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Nym Magenta
February 12th
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Fox, Tail + Ears)
Character Picture:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Nym is five foot two, standing just under average height. Her arms are toned and well muscled from resistance training and the weight of the weapon she wields. Her stomach is flat and she has some definition to her abs. Nym’s legs are powerful and lean. She brags that she could crush a watermelon with her thighs, but she’s never tried. Her bust is generous, though it’s not always obvious as she tends to wear sports bras on a regular basis. Her butt is round and shapely as a result of the squats she’s fond of.

Her skin is light during the winter months, but it’s very easy for her to sport a tan in the spring and summer. It’s also covered in scars below the neck. Her chest, back, arms, legs, hands, and feet all have scars from knives, bullets, teeth, fangs, claws, etc. The most gruesome scar runs from the back of her right shoulder down to the back of her left hip, jagged and uneven, picked up years before coming to Beacon.

Nym’s hair is black and straight with a single streak of electric blue in the front along the right side of her face. She keeps it short, never letting it get longer than the bottom of her neck. It’s always clean, but not typically styled. She sports both a tail and ears. The fur on the outside of her ears matches her hair, but the fluff on the inside is white. The fur on her tail is black, but the tip is the same color as the fur on her inner ears. Her eyes are a golden, yellow color. She has thin lips, a small mouth, and a small, upturned nose. Her face is very fair, and without blemishes.
Outfit Description:
Nym wears a black and grey hoodie with simplistic white embroidering along the divides between the colors, along the edges of the hood, the ends of the sleeves, and the backs of the sleeves. The hoodie is grey down the middle of her chest and stomach, black along the sides, back, and arms. While it is a zip up, it appears to have button on the front, and a buckle around her midriff. In colder months, her outfit is accompanied by a sky blue scarf wrapped snugly around her neck, the ends trailing down to her thighs. Most often, Nym wears a pair of low cut, black short shorts with thigh high socks that only leave a couple of inches of skin exposed on her legs. Her boots reach just below her knee. They are secured snugly with two belts and adorned with fur along the collar.

Nym will often wear this outfit well into the warmer months, seemingly unphased by the heat. In the hottest months of the year she will forego the hoodie for long sleeved t-shirts and trade out the boots and socks for running shoes and more breathable, athletic thigh highs. Her beach outfit is a two-piece bikini. The top is black, with one stripe of white and one stripe of blue. It sports a decorative knot on the front. The bottom is all black, save for a thin stripe of sky blue along the waistband.

Nym wears a slightly modified boy’s school uniform on occasions where a school uniform is required. The suit jacket is unbuttoned, and underneath she only wears the white button up shirt untucked, as well as a loosely tied red tie. The pants are tailored to fit a girl rather than a boy, and her slip on shoes are all black.

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Personality Description:
Nym was, for a time, guarded and on the defensive when meeting new people, often perceiving strangers as potential threats before gradually lowering her guard. These views were often justified – Nym was an easy target for bullying and her experiences lead to her not being terribly hard to manipulate emotionally. While she still often errs on the side of caution, being in an environment among actual peers for the first time in her life has led to her genuinely wanting to more frequently lower her guard. Her struggles stem entirely from still not being sure WHEN to lower her guard. She has let people in that she shouldn’t have more than once, but she tries her utmost to not let this dissuade her. Nym desperately wants to have friends and allies and not be alone anymore.

Nym’s experiences have also made it fundamentally difficult at times for her to relate to others, and others to her. This shows at times in her sense of humor, which can be dark or tonally inappropriate for a lot of social situations. She’s not wholly in the dark about this facet of her personality; she cherishes the people that are willing to tolerate some of her eccentricities… sometimes more than she should. When people are compassionate or altruistic with her, this can often confuse her and leave her unsure of how to react. At times she becomes emotionally overwhelmed by the kindness. At other times, she locks down and becomes suspicious, certain that something is going on beyond the surface. Despite her interpersonal struggles, when she does form a genuine connection she’s more often than not fanatically protective and enthusiastic about it
Backstory Highlights:
Nym was born a middle child to a family of poverty stricken faunus in the city of Wind Path. Her parents both worked as manual laborers in what amounted to slavery in all but name. Their wages were barely enough to pay for the living space and put food on the table. Some weeks their family had to choose between paying for soap or paying for food. It was a harsh living, and while there may have been some love between her parents when they’d had their first kid, it vanished quickly as they struggled to feed and clothe their growing children.

As the years went by they grew angrier and more belligerent with each other, and with their kids. Nym began to spend as much time out of the house as she could in order to avoid her father’s fists and her mother’s cruel words. She couldn’t stay on the main roads and thoroughfares, though. Her dual traited heritage drew too much negative attention from humans. She stuck to skulking in back alleys and picking fights with the few faunus or humans who did end up finding her. Nym never learned how to make friends, convinced that no one was going to be looking out for her but herself. If she couldn’t fight, then at least she could run. There was no such assurance back at home.

By the time Nym was ten, she could at least hold her own in a fist fight, granted her opponent was not prodigious in size, or that she was outnumbered. Her proclivity for violence caught the eye of a huntsman named Willow Red. On a personal assignment in the city of Wind Path, he caught sight of her while she was engaged in a bitter slugfest with an older, tougher boy. He didn’t intervene, choosing to watch as Nym was beaten soundly. When her attacker left, Willow ‘happened’ upon her and asked her if she wanted revenge. She did. He asked her if she wanted to learn how to be strong so she could fight and win. She did. He asked her if she wanted to be his apprentice. She did.

For two years, Willow trained Nym in the usage of Aura and taught her how to fight with her fists, and with his bizarre weapon. It was a hybrid of a katana, a chainsaw, and a chaingun. Soon enough, Nym wasn’t losing her back alley fights. After Willow deemed Nym appropriately ready for more challenging training he began to send her on ‘missions.’ He would give her an address, a few photos, and have her go there to rough up the ‘target practice.’ Nym was all too eager to please the man who’d helped develop her talent for fighting. She didn’t ask questions, she just followed directions. The targets weren’t always very good at fighting, but Nym felt like she was learning how to fight better and better with each passing day.

When Nym was fourteen, she was assaulted by a boy her age while on her way home from a meeting with Willow. The boy propositioned her and wouldn’t take no for an answer, expecting Nym to do what he asked of her, just like she did for Willow. Nym didn’t bother asking how he knew of Willow. When her refusals didn’t hit home, her fists did. She sent the boy running home with a bloody nose and a blackened eye. The following day, she regaled Willow with her story while the two were out, but Willow was not as amused as Nym would have hoped. The boy was the son of a very influential criminal in the city. He knew of Nym and Willow through his father, who Willow was working for. The boy’s father was now demanding that Willow teach Nym a lesson, show her her place in the world by throwing her out of his city, or he would do the same to Willow.

Willow wasn’t willing to compromise his personal mission in order to spare Nym. Nym wasn’t willing to sit there and take it. They fought. Nym suffered a nearly fatal wound to her back in the process and Willow left her for dead in the back alleys of Wind Path. Her physical conditioning had given her enough endurance to barely survive. Had it not been for the aura she’d developed she would have perished. Nym barely persevered, and she didn’t dare go back home. If Willow were to see her alive, wandering the city, it would mean her end. She stuck to the shadows, abandoned buildings, and deserted warehouses as she recouped, waiting until she had enough strength to travel to make a move. In the dead of night, Nym snuck into Willow’s apartment and stole Whisper before leaving the city for good. Nym was surprised to have Whisper in her hands. It’d been so easy, even if it didn’t seem like it at the time. If she’d ever thought a little harder back then, maybe she’d have realized it was a little too easy.

Nym spent the following four years wandering from town to town and city to city in Mistral. She survived by stealing the scraps from other people’s tables and finding shelter where she could. She was a homeless faunus with a weapon that didn’t belong to her. It invited all manner of trouble into her life. Fights with bandits, racists, or opportunists that thought she would be an easy target hardened her, kept her skills sharp as she drifted across the continent, and left their scars on her psyche and her skin. With time, Nym learned to use the centrifugal force generated by the spinning chain of her stolen weapon to develop an unpredictable, acrobatic style of fighting that helped her win fights when outnumbered and outgunned.

Shortly after Nym turned 17, she found passage out of Mistral. A boat bound for Vale caught her eye and in the dead of night she snuck on board and stayed out of sight. The captain was none the wiser. It was winter when Nym arrived in Vale in a small port town along the northernmost stretches of Coast that Vale’s borders contained. It was hard travelling through the woods of Vale, with little in the way of food and shelter. Nym had begun to question her decision to come to this faraway land when a fateful encounter changed the course of her life.

During the middle of a snowy afternoon, Nym heard the sound of a girl screaming for help in the distance. Uncertain of why, but sure that a reward would be forthcoming if she helped, Nym ran to investigate. The source of distress was a rabbit faunus about the same age as Nym. She was surrounded by a dozen bandits who were delighting in terrifying her with stories of what they were about to do. Nym came to her defense, hoping to scare the bandits off with the weapon of a huntsman and confident threats that they wouldn’t leave alive if they didn’t leave then and there, but she didn’t cut an imposing enough figure to scare off the bandits. They fought. Nym barely eked out a Victory, collapsing from the wounds she sustained protecting the girl.

Nym was lucky. The girl’s father was an apothecary for a nearby village, and she brought Nym straight to her home to have her treated immediately. The family welcomed her with open arms, more than happy to help her recover for saving Cheeks Cianosi. Nym could hardly believe the kindness she was offered. She’d never risked her life for someone else before. Cheeks’ gratitude was genuine. Her family’s warmth was more than Nym could handle. It was too difficult to see the sort of family she’d always wished she’d had. She only stayed long enough to recover from her fight before she left, but when she did, she left with a new purpose.

Her encounter with Cheeks had made her realize that there were things beyond her own life worth protecting, that there were people in the world who were genuinely good, and that she didn’t have to continue on the dark, meandering road she’d been stumbling down since she’d left Wind Path. She left Cheeks’ village with a heart brimming full of determination to become a huntress. She would find the strength to protect people like Cheeks, no matter what threatened them.
Four years of direct tutelage under a trained huntsman, an additional four years of learning via life or death fights against both bandits and Grimm.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Foresight allows Nym to see several different possible futures. When used, her eyes will flash sky blue outwardly. Nym perceives a number of futures simultaneously, depending on how far forward she tries to look. The further she attempts to look, the more futures she will see, and the less useful the information is. Looking a second into the future will reveal three possibilities. Looking two seconds will show six. Looking three seconds will show twelve. Nym sees them as ghostly outlines of objects and people taking actions. Nym is not actually seeing the future, but it’s the easiest way for her to explain what is happening when she uses her semblance. What she is actually seeing are a number of equally possible paths for events to play out, suspended in a quantum superposition. At the moment of perception they are all equally likely to happen. The moment after perception, the quantum superposition collapses and only one of the six possibilities actually occurs. Nym doesn’t have the ability to see the superposition collapse, only observe it at a specific point in time and use that superposition to inform her actions.

Nym does not immediately understand what each future is. It’s impossible to make out the finer details of every movement of everything happening in them. Nym has to narrow her focus down to only one or two people or things or she’ll be overwhelmed by the information and won’t be able to interpret it in time to use it. Likewise, if she looks too far into the future she’ll have too much information and won’t be able to do anything with it. Sound cannot be perceived by foresight, only visual information, and subtle movements are difficult to detect. Nym will never be able to read someone’s lips using foresight, but she can tell if they are winding up for a punch. Nym doesn’t inherently know which of the futures will happen, she can only take an educated guess and make actions based around that guess.

Foresight is an excellent defensive tool in a fight. While Nym may not know which of the six futures she sees when looking two seconds into the future will happen, but she can take actions to avoid all six at once. Foresight can also be a devastating offensive tool. In close enough quarters, under the right circumstances, Foresight can let Nym make attacks that none of the multitude of futures she sees can escape from. If Nym correctly predicts the exact future that’s going to happen she can launch a crippling counter-attack. An outside observer might think she was able to read her opponent’s mind in such an instance, however, it does come with risk. If Nym guesses incorrectly she can commit to an attack that is doomed to fail and leave her wide open. Nym uses Foresight shrewdly. Over-reliance on it can lead to overconfidence in her guessing ability, which could prove fatal in a life or death fight.

Foresight has next to no usefulness in social settings. Nym cannot see far enough into the future to have any idea where a conversation might be going. Sound isn’t perceived when using Foresight, and she cannot make out enough detail to guess at someone’s reaction to what she is saying. It can, however, produce an otherworldly flicker of blue in her eyes. The aura cost of foresight is relatively low, but trying to perceive further than a few seconds into the future will rapidly drain her aura and overwhelm her with useless information.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... -334052454
Weapon Description:
Whisper is a heavy, two handed chainsword/chaingun combination weapon with three distinct modes. While inactive, it resembles a two handed maul with an engine for a head. The handle is collapsible to aid in transportation or ease of use with a single hand From this form it can be quickly shifted to a ranged configuration or melee configuration.

In it’s melee configuration, a track and chain extend from the engine, rotating at a high velocity. The extreme centrifugal force created by the chain allows Nym to make acrobatic maneuvers that other fighters would find challenging. Blows from the weapon are devastating, adding the impact of Nym’s swing and the power of the chain together make for a hit that is much harder to block or parry thoughtlessly. While in it’s melee configuration, the engine of the weapon can be flooded with dust reserves for a variety of effects. Fire dust can create an impromptu flamethrower. Different dust types can be combined for different results.

In Whisper’s ranged configuration, six barrels sprout from the engine as well as an extended drum magazine. The barrels rotate rapidly while firing, but need to be spun up before they can be used. It fires dust infused cartridges or bullets at approximately ten thousand rounds per minute. While the weapon is extremely accurate, the recoil is powerful and can be difficult to control when trying to fire precisely over longer ranges.
Fighting Style:
Nym’s fighting style is fast, chaotic, up close, and personal. When fighting with her fists she fights dirty, willing to spit, go for the eyes, use the environment to her advantage, and generally take what might be considered the low road. Growing up on the streets of a city that seemed to despise her taught her that there was no honor or shame when fighting, only victory or defeat. Nym typically only fights with her fists when she doesn’t have Whisper to use, or her opponents are not trained in Aura and are unarmed.

When fighting with Whisper, Nym is more mobile than with just her hands. Chainsaws are unwieldy due to their size and the wobble generated by the spinning chain. Nearly as hazardous to their user as they are to the user’s foes, they’re rarely employed in active combat. Nym spent years being trained by a huntsman who was proficient with them, and several years afterwards honing her skills in real combat. The wobble from the chain becomes leverage to swing from unexpected angles, dodge in unusual directions, and make acrobatic maneuvers that other students can’t. Her relentless, unpredictable style can end fights quickly, and the instincts that other fighters build can be turned against them. Blocks and parries that would normally deflect incoming attacks with ease can leave the defender disarmed or floored as the chain rips their weapon from their hand or knocks them off balance.
Nym is hard working and dedicated to succeeding academically. Nym will put herself in harm’s way to help others in need. Nym will stand up for her friends and go to great lengths to help them. She can be very self-sacrificing for the people who she considers friends. Nym cares about her own well being, as well, and is not afraid to ask for help physically or mentally if there are problems she can’t overcome on her own. Nym is an excellent sketch artist. Her most exceptional talents orient around fighting.
Nym is not very good at understanding the subtleties of social interactions and won’t pick up on social cues that others might. She can be inappropriate without realizing it. Nym still struggles with her self-esteem and is prone to bouts of strong self-hatred and depression, though they are somewhat mitigated by therapy and medication. Nym can become overly attached to people who show her kindness, and while she may be able to form seemingly strong emotional bonds very quickly with people who are kind to her, they can be difficult for her to maintain long term when the basis for the relationship is as shallow as others treating Nym like a peer. Nym is not very good at learning things in a school setting, having attended almost no school before coming to Beacon; she has to work harder than her peers to achieve grades that are passable.
Pretty girls, pretty boys, girls in makeup, fighting, winning, pizza, coffee, sweets, home cooked food, cold pizza, confidence, praise, affirmation, working out, video games (Even though she sucks at them), the smell of cologne or perfume, faunus ears and tails, boys with their sleeves rolled up, girls with their sleeves rolled up, cats, dogs, dancing, clubbing, drawing, hoodies, sports bras, going very fast on a motorcycle, spending time doing crazy things with her friends, spending time doing normal things with her friends, stories where the hero wins
The smell of too much cologne or perfume, boys or girls who look down on faunus, people who look down on waitstaff, losing, cargo pants, really expensive looking clothing, shopping for clothes, wearing anything that makes her look pretty, make up, styling her hair, crying, looking weak, being treated like she’s weak, seafood, public transportation, stories where the good guys lose, stories where the good guys win without losing anything, white knights
Recent Events:
Nym has successfully made it to her third year in Beacon.
Alternate Characters:
Felix Satou

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