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Ax L Rose
Amaranthine L. Rose
November 7th
Gender Identity:
Faunus - Major Mitchell's Cockatoo - Feathers
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
5'9" / 175 cm
132 lbs / 60 kg
Eye Color:
Electric Blue
Aura Color:
Electric Blue
Physical Description:
Ax's physique is like if a former supermodel decided rather abruptly that she didn't care to look hot for magazine covers anymore and just wanted to get ripped. While she retains her feminine curves and smooth features, she's put on fair bit of muscle and she's got a few scars from her time out in the wilds beyond the kingdoms. Some of her most striking features are her deep electric blue eyes, her pink-to-white ombre hair, and her matching feathers that are bunched up on her forearms, the tips of her ears, and on her lower back.
Outfit Description:
Ax's fashion preferences are notoriously adventurous, bold, and help her fit right in at various hole-in-the-wall bars as well as mosh-pits and gothic clubs. She tends to dress to impress, taking presentation very seriously. She accessorizes with some interesting, unusual choices in attire such as metal pauldrons and kneepads, and is often seen in a leather jacket. While her preferences can lean towards feminine looks, she tends to avoid skirts and dresses in favor of pants and shorts. She tends to have short sleeves, or sleeves that can easily be rolled up. She likes to show off her cybernetic limb rather than conceal it.
Personality Description:
One look at Ax says a lot; she's bold, expressive, and she clearly knows that she is beautiful. As a former celebrity and recently graduated huntress, she is very accustomed to being watched by an audience and possesses a cool composure that helps her stay mellow even despite the occasional emotional noise of her semblance. As an alumni of Beacon Academy she is quite knowledgeable about Dust and technology that is powered by it.

Beyond the surface, Ax is a young woman who has been through a lot. She's young, but she's already lost a limb and a small share of friends and associates through the cold realities of her work as a huntress at the start of her career. Ax, however, is not one to bask in angst - her struggles have empowered her with new perspective. Her semblance as well as her history in the spotlight have forced her to learn to detach from the expectations and standards of others, though deep down she still possesses a strong desire to give back to the world that empowered her as well as a keen sense of empathy that she can never perfectly ignore.

Ax's willingness to be blunt and outspoken about her desires can make her sometimes seem immodest or arrogant. At her worst, she can be spiteful and unnecessarily harsh. While she is generally quite emotionally stable, she is occasionally prone to bouts of intense anxiety and/or explosive rage when thrown off her groove.
Backstory Highlights:
Amaranthine - better known as Ax - was the unlucky daughter born of an incidental union between a faunus freedom fighter from Vale and a charismatic music producer from Atlas. After the early disappearance of her mother, Ax experienced a fair amount of neglect from her human father before eventually being sent overseas to a prepatory academy for young women. As one of only a small handful of token faunus in the school, Ax found her place as a noncomformist and a rebel early on, and developed a reputation for being bold, daring, and prone to getting in all sorts of trouble.

Despite not feeling as though she fit in much among her peers at a young age, Ax found solace in two things - fierce, physical competition and music. She developed a blossoming passion for music in large part due to her father, and her earnest desire to express her pent up emotions in her youth translated to an impressive talent in the eyes of the faculty at her boarding school. Unfortunately, her lack of interest in anything academic at the time made her a poor fit in the end - she was sent back to Atlas, where she faced her father.

Forced to take Ax into his life, Alex opted to make his daughter earn her keep. Recognizing her blossoming passion for music, he used her passions against her and guided her through several years of profound, grueling hardship. While Ax tried to live up to the extremely high expectations of her father, she slowly started to experience some successes. Some of her early demos caught the attention of her father's peers in the industry, and a window of opportunity emerged.

Ax didn't really enjoy fame when she finally found it. The rigid schedule of an in-demand performer presented a lot of difficult growing pains. Further, Ax was a faunus - while there was a modest precedent for faunus performers, many suffered from backlash from conservative humans, particularly in Atlas. She did, however, learn to paste on a smile and force composure when she needed to. Her polarizing presence in media gave her no choice but to learn to detach from those that resented her success.

Her success reached a peak at age 14, but everything went downhill from that point. A tragic concert bombing motivated ostensibly by racial tensions killed 22 people at one of Ax's shows. This high-profile tragedy was enough to derail Ax's success. She sequestered herself from the public eye, and ultimately resigned to a mundane life. She fought regularly with her father and begrudgingly attended public school in Atlas. Along the way, however, she found new paragons and heroes to admire.

Ax began to straighten her life out, slowly but surely. With help from some key figures in her life, she began to train in MMA, started taking an interest in technology, and she even began to play music again, albeit just for herself and close friends. A pivotal meeting with a Valian huntress named Rose Valiente led to Ax choosing to follow in her footsteps, joining up with a military school in Atlas in hopes of meeting prerequisites to join Atlas Academy. Ax's father approved of anything that'd presumably give his ruffian daughter a bit more discipline and class, and scarcely batted an eye when Ax announced she was leaving home to attend at Beacon Academy instead of Atlas.

Over four years, Ax made friends and formed a team called team "PANC", or team "Panic". In a mission assignment, she even lost her arm to a savage Grimm attack, though she would adapt to a cybernetic limb thanks to a program from a company called Bracket Cybertech, newly based in Vale, that supplied combat-grade prosthetics to Huntsmen and Huntresses as well as occasionally students that suffered severe injuries in the line of duty. After graduation, she and her team ventured out into the world ready to explore and help with the neverending struggle with the Grimm. But something happened... and now, Ax is alone again, back in Vale with a few new scars and a different bearing.

Currently operating as a lone huntress, Ax has recently shacked up in a small apartment in the city. Sustaining herself on a small savings, the clock is ticking. Her current plan - try to find work around Vale while she gets her head back on straight after the catastrophic collapse of Team PANC.
Ax is well educated, having attended a few different private academies as well as having been mentored and tutored in hand-to-hand and the particulars of fine dust manipulation by her mentor, Rose Valiente. She participated in a two-year program at the Styx Operations Academy in Atlas as part of the prerequisites for the Atlas Academy entrance exam, prior to her decision to instead attend Beacon, which gave her a well-rounded but non-specialized military education. Her educational specialties are team tactics, dust tech engineering, and of course, music theory.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Ax possesses a sort of aura-related sixth sense that allows her to feel the "rhythm" of her environment as though it were a song. This effect grants Ax a sort of supernatural sense of precise timing, allowing her to perform implausibly precise movements and responses in real time to a "beat" discernible only to her by default. This has both interpersonal and combat applications.

In social interactions, Ax is able to feel out these rhythms and discern hints into a person's mindset and emotions as she observes or interacts with them. This creates an effect comparable to emotional telepathy - Ax is able to "feel" the rhythm of a person's feelings. The process isn't perfect, and Ax can misinterpret the signals she receives... but in theory, as Ax is exposed to a person's beat, she can learn to interpret it with increasing accuracy. There is, however, a reverse-edge to this; Ax's own beat can be all too easily identified and read in turn - her semblance has a passive range of "broadcast", offering hints into her mindset and true feelings. With effort, Ax can attempt to misdirect or hide her feelings, but it is much more difficult because of her semblance.

At will, Ax can choose to extend the benefits of her supernatural rhythm-sensing power, and this can allow her to coordinate or 'harmonize' with allies and teammates with supernatural precision, granting enhanced coordination in tactics, thought, speech, and physical action - the benefits of this can easily be ignored, as ultimately all people can choose to march to the rhythm of their own beat.

By focusing on the beat of the world around her, Ax can, to a limited degree, resist psionic influences and mind-affecting semblances, but this should not be mistaken for immunity.
Weapon Name:
Electra Heart + Rebel Yell
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Ax's main weapon - Electra Heart - is a bladed battleaxe... that is also a guitar (sort of). Her secondary weapon is a tragic keepsake from the fallen leader of her previous team - a double-barreled shotgun called the Rebel Yell.

[Electra Heart]

Ax's custom-made nightmare. The core of Electra Heart holds a specialized dust-compression core of Ax's unique design. With it's blend of dust-resonant alloys and immense power storage capability, Electra Heart is functionally a high-temperature superconductor that can deflect and repel particles and elemental energy when aura is channeled into it.

Electra Heart is a phenomenally versatile weapon and the manual for this weapons function and maintenance would be as thick as a tome if Ax were to produce a guide for it. In short, it is generally used as a melee weapon that is suitable for defending from a variety of attacks. It can also be played in battle, using a function Ax calls "Siege Mode" to generate electric fields of energy contained in stable hardlight fields - she can use these to create traps, set "electric mines", and form patterns like walls or nets with electricity and hardlight, depending on how much dust she's willing to burn for the desired effect.

Electra Heart burns through a lot of dust when it's overused, but it can store monumental amounts of pure electricity. Electricity stored in Electra Heart can be directed to some of Ax's supplemental gear, such as her gauntlet and cyberarm.

[Rebel Yell]

Rebel Yell is a double-barreled shotgun with a vicious-looking blade attachment below the barrel. This attachment is attached to a mechanism that generates a hardlight chain, allowing it to be launched and used similarly to a harpoon. Since inheriting the weapon, Ax has made some adjustments to the weapon so that it fires specialized ammo that vents heat every shot, but does not need to reload after each shot - she can also electrify the hardlight chain by unleashing power that is stored in either her gauntlet or cybernetic arm.
Other Gear:
Ax possesses secondary gear such as her gauntlet, greaves, and cyberarm that help complement her fighting style. These gear pieces serve to help regulate and store Electra Heart's currents safely, instead of frying her to a crisp. Wearing these extra plates of armor or gear can give her a bit more flexibility in how she uses dust, give her additional dust or power storage, or simply afford her increased protection in a fight. She has a light kit (gauntlet, pauldron, greaves) and a heavy kit (full armor set) that she can use for certain situations.

Ax also possesses a secondary performance piece in the form of her Muse - a spherical, winged speaker that can generate harmless visual effects and serve as an amp for projecting sound.
Fighting Style:
Ax is a well-rounded and methodical fighter. She is also a planner, and relies heavily on her specially designed kit for her strongest fighting capabilities. She is the sort of huntress that is more vulnerable when unarmored or unarmed, though she's still a threat at all times.

In close-quarters, Ax is an aggressive melee combatant. She can wield her weapon with either hand, and in a pinch can dual-wield, using a battleaxe in one hand and a double-barreled shotgun in the other. She relies heavily on dust and technology to enhance her mobility. With her greaves, she can levitate a short distance from the ground and move as though manipulating gravity - this even allows her to generate her own leverage, creating force without having to be grounded. She can strike from many unconventional angles with shocking, surprising force, and her weapon is optimized to damage most types of conventional armor plating as well as aura.

She prefers to evade rather than block, as relying on her specialist tools to protect her against certain kinds of attacks and damage takes a toll on her dust reserves, essentially costing her money. She has an MMA background and is quite competent in hand-to-hand as well as wrestling in a pinch. At longer ranges, Ax maintains the ability to threaten targets with powerful dust-based attacks in Electra Heart's Siege Mode, though she considers herself more suited to close-quarters combat in general.

Ax enjoys technical and advanced combat, and rides high on the thrill of a good fight. Her semblance lends towards a natural love of the rhythm of battle, and her strongest advantages lie in the minute, snap-decision making skills between rival experts. The intensity between two individuals having a brief, short melee clash is one of the things Ax lives and breathes for, and it's one of the areas where her semblance allows her to excel the most.
-Prone to detachment
-Easily bored
-Prone to inattentiveness
-Music and all things relating to it
-Peanut Butter
-The assertion that Electra Heart isn't a guitar (it technically isn't)
Fun Facts:
-Ax is ambidextrous.
-Ax's real name is Amaranthine. Saying her real name aloud is sure to invite chaos and violence into your life.
-Ax's favorite perfume smells like vanilla and rum.
-Ax has ADHD.
-Ax's blood type is O+.
-Ax knows how to play a diverse number of instruments, but specializes in vocals and guitar.
-Ax is openly gay.
Recent Events:
Ax has recently returned to Vale, with little more than a small bit of savings, her motorbike, and enough personal possessions to furnish a small apartment above a pizza place in Downtown Vale. She is hoping to take on some temporary work around Vale for Beacon Academy while she recuperates from some hard times that befell her early in her huntressing career.
Alternate Characters:
None (currently)

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