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Ax L Rose
November 7th
Gender Identity:
Faunus - Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
5'9" / 175 cm
129 lbs / 60 kg
Eye Color:
Electric Blue
Aura Color:
Electric Blue
Physical Description:
Ax has an hourglass-shaped body with a slender and toned physique from regular fitness training. She has the smooth, bewitching curves of a supermodel and the muscle definition of a professional athlete. Ax’s electric blue eyes have unusually reflective properties and can seem to glow slightly brighter when she is channeling aura, lending them an otherworldly quality. Thanks to a quirk of her faunus physiology, Ax's hair is naturally white-pink, matching her feathers. She keeps one side of her head shaved and the rest long, and wears it in several different styles depending on her mood.

Ax's faunus trait is her feathers. Ax's left forearm features white-pink feathers that grow in a linear patch extending from the upper end of her wrist to just short of her elbow. A set of longer tail feathers can be found in a bunch on Ax’s lower back, growing down in a way that mostly obscures her butt when standing or sitting. The upper cartilage of Ax’s ear seems to give way to a feather-like structure and color. All of Ax’s feathers tend to bristle or stand on end in response to various stimulation and mood changes. The skin beneath these feathers is sensitive and akin to a sort of outer muscle.

Ax’s right arm ends in a cybernetic limb mount, just a few inches above where her elbow would have been. Her customized cybernetic replacement (currently not pictured) is primarily composed of lightweight alloys and composite materials, and is slightly heavier than a flesh-and-blood limb. The limb is sleek and sporty looking, with deep blue paneling that would look fitting on a sports vehicle. Lines of visible gold and shining teal connect the arm's various integrated capacitors and dust-storing mechanisms. The fingertips are rounded and teal-plated, and tend to visibly glow brighter as they are exposed to certain types of energy. The paneling on Ax's arm can separate and pop open when needed for either maintenance or combat functions. Ax’s cybernetic limb is fitted with a set of emitters on the forearm that generate smooth, flexible opaque hardlight feathers to mimic those she lost from her old arm.

Ax wears a tattoo of her personal emblem on her chest in black, and there's more ink on her left hip in the form of vines, thorns, and red roses. Her earlobes, tongue, and navel are all pierced, and she tends to show them off. She has a fairly elaborate makeup and self-care routine that helps keep her skin mostly quite soft and smooth.

Outfit Description: (Not up to date)

Ax’s usual ensemble features distressed jeans with visible wear and tear around the upper thighs, along with a cropped leather jacket that leaves most of Ax's chest and midriff exposed. Metal pauldrons adorn her shoulders and similar plates are strapped over her legwear. Depending on the weather, Ax will either wear a shirt or tank top under the leather, or she won't. Ax typically rolls up the sleeve on her right arm, ostensibly to show off her cybernetic limb. In combat, Ax's favorite footwear are a pair of stylish, knee-high boots that resemble metal greaves with a raised heel.

Ax commonly accessorizes with a black velvet choker, occasionally swapping it for other neckwear. She wears numerous belts and bandoliers over her clothes as well as a leather thigh pack for carrying tools and extra dust. Ax has a few different types of earrings she wears, but her favorite pair are a set of aquamarine-colored jewels that resemble lightning bolts, which also match a stud she commonly wears on her navel. Sometimes, Ax wears studded leather bracers or wristbands - some are rubber, some are beads, some are plain and some have words or images. On her left hand, Ax commonly wears a stylish gauntlet featuring similar lightning bolt imagery as her piercings.

Ax has made some alterations to her academy uniform to suit her tastes. Ax can be seen usually with her uniform jacket wrapped around her waist, and few have ever seen her bother with the vest. She always rolls up her right sleeve, and has sewn pockets into the standard-issue plaid skirt. While her shoes vary, she tends to wear either fishnet leggings or pure black stockings with her school outfit.
Personality Description:
One look at Ax says a lot; she's bold, expressive, and she clearly knows that she is beautiful. Her cool, blue-eyed stare, impeccable sense of style, and her deliberate and practiced mannerisms help to make her seem fearless and utterly unapologetic about who she is and what she stands for even when she feels anything but.

Ax is a loud and proud openly gay faunus who was once a premier Atlesian celebrity that has since fallen out of fame and into the shadow of relative obscurity - a humbling experience that has kept her ego in check. As a result of living in the kingdoms most of her life, she's knowledgeable and well-educated, having been taught by experts in music, dust engineering, and combat.

Ax has a sharp mind and a keen wit, but her tendency to try and always think a few steps ahead can make it hard to follow her train of thought or make sense of her sometimes rather intense emotions. At her worst, the intensity of Ax's emotions can make her seem mercurial and unpredictable. When she loses her composure she can seemingly fall into quiet spirals of anxiety, or can sometimes even explode into sudden bouts of rage.
Backstory Highlights:
Ax was born as the unplanned daughter of a chaotic and risky affair between a faunus freedom fighter from Vale and an influential and charismatic music producer from Atlas. Quite early in Ax's life, her mother, Crimsa, hatched a plan that would allow her to place Ax in her father's custody - she seduced Ax's father, Alex Rose, and abruptly vanished soon after.

Alex Rose was a practical man. Unwilling to risk his career caring for an unplanned faunus child, he took the advice of peers in his industry and entrusted Ax's care to a private boarding school in Vale. As one of the only faunus in the entire school, Ax struggled to gain acceptance among faculty and peers even despite her enthusiasm and earnest desire to connect with others. Ax turned to music to soothe the pain, developing a romantic fascination both with the anti-establishment messages of punk rock and the glorious ballads of old generations of huntsmen and huntresses of bygone decades.

Around age 10, Ax was expelled from her academy. Forced to take Ax into his life, Alex opted to make his daughter earn her keep. Recognizing her blossoming passion for music, he used her passions against her and guided her through several years of profound, grueling hardship. While Ax tried to live up to the extremely high expectations of her father, she tried and failed to have a normal social life up until one particular project finally gained traction.

Everything changed when Ax started to "make it". Her father's efforts paid off when his work culminated into the creation of a band called "The Baby Blues"; a modest corporate pop act engineered in a studio with only one real faunus member - Ax. The band’s act was targeted predominantly towards preteen girls, and concerts were mostly populated by kids and their families. One day one of the singles she worked on - a song called "Mine" - started to get CCT station play globally and became a breakout hit. In an instant, Ax’s life was suddenly amazing. Money was pouring in. Her father's agency secured her advertising deals, promises of a world tour, commercial and charity work, and even a single season of a short-lived children’s sitcom.

For a single year, Ax had everything she wanted. All her hardship, the abandonment of her mother, the unfairness of everything leading up to that point seemed worth it. Predictably, that was when everything also crashed and burned. At the age of 14, at the start of The Baby Blues first global tour, there was a tragic bombing at the Orion Concert Hall in Mantle, where Ax was performing for a mostly faunus audience. This very high-profile event sparked massive political tension in the Atlas area, but no organization ultimately would take responsibility for the incident, and many humans were content to blame the incident on the faunus themselves.

Ax was crushed. 22 people were killed and many more were injured. Ax slipped into a self-destructive spiral. Her social life grew gradually more grandiose, but also increasingly sordid, racy, and generally inappropriate for a young teenager. Ax struggled with this and many other traumas at this point in her life. She slipped into a careless lifestyle, seeking hedonistic pleasures and escapes from the unfair conditions of reality.

One day, at the edge of the grand city of Atlas, Ax intended to simply leap from the edge and fly like life was nothing more than a dream. That fateful day, Ax's plan to give up was cut short by the intervention of a woman named Rose Valiente - a huntress who saw Ax at her lowest point and couldn't bear to simply watch her fall. Not only did Rose talk Ax away from the ledge, but she also became a mentor figure to the disillusioned young bird faunus after realizing what a profound influence her intervention had on the young lady.

Guiding Ax away from the party and rave lifestyle wasn't easy, but Rose was equal to the challenge. While Ax suffered setbacks and her progress wasn't very linear, Ax was eventually able to refocus and build up to a new life. Ax's new dream was to follow in Rose's footsteps and become a huntress. Rose sponsored the transition from a traditional education to a more specialized one for combat. With Rose’s guidance, Ax was able to receive basic military training and start in a program that would eventually qualify her for a Huntsman Academy entrance exam.

Ax originally intended to attend Atlas Academy, but things grew too chaotic with Ax’s home life. After living for a short while longer in Mantle below, eventually the toll of her twisted social life and the shadow of her trauma became too much for her, and Ax made the decision to leave Atlas with Rose's assistance. After a difficult trial, Ax managed to qualify for admission to Beacon Academy.

Over Ax's first two years in Beacon, Ax slowly transformed from an uncertain, flashy hopeful to a genuinely impressive force to be reckoned with with help from a dedicated combat partner - her best friend Nym Magenta. At the start of Ax's third year, on a routine assignment in Forever Fall, she and her partner encountered a unique and rare Grimm that they were not prepared to fight.

Ax and Nym fought the beast to a standstill. After a nearly fatal mistake, Ax was caught by her arm, dangled and raised to the beast's mouth. Unable to damage the monster's fearsome claws, Ax's only choice was to sever her own arm in order to escape. Nym saved her life that day, slaying the beast in the aftermath and carrying the severely wounded bird back to their extraction point so she could receive medical care.

Thanks to a generous grant from Bracket Cybertech, a corporation in Vale seeking to establish a partnership with Beacon Academy, Ax was able to obtain modular schematics for a customized cybernetic limb, and her medical expenses were covered by the kingdoms due to her being wounded in battle. This brush with death has recently had a strange impact on Ax - ever since then, everything has been changing for her...
Student / Workshop Assistant
Ax is well educated, having attended a few different private academies as well as having been mentored and tutored by a handful of experts. She participated in a two-year program at the Styx Operations Academy in Atlas as part of the prerequisites for the Atlas Academy entrance exam, prior to her decision to instead attend Beacon, which gave her a well-rounded but non-specialized military education.

Ax is a third year at Beacon, and is on track to graduate in her fourth year.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Affinity causes Ax to broadcast her emotions telepathically as well as gifting her with a "sixth sense" that allows her to interpret or feel the emotions of others in a limited range. Interestingly, this has the beneficial side effect of disrupting and overriding other psionic effects on Ax, granting her heightened resistance to invasive psionic influences (such as other semblances or psionic Grimm like the Apathy). Others who are connected with Ax via her semblance can also benefit from this heightened psionic resistance as long as they are relatively near her, assuming her aura is strong enough. If Ax's aura is weak or compromised, she loses this resistance.

Affinity seems to operate on implied consent in most cases; it is human nature to desire social connections with others, and Ax's semblance seems to automatically seek out this innate desire in others as the foundation for its connection. A person can connect with Ax subconsciously without being aware of her semblance, but this process is not always reliable - different people have different natures and compatibilities with Ax's semblance. Some people are highly sensitive to it while others are completely unaffected and immune to it. Most people fall somewhere in between these extremes.

Affinity’s limitations are like any normal sense such as sight or hearing in a lot of ways - a person's mind needs to actively process sensory input, and will selectively ignore extraneous information in an effort to prevent overstimulation. Also like any type of sensory input such as vision, smell, or hearing, either Ax or a bonded person can simply miss details or fail to notice things. Ax's mind is well-adapted to processing all of this extra information thanks to years of experience, but others may need time to adapt and grow accustomed to Ax's semblance.

Weapon Name:
Electra Heart
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Part battleaxe, part electric guitar, and part dust-powered generator all-in-one, Electra Heart is a versatile and one-of-a-kind piece of engineering. Forged from a blend of modern dust-resonant alloys, Electra Heart is functionally a high-temperature superconductor that can deflect and repel particles and elemental energy when aura is channeled into it. It's also literally an electric guitar that can emulate different soundfont settings set either manually, with a networked scroll, or through manipulation of aura. These soundfont presets allow Electra Heart to change string configurations and sound qualities instantaneously, letting it sound like a variety of different string instruments.

Electra Heart is primarily designed with manipulating polarity and weaponizing electricity in mind, though it can be recalibrated to work primarily with other element types (this typically requires the blade to be taken apart). By utilizing gravity and hardlight dust, Ax can do things such as alter the blade's functional mass or magnetically link it to her other support gear (such as her cybernetic limb or her gauntlet), allowing her to control the weapon without directly touching it (though she generally still needs to physically move in some way to guide and direct its motion).

Electra Heart additionally features guided systems that allow for precision dust-casting at range, which she typically does by playing it as a guitar. As Ax plays, Electra Heart coalesces elemental output into weak, unstable hardlight fields in the shape of glowing spheres that are designed to collapse on contact with objects or hostile threats. These dust-based attacks can vary between incapacitating, stunning blasts with excessively high voltage, or higher-amplitude variations of her attacks that can burn things to ash. These projectiles are typically relatively slow-moving compared to conventional ballistics, but Ax can direct these attacks and adjust their trajectory as needed. Ax can even channel chains of lightning between spheres, allowing Ax to create "nets" of lightning that can punish reckless movement.

By burning specialized dust charges that are fit into slots on the headstock, Ax can modify Electra Heart's melee or ranged capabilities further in variable ways, albeit at the cost of dust. Ax is limited in how many of these she can carry, and while they can be powerful, supplementary functions usually are more resource-intensive and limited in how often they can be used.

Electra Heart is magnetically sealed and resistant to a majority of common shock hazards, such as water. When Ax is actively channeling aura into the weapon, unwanted discharge is only possible in a few very niche, extreme situations. Handling Electra Heart without a prosthetic like Ax’s, or without protective gear (like her gauntlet and/or greaves) is extremely dangerous and ill-advised. Ax perceives this in part as a safeguard that prevents anyone from using the weapon directly against her.

Electra Heart is intended to look slightly arcane and old-fashioned in design, featuring cosmetic design choices such as ancient runes and holographically projected glyphs in an active state, with only subtle and slight touches of obvious tech such as visible paneling on close examination and occasionally visible dust-intake ports on the pommel/headstock when ejecting casings.

Other Gear:
Ax also keeps other noteworthy gear on her person, such as her gauntlets and greaves. This supplementary gear is designed to not only protect Ax from the Electra Heart’s power, but to also allow her to store power in her gauntlets and greaves to power secondary combat functions. Ax also possesses other technological equipment as 'performance pieces' which serve no combat function but are nevertheless a testament to Ax's understandings of dust-mechanics.

Electra Heart is commonly stored in an insulated guitar case when not on Ax's person directly.
Fighting Style:
Ax is a well-rounded and clever opponent that supplements her excellent physical training and combat fundamentals with specialized tools and technologies that help cover obvious weaknesses and problems in combat situations. Ax is a very methodical combatant that likes to have a plan for myriad situations, and prioritizes general consistency over hard specialization in specific areas of combat.

In close-quarters, Ax is an aggressive and deadly melee combatant with a powerful axe. Her weapon, Electra Heart, has weight that can be manipulated with gravity dust, allowing her to easily wield her weapon with either hand. She prefers to keep a hand open so she can channel electricity or other forces with her offhand. Ax relies heavily on tech to enhance her mobility, allowing her to float and levitate off the ground and generate her own leverage. She can strike from many unconventional angles with shocking, surprising force, and her weapon is optimized to damage most types of conventional armor plating as well as aura.

Ax's uses her enhanced mobility to reposition both for aggression and defense. She's very evasive and mobile in close quarters, and she's constantly looking for opportunities to leverage her tools and attack options in favorable ways.

At longer ranges, Ax is a formidable threat with a great mastery over elemental dust. Her dust-based ranged attacks can be highly destructive, or stunning and nonlethal. More than anything else, though, Ax is versatile - she can excel in combat situations regardless of attack range, and can lead the charge just as easily as she can support her allies. Ax is precise, efficient, a little bit flashy, and able to adapt to almost any difficult situation.
-Prone to overthinking
-Peanut Butter
-People who are open, sincere, and expressive.
-Tedious tasks
-Platitudes/wise sayings and quotes
-Inexpressive, mysterious, or closed-off people
Fun Facts:
-Ax is ambidextrous.
-Ax's birth name was "Amaranthine". She later had it legally changed.
-Ax's favorite perfume smells like vanilla and rum.
-Ax has ADHD, and takes medication for it.
-Ax's blood type is O+.
-Ax knows how to play a diverse number of instruments, but specializes in vocals and guitar.
-Ax is openly gay and in some kind of unclear relationship with her partner, Nym Magenta.

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