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Sable Citrine
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Two-horned Darkling Beetle, horns)
Beacon Academy
Character Picture: ... _Stare.jpg
Personal Emblem Image: ... emblem.jpg
5'3" (+1' horns)
Aura Color:
Emerald Green
Physical Description:
Sable is a beetle Faunus, and as such, the most noticeable part of her appearance are the two large, curved horns that jut from the top of her skull in a menacing manner. Sable, whom views her trait as a medium for personal expression, has had her horns carved along their segmented lengths to look vaguely like the bones of a spinal column, and the tips are hollowed and pointed and sharp. They are black as the night, much like her typical choice of garments. Beneath these, a flowing river of deep raven hair is found, neatly trimmed and gathered into two long tendrils which frame her face, short, lined bangs hang delicately from her forehead, and she keeps the back of her hair equally short and neat. Her face is thin and pale, with narrow eyebrows, a small, slightly upturned nose, minuscule lips, and long, black lashes about her eyes, which are a vibrant, piercing viridescent eyes. Her chin descends neatly to a point, she has high cheek bones, and her eye sockets themselves are wide and round. Her jaw has some forward length to it, making her facial profile slightly less defined than average.

The rest of her body is bony and slight as well, with narrow shoulders, spidery limbs, and porcelain flesh, giving her a fragile appearance not commonly seen amongst prospective Huntsmen. However this is illusion, Sable's genetics simply dictate she is short and thin, it belies the fact that she's every bit as athletic as others. There's not an ounce of body fat anywhere to be seen on her, however, and as such she has a relatively flat chest, lacking in some of her feminine curves, with a slender hips, and longer legs. Her fingers are skeletal as well, sometimes literally when her Semblance is considered, however despite these thin properties, she moves with a certain grace and a slow, deliberate style that makes her seem relaxed, cautious, or even fearful.

Sable often appears extremely calm and placid, and moves almost without sound, as her gentleness and lack of need for alacrity give her a natural quietness than can become startling when one isn't aware of her presence. Though frequently dour, it's not uncommon to see her wearing a hint of a smile on normal days, though just as commonly she wears a hint of a frown, and sometimes she shifts between these two modest expressions of mood a few times over the course of a few minutes. Sable has perfect posture, and likes to keep her hands folded in front of her, in her lap, or clasping together and drifting near her waist. It's probably more rare to see her hands apart when they're idle.

Sable has both of her ears pierced, and thus two small holes in the lobes, and she also has a tattoo. It depicts a scythe, with a long handled around which floats a ribbon, upon which is inscribed the words "SOONER THAN YOU THINK."
Outfit Description:
Sable could very easily be described as wearing traditional gothic clothing. Black, lacy dresses, flowing folds, loose skirts, sometimes even corsets. She is a fan of blending comfort and fashion, and finds herself more comfortable in tighter tops and free legs. She often wears stockings, high socks, or pantyhose, rarely exposing her legs in any way. In fact, she often covers the majority of her skin, usually wearing long sleeves, gloves, basically anything other than a hat. Her horns see to the fact that hats simply don't fit, but she usually finds them uncomfortable anyway even if they're tailor-made for horned Faunus. However, on occasion, she can be seen with a tiny, stylish top hat perched between her points. Unlike many other Faunus, Sable often uses her racial trait as a means of self-expression, commonly tying ribbons around her horns, or every so often hanging jewelry from them if she feels fancy. She also commonly wears chokers or amulets, with black bands, obsidian, or emeralds. She occasionally wears a pair of rectangular reading glasses, with a black half-frame.

Her outfits are often carefully chosen to match her mood, and her dresses range from very short to very long, everything in between synchronized to her specific daily disposition. When she feels more somber, her dresses are long, almost as if dressing for a funeral, and when she's feeling energetic, they're shorter. The exception is her combat outfit, which she always wears if she needs it at some point during the day. Sable often changes outfits a couple times a day, though not every day, but it wouldn't be uncommon to see her in something different in the morning than in the evening.

On very, very rare occasions, she might even wear something that isn't black!

She usually wears eyeliner with her outfits, dark, which makes her bright eyes stand out further. In the case she does wear something that isn't black, it will typically be green, her favorite color. Despite her dreary wardrobe, however, she is actually a fan of the pink and black combination, and might even wear something pink, depending on the situation!

Sable prefers mary-jane shoes, and most commonly wears those. Sometimes, though, she wears a pair of large platform boots or even heels if she's dressing fancy.

Sable's combat uniform is probably the most common thing one can find her wearing on Beacon's grounds, as well as one of the most simplistic outfits she wears. It consists of a simple, silky black dress, short in length below her waist, the hem only extends halfway down her thighs. It is cut below her collarbones, with a wavy fold style along the neckline, wrists, and hem of the skirt. She wears a pair of black pants underneath this, which don't extend all the way to her ankles, instead stopping just below halfway down her calves. With these she wears a pair of simple black slip-on shoes, though she may adopt boots if the mission calls for it instead.
Personality Description:
Sable Noir Citrine is an incredibly complex individual with many facets both inside and out. At first impression, the most notable feature of her behavior is her quiet nature. She is rather soft-spoken, with a gentle voice that is breezy and calm, like a light rain, prone to flowery or poetic language and metaphor. She never seems to respond too quickly to any one source of stimulus, she marches to the beat of her own drum. She's a careful, cautious sort of girl whom is not ashamed to take her time in any given scenario, be it a task at hand or a conversation, though it is this exact capability to be deliberate that sees her shine in her own unique style on a battlefield. She knows the difference between the serious and the mundane, and shifts flawlessly between these two extremes whenever the need arises.

However, Sable can be described as a person under the weight of two extremes in many, many cases in her life. She is at once a fantastic and poor student, showing great promise as a Huntress yet lacking the ability to consistently apply herself to the fullest, she is at once both incredibly brave and easily frightened, she is both overly cautious and potentially reckless. She is intelligent, yet often lacks initiative, she is strong and yet held away from this by indecision, and yet again, she has the potential for incredible destruction but it is quelled by a pacifistic nature that stays her hand from the most extravagant uses of her abilities.

Miss Citrine has a very strong core of beliefs that she holds dear to herself, and it is these beliefs which have driven her to seek to become a Huntress in the first place. Sable is an unfortunate sufferer of mental disorders, ones which by any means would make the idea of becoming a Huntress seem impossible to many, but she has made it her personal mission to set these aside for the greater good of Remnant and to overcome them to the best of her abilities in order to serve her world against the greatest Threat to All.

Sable suffers from schizophrenia, which developed very early in her childhood and will continue to persist within her for the rest of her life. Because of her disorder, she has been presented with a unique set of challenges which she must overcome in order to live her life to the fullest. She views it not as something unique to herself, however, but in her mind it is simply her own personal manifestation of life's challenge to the living. In her eyes, everybody has their own personal afflictions, hers is simply of a different flavor, one that perhaps confuses others into believing it is somehow more sour than the taste of their own. She was once told that her disorder is "moderate to severe", though in her mind, this simply means "easy to complicated".

Having lived this long under the weight of her disorder, Sable has naturally adapted to it, with help from professionals, of course, enough that it often doesn't afflict her and keep her from her dream of becoming a Huntress. Sometimes, she even considers it a boon, as some of the things she sees in the corner of her vision on a daily basis have steeled her mind, prepared it for the horrors of the Grimm that she will surely face when she's given her license.

Schizophrenia doesn't scare Sable. What truly scares her, what really holds her back, is fear itself.

Sable's philosophy of fear is joined at the hip with her philosophy on bravery. She thinks very deeply about many things, but none more than this symbiotic relationship between terror and heroism, and it is her creed that all Huntsmen must struggle against the force which holds them back in order to obtain that force which drives them forward. The problem is, though, that Sable has a lot to fear. It is perhaps her penchant for deep thought that galvanizes the fact that she has formed several irrational, gripping fears which haunt her daily life, and if one were to ask her, it is these fears that are her real mental affliction.

Completely irrational and manifesting just as early as her schizophrenia, Sable has developed no less than five major phobias that plague her person regularly, and each represents a very real obstacle which she must overcome, even in the smallest of occurrences, in order to reach her fullest potential.

The first, and most terrible of them all, is her irrational fear of Death itself. So strong is this fear that it has on occasion kept her from even setting foot outside of her own home for fear that something, anything could happen to end her life all together that day. All of her other phobias have a dramatic link to this exact fear, and because of this, none of them are quite as terrifying as the feeling she gets when she even considers the possibilities that spark this fear. The fear of death, historically speaking, can freeze her outright at best, and at worst, cause her to suffer absolute mental breakdown. It is the single peak of the tallest mountain that she faces when she considers her future career as a Huntress. It is quite literally the only reason she had ever considered giving up on the idea of becoming a Huntress, but it is her personal beliefs, a summoning of her courage and her bravery, which has kept her moving along this path so far. Death does not discriminate, and she must rationalize frequently with herself to remind herself that her time will come when it comes, and no sooner. It is this very reason why she has a tattoo to remind her of this fact, it is a contradictory statement which she finds amusing. Sooner than you think, but no sooner than it will come. Her personal emblem is also a reflection of this irony, she had chosen the Grim Reaper, the embodiment of death itself in order to represent her. It is a symbol of her greatest fear, and she wears it with the drive that one day, she will conquer this fear, and she will become that which she fears the most, an angel of death. But conquering something doesn't mean it goes away, it simply allows you some control over it...

The second of Sable's phobias is a fear of the Unknown. This is certainly the second worst for many reasons. While not as paralyzing as the idea of Death, the two walk hand in hand on many occasions. What happens when one dies? Where will Death come from, when it arrives? Is it just around the corner, or many years away? Will it hurt? This fear was born from the first, and drips deep into the others. It comes from the terror of questions unanswered and the sheer potential of reality, the fickle mistress of time, the angry march of technological advancement, the slithering evasiveness of putting one's fate in another person's hands, the unknowable images that one might find lurking within their own mind. At best, this fear can cause a shocking dose of anxiety, and at worst, she will simply flee in terror. Yet another hurdle to surmount within her chosen career, due to the many people, places, and enemies she will surely face without prior knowledge of them. In order to calm this fear, Sable tries to stay well informed of her surroundings and what she might be getting herself in to. This can manifest in healthy curiosity, and isn't always considered by her to be a bad thing, though others might find it creepy when she observes them from afar on a consistent basis before engaging with them in any meaningful way. Some time in the future, perhaps, she won't view them as strangers anymore...

The third fear that plagues poor Sable's mind is her fear of Machines. This fear is more direct than the first two, less abstract, and simply more obnoxious on a day-to-day basis to deal with. There is something deeply unnerving about the heavy churning of thick, angled metals, pulled deep from within nature and shaped by brutal force of will to take on a form which does nothing but serve its masters. This is not a fear of technology itself, but rather the products through which it can manifest; the loud, thunderous applause of miniature explosions within a combustion engine, the thick, oily smoke of a factory, the sudden lurching of a motor given a facsimile of life through unnatural, energetic means. It is perhaps difficult for her to quantify when a piece of technology becomes a Machine, but she knows them when she senses them. Like monsters from story books, these hulking creations of Man and Faunus hide ever closer to their unaware victims, lying in wait until the day they might strike, relieving one of their limb, their senses, or their life. It isn't hard for Sable's active imagination to conceive of reasons these sickening creations might turn on her, so she prefers to keep them at arm's length. This fear is the biggest reason why she chooses not to use a traditional weapon in combat, and similarly, represents the third longest road she must traverse as a Huntress to complete her goal of graduation, as surely, at Beacon of all places, some nasty Machines can be found. Maybe one day, they'll become her allies...

The fourth most predominant fear for Sable is a fear of Needles. This is perhaps the most straightforward of her five irrational fears. Borne from a bad experience as a child during routine vaccinations, Sable began to fear needles due to the suffering it caused when the botched injection caused her arm to swell, and her overactive imagination thought it would become infected and they'd have to amputate. It never got that bad, but it was certainly bad enough to continue to bother her. This fear extends to other needle-like constructs, such as cacti needles, certain cooking instruments, and sometimes, depending on the day or her mood, it can even make her uncomfortable around knives or other thin, sharp objects. At best, she might become very uncomfortable and agitated, but at worst, especially if combined with other fears such as a fear of death, this can cause a fight-or-flight state, which she is almost assuredly inclined to take the latter of the two choices and flee. Despite being worse in her mind than her fifth fear, this fear is the least commonly triggered of the five, as it is also the most specific. But perhaps, in the future, with proper moral support, she can finally get to the dentist on time...

The fifth and final fear that afflicts Sable is a fear of Sleep. This is perhaps the most simplistic of the five, but certainly the most unhealthy. The reason behind this fear is also the most understandable, as this fear comes directly from the fact that Sable often suffers from chronic nightmares. These nightmares almost entirely revolve around her irrational fears, and many of them are recurring. Another interesting fact about this fear, though, is that this fear allows her the most wide-ranging creations through her Semblance, as she can tap into it in order to create the most varied and strange constructs of all. It is the basis of the name she's given to her Semblance, which reflects the fact that almost every construct she summons is in some way related to her dreams. It's guaranteed that if she summons something, it was first encountered within a nightmare. Due to the effects of this fear, though, she obviously gets a lot less sleep than the average student, and this is the biggest source of her academic failures and other personal problems. But maybe, after she's overcome some of her fears, she can get a well-deserved rest...
Backstory Highlights:
Sable's story, despite the obviously complicated nature of her mental troubles, is actually fairly mundane. Born to a family of grain farmers from Vale's Agricultural District, Sable had a mostly uneventful childhood. Her parents love her, as does her brother, Viscous Citrine, who was, before she left for combat school, her closest friend and confidant. He is her biggest supporter.

There is, however, one very distinct event that occurred when Sable was still a young girl. An attack occurred on her small community when the Grimm managed to breach the perimeter defenses of the Kingdom, and used stealth to infiltrate the town late at night before springing their surprise attack. Suddenly, all over the township, Grimm were sacking the buildings and the surrounding countryside, leading to many casualties and injuries. Sable herself was on this list, attacked by a Nevermore which critically injured her left shoulder and left her bedridden in the hospital for a month. She managed to make a full recovery, but the memory of the attack has stayed with her for years, and she still dreams of it every so often. It was by far the one singular event that has given her her drive to become a Huntress, as many people she knew and loved were taken away from her on that fateful night.

Growing up in a small community meant that everybody was aware of Sable's oddities, and all were supportive. She found no alienation, nobody taunted her, teased her, or plagued her with unnecessary hardship, however due to her strange personality she never made any close friends, often tagging along with her older brother instead and becoming something of a wallflower at social gatherings. She blames nobody for this, and understands the gravity of her personal afflictions and why she has trouble integrating in society, though she did see more success with feeling included once she'd made the decision to attend combat school, driven by the memory of the attack on her home and the will to protect others. This was largely influenced by the fact that her Semblance manifested early, and quickly became dangerous to others. As a young teen, the Amalgam had begun to appear from her Aura while she slept, and her nightmares had taken shape and become real...

She sought to control it, to limit the problems it could potentially cause when it activated of its own accord. More recently, accidental incidents such as this are increasingly rare, as she grows her understanding of her powers and the nature of her fear and seeks to control both for the betterment of humanity and Faunus-kind.

As with most things, Sable's choice of weapon is informed by her past and her quirks as well. Not fond of machinery, she developed instead the ability to summon forth her weapon in battle by using her Semblance instead, and the form it generally takes on is deep-rooted in her childhood as the daughter of grain farmers. The scythe, typically used in the fields to harvest their crops, despite its obvious linkage to the theme of death, is one that is very familiar to her and she finds it the most comfortable and easy to wield. Spiders and other insects were common on the farm, she doesn't fear them and finds it strange that many people do. Scarecrows make her feel more at home. Things that others might find creepy often don't phase her in the slightest, as she has bigger things to worry about than mere spooky pumpkins or dead trees or rattling chains. The one thing she could never stand, however, was her father's mechanical harvester, as it was loud, and the huge, whirling blades always terrified her and filled her head with thoughts of accidentally winding up within their reach, so she'd hide any time the main harvest came around. Her psychologist believes this to be the source of her fear of machines. She doesn't dispute this fact.

Her myriad fears, as well as her schizophrenia, manifested when she had only a handful of years to her name. A young girl, it became very obvious when they had, as before that she had been simply a quiet, but bright young girl interested in family activities and imaginative play-time, however this very sharply waned, and complications at school and with her peers became more common. Retreating into her own thoughts, she became somewhat of a reclusive figure around the town, but nevertheless acknowledged when she did decide to venture outside the farmhouse. Her community accepted her.

Her adventures at Signal took on a different tone. Given treatment for her condition all throughout, she was allowed special privileges to handle any problems that arose, essentially given free reign to leave the classroom or lesson whenever she needed to to collect herself, but some of the other students saw this as unfair treatment and she found herself under their ridicule more than once. This was also the first place she'd encountered Faunus racism, being a school that allowed international transfers, though the people from Vale always seemed the most accepting to her. These altercations rarely daunted her much, though, and eventually she'd adopted antisocial tactics to keep the more easily spooked characters at bay. To her, it was lighthearted pranking, but she soon developed a reputation as the creepy goth beetle girl who would put spiders in your hair if you rubbed her the wrong way. This suited her just fine.

At Beacon, though, her time so far has taken yet another tune away from the rest of her life. Finding once more more acceptance among her peers, she has more recently come out of her chitinous shell more often, and even made a friend or two in a few other students who were also attendees of Signal prior to moving on to higher education. With a system of support more or less secured, now Sable seeks to overcome the facets of her personality that hold her back, and to be the best Huntress she can be!
Sable previously studied at Signal Academy before coming to Beacon.
Semblance Name:
Nightmare Factory
Semblance Description:
Sable's Semblance seems to be every bit as complicated as the girl herself. Consisting of two parts, which Sable has come up with in order to better explain how it works, these work together in tandem to achieve her summoning and together make up her Semblance's mechanics and ability.

The first of these two elements is what Sable likes to refer to as the Amalgam. Simply put, the Amalgam is a black, liquid-like substance that manifests directly from her Aura, converting from a loose form of energy into something solid, Sable likens it to the "reverse of something burning away". Conversion of Aura into Amalgam is necessary before any summon can be achieved, as it is what her constructs are made of, the clay with which she can sculpt her deadly works of art.

The properties of Amalgam have been studied scientifically before, but the simple conclusion is that it shows all the normal signs of being Aura in and of itself. Much like matter can convert to energy, and back, her Aura can convert to Amalgam, and back again. This gives it a sort of "one-to-one" ratio, the more Amalgam that she makes, the less Aura she has. The liquid is thick and viscous, like ink or sludge, and seems to absorb most light, but with a small bit of reflection at its surface, making it appear very dark, however a little shiny. Amalgam can be controlled just like Sable's summons, and often she forms it into a pool on the ground, spreading it out before congealing more solid forms from it.

The second component to her Semblance is her ability to Sculpt creations. This works by tapping in to a particular concept, directly linking her fear with the Amalgam and projecting its form into the mass of liquid, typically accompanied by a thought and a mental image of the nightmare in mind. Sable has attempted before to Sculpt other creations not related to her fears, but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work, the constructs failing to manifest in any solid form. The only thing that can become real under the influence of her Semblance are the images and accompanying feelings related to some horrible thing she's seen in her dreams. She believes it is because of the emotional attachment to such things, the weight they carry far exceeding anything else in her life.

Once the Amalgam has been Sculpted into a form, it becomes much more solid, reflecting the shielding nature of Aura, giving it a physical power related directly to the strength of her Aura at that moment. The more she can call upon, the more forms she can manifest at one time, or the stronger a single form might be.

Strangely, despite the fact that it requires fear to fuel the forms of her summons, there seems to exist a second power source, that of her bravery. If a particular fear involved in a summoning is overcome in her mind, if she suddenly ceases to fear it, she obtains full control over it and the power it exhibits is far in excess of its normal nature, as her Aura surges along with the emotional rush of tackling such terrifying thoughts.

The summons that can manifest are somewhat varied, and always involve a dream related to one of her irrational fears that Sable has experienced in the past. However, these thought-forms are entirely dependent upon what is on Sable's mind at a given moment, essentially, the fears she's under the influence of at a moment in time dictate what it is she will summon. The exception to this is Death, which is always at the forefront of any battle, where the real possibility of bodily harm or the endangering of one's life is a very real outcome. But if, for example, she finds herself against an opponent who's nature is entirely unknown to her, she might summon a dream-form more related to her fear of the Unknown than one which reflects an appearance related to a fear of Death.

Depending on the strength of her fear, as well, the Amalgam might shape on its own to alter her appearance in minor ways, the most common of which sees her hands covered by a shell of black, skeletal fingers when wielding Gravedigger.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... digger.jpg
Weapon Description:
Gravedigger is a large, vicious looking two-handed scythe with a unique bone-like appearance. It is pitch black in its entirety, unless Aura is channeled into it, which causes the blade and parts of the stalk to glow an eerie green.

Unlike many other weapons used by her peers, Sable's weapon is not, in fact, real. It is instead a construct which she summons from her Semblance at will, and represents the most basic and easy to manifest of her summons. Aligned with her fear of Death, Sable characterizes it as the "Grim Reaper's Scythe", a deadly and familiar weapon that she can call upon in times of need.

However, because of its nature as a non-physical summon made from Aura made solid, its appearance and function can and does sometimes change. When influenced by different nuances of her fears, channeling this in to the summoning of Gravedigger will change its shape and intended purpose, which varies depending on situation. It can, for example, become a large syringe with a deadly sharp needle, or a large mechanical blade, or even worse, an unrecognizable, dangerous, scary manifestation of unreasonable terror that defies any regular description. Simply put, it really depends on the situation. Its other forms are far, far more rare than its typical simplistic scythe appearance, and although it is referred to by Sable as a singular object, it is not truly different from any other summon within her arsenal.

The biggest limitation of Gravedigger is its inability to manifest as a fully functioning firearm. While in some limited cases it might be capable of firing some types of projectiles, similar to arrows or something of that sort, it cannot usually become something more than simple weapons, most often of the melee variety. This, in turn, makes Sable's ranged combat limited and typically only available in rare circumstances.
Fighting Style:
Sable's fighting style comes to her from a logical perspective as opposed to one necessary for engaging in combat. As a Summoner, Sable is often relegated to the position of a back-line fighter, spending most of her time in combat controlling her summons and leading them into battle, almost like a commanding officer in conventional warfare.

However, when pressed into a melee, Sable is fully capable of fighting with her weapon. She's often been described as a crowd-control fighter, using her large scythe to sweep the enemy and take on multiple targets at once, or overwhelming an opponent with a small army of summoned skeletons if they can't get too close to her. It would not be inaccurate to state that her biggest weakness is one-on-one fights. Sable's power is linked to a balance within herself of fear and bravery, and it's a lot easier to become scared when she is directly threatened by an enemy. Due to this fact, she will often seek to move away from other combatants and keep her distance, whittling them down with a slew of summoned creatures instead of engaging in toe-to-toe battles.

She can be categorized as an attrition fighter, a wily and tactical opponent who will press her advantages and seek to cover her own weaknesses. This ability has put her on the list for potential candidates as a leader of her own Team, though Sable actually dreads this idea and has so far actively fought against appointment as a Team Leader.

The one wild card she has up her sleeve is her bravery. Sometimes, though rarely, she is able to summon up enough courage and determination within herself to achieve feats of great power, typically manifesting when she's pushed hard to put herself in between the enemy and somebody that needs her protection. In these exceedingly rare instances, her normally frail, numerous summons and her personal physical prowess seem to increase exponentially in power, and often in these moments her summoning becomes something more, allowing for a singular, incredibly powerful monstrosity to be raised, which she can then fight alongside in tandem to utterly destroy all before her. This ability has been noted by the staff at Signal and Beacon, and has been referred to as a total game-changer in terms of battlefield effectiveness. However what can trigger this state is still mostly unknown, though her teachers seek to train Sable to eventually tap in to this power and harness it so that she can call upon it in times of dire need.

Sable's strengths are defined by her unique mind, she has an extraordinary capability to comprehend the world around her and acts like a sponge, soaking up knowledge and experience quickly, applying it effectively. She often spends a lot of time in deep thought, and because of this, has worked out several personal truths that she holds in high regard, and is more than willing to share these ideas with those who will listen, or better yet, need advice. She holds firm to her beliefs and is unflappable in the face of conflict, and due to the nature of her situation, she has a lot of bravery to muster in times of dire need. She is also physically lithe, and moves with intent and purpose, giving her an almost unnatural sort of grace and a strange beauty which provokes curiosity and unorthodox thought.

Sable's weaknesses are equally as defined by her unique mind as her strengths. Because of her affliction, she suffers a myriad of problems in social situations, which can hold her back from achieving her potential. She has a slow and methodical approach to life that doesn't often line up with the timetables anybody might expect from her, and a demeanor as much removed from normalcy as her Semblance might appear to others. Of course, her irrational fears can also hinder her in many different ways, and even on her best days she might feel the lingering effects of these problems seeping out to remind her that life isn't as good as she'd thought. She often retreats into herself and because of this can neglect her school work or personal ties, letting her fear get the better of her.
-Spiders, insects in general
-Scarecrows, and crows too
-Eugene, the most benevolent of her hallucinations
-Peat, her pet cobalt tarantula
-Dark chocolate, especially with caramel
-Night time!
-A nice book under a warm blanket
-Painting and sculpting
-Fashion, particularly gothic and gothic lolita
-Mental health awareness
-Most non-insect animals, they're scarrryyy D:
-Anything related to her irrational fears
-The Faceless Man, the most malevolent of her hallucinations
-Viridian, her brother's pet cat
-White chocolate, it's not real chocolate
-Bed time!
-Reading in public (she has to wear her glasses)
-Bright lights
-Tacky bright or colorful clothing
-People assuming she's less capable due to her mental drawbacks
Recent Events:
None yet~!
Alternate Characters:
Fuchsia Iris Ükhel
Professor Honeydew Monarch

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