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Keid Sharma
Jul 23rd
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Lantern fish photophores)
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
6' ½" (1m84)
180 lbs (82 kg)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Pale orange
Physical Description:
Keid has overall sharp features : a clearly diamond-shaped face, a defined jawline and a prominent, long straight nose. In contrast, his blond hair is messy and usually kept out of his face by a vague short ponytail. He's also often seen with stubble that he doesn't take time to shave. He lets his emotions show in his wide brown eyes and on his face.

His Faunus trait is a set of photophores, small light-producing organs sported by lantern fish, among other deep-sea animals. He has four lines of them running from under his jaw, over his torso, and to his waistband. They constantly emit some light, which is hardly noticeable in a lighted place, but really obvious in the dark. He has the night vision ability shared by many Faunus.
Outfit Description:
In casual settings, Keid doesn't pay close attention to his outfit, throwing a shirt and a short together with sandals. Having lived most of his life close to the pole, he's never really bothered by the weather and enjoys being able to dress lightly.

For fighting, however, he feels better with the outfit he's used to train in : a high-collared leather vest with dark ample sleeves and thick trousers held by an intricate belt holding his Dust vials, bombs, and Borealis' holster. As per his deal with YDT, their logo is sewn on the vest's back, and a smaller one on the front. He can completely hide his lights by closing the vest all the way up. He also wears black boots with rubber cleats designed for running on ice.
Personality Description:
Keid is outgoing and dynamic at all hours of the day. He's not afraid to express his feelings no matter what they are. He's always doing something productive or satisfying, and eager to make friends, as he wants to make the most of his time out of Waveward. Thus he hates losing his time with what he deems useless.

He takes studies and training very seriously, as he has a lot of pressure on his shoulders : his tribe expects him to protect them, and his contract with YDT states that he has to perform well. Waveward gave him a chance to explore the world, and he intends to pay them back by becoming the best Huntsman he can.
As he comes from an isolated culture, he's curious about a lot of things in Vale, and in general. He likes to pay attention to details and observe things and people, though he tries not to be rude about it.

He hasn't experienced much discrimination in his life, as his village is mostly inhabited by Faunus, and he wore his collar up in Atlas like Sinople advised him. For better or for worse, he's more curious than anything else about racism.

Keid is conflicted about his situation : he misses his family and tribe, but can't afford to visit them and has to rely on biannual messages. He wants to enjoy his years out of Solitas, but he has to dedicate a lot of his time to training, and he knows that whatever he gains in Beacon, he'll give it up once he graduates. Most of the time though, he doesn't let these concerns undermine him.
Backstory Highlights:
Keid Sharma hails from Waveward, a settlement built on the coast in the north-west of Solitas that houses a somewhat secluded tribe of Faunus. Most of its resources and technology come from trading Dust with Yureyu Dust & Technologies, an Atlesian company.

Keid's father works for them, and his mother is part of the town's guard. While only two inhabitants are Huntsmen, most of the adults have their Aura unlocked, and it is usually enough to fight the occasional Grimm attack. However, tradition dictates that one fighter is sent out to become a Huntsman every twenty years.

This is what Keid has worked for during nearly his entire life. He was always a curious child, and developed a desire to explore the world at a young age. He grew with months-long days and nights, cold water, cold ground and cold wind, and while the sky was beautiful, after a few years he wanted to see another part of it.

He spent a lot of time with the youngest Huntsman, a man named Sinople, to learn the basics of combat, Dust and Aura. His mother taught him how to fight with firearms, and Keid quickly grew into the best fighter among others his age.

He had his three years yougner sister Aymir to support him nearly all the way, too. When she realized he would have to leave the village, however, she distanced herself a bit from him. He didn't have enough time to mend their relationship, as he succeeded in being chosen to go to the city of Atlas and had to leave on his sixteenth birthday.

He went with Sinople and spent one year at a "combat school", which was more like a military training camp. Unable to afford a Huntsman's weapon, he obtained a sponsorship deal from Yureyu: they gave him Borealis and the Dust to fuel it, which he repays by advertising their products.

His life and training in Waveward were enough to put his skills above the average sixteen-year-old Huntsman in training. The atmosphere of Atlas didn't suit him nor his fighting style, but the strict training at least allowed him to unlock his Semblance.
Fortunately, with his records, it wasn't hard to leave Atlas and apply for Beacon the next year. He was pleased to see that, in Vale, the sun actually rises past the mountains and people are more approachable.
Keid trained with a Huntsman and his mother for eight years, before spending one year in a combat school in Atlas (as a final year student). He applied to Beacon at seventeen.
Semblance Name:
Guiding Stars
Semblance Description:
Keid can create special marks on any solid surface with a discharge of Aura. The marks resonate with his Aura, and thus are only visible to him, in the form of balls of light.
They seem to appear "over" his vision, as he can see them through obstacles and with his eyes closed. Seeing these marks at a short distance requires no effort, but the further he wants to detect them, the more Aura he has to spend. The duration depends on the Aura he spent when making the mark.
Guiding Stars works even on people with Aura and objects infused with it, although marking them takes a bit more Aura than normal.

He can make as many marks as he wants, but they all appear the same : he can only differentiate them by distance. For now, the marks can last for roughly three days at most (which takes a good chunk of his Aura). He doesn't know how far he can detect them, but he was able to see one left in Vale during his first day at Beacon Academy.

While he isn't able to use Dust with it yet, when he'll manage it, the marks will be colored according to the Dust used, allowing him to differentiate them easily.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Borealis is the first combat-oriented model of YDT's automatic Dust mixers. It is a fourteen inches long pistol with three entry points designed for precise mixes of powdered Dust. Keid almost always uses Gravity, Fire and Wind Dust.
The barrel is an automatic mixer, and can mix Dust in different ways before firing. It has four modes, which can be selected by turning the cap of the main Dust chamber. To switch modes, it's also necessary to fire the remaining Dust present in the mixer.

The four modes are :
- No Mix : the first Dust type is fired in shots. Keid uses the recoil of Gravity Dust to propel himself.
- Main 1 : the first and second (closest to the barrel) Dust types are mixed and fired as a stream for as long as the trigger is pulled. Fire and Gravity Dust create a straight beam of fire with pretty good range.
- Main 2 : the first and third Dusts are fired as concentrated shots. Wind and Gravity Dust create compacted air bullets that explode on impact.
- Auxiliary : the second and third Dusts are sent as a continuous stream. With Fire and Wind Dust, Borealis becomes a flamethrower for a few seconds, but the Dust is quickly depleted.

When a vial is empty, it is ejected and the mixer reverts to No Mix mode, or Auxiliary if the main Dust was ejected. Finally, Borealis sports a blade between the mixer and handle for melee utility. The gun is sturdy enough to stay functional if the Dust explodes in the chambers, but if Dust is loaded and then mixed incorrectly, the damage will probably destroy the mixer and prevent firing.
Other Gear:
Keid also carries some bombs containing Steam and Ice Dust. They are made to explode in a cloud of mist that spreads relatively close to the ground.
Fighting Style:
Keid fights just like he acts : hyper and overwhelming. He is not particularly fast or agile, but Borealis' Gravity shots give him great mobility, both on the ground and in the air.
He never stays put in a fight, he flies and circles around his opponents and uses his weapon to make sudden changes to his trajectory and confuse them. All the while, he unleashes volleys of compressed air pellets or streams of fire from Borealis. Its "flamethrower" mode was banned in Atlas' combat school because of property damage, and is more useful for killing packs of Grimm.

Keid tries to avoid hand-to-hand as he isn't skilled in it, and wards off foes with fire arcs or smoke bombs when they're too close. He still has a few options for melee, however : he likes to throw Gravity Dust-powered kicks or shoulder tackles from weird angles, and in terms of pure physical strength, he's nothing to scoff at. The blade on Borealis is more for parrying than attacking, but it can be used as a makeshift brass knuckle in a pinch.

His favorite tactic is to mark an opponent with his Semblance, then cover the battlefield in thick mist with Dust bombs. By marking both ends of Borealis, aiming in the fog becomes a game of connect-the-dots (with fire).
Finally, Keid is very vocal and banters a lot during a battle, sometimes to enjoy himself and sometimes to taunt.
As a very friendly and enthusiast person, Keid has no trouble making friends. He always says his piece, and when he has nothing to say, he listens attentively. He is eager to learn, to improve himself, and his (loud) optimism often transmits that drive to others.
Because of his natural curiosity, he is alert in most situations, even right after waking up. Despite his personality, he takes great care of his and others belongings.

In battle, Keid excels at aiming at a moving target (or while moving himself). His precise shots, combined with Borealis' power, make playing defensive a nightmare against him, unless you have some strong Dust shield. Mobile opponents are often trumped by his smoke bombs once he manages to mark them.
The more open the battlefield is, the less manageable his mobility and randomness become : fighting him on a bridge is a close approximation to hell. In the event that his foes want to run away, his Semblance (and sometimes night vision) makes it easy for him to follow and trap them. It's especially helpful against the more clever Grimm who will try to hide when in danger, and come back later.
Keid can be a bit much for some people, being very talkative and constantly excited by something. He has close to no sense of personal space and ask questions before considering if they might hurt people's feelings. Even if he doesn't pry, it can sometimes be too much.
Moreover, he's really bad at comforting people and dealing with sadness in general. He's used to people in his tribe and in his semi-military combat school dealing with their problems calmly and quickly.

Keid is heavily reliant on his weapon to do pretty much everything in fights. Disarming him is the best way to weaken him, though he has some safeties : smoke bombs and his Semblance are usually his ways of getting Borealis back.
Fighting him in a confined area hinders his movement, as he can't risk propelling himself into walls. If you can find a way to ground him or to keep his gun out of his reach, the fight is pretty much yours. Thus people wielding ropes or chains haunt his nightmares. Dust works well too, but his own can protect him.
Also, while Borealis' Fire shots have good range, it isn't a sniper rifle by any means. Keid will have a hard time against anyone who can attack out of his range. Finally, neither he nor his gun are stealthy, so even in the dark or in a smokescreen, it's possible to track him by sound.
- Talking
- Meeting people
- Doing things quickly (even talking and meeting people)
- Going outside (even better with nice weather)
- Watching the sky at any hour
- His family and his tribe
- Strong alcohols
- Being stuck on a problem
- Wasted time and effort (includes taking care of his hair, shaving, tidying up, choosing a cohesive set of clothes...)
- Pessimism and negativity
- Saying the wrong thing
- Solitas
- Thinking about graduation
Alternate Characters:
Myron Hyles

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