledge of marksmanship, both to use and to fight against; can get carried away easily; not a fan of stealth tactics; losses a lot of stamina when his Semblance is active.

Related to social: Honest to a fault, so much he can be hurtful to people without intending to; can disregard orders with ease; easy to rile up, and can potentially end up punching someone.
Fighting, and all things that relate to that in some way; meeting people, especially if they have clear goals in life; parties and celebrations, mostly because they serve him as an excuse to drink; cooking; studying history; stargazing.
Studying, because he thinks most subjects are boring or hard to grasp; cowards, hyprocrites, and bossy people; parties without booze; rainy days.
Fun Facts:
While his skill with a sword isn't half bad, Azure actually fairs better in hand-to-hand combat, which is where he was originally trained at. However, as he grew up, the idea that swords were cool and threatening enticed him a lot, and thus he eventually resolved to learn how to use one. That's the reason why his main weapon nowadays is his trusty long sword.

Also, during his early days on the gang, Azure was often tasked with cooking for everyone, and although the dishes he made at first were just dreadful, he began to get better and better at an astounding rate. By the time he became leader, Azure was also the main chef of the whole family, and there was no better day than those when he was the one in cooking duty – except when it was Rouge the one in charge instead.
Alternate Characters:
Verossa Asim

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