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Professor W B Copperfield
Professor "C"
Dec. 31st
Gender Identity:
Character Picture:
6' 7"
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Transparent light blue
Physical Description:
Professor W. B. Copperfield is looming over six feet tall and has a runner's build. Not rail thin, but lean and strong muscle. When he first started working as a teacher, he didn't keep up his exercise and his toned, battle-ready abs became more synonymous with 'bronze' than 'steel'. He still hasn't recovered much. His belly doesn't go past his belt buckle anymore, but it's not to it's prime.

Copperfield has straight deep brown hair that is mostly swept to the back, though the hair that refuses gets cut a little short. Those bangs in front don't go below his eyebrows while the back ends at the bottom of his neck. A thin mess of scars is visible on the bridge of his strong nose. Copperfield has actually collected a multitude of scars from things that failed to kill him. Although, he has no scars on his back. He faces threats head on.

He can often be seen with an ever-growing stubble on his strong jaw, growing slightly into a beard before a student or staff member mentions it. Copperfield then remembers to groom and has it shaven by the next day if he can afford the shaving cream. His eyes usually have bags underneath them from all the late-nighters.
Outfit Description:
To work, Professor W. B. Copperfield wears a white button-up dress shirt and black suit pants, covered by his Dust-woven duster. The Dust in the leathers of the coat makes the deep brown leather have an opalescent sheen to it when looking at it in the right light and angle, the colors shifting between shades of red and blue.

In casual clothes, he prefers to keep the protective coat on. You never know when Grimm or criminals will be on the loose. But to be honest, he also just likes the weight of it and he doesnt' have the money to buy a new one to wear casually. However, if it is for some reason unavailable or wants to be less noticeable, Copperfield will wear a blue denim jacket with fur around the color. Any t-shirt underneath will do for him, but the majority of what he owns are dark. The others have old faded prints of bands or TV show characters on them. He only owns two pairs of suit pants, black and gray, and he only wears them to work. His other four pairs of pants are all varying shades of jeans, from dark blue to blue.

If one was able to peek into his wardrobe, they wouldn't guess that he worked as a teacher for one of the largest combat schools in the world. Copperfield spends just about all of his money on Dust and equipment, making and repairing everything of his by hand. Sometimes he stays up too late working and comes to the school looking like HE had been the one cramming for tests.
Personality Description:
W. B. Copperfield is a good man at heart that wants nothing more than rest. The state of the world, however, has made that impossible. He has attachment issues in the sense that he doesn't do fling relationships. If you make his friends list, you are there until you decide to intentionally cross him and he cannot give you the benefit of the doubt. He helps others at hisbown detriment, and when the going gets tough he'd die for his friends. He ultimately seeks companionship, but can't really find a woman that is in his league that isn't married to her work first. Sometimes he wonders if he has to marry a normal person in order to get the kind of home life that he wants. Which he'd be fine with if he ever interacted with any.

Women are his weakness. Not that he flitters after every one that walks by, but he can't refuse a woman's plea for help, whether that be for her life or for help getting to school. Copperfield helps everyone he can to a fault, but he can't turn down a woman. Don't be mistaken by thinking he might be more linient to girl students, however. As he can't resist helping out, he is not one to be suckered into something inappropriate. He thinks of the students as children, even though they are almost into their twenties. Having one of them even mention sex or other adult things could leave Copperfield sputtering and gaging.

Copperfield is aware of how much money he spends on Dust and materials, he really is. But he can't help the constant tinkering and advancements to his gear. Sometimes he'll take odd jobs even with his teaching job in order to earn a little extra cash.

Copperfield is not one who respects absolute authorities all that well. He's fine with the staff at Beacon now that he knows them and has a say as a teacher, but as a student at Atlas he did not respect the staff at all. He has grown past that now and instead turns narrowed eyes at governments like Atlas and Mistral and all they could be hiding, and worse, what they could be doing more for the people but aren't. With this distrust and his history, he perfectly understands those students who feel the same about the staff at Beacon and who are general rebels in the classroom. He is patient with those types but still tries to get them to follow the rules that matter. However, he respects most of the staff at Beacon and will surely get into the face of any student who is being stupid about respecting them back. Call him hypocritical, but he is what he is.

Because of how much focus and mental discipline his Semblance has required of him to master it, Copperfield is an order of magnitude above the most subborn pigs and bulls and a skull thick enough to break world records, perhaps literally.

A note to add with his stubbornness is how he disregards all mention or thought of "fate" or "destiny". People make their own choices and spit in the eye of destiny all the time, and he is no different. He won't get into a debate or argument about fate, he just simply disregards it and any notion of it.

Along with his decades of being a Huntsman, he has gone through many rough patches and lost friends on the way. He doesn't have PTSD per se, but does have recurring nightmares. There is nothing he despises more than the creatures of Grimm for their endless war on humanity and the suffering they cause.

Copperfield also doesn't like killing people. He understands fully that some people do what they have to to survive, driven by their environment to break laws or work for criminals. He won't throw a fit if someone dies along the way, but he prefers outcomes where life continues. He will try to talk people down if he can. If he can't, he is not one who pulls his punches.
Backstory Highlights:
Whitehorse Blackstone Copperfield is an absolute mouthful, so he was always called 'Copper' or 'Copperfield' by his teachers and friends. Growing up in Mantle, he understood the city life and what some people turned to to survive. When he was a kid, he was a trouble maker and an irreverent little ruffian. This was ultimately born out of only his older sister to watch him, their parents dying of a strange Grimm-made disease.

He got into trouble often while his older sister attended Atlas academy, one of those mistakes bigger than all the others. The first time was when he messed with a Dust contraption, making a critical mistake one time when trying to prank a friend. He was messing with the heating element on the roof. He wasn't sure what he did, but the house went up in flame and his friend lost his home. After confessing to his sister about what had happened, she decided that she could no longer watch him sufficiently while she studied. Copperfield was sent to live with his uncle over in Vale.

There on the farm, Copperfield was more or less hammered out of his rapscallion ways into one who not only understood survival on the streets, but hard work to improve your surroundings and yourself on the farm. He learned how to grow as a person and to respect people and their belongings there. And he missed his sister. She wrote to him when she could, and he fell in love with the stories of her and her team. As he grew older, he found what he wanted to do with his life.

His uncle had trained a while to become a Huntsman, but an injury had left him unfit for the lifestyle. However he knew how to unlock an Aura, how to train a Semblance, and how to work more with Dust. Copperfield was hesitant to work with Dust again after burning that house down, but his uncle coaxed him into it, teaching him that Dust was the one thing given to humanity to turn the tide against the Grimm. Soon, Copperfield felt a love for the stuff and got as many books on the subject as he could get his hands on, becoming very proficient with the mechanics of Dust and how to repair the tools on the farm.

Copperfield unlocked his Semblance the same way a lot of Huntsman do, by a high-stress situation. A tractor had broken off of its axels while his uncle was working on it, pinning him underneath. Copperfield heard the crash from the house and ran to the barn and upon seeing the tractor on his uncle, he tried to lift it off.

The blast of force that took the tractor through the barn door was at first thought to be some sort of super strength, but with some more practice and investigation, Copperfield found what it truly was.

Growing of age and having already unlocked his Semblance, he decided to follow his sister's footsteps and attend Atlas Academy. He was not ready for the strict military lifestyle, nor did he approve of it. He grew complacent with his teachers and tried as much as he could to show that he was his own individual person. He wore the uniform, sure. But backwards, inside-out, and upside-down are not the proper ways to wear a uniform. "Sitting properly at your desk" was the rule that he read, but he saw that he could sit however he deemed 'proper'. Shoes on desk, laying sideways in his chair, sitting on his desk, the list went on. He was pretty sure he was one of the reasons that the rules of student conduct kept growing and became more specific.

However, after grueling years and a team that loved to hate him, he became a Huntsman and left Atlas behind. Then started the adventures, including a long hunt for the Grimm that spread incurable diseases. Copperfield allowed many friends that he made on the way to help, but they weren't Huntsmen. Most didn't have their Aura unlocked to protect them, formidable fighters as they were. A lot of them died. Some in gruesome ways, some in ways that no one could call fair, and many in his arms. He still has some friends left across the Kingdoms, and his own sister now works in the Atlas military. They butt heads every now and then but are ultimately still family.

When he reached his fortieth year, Copperfield knew his body couldn't keep up with the wear and tear that the life required. He had been fighting and on the move for the majority of his life. He began looking for more stable work, and came up with a job offer at Haven Academy looking for a teacher to teach about Grimm. He took the job, but found it always making him angry as he recalled the Grimm he had taken down, and those he had failed to destroy. Every day saw another cold fire igniting that he couldn't extinguish, and his real passion lay in Dust, Dust technologies, and it's applications to a Huntsman's Semblance.

Then he was fired. A classroom had been frozen over during the teacher's demonstration, and then in order to melt it the other half of the room was burned down. The surviving half suffered major water damage. No one blamed Copperfield for it. There was lots of people all capable of holding that much Dust on their person and causing the damage. You couldn't prove it was Copperfield aside from the eyewitnesses. But Copperfield was fired all the same.

Not too long after, he miraculously got a job offer at Beacon Academy in his favorite field: Dust Applications. He was even able to choose the classes he taught, and he chose: "Basics of Dust", "Dust Tools For You" and "Dust and Semblance".

Because of his constant desire to work on his gear he has become a default staff member to watch over those in detention while working. Also, the higher-ups thought his past as a troublemaker himself would win him points with those who would find themselves in detention.

For the first semester, he had rented his own apartment without knowing that he could have a dorm for free. The pressure off of his wallet was once again applied once he found the closest Dust shops.
Professor of Dust and Semblance Usage, Beacon
Atlas Academy and various teachers, like experience and grumpy Grimm.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Copperfield is capable of creating blasts of raw invisible kinetic force. When Copperfield was first discovering his semblance, it was slow, terrible waves that shoved everything around their trajectory until they landed against their target or expended their energy pushing air, objects, and a wall. As Copperfield grew older and more proficient, he honed the force to be more accurate and precise, able to sucker-punch Grimm with the force of a speeding truck and the area of a basketball. This took long hours every day for decades of intense focus and concentration, with a lot of the workings of his Semblance happening in his mind. Growing further proficient still, he found how to shape the force before sending it out, like shaping it into a large rectangle to blast out an entire section of wall from a house. Each blast is a toll on his Aura, but once it's sent it is on its way until it hits something.

Copperfield can also project this blast to come from other directions than just from him, allowing him to blast foes from behind towards him, or from the side to throw them in other directions, from below to throw them into the air and from above to crush them to the earth. The force applied can vary, but is usually between a heavy shove, enough to break bones, and send someone a few dozen feet into the air.

Being an accomplished Huntsman, Copperfield has mastered the use of Dust with his Semblance. Copperfield uses a multitude of Dust Rings he wears, multiple on each finger, to mix with Forzare. He must have Dust not just on his person but somehow in his possession to use it. Holding it, touching it, stepping on it, etc. Combining Dust with Forzare lessens the tax on his Aura, but doesn't negate it.

Another caveat of using Dust is that (as a general rule, not all Dust types follow this) when using it, he must have the blasts originate from his person. It should be noted that when combining Dust with Forzare, the raw force doesn't blast through things like it normally does and instead acts as a vehicle to use the Dust's properties.

When Copperfield uses Forzare, he can only do two things with it at a time. One Gravity use while throwing Fire, for instance. With having to shape everything in his mind for his Semblance to work, the most he can concentrate on working is two effects at a time. If, somehow, his mind was able to concentrate effectively on more he could use more at the same time.

The following is a list of Dust types that work with Forzare:

Fire - With Fire Dust, Copperfield can ignite his blasts of force. Because of the relatively small amount of Fire Dust in his rings, Copperfield normally causes his force blasts to be smaller and more streamlined, effectively creating a flamethrower from his hands. Copperfield can also minimize this rush of force to be a line thinner than a centimeter in diameter, superheating it to be a piercing line that sears through anything in its path. The maximum range for this is usually between forty and sixty feet before the heat and flame dissipate, although if angled upwards it could go farther.
One additional use he can utilize requires extreme concentration, but very possible. By holding both hands as if holding a basketball and some Aura, he can create a small sphere that burns at thousands of degrees but keeps the heat within it's small space, about the size of a golf ball. This isn't practical for combat, more of a demonstration or a way to slowly and safely sheer through steel.

Water - Copperfield has found that Water Dust gives a weaker punch than normal Forzare, with the added benefit of making targets wet. Slamming someone in the face with Forzare and Water Dust wouldn't break their nose like normal Forzara, but might still knock a Huntsmen off their feet.

Earth - Earth Dust and Forzare have an interesting mix. Upon touching the ground and using Forzare as a blueprint, Copperfield can create shapes in the ground to burst forth as long as that ground is connected to the ground he stands on. A rumble of cracked earth spreads from Copperfield's point of impact with the earth to his desired location, and then the effect takes place. He could gouge trenches into the earth along the path of cracked earth, erupt a pillar from the ground, and other subtle manipulations. Nothing huge like raising cliffs into the air or dropping large areas down several feet, always a localized effect. Though, given enough Earth Dust and time, he may be able to accomplish such things.

Air - Using Air Dust, Copperfield can make gusts of air that carry foes and objects. Air can be used to push things without the bone-cracking kick that Forzare delivers. Copperfield uses this mostly to bring objects to him that he couldn't otherwise care to travel to and pick up. Light things like weapons and bottles, but heavier things like furniture, even robust chairs, couldn't be carried but could be thrown. Copperfield is able to angle this wind from other directions other than originating from himself. Although it's softer, Copperfield can still clear out a hallway with this.

Ice - With Ice Dust, Copperfield can use the force to carry the raw cold along towards a target, potentially freezing them or parts of them solid while leaving the path it traveled untouched. Copperfield could also end it prematurely to create a frozen sheet of ice over an object, although the larger it is the thinner it would become. Copperfield could also throw this at the ground, causing the ground to become a smooth sheet of fresh ice.

Gravity - Forzare and Gravity Dust only work well when Forzare is used to create thin flat planes. With these, Copperfield could form a plane in the air parallel to the ground above his enemies and draw them upward. From the side and perpendicular to the ground, Copperfield could project pulling or pushing gravitational forces, although it works in both directions of the planes' faces. Placing a plane between himself and someone/something else would either push or pull them both, not only one. The plane of force itself is darkened like the dust itself, and dark lines generated by the Dust do form in the air and move in the new direction of gravity. Copperfield can expend additional Dust to strengthen the pull or push, but when Copperfield's Aura or the Dust runs out, the gravity well ends immediately. With a large amount of Dust on hand, Copperfield could create a gravity well over a massive area to crush enemies into putty and buildings to rubble, though such a feat would drain Copperfield of a massive amount of his Aura and all Gravity Dust on hand.

Lightning - Unless Copperfield want to start frying some of his nerves, he has to focus and channel the created electricity between both of his hands, creating a complete circut with his body. One hand then outstretches after this brief ready-up time, and with his Semblance guiding the energy in a direction the same way he does for Fire Dust, the lightning strikes out with the same power as natural lightning bolts. If Copperfield wanted to let loose and hurt his body, he could do this without the brief circut making and releasing, launching the highly destructive energy from each hand and blowing things up in the process. This would be incredibly taxing on his body and Aura, however, and he has only done such an act once with a single lightning bolt.

Magnetic Dust - Using a mixture of Lightning and Gravity Dust, types that he keeps seperate on his person but can combine via his Semblance, Copperfield can use the omnidirectional capabilities of his base Semblance to pull or push magnetic objects. But he isn't limited to just large directional forces on magnetic objects, but can control them for a time as he keeps concentration on them. He doesn't have fine motor control over them, unable to do things like load weapons or pull triggers, but he can rip someone's gun from their hands and then repeatedly batter their face with the weapon like it was on an elastic band, continually snapping to hit them with the force of a heavy-weight using it as a club. He can even use this to pick up heavy objects, like cars or motorcycles, though that takes much more effort and Dust, and can't move those with the same quick force like he can smaller objects. Physics still take place, and the heavier the object the more force it takes to move it.

Hardlight - Although not a Dust Type on its own, Copperfield keeps the Dust types necessary to create the Hardlight effect on his person. Copperfield eventually mastered control of Hardlight Dust and his Semblance to keep it from rushing outwards, instead able to hold it in space in front of him as a shield that stops bullets, claws, and all but the heaviest of charges. This shield stays within a few feet of his body at all times, but can be angled and curved to deflect attacks rather than spend the Aura to directly stop attacks. Spending the energy to stop the kinetic force of attacks weighs heavy on his Aura, and he prefers to deflect than full-on stop attacks. This shield appears with the same cyan tint as Hardlight Shields, though doesn't have their full stopping capacity. The shield also can't be very large, a few feet in radius at maximum.
Weapon Name:
Foci and Rod
Weapon Description:
If you'd ask him about the names of his tools, Professor Copperfield would tell you that he hasn't named them, only given them words to associate them by. He doesn't give names to his tools like he would a child, and doesn't exactly see the whole fad. The only one that has earned a name is his revolver.

"Foci" is what he calls his assortment of hollow rings that are filled with dust. 'Foci' is the plural term, singular being 'Focus'. A thin band of hardened glass runs around them in order to see the Dust inside. Each ring can interlock with another, keeping them solidly together when worn on the same finger. When Copperfield clenches his fist, the rings lock his fingers together and form a sort of improvised brass knuckles, though do not protrude far from his fingers. The Dust stored in these is used with his Semblance, Forzare.

"Rod" Is a simple thick metal rod twenty-two inches long. Inside it are two types of Dust; Fire and Ice. This device can shoot one of the Dust types from its end at a time, allowing Copperfield to more easily use his Semblance and throw fire and ice at his enemies. It is much easier for Copperfield to use Fire and Ice Dust used from this device effectively and efficiently. Using the Foci Rings are still exceptional, but not as accurate as the "Rod". (He gets enough jokes as it is, you don't need to make any.) Rod can also extend to become a staff just over 6 feet in length, strong enough for bo-staff fighting, and holding his own weight.

He has many other tools that he's made, all under "Other Gear" and "Fun Facts"(Other Gear has a character limit, and I needed to put the things somewhere else)
Other Gear:
Copperfield's large leather duster: Made from tough leathers and woven with Dust, it's Copperfield's first line of defense. Because of the heavy tax his Semblance puts on his Aura, the coat allows him to stay protected without expending his Aura to do so. Only three types of Dust are woven into it: Fire, Ice, and some Hardlight Dust via tech. By expending only a flicker of Aura, Copperfield can activate the prepared Dust. Fire is to burn enemies that cling to or grab him, Ice to freeze that which grabs him or to create an additional barrier on his coat, and Hardlight for general defense against attacks. The Hardlight Dust is enough to block bullets and claws from penetrating but do not take all of the kinetic energy away from the blows. Bullets still sting terribly and still give him welts when they don't bruise bones. Expending the Dust to totally stop the bullets would quickly deplete it, so he saves it to stop the deadly stuff.
Fighting Style:
First and foremost, Copperfield makes it a point to never fight fair. He believes that fair fights are how the good guys lose. The baddies will either cheat or will bring a lot more muscle than the good guys. Copperfield will create traps, contingencies with allies, or shoot someone in the back the first chance he gets if it means to win and the stakes are high. If it's something like harmless practice then he's on the level, though he might still pull the rug out from under somebody on the claim that their opponents might do it too.

Professor W. B. Copperfield doesn't use weapons in the conventional Huntsmen style, instead using his Semblance to batter and break Grimm and other foes. He utilizes his hands when using his Semblance, though he *could* do it without his fingers, it would take far more concentration and mental focus.

For normal Forzare blasts he would 'punch' or move his arm in the direction the blast is headed; Swiping his arm in a line for using Gravity Dust; Holding a hand out forward for a flamethrower with Fire Dust or pointing a single finger for the thin searing line; Holding out a hand and then clenching his fist when freezing something at a distance with Ice Dust; Flipping a hand with waving fingers for Wind Dust; Holding an arm up as if he's holding a shield or an upraised open palm when using Hardlight Dust; Utilizing Earth Dust would require him hitting the ground, either stomping or touching the ground, hand movements following what he wants done; Water Dust would follow the same movements as normal Forzare, if not a little more slow and flowing.

A favorite tactic of his is to wait until enemies are in the air or knock them into it, and then batter them against some hard surface; a tree, wall, or the ground.

Copperfield also uses 'Rod' like a Bo staff with the skill of a master in it's usage. Sweeps, lunges, quick attacks as it spins aand sometimes just swinging it like a club to break a skull.

If striking with his fists, he might use his Semblance to add an extra truckload of oomph to a punch. He isn't extensively trained in martial arts but knows how to handle himself well with decades of experience. He also knows a few grappling moves to throw his opponents off balance and to the ground. If he gets into a fist fight, he's brutal and doesn't pull anything.

He will generally use his "Rod" for the majority of fights and using the Dust stored in his rings as backups or for the other Dust types.

It would be very safe to say that although Copperfield knows a lot about Dust and Aura, he makes do with pushing an enormous amount of power into his strikes rather than finesse and class.

Because of the immense forces he is used to, a lifetime of practice of getting beaten, or perhaps just because of his stubbornness, Copperfield always gets back up in a fight until he dies. He pushes his body despite the pain to keep going, and so far he hasn't drawn his final breath.

When he is drained or pinned, he will wait for the right time to draw Ol' Reliable and fire. He's an OK shot, but in the situations he uses it he doesn't normally have the time or space to draw, aim, and fire.
-Blasting foes with waves of Aura
-Crushing things
-Burning things
-Freezing things
-Working with kids who are a bit more on the unorthodox side, or the punk kids that annoy the other teachers
-Doesn't give in to pressure
-Loves a challenge
-Dust and Dust theory
-Adapting battle strategy on the fly
-Making a mean cup of coffee
-A pretty face
-A pretty butt
-Money. He really needs this job.
-Doing things the way administration wants simply "because"
-A pretty face
-A pretty butt
-Listening to single song on repeat for hours as he works
-A good steak
-Or a good sandwhich
-And a soda
-And coffee with lots of sugar
-Working on his gear and coming up with new ways for it to meld with his Semblance
-His things. He has an irrational attachment to his belongings. He's fine with lending things, but he likes permission to be asked for.
-Being called a 'pervert' or 'pig' simply because he actively takes his eyes away from all these girls showing up in tight and revealing outfits. Kids these days...
-Wearing sunglasses
-People messing with his kits or equipment.
Fun Facts:
Copperfield has also crafted himself a pair of combat boots with Gravity Dust, allowing him to activate them with a flicker of his Aura. Doing so orients gravity just around his person in the downward direction of his boots. Essentially, he can walk up walls and upsidedown without his clothes falling to normal gravity, or strain to keep himself parallel to the ground while on walls, and to avoid the effects of staying upsidedown for long. Without recharging, however, these can only last an hour total.

Only really used for quickly needed travel, Copperfield has made a cloak woven with Gravity and Air Dust to let him fly. That is, launch himself into the air and glide slowly downward before needing to launch a powerful gust downwards and glide once more. Copperfield still toys with pure flight capabilities, but it's proving harder than he had thought.

Not often used but still notable is a whip, made flat. It's charged with Lightning Dust and it's purpose is not to lash and strike, but to wrap around objects or Grimm and deliver powerful shocks before Copperfield throws something else at them. It can also adhere to objects it can wrap around, allowing Copperfield some leverage.

"Ol' Reliable" is a simple, non-transforming .45 caliber revolver. It is nothing but well-kept and ready for use. Copperfield rarely uses it, but it's nice to use when down and out of other options. After throwing fire and ice around, who expects you to pull a gun?

Copperfield has also found a specific mixture of powdered quartz and a few other gems with a touch of Lightning Dust that, when sprinkled and imbued with his own Aura over somebody(he's never tried it with anyone else), the powder can touch and show someone's Aura. This visualization comes from opalescent, shifting colors mostly dominated by the Aura's color. It also shows any damage it may have received, where it may be weak, and anything effecting it. Not something he has to use often and it's very expensive to do, but he can if needed.
Alternate Characters:
Bastion Sandstone
Bartok Evergreen
Jericho Galley
Flax Bienne

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