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Jericho Galley
Johnny Silverhand
Jun 18th
Gender Identity:
Beacon Dorms
Character Picture:
6' 1"
Eye Color:
Sharp Green
Aura Color:
Sea Green
Physical Description:
Jericho Galley is an evenly tall individual and built well. His hands are calloused from hard work and his body is well-built. His hair seems to never had been styled before and that Jericho has only learned to part it. It's unevenly cut as if he used his dagger on it while looking in the mirror, but for all intents and purposes it is 'short'.

He has short sideburns. His ears look like they had been pierced before but he doesn't sport any jewelry.

If one was to see Jericho in the shower or without his glove, they would see that he does not have his left hand, nor a prosthetic. A stiff leather cap is where his wrist ends, and protruding from it more often than not is an extendable dagger. This is all hidden by his leather glove in normal circumstances.
Outfit Description:
Jericho seems to favor wearing his school uniform while on campus, sometimes with the suit jacket tied around his waist, but while outside he knows it's not appropriate. It's also quite freeing.

He can be seen wearing the button-up white T from the uniform with the sleeves rolled up on the warmer days. If not wearing the khaki's from the uniform, he wears other loose pants tucked into knee-high leather boots.

His left hand is always covered no matter the rest of his outfit in a stiff leather glove while his right is bare. Twin cutlasses are belted to his side.
Personality Description:
Jericho Galley is anything but a good liar. Besides passing for a 'Johnny Silverhand' in the classroom and whenever a teacher wants to talk to him, he's never really had to lie. However, he'll lie with everything he has in order to remain seen as Johnny and not get kicked out of the school.

He's a good guy at the core, though he may or may not know what exactly is technically legal. He knows general big things like vandalism, theft, murder, and the like but the nuance laws are unknown to him. He's likely not to worry about returning a book to the library.

He'll be loyal to you once you earn his respect and friendship. He also respects authority where it is due. The Captain is the Captain, and Jericho tolerates no mutinies.

While at school he tries to keep a slight distance from everyone he can. The less his peers know about him and his true identity, the better chance he has of staying. Though his team may know if he came to trust them and it became relevant.

When not trying to lie about who he is, Jericho is a fun-loving guy who would hum and sing with every light step. He's hard-working and does what needs to be done.

When upset or angry, a bit of a glottal and gutteral accent can come out, his true accent, betraying who he poses to be.
Backstory Highlights:
Jericho Galley was born to dishonest-to-goodness pirates. Growing up he had participated in raids, boardings, and partying in the triumphs. Their captain was named Timothy Blackhand and they sailed on his flagship, The Corsair.

Even with modern technologies making sails outdated, The Corsair used Wind Dust to blow its sails taught along with the normal turbines that ships used nowadays. Because of this, The Corsair was a nigh-uncatchable ship. Timothy Blackhand was feared by his enemies and awe-inspiring to his crew. He has a terrible temper, but as long as you are part of the crew you are safe. That is, as his position as captain, he can kick you off of the crew at any moment to unleash his wrath.

It was known by sailors of all types that as long as you didn't resist, Blackhand let you live and your ship to float. Resistance equaled death, and if the captain resisted, the ship sunk with the captain tied to the keel.

Along with the glorious violence that pirates are known for, Jericho also had to endure the terrors of the sea. Ocean-bound Grimm, the authorities, and what everyone feared: Storms.

In the worst storm of his life, Jericho lost his left hand trying to repair a Wind Dust turbine that saved everyone's lives.

Years later Jericho had developed his Semblance, Helping Hand. Despite not having his left hand, this floating hand could be manipulated at good distances and he became a real asset to the crew.

He fell in love with the sea through all of his years on it. The way the waves crashed against the hull, the salty spray, the hot sun on his skin and the cooling wind. The crew that was family and friends, the sea shanties, the stink of working men and women. It was all heaven.

The next pivotal event in his life was when a Huntsman in training from Mystral was transferring to Beacon and had missed his boat. The Corsair happened to be in port that day under a different name. Jericho wasn't sure what they paid Blackhand, but it became their duty to take him on to Vale so he could still arrive on time. This Huntsman in training was named Johnny Silverhand, and he and Jericho were the same age.

On the long voyage, Jericho and Johnny became good friends. Johnny had a good affinity for ships and Jericho hadn't met many other boys his age, not for long.

On the way there, a massive Grimm Serpent attacked and destroyed The Corsair. Jericho got Johnny out of there, and they floated to shore. Jericho woke up to find Blackhand and most of the crew, angry at Jericho for saving Johnny instead of any of them. Plus, Johnny had died in the water from his injuries.

Jericho stole Johnny's scroll and escaped Blackhand and the others into the city.

He knew that Blackhand was never going to let him live and would hunt him when he could, including the entirety of the crew. He had to hide, but nowhere he knew would be safe from Blackhand. And then he remembered the weight of the Scroll. He opened it up and found the acceptance letter and all the things nesseccary to be accepted into campus.

The pirate spent some time exploring the Huntsman's scroll and found out how to update his official picture and biological info. If he hadn't caught that, he'd probably end up in a jail cell. Hoping that it would be accepted, he took a picture of himself infront of a brick building. He was happy that Blackhand hadn't kicked him in the face or gave him a black eye. He knew he was slightly taller than Johnny, but honestly didn't know how to translate that into the numbers he saw. He'd feign growth since the last time he was measured if asked. Eye color was changed as well, and he seemed good to go.

Jericho had never been to a school before, but if Johnny had told him was correct, this was a school full of warriors. No way Blackhand would attack such a place just to get at Jericho. Plus, who expected him to take Johnny's place?

Jericho was able to obtain the school uniform before taking the rest of his clothes and earrings, tied them to a rock, and dropped them into the ocean. He would need to keep his weapons, but clothes would give him away too easily. He'd need a new wardrobe when he could afford it, but for now he'd make due.

He was able to pass for Johnny Silverhand as he checked in, using what he had learned about his friend to pass just barely past the staff members. They weren't exactly looking for an imposter and he had arrived the same day with the others. He had to lie about his height though, saying that he had hit a growth spurt during his last year and hadn't gotten it updated before transferring. It turned out that he was starting his third year.

Without wanting to and without passion for their cause, Jericho Galley began training to become a Huntsman and to save his own life from a man who he had loved and now feared; Timothy Blackhand.
Jericho Galley was taught how to fight and sail by the crewmates of The Corsair and learned about Aura and Semblance by his captain, Timothy Blackhand.
Semblance Name:
Helping Hand
Semblance Description:
Helping Hand is a Sea Green colored spectral hand that is the same shape and size as Jericho's left hand wound be if it was still attached. It can hold objects, pull triggers, anything a normal hand could do, even feel. Because it is of his Arua and he is controlling it directly, he can feel tactile sensations. Keeping Helping Hand up slowly drains Jericho's Aura, though little enough that he can have it up for long periods of time. Causing it to form takes more Aura than keeping it up.

The best thing about Helping Hand is that it can extend out to thirty meters. So far, it is impossible for Jericho to reach past there, even with tough concentration. It's a hard wall.

Jericho manipulates the hand as if he is moving his left hand, like a ghostly limb. He can apperate and dissipate his hand at will within the 30 meter range, although it takes roughly a second to form. The line of connection goes to his left wrist. There is no visible connection between the hand and Jericho whatsoever, making the hand seem ghostly.

Jericho can also grab onto objects and pull them closer to him. Or if they are solid, pull him to them. If he were to grab somebody and they resisted being pulled, it would depend on who is more grounded and stronger but generally they'd be pulled together. Simply, it's as if his left wrist is really stretchy. Normal laws of physics apply. He could then, for example, swing from a beam up above from one side of the room to the other like a monkeybar.

The last great thing about Helping Hand is that when he wants it to, it can take up the same space as other objects, moving through them. With this, Jericho can reach through doors to unlock them, have it fill up the leather glove on his hand to move it around like a normal hand, and other things.
Weapon Name:
Drunken Sailors
Weapon Description:
The Drunken Sailors are a pair of twin cutlasses that have triggers just below their gaurds. Their ammunition is stored in the handle itself and fire standard dust rounds. Their magazines come out the bottom of the grips by standard handgun means of a button to release them.

Jericho also has his hidden dagger beneath his leather glove on his left hand. It can extend to a foot of double-edged blade.
Other Gear:
Five Throwing Daggers, simple and plain
Fighting Style:
Jericho usually uses Helping Hand to keep opponents on their toes, having the hand take one of the Drunken Sailors and attack from behind and shoot from above. If needed, Jericho can pull Helping Hand back to his side to fight as if with two swords, but Jericho knows that covering other angles are far more beneficial.

Using the pulling application of Helping Hand, Jericho can also move around the battlefield quite quickly to avoid opponents and their attacks.

If Jericho is needing to use what lies under his left glove, Jericho would hold his glove in his teeth while fighting until it's time to put it back on.

Because of daily life on The Corsair, Jericho has no qualms about climbing, swinging on ropes, hanging upside down, or other less-advantageous positions.
-Fox Stepping(walking quietly)
-Knife Throwing
-Warm Sunlight
-Cool Winds
-The Ocean
-Physical Activity as recreation
-Overbearing violence
-Restrictions on freedom
Fun Facts:
Rumor has it that Timothy Blackhand was a Huntsman at one point, which explained his battle expertise and his mastery of his Semblance. In fact, the crew of the Corsair was feared due to almost every member having been taught to unlock their Aura and obtain their Semblance.

Jericho witnessed firsthand Blackhand's Semblance "Burning Fury" when he was fifteen harm somebody horribly. They had been surprised by a Marine ship sent to take them out. Jericho had gone out to fight with his cutlass and in combat, the enemy captain had swung down and cut Jericho's hand off. Blackhand came in and with eyes literally burning with fire, seemed to burn the other man from the inside out.

The worst storm Jericho had been in had been a bonafide hurricane off the coast of Mistral. A rope high up on the mast snapped and a Wind Dust blower came loose. Without the added power to the sail, they were going to be sucked in to the massive vortex. Jericho climbed up and was working to resecure it when the ship suddenly rocked. He slipped from his perch. His right hand caught hold of a rope and he dangled beneath the still unsecured turbine.

He tried to climb up the rope, but the storm had blasted him cold to the bone and sapped his strength. He could barely hold on for dear life, and he could hear those below shouting for him to keep going. A fellow crewmate tried to climb up to help but fell as the ship rocked again. Jericho could see the Hurricane coming closer and closer, the sea-water lifting from churning towering waves to fly towards the grew wind terror.

Jericho turned his head upwards and reached out his left arm, handless, wishing he just had his left hand. That's when a glowing hand appeared and moved to secure the turbine. As soon as it was done, Jericho's strength was all gone and he could hold on no longer. He fell.

His captain of all people had caught him. Because of the repaired Wind Dust turbine, they were able to out-sail the Hurricane. Because of Jericho, they were all still alive.

After picking up Johnny Silverhand and sailing for Vale, they were not 20 miles from shore when they were attacked by a massive Grimm. It attacked from below, tearing through the hull without warning. Jericho doesn't know how it went so poorly so fast, but the next thing he knew there were flames and water everywhere. The night sky turned the ocean black.

There were cries for help everywhere, but Jericho saw Johnny infront of him, pinned by a large wooden beam under the water. Jericho dove down and saved Johnny. As he put Johnny on a large floating board and started swimming away, He watched as Blackhand fought the giant Grimm serpent. It swallowed Timothy Blackhand.

On the shore somewhere south of Beacon, Jericho pulled Johnny ashore. The Huntsman in training was badly hurt, and in the distance Jericho watched the Grimm serpent continue ravaging the wrecked ship, the orange flames illuminating the scene. Then it cried out in pain, and started to fade away. Jericho, spent and tired, passed out.

In the morning he was greeted by Blackhand's boot into his stomach. Jericho coughed in pain. Another kick turned him on his back and with blurry vision he saw less than half the crew standing around him. They were all standing still and watched as Blackhand began kicking and beating Jericho. He saw his parents there, and they looked as mad as the others.

Timothy Blackhand had killed the Grimm from the inside out and saved the rest of the crew. He labeled Jericho a traitor as he saved the Huntsman boy and not any of the crew that raised him. Jericho tried to protest that it wasn't his intention, but he only got kicked again. Blackhand walked in circles and spoke to the gathered crewmates, justifying what would follow to be an execution.

Jericho could only focus on Johnny Silverhand, dead from his injuries. In his hand was his scroll, clutched like some treasure. Jericho's heart tore with sorrow for his friend and, with hearing Blackhand's words, pocketed the scroll with no one looking.

Blackhand drew a sword and turned to strike down at Jericho. Jericho summoned his Helping Hand and grabbed hold of a nearby tree, pulling himself clear of the blade. With Helping Hand pulling him and the scroll heavy in his pocket, Jericho fled.


Jericho Is extremely proficient with throwing knives, although it is not a part of his normal combat kit.
Alternate Characters:
Bastion Sandstone
Bartok Evergreen
Professor W. B. Copperfield
Flax Bienne

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