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Al Ciendra
23rd of March
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Wolf)
Sanus, The town of Azmarine
Character Picture:
140 pounds
Eye Color:
Emerald Green
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Al's body is of a lean build, meaning she is very fit and has some muscle, neither of which is surprising as Al constantly pushes herself in training.
Though she remains small and frail, so Al is not going to win any real contest of strength, so she trains to be nimble and quick on her feet which Al sees massive success in, making her a great runner and very agile.

Al's faunus traits are a pair of ears atop her head, matching her brown hair in color and messiness and two pairs of wolf fangs.
Her fangs don't serve any real purpose as Al is perfectly fine eating normal food.
Yet they are still functional, something Inren, Al's adoptive brother, quickly noticed during play fights.
Besides her fangs still has all her pearly whites present, as Al does take her oral hygiene very seriously, she is proud of her fangs after all.

Due to her semblance, Al is unaffected by the sun, which is useful as she can't get sunburned but also means she can never get a tan.

Al's pale skin is covered in scars, most stemming from a Grimm attack Al survived as a child, the others are from various sources.

The entire right side of her face is a mess, it looks like a bite has torn of most of her skin, exposing the flesh and bone underneath, blinding her right eye in the process.
The tear stops just above her mouth.
The left side of her face is not unharmed, three slashes of a claw stretch from her forehead to her chin, luckily missing her left eye.

The rest of Al's face is rather average, if it wasn't for the gruesome injuries Al would have been a rather beautiful young woman.
Her one healthy emerald green eye yet still holds that never wavering spark of joy.
While her injured eye is blind, it will still move with Al's gaze, but it does not dilate, always remaining in a wide-eyed stare.
Al's nose is also a bit messed up, having been broken a couple of times during fights.
Outfit Description:
Al's usual outfit consist of a black bodysuit which is easy to move in and covers her from neck to toe.
Al mostly wears it to relief friction between her armor and skin.

Her armor, mostly consists of dust infused steel but does have leather elements, those being the pauldrons and any straps.

Her red cloak is light and protects her against cold temperatures and rain, but offers no protection against harm directed at Al.
It's also rather comfortable, so Al does sometimes use it as a blanket.
Arcum and Gladio are hidden under Al's cloak, stowed away in a special holster sown into the cloak, ready to surprise anyone that thinks Al would be unarmed.

The brown shorts Al wears are nothing special, she just likes them as they are easy to move in and offer more pockets to cram stuff into.

Al's mask is very precious to her.
Which is why it's so bent out of shape, as she would rather have it repaired than replace it.
It consists of a single piece metal plate, black glass, slits to breathe and leather straps holding it to Al's head.
The inside is cushioned with a fine neoprene like fabric to protect Al's face from the effect of constantly wearing metal.
The eyeholes of her mask are covered by darkened, reinforced glass.
Which is very hard to break even for some physically stronger Grimm.
The darkened glass makes it, so Al cannot blind herself with her own flames.

Al's combat gear is highly resistant to heat, Al did not manage to damage it with her flames so far.
Her armor was created with a special dust infused alloy that is resilient to heat, and it's also self cooling.
The fabric of her cloak and suit is infused with a similar dust mix as Al's armor.

Besides her hunting gear shown above, Al would also wear the standard school uniform, with the addition of leggings and her mask of course.
She does not like doing so, but would prefer it to getting scolded by staff.

Al does not care much for fashion, as she prefers practically over looks.
Her casual outfits consist of a mash of hoodies, plain shirts, shorts or cargo pants.
Along with her combat boots, or normal running shoes.
Personality Description:
Al may start any relationship by staying distant and observing people at first, if she feels comfortable with them, she will quickly open up.
Once that first step is taken Al is usually very brash and cheerful but does care for those she has opened up to.

Al does not like hiding her face, as it makes it hard to talk to people.
But she fears exposing her heavily injured face would scare people of, so Al wears her mask to hide it.
That being said, Al will take a possible opportunity to take of her Mask, always still hiding the right side of her face some other way.

Al is rather creative, she usually expresses this via her flames, making them take on shapes of people or creatures for a miniature theater or just mocking someone that annoys her.

While she's quick on her legs Al is also quick-witted, able to make split second decisions and always having an idea set when she does something, whether that idea is actually a good one or well-thought-out is up in the air.

Al is generally optimistic, just out of pure necessity as lingering on set backs or other such things clouds her judgement and she would much rather think about how to improve on them than let them ruin her day.

While usually keeping a cool head, Al can sometimes just switch of her logical thinking and act on her impulses or desires.
This usually happens when food is involved.
Same goes for her temper, as Al usually does not get angry but if someone or something were to somehow piss her of the following outburst would be tough to deal with.

Despite being very sociable and energetic, Al does need her time alone.
Sometimes spending time with people can feel very draining to her, so she will back away and just take a few hours for herself.

Al will often resort to fighting to resolve her problems.
And as such often gets herself into trouble because of this.
Though she would never start a serious fight with someone she considers her friend.
Backstory Highlights:
Al is an adopted child of the Ciendra family, she has been living with her adopted family since she was 2 years old and as such barely remembers her biological parents.
The few things she has been told about by her new parents and the rest of the town was that both of them were wolf faunus like her, they looked like low life thugs and after leaving Al in the middle of town square they were kicked out of town from multiple accounts of theft.
Al herself does not care for her origin, she much rather identifies herself as a Ciendra.

The Ciendra family is a family of weapon smiths, making weapons for hunters for generations.
Though they were never really able to have a market breakthrough, their business is going well and lets them live a happy and carefree life in a small town of Sanus called Azmarine.
Her adoptive parents have currently retired and her older adoptive Brother Inren is running the family business.

The Ciendra family consists of Al's adoptive father, a small yet sturdy and gruff looking man, with a proud beard, arms like tree trunks and gray thinning hair and a big secretly soft heart.
Al's adoptive mother, an equally small woman, but a master at using the heavy tools of a smith, muscular from years of training, the sun also seems to have been miss-placed as this woman is always radiating a positive and cheery aura.
Inren Al's adoptive brother, is 6 years older than Al and as such often still treats her like a kid and as such there are some scuffles between the two more often than not. But they always make up, putting to show how good they actually get along and love each other.

Al may have never gotten into the smiting business, but she has supported her family as much as possible, mostly helping them sell their wares and after discovering her semblance save money on coal as she could heat the various fire pits as part of her training.

Al had always been a rowdy kid and was usually up and about playing outside and making the neighborhood a more lively place.
This was in part due to Al being unnaturally sturdy, this was because Al had manifested her Aura relatively early in life unbeknownst to her and everyone else, as the town had no one proficient in Aura, besides the few traveling huntsmen.

And she would quickly also discover her semblance.
During a normal day, like any other Al and her brother were playing outside, Al was her usual happy self yet her brother Inren had recently been rejected by his crush and as such was silently grieving.
This sadness had lured in a Griffon Grimm that was sneaking around outside the town walls and prompted it to attack Inren.
Not knowing what else to do Al tackled the Grimm instead, which was not very effective, but it got it away from Inren, who quickly ran to get help while Al tried to run away and keep it at bay.
But Al never got far as the Grimm slashed her across her front using it's barbed tail, instantly destroying her still very fragile aura shield and cutting deep into her arms and stomach, leaving the largest scar now visible on Al's body.
It pinned her down and started clawing at her, hitting her body with small yet deep cutting stab wounds.
Al tried her best to fight back but only angered the Grimm, screeching right at her face it pecked at her right eye and tore at the skin of her face, until Al felt unimaginable pain and her healthy eye could see the Grimm holding part of her face in it's beak.
This finally set her off.
With a mighty roar of flame Al exploded in a bright nova of fire, not further harming herself but incinerating the Grimm and a lot of the surrounding area.

Al was soon retrieved by the town guard, who brought her broken and torn apart body to the town's hospital, which is where Al spent the next three months. She had lost a lot of blood and out of shock Al had entered a coma, which she spent the first month in, it was a miracle that she survived in the first place, during this time Al underwent multiple surgeries to fix the damage she had taken, which included all the broken bones, damage to her skin and most of all the damaged organs.
After a month Al finally woke up.
During the next two months Al had plenty of visits from her dad and mom, the former of which had started working on the first version of her mask, by request of his daughter.
Inren had visited her a couple of times as well, always separate from their parents. It was obvious he blamed himself for what happened to his sister, but she had never been angry with him in the first place.
Inren was always there to play with Al, give her some new books to read and just make her stay at the hospital a bit more bearable.

After the three months were over Al was discharged, much earlier than expected due to the girls Aura.
After this traumatic experience Al did not resign herself to sulk but expressed the wish to become a huntress to protect herself and her family, so something like this would never happen to her or a loved one again.
And at the age of ten her family hired the hunter named Auburn to train Al for the next eight years.

Under Auburn's care Al first learned the basics of Aura and how to utilize her semblance.
Auburn yet kept Al from pushing her semblances limits, as he was afraid she could harm herself.

Soon Auburn focused on physical training, so Al would become more athletic. A tough workout regiment, frequent sparring against her master and many, many exercises toughened Al up yet for the most part Al was taught to rely on her dexterity and agility, due to her still being rather physically weak.

Al would then receive her weapons, Gladio and Armis, a collaborative effort of her fathers craftsmanship and Auburn's experience and expertise.

More training followed in which Al learned to use her weapons from Auburn and everything about her weapons from her father.

Training continued, soon Al would practice against live Grimm under Auburn's supervision.
Letting Al develop many strategies against the many types of Grimm and teaching her how to defeat most common Grimm rather easily.

After eight years of training Auburn declared that he had nothing more to teach to Al, but she was far from perfect.
Knowing Al wanted to improve her abilities Auburn recommended her to visit Beacon, he is confident that she could manage and should use this opportunity.
Al accepted.
With that master and student parted ways.

After gathering her things and saying goodbye to her family, Al headed to beacon.
Beacon Student
Al has been taught how to fight by her mentor Auburn for eight years.
Al knows how to hold her own in a fight but lacks experience when it comes to fighting as a team.
Semblance Name:
Volcanic Heart
Semblance Description:
Volcanic Heart grants Al a few passive traits.
She usually feels much warmer to touch than other people, which is something that Al cannot control and stays active as long as her aura isn't depleted.
Compared to the average interior temperature of 37°C/98°F, Al's average body temperature lies at 45°C/113°F.

Her semblance also grants her a complete immunity to damage from outside sources of heat.
Al's body temperature may pose a problem however, as this effect does not protect her clothes from the heat of the wearer, which after prolonged use of Al's semblance may rise high enough to simply turn her clothes into ash.
This is why Al's equipment is heatproof.

The main highlight of her semblance however is that Al can perform pyromancy.
Al can generate flames from her body by setting her Aura on fire.
Her semblance also lets her control fire that's in her line of sight,
Which luckily does include extinguishing it too.

This either lets her spew fire from her mouth or create fireballs to throw at her enemies.
Her favorite way to use it, is to set herself on fire for intimidation and making it hard for Grimm or other melee fighters to attack her as they could get burned.

The bigger the flames that Al creates are, the harder it is for her to keep focus on them, which limits their range.
So a flamethrower like stream could probably travel about 3-5 meters while a single football sized fireball could probably travel for as long as Al could see it.
She has never explored her upper limits, but she can make her flames strong enough to melt steel in a few seconds, which does of course increase the drain on Al's Aura.

Her power is rather limited as longer use is not possible due to her semblance quite literally burning through her Aura.
Usually Al can maintain constant use of her Semblance for 2-3 minutes before she risks depleting her Aura and has to fall back to using her weapons.
She also runs the risk of making herself overheat, which could lead to Al passing out due to dehydration
It also requires focus to maintain her flames, if something were to make her loose focus Al might drop any existing instances of her fire.

The flames of Al's Aura are usually orange much like her semblance but when she is really pushing herself and turns up the heat her flames will turn blue, this change in color is involuntary and Al cannot control it.
Weapon Name:
Arcum and Gladio
Weapon Description:
A revolver and short sword.
Both weapons are still able to transform between blade and gun form, allowing Al to either dual wield revolvers or short swords.

A 9 mm silver western style revolver with a black leather grip and 8 shots in one magazine.
A few hinges and cogs show the transforming capability of this weapon.

Effective at medium and short range, able to penetrate light armor but shows little effect against heavier armor and at long range.

Al seems quite good at handling this weapons recoil, but does need to use two hands for more precise shots.

Upon pressing a button at the side of the grip Armis barrel will move upwards becoming a blade, and its magazine will transform into the hilt to reveal...

A simple short sword, the characteristics of Armis are still visible, as instead of a regular sword grip it still uses the leather grip of Armis.
The hilt stores all bullets Armis held upon transforming, but it's not possible to reload in this state.

Al is quite skilled in wielding this weapon, she much prefers the blade form over the gun though and as such will start most fights using Gladio.

Al will sometimes set Gladio on fire to inflict more damage as concentrating her flames into one single point can allow Gladio to melt through an opponents defense.

Both weapons are also entirely heatproof.
Other Gear:
The pocket at her hips is where Al usually keeps her equipment, such as maps, her scroll or small amounts of rations.
Equipment inside this pocket may vary but something that Al always carries around is a few pieces of ice dust, to cool herself down after a fight.

The other pocket at her thighs is where Al keeps ammo for Arcum.
Including some dust ammo, it's very obvious that electric dust is her favorite dust to use.
Fighting Style:
Neither Al's semblance nor weaponry allow for reliable long range options.
So Al will usually be the one to try and close the distance between her and her target, to do so Al relies on her speed and the environment to dodge attacks, Al is very nimble and will often close the gap in no time at all.

Once she has closed the gap, she will try to quickly overwhelm her foe with attacks from her weapons and semblance.
Al is not made for a war of attrition and as such prefers to overwhelm her foes with her oppressive offensive capabilities.

She likes to weave and mix her semblance into her weapon attacks, such as making an enemy block a hit from Gladio and then breathing fire into their exposed face.

Or shooting from mid-range using Arcum while also making it harder to dodge her bullets by blocking an enemies dodge options by throwing a fireball in their path.

On the defensive Al will weave and bounce around her opponent, often relying on her good hearing to sense incoming attacks, while she looks around her environment to see what she can use as vantage points or defensive options.
Al finds it easy to adjust to new situations and can quickly figure out how to make the best of each one.
She tries her best to get along with most people.
Al is cheerful and usually lights up most situations, or at least tries to.

Due to her semblance, Al is also a very good cook, at least when it comes to preparing meat.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a student better suited to handle the grill at a party.

Al is very agile, she has great stamina and can run for long periods of time even when wearing her gear.
She's dexterous, meaning she can dodge and weave around most attacks, climb most surfaces rather easily, and she's very light on her feet, despite usually wearing armor and heavy boots.
Her dexterity also shows in the way she handles her weapons, performing many rapid and precise strikes with her blades or performing rapid reloads with her revolver and having a tendency to spin the latter for style points.

While she can't take many hit's Al is easily able to ignore pain, even after the adrenaline in her body has worn of.

Due to her faunus heritage, Al has an excellent sense of hearing, being able to pinpoint the origin of most sounds she can hear.
Al has a hard time dealing with social stress and peer pressure, she usually tries to avoid either as she crumbles when faced with them, it's not a good idea to put her in the spotlight either.
During fights Al is prone to overestimating herself and not considering some options her opponent could go for, she's trying her best to fix this weakness, but it's hard.

Al lacks experience when it comes to fighting with a team, she only ever fought alongside her Mentor and even that was rare.
Due to her small stature Al is rather physically weak even after all her training and as such struggles in contests of strength.
Al also struggles with taking hits, specially since her semblance puts a lot of stress on her aura.
Her great sense of hearing also comes with the downside that she's prone to sound based attacks or shrill sounds throwing of her focus.
Due to one of her eyes being blinded she lacks depth perception, so she might not be the most accurate when launching her attacks or just trying to perceive her surroundings by sight.

Gets mild PTSD when faced with Griffon other bird like Grimm.
- her meat based diet
- the outside
- quiet places
- relaxing after a hard days work
- training/sparring/fighting
- winter
- calm music
- showing of her semblance
- vegetable nonsense
- being cooped up
- loud noises
- people bothering her about her mask
- being likened to a dog due to her heritage, even if its affectionate
- headphones
Fun Facts:
Al loves it when other people are emotionally or physically affectionate with her (hugs, head pats and the like) but she has no idea how to respond to these things herself.

Earrubs and meat are a major weakness of Al, the former being much more servere as its harder to resist.

Al's Birthday isn't actually her birthday, as Mr and Mrs Ciendra have no idea when Al was actually born, instead they celebrate the day when they adopted Al.
Recent Events:
- Got lost in Beacons grounds
- blew up a park bench
- explored Vale's market
- made steak at a beach party
Alternate Characters:
Lin Motley
Ela Motley

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