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Vlithra Qing Long
Vlithra Seiryú, V
Jul 29th
Gender Identity:
Faunus (White Tiger, stripes and pale skin)
Personal Emblem Image: ... custom.jpg
6’1 (186 cm)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Being a former hot shot of a crime syndicate its no wonder Vlithra looks tough and intimidating. She is surprisingly large for a woman as she stands about 6’1 feet tall with a well-trained and toned body, which is the result of her constant training and some other physically tasking activities in the past. With her toned arms and abs her body may be a bit more on the muscular side, however she still has enough feminine features to make her look like a girl.

Vlithra has black hair that reaches her mid back, which she binds into a ponytail during training sessions only. Otherwise its hanging loose behind her shoulders. Her eyes are narrow with an iris that has a green, almost venomous, color. They are best described as the eyes of a gorgon since they allow for a nigh petrifying stare.
As a white tiger faunus her skin is pale by nature and doesn't tan easily. She is also covered with stripes, which includes her arms, legs, stomach- and chest-area. Additonally she has three of these stripes on each of her cheeks, which makes her faunus heritage apparent to most.

She possesses an Irezumi-Tattoo on her back. It covers most of her backside and ends just above her thighs and beneath her neck and shoulders. It depicts a very large Grimm Sea Féilóng guarding a waterfall. Its lower body blocks the river below, causing drought in the land beyond its body. It then goes up and circles around the waterfall. The creature’s upper body arcs over the stream of water above, its wings extend to the shoulders, its claws take hold at the edge of the painted cliff and its head spews yellow lightning down onto people coming to close.
Outfit Description:
Although she is a former criminal Vlithra doesn’t feel the need to hide her thug like appearance as much as she should. She prefers being sharply dressed in suits or similar, her choice of clothing usually being in various shades of dark colors.

Her go to during colder days or nights out in town is a jacket given to her by her mother. It has a dark-green color with red-brown fur around the collar and in it's interior. The fur gets the coloration from the fire dust woven into it, allowing it to dispense heat to the wearer. Vlithra tends to "wear" it by having it hang from her shoulders with a silver chain securing it around her neck and keeping it from falling of.
Her favored outfit consists of a viridian-green vest, with Vlithra’s emblem stitched in gold onto the back, worn over a white or black button up shirt. She wears black suit pants with a green colored tiger motive, which is made to look like its “climbing up” her right leg. Her pants usually come with a chain belt made of solid metal paired with a holster for her custom made dust vials. She dorns armored combat boots and fingerless gloves, both colored black and studded. In the more formal occasion she will wear steel tipped black leather shoes and black gloves instead. Vlithra usually wears steel fiber arm and shin guards beneath her clothing in order to be able to block attacks with her arms and legs should she not have her weapons on hand.

A weak discoloration is visible on the left chest area of her vest. There was once the emblem of the Seiryú-Family sewn on it. Vlithra had it removed to not be recognized as easily, however is still in possession of it and carries it around in her wallet. It looks like the white-red skull of a Grimm biting down on a golden ouroboros-snake circling around the Grimm's skull.
Personality Description:
Vlithra is a resourceful, charismatic and levelheaded individual whose strong sense of justice makes her strive to do the right thing, usually earning the respect of friend and foe alike in the process. Despite this, she maintains an incredible level of self-control in order to not break character and keep her true nature hidden. Next to seeing both the high life and the lowest point one can reach, her crime life has taught her that nothing comes for granted or is simply given to you, which made her get used to the harsh and cruel reality that is life and additionally made her determined to achieve what she sets out to do on her own terms. This also means she is a solitary person and therefore doesn't seek out contact with others, spends her time alone and rather keeps herself in the background.
However she does know her way around words, often acting in her mothers stead at more formal meetings during her last years of being a "criminal". She prefers a more even-handed approach to interacting with others and belives that everyone, human, faunus, poor and rich alike, should be treated with the same amount of respect. Not doing so will immediatly set anyone on bad terms with her and will make it extraordinarily difficult to interact with her.

Near those who managed to break her out of her tough shell Vlithra will act not as calm and calculated. Above all things she is tomboyish, nigh impulsive even, with a fierce sense of friendship and loyalty to those she considers close. Fierce in a sense that she respects those with physical power and skill above all else and loves a good fight or challenge. Vlithra loves sparring and training and considers both things a bonding activity, associating it with her daily life in the past and family. She also enjoys tea, which she drinks on a daily basis. Holding on very closely to the past she never forgets a promise and can hold one hell of a grudge.
Backstory Highlights:
Qing Long is, by all means, not the real name of Vlithra. Rather its the "new" identitiy she took on after being forced into exile. In truth she is the daughter of a tiger faunus going by the name of Ahia Orochi Seiryú who, known as the "One Armed Deceiver", is the leader of the Seiryú-Family. Vlithra’s father was a rogue huntsman hired to be her mother’s bodyguard before they eventually fell in love and married. The Seiryú-Family is a semi-legitimate organization specializing in dealing information throughout the underworld of the Anima and Sanus continents. They are a subsidiary of the Kaalea-Syndicate, who more focus on illegal business like tech-/arms smuggling, drug trafficking and black marketing. The Seiryú are quite known throughout the underworld to be the Kaalea’s strong-arm as they not only have great fighters among them, but also wield one of the most powerful weapons, information. They possess a gigantic intelligence network and are a reliable source given you have enough Lien to afford it. Their main HQ is hidden somewhere on the continent of Anima with multiple branches on the other continents. The Seiryú residence itself is located high in the upper cliffs of Kuchinashi where Vlithra spent most of her childhood and her early teenage years.

For Vlithra, life actually started pretty secluded from her family’s crime organization and the world outside the residence. She was raised solely by her mother, as her father was assassinated not even a year after her birth. She made sure to not get her daughter involved with the criminal life throughout her childhood, protecting her like a fragile vase until she would be old enough to care for herself. Therefore Vlithra got taught by a private school teacher under heavy supervision. She herself found early interest in swordsmanship and also enjoyed watching animated cartoons for a long time, adapting a code of honor and a set of morals revolving around equality.

Around the age of 12 however, Vlithra was captured and held hostage by a rivaling organization. After being bailed out by her mother, both Vlithra and her realized that the involvement with the organization's affairs was inevitable regardless. So Ahia instead prepared her daughter for what was to come. She taught her in combat, trained her to become strong and independent and introduced her to the business life of her family, teaching her how everything worked. She prepared her very well to say the least.
Vlithra would quickly discover that she was quite adapt in the ways of violence and combat and would unlock her aura at the age of 14. With 4 years of training behind her Vlithra was officially accepted as a member of the crime-family at the age of 16 years. Being the leaders daughter, she got the honor of receiving a tattoo made by a famous Irezumi-artist named "Jay Qing Long". She first got the outlines of the tattoo made and then got it finished over time during a period of 2 years, all the while climbing the ranks and becoming a family officer by the age of 18. Her mother might have been caring for her all her life, but now Vlithra could see and feel her ruthlessness and cruelty as a leader. Because of that she strived to become her successor simply to avoid another ruthless leader taking charge should she pass on. Vlithra’s goal in the end would be to slowly separate the Seiryú from the Kaalea to become its own independent organization.

Most but not all things Vlithra did during her criminal career required the “hands on” approach with sometimes brutal, but non-lethal, outcomes. Those reached from collecting debts for loan sharks, providing protection services for residents and people of interest to managing some of the families substitute companies in other regions and fighting turf wars against local street gangs. In her later days however, she would accompany her mother for formal meetings and would act as her representative when she was too busy, with surprisingly good results thanks to what she learned from her.
Despite that Vlithra was not liked, even despised, by some other high ranking officials of the Kaalea, due to her being still as soft hearted and stubborn as a youngster. She refrained from blackmailing or threatening people and authorities, was sometimes just a bit too forgiving in case of transgressions from subordinates and was unruly to anyone of her higher ups with the exception being her mother. This had put her in a bad light in the eyes of the Kaalea.

Then as tensions within the Kaalea-Syndicate were rising due to a power struggle for the suddenly empty seat of leader, many of the subsidiaries would start to fight for power amongst each other and eliminate key figures of others just to get the upper hand. As the Seiryú were the biggest, they were the priority target. Vlithra was falsely framed for the murder of a higher ranking official of the Kaalea. Her mother, who was currently sitting her time out in custody due to a public accusation, wasn’t able to provide her own testament or an alibi for her daughter and through the forging of evidence Vlithra was found guilty throughout the syndicate. This not only eliminated Vlithra, but also made it impossible for her mother Ahia to become the new Syndicate-Leader as she carries the responsibility for her daughter’s actions. Nobody would want the mother of a traitor being the syndicate's leader, as that would bring a bad image. The news of the murder were however never spread to the public and remained a private matter within the organization to not cause a ruckus.

This is where Vlithra’s whole life took a turn for the worst. She was marked a traitor and thrown into the so called “Purgatory”, which was basically the crime-syndicate’s own secret torture prison. There, inmates would be stripped of their right to live and be tortured to die a slow agonizing death. Vlithra didn’t cope well with having everything taken from her and frequently lashed out in rage during her short time there. Specifically when Kaalea members came to torture her, they brandished more than just crude torture tools.
For the first time in her life, being pressured like this and fearing the upcoming pain she would have to endure for something she didn't commit, a “fight or flight” response was triggered within her, which unlocked her semblance in the process and allowed her to knock her assailants out without them laying a finger on her. Vlithra then successfully broke the chains that bound her and continued defending herself with the help of her aura. She was however recaptured as she didn’t have the strength to break out on her own and had just discovered her semblance. In the end she endured, fighting back when they tried to torture her and biding her time until she would see the chance to escape.

And a chance there was. After four grueling days without food and barely any sleep to avoid getting drugged, help came in the form of a raid that was conducted by police authorities assisted by huntsmen and huntresses, which allowed Vlithra to escape in the ensuing chaos. Apparently Vlithra’s mother thought ahead, expecting someone to set them up and had an informant reveal information about the whereabouts of the prison to several huntsmen who, after investigating, then mobilized the authorities to raid the place.

Ahia then used her contacts to first, wipe all traces of Vlithra’s original identity of all existing criminal records, and secondly to create a new identity for her as the niece of the famous Irezumi-artist "Jay Qing Long" who coincidently moved his tattooing parlor to Vale not too long before. That is how Vlithra Qing Long was born. Mother and daughter met one last time in secret for a final farewell, before Vlithra set off to Vale with minimal supplies and her two weapons only.

Now basically banished from her family, Vlithra swore revenge. Seeing as how the huntsmen who raided “Purgatory” were able to go up against the Kaalea crime-syndicate, Vlithra decided the best way to reach her goal was to become a huntress herself, therefore applying at Beacon Academy after traveling to Vale and working as an assistant for old man Jay for a year. Once she would graduate, she intends to use her newfound skills and her crime-world knowledge to track down whoever was involved in framing her for murder and punish them accordingly. Wether or not she can return to her old life after that is something she ponders about daily.
1st Year Student, Tattooing-Assistant
Before attending Beacon, Vlithra was taught by a private teacher in school subjects, exceeding in history and politics. Her combat tutor was none other than her mother, Ahia the One Armed Deceiver, who herself is an incredible fighter as she is able to combat fully fledged huntsmen and huntresses even with her handicap of missing an arm. Throughout her time Vlithra learned to use all kinds of melee weapons, but is the most proficient with bladed weapons, especially swords. She can wield only the most basic guns and rifles, being very poor in terms of accuracy. Additionally she is not very capable in terms of using dust, only knowing the basics of using it. However due to her crime life she not only has a lot of life experience and knowledge in terms of combat, but also possesses the wits, charisma and levelheadedness needed of a leader.
Semblance Name:
Kinetic Discharge
Semblance Description:
This semblance allows Vlithra to discharge a visible form of energy from her body and although being neither heat, light nor electricity it shares a lot of similarities with the latter in terms of appearance. The energy is however purely kinetic in nature, propelling anything it comes into contact with away from Vlithra. It appears like green lightning, which can be created and channeled by using aura and dissipates quickly once expelled from her body. Vlithra’s hair levitates, the tips of it, her eyes and her stripes glow in a bright green color when the semblance is being used.

The most basic form of usage is the literal discharge in the form of a shock wave of kinetic energy around Vlithra. Given enough aura to fuel its strength, it is easily capable of nullifying the momentum of projectiles coming her way and has a maximum range of roughly 3 meters around Vlithra. The strength of the kinetic energy expelled is comparable to the amount of aura used. The more aura Vlithra uses to fuel her semblance, the stronger the kinetic force gets.

With more focus it allows for concentrated discharges from her arms or legs, highly increasing the shock waves impact. Since its more focused it hits like a semi-truck and allows her to launch objects and people alike away from her with brutal force, however requiring for Vlithra to either touch what she wants to launch or to spend a big portion of her aura.

Should Vlithra think her own physical capabilities aren’t enough to topple her opponent or if she is just that desperate to win a fight, she can channel the energy through her own body to amplify her striking power, overall speed and movement with additional kinetic energy, however making her movements more sluggish as a result and straining her body immensely. In this state her body gets really tense wearing down by the second, making this more of a last resort move than anything else. The pain she feels during it is even worse as it feels like her limbs are about to blow off, tearing her body asunder. Should she use this, green-black energy will crackle around her body like a storm of electricity.

The main drawbacks of this semblance are not only it’s limited range, but also the high amount of aura needed to use it efficiently. While it is easy and quick to channel the energy and to expel it, it uses a lot of Vlithra’s aura depending on how strong the kinetic impact is supposed to be.
A shock wave that equals the force of a light shove isn’t power consuming at all and requires no concentration.
A shock wave powerful enough to counter the momentum of an incoming projectile takes more, but not too much or her aura, meaning she can do that more often but needing much more focus.
Launching something away or countering a full-on attack is however a different matter, as it takes way more kinetic force to nullify the momentum of an attack or launching an object away therefore consuming way more Aura.
This leaves Vlithra with a limited amount of uses during combat.
Weapon Name:
Viridian Naraka and Carnassial Talon
Weapon Image: ... _Talon.png
Weapon Description:
In terms of weaponry Vlithra likes her weapons the way she dresses, sharp and deadly.

Carnassial Talon is a short-sword with a guard. The blade is straight, very sturdy, sharp and about 25 inches long. It is used for thrusting and slicing attacks with Vlithra being able to switch quickly from wielding it normal to wielding it with a reverse grip. A hole in the pommel allows for the insertion of a small Dust cartridge which Vlithra has designed herself. It allows her to infuse the blade with the dust from the cartridge allowing it to gain the dusts specific properties and enabling to fire dust projectiles from the blade. She has limited her use of Dust to wind, water, ice and combustion so far and carries one cartridge of each in her holster.

Viridian Naraka is Vlithra’s main weapon and weapon of choice. A masterly crafted sword with a 43 inch blade that is slightly curved at the tip, a hilt that is fitted for both one-handed and two-handed wielding, a cross guard with forward facing spikes at the ends and extremely sharp edges with re-hooks near the guard area of the blade. The edge is made specifically to react to the user’s aura and thus glows in the wielders aura color when the blade is drawn. An aura powered battery inside the sheath can imbue the blade with electricity when the sword is drawn from it, making its cuts more precise and powerful for a limited amount of time. The color of the electricity is also the same as the wielders aura and even without the current that enhances it, its still as deadly as any other sword would be. Contrary to its looks, the sword is light enough that Vlithra can swing it with one hand without problems.
The sheath for the sword normally dangles from Vlithra’s left hip, below the hilt for Carnassial Talon which are both fixated to the chain belt Vlithra wears. The sheath of Viridian Naraka utilizes a fingerprint-lock to prevent anyone other than Vlithra from drawing the blade.

(Disclaimer: The Weapon Images are not made by me and more used as reference material next to the description.)
Other Gear:
-Cartridge holster: Located on her left hip and fixated on her chain belt. It stores two cartridges of each dust type that Vlithra uses with Carnassial Talon.
-Arm-/Shin Guards: Worn beneath her clothing they are a surprise defense method just in case Vlithra doesn't have a weapon on hand. Made of solid steel they are capable to block most bladed attacks, but aren't very useful in deflecting gunfire or heavy weapons.
Fighting Style:
Vlithra prefers combat just like she used to do debt collections, up close and personal. Given her wide range of martial training she uses many different fighting styles depending on the weapon she wields and therefore excels in meele combat, facing most enemies head on due to that. She is surprisingly nimble and dexterous for her size and additionally retains considerable striking power due to her strong build, which she uses fully to her advantage. Due to these traits Vlithra is known to overwhelm her foes with high aggression and unexpected strategies, overpowering opponents and suddenly turning the tide of battle in the blink of an eye if given the chance. One moment she could be with her back against the wall, but the next she could backflip against that same wall and jump towards the opponent to strike them in mid-air. Her semblance's defensive capabilities also allow her to defend against most melee- and ranged attacks, which she also may use to her advantage however relying too heavily on it from time to time. She may be calculated most of the time, but can become very reckless if push comes to shove which causes her to neglect her defense entirely. She is willing to take any attack just to get that one hit in that allows her to win the battle. This also means that a fighter that outclasses her or can keep her away from them is capable of just wrecking her.

Vlithra’s fighting style in unarmed combat is very unrefined, as she took inspiration from many different sources of martial-arts instead of mastering specific ones. Her overall stance is unassuming and simple, deceiving the all-around massive power and impressive speed that few like Vlithra possess to properly execute her style of combat efficiently. She uses powerful punches and kicks akin to moves seen in MMA-combat and street-fighting, grapples and holds from wrestling and even dance moves from breakdancing are implemented. These moves are also partially used when using weapons which leads to her performing crazy acrobatics mid combat only made possible by her amazingly honed body.
To compensate for her lacking technique Vlithra is a genius in terms of combat tactics and using improvised weapons. She frequently finds creative ways to use her surroundings or the situation overall to her advantage. Something she adopted from frequently being the underdog in skirmishes with thugs from other organisations.
If absolutely necessary Vlithra will resort to more unfair or unorthodox strategies to gain an advantage. This includes: Kicking up dust or sand to obstruct vision, pulling at clothing or hair, bashing an enemy in the face to disorient them or even low blows and attacking weak spots. To fight “fair” in the underworld is a luxury you sadly cannot afford, especially if you are not armed.

With Carnassial Talon she utilizes a specialized fighting style that relies on weapon attacks coupled with powerful punches, kicks and ferocious counter attacks in a style built around going from defense into offense at the right time. Vlithra’s physique makes it possible for her to withstand most melee attacks, allowing her to wait and tire her opponent out before countering and attacking. She is always standing strong and never wavering when defending, yet being nimble, agile and unrelenting when going on the offensive.

With Viridian Naraka she uses a fighting style that is all about consistency and balanced two- and one-handed swordsmanship, featuring a mix of strong and fast swings with her blade. She can also use a more exotic and complicated sword form that is harder to use, but also the more rewarding. It’s highly based on maintaining combat form and strength while implementing fast and erratic movements. Vlithra is quick, deadly and efficient and uses the sheaths aura battery to empower her sword should her opponent’s defenses be too strong.

Forcing her hand will cause her to dual wield her weapons. While her attacks become more predictable, they become all the more difficult to block. Her sword strikes with utmost power and speed, while her other weapon is either used to create openings in the opponent’s defense or deflecting counter attacks during the onslaught. It is very difficult to defend against, especially since she implements everything into a singular fierce combat form. This also means that Vlithra can sometimes get creative on how she uses her weapons together. For instance, she once used Carnassial Talon as a pivot in the ground after diving low to escape an attack and then used the momentum to spin around and strike the opponents heel with Viridian Naraka.
All in all Vlithra is a great asset in any team, even if not as a leader. Her close-combat capabilities really make her a front runner that cannot be ignored and additionally her semblance makes it very difficult for man and Grimm alike to land a hit on her, allowing her to be more independent and to hold her own in a fight.
She has a massive amount of willpower and will see things through to the bitter end. She will endure anything it takes to accomplish what she sets out to do, even if it means disregarding her own safety.

On paper she makes a great friend that one can always rely on when it matters given that she is loyal almost to her fault. It also helps that she still has a few ties to the underworld of Remnant and in addition has the criminal know-how needed to commune with, get information from and interact with local intel-dealers, the black market and the local underworld overall.
Vlithra’s specialization in melee-combat makes her very bad at long range engagements and limits her options in combat a lot. Also not wielding a proper gun means her only ranged options are to send forth objects as projectiles using her semblance, which uses up a lot of aura, or alternatively use one of the few dust cartridges she carries around.
Vlithra’s semblance is more often than not a crutch for when she doesn’t immediately overwhelm the opponent, since it’s used as a defensive measure aside from its offensive applications as well.
She tends to be reckless should her options be limited, heavily neglecting her defense and well being just to land hits on her foe.

Vlithra overall is “odd” to say the least. She is socially awkward and doesn't dare approach others for that reason. Either that or it is because she simply doesn't trust others as the organization she comes from heavily scrutinized strangers. Making friends and building up trust to someone is really not her strong suit due to that, but a suit she shall wear when she is approached by someone else.
Speaking of suits, being dressed like a "mafia hot shot" in suit pants, a vest and a shirt all the time really doesn’t make her seem like the friendliest of faces around and makes her give off the “This person is trouble”-vibe.
Her identity being found out could also bring her and anyone affiliated with her into serious trouble.
+Fighting and Sparring. Literally her most favorite things to do.
+Tattoos. Occasionally helps out her old man Jay in his tattoo parlor from time to time.
+Combat Classes.
+Jasmine Tea. She is a connoisseur for tea in general and always prepares a can of tea in the morning to drink throughout the day. Jasmine is her favorite since its so sweet.
+Instant-Noodles/Ramen. Fast, convenient and delicious. What more does one want if they can’t cook?
+Being sharply dressed and other people who dress as sharp.
+Tampering with Blades & Knifes. Maintaining her weapons is one of her daily rituals.
+Breakdancing. Started as a secondary hobby due to some moves having applications in combat, which however grew into one of her free time activities. She also really took an interest to dancing overall and started visiting clubs.
-Racism against faunus and stereotypes of all kind. Due to her firm belief that everyone should be treated as an equal she reacts aggressive towards those who do not think the same.
-People who are being disrespectful for no reason or think they are above morals.
-Atlesians. Mostly because she expects them to act according to the aforementioned criteria, although thats hypocritical coming from her. One could say she despises them as much as they would despise her.
-The taste and smell of Coffee and Alcohol. Hates things that taste bitter.
-Talking about her heritage. Mainly due to the risk of her identity being found out.
Fun Facts:
-Vlithra can’t cook for shit and will usually turn any kitchen into a room sized battlefield when trying to do anything related to cooking.
-Vlithra has a tendency to take naps after physical activity or to pass time in general. She will often be seen lazing about in the garden area of the campus. If disturbed during this 'meditation', as she calls it, she will get extremely moody and sometimes even be outright aggressive towards any individual disturbing her.
-Jasmine tea is Vlithra's favourite beverage to drink. She comes to thoroughly enjoy it during her freetime or sometimes during studies.
-Despite now being a student at Beacon, Vlithra still has contact with the intel-dealers of her family to keep her up to date on all the happenings back home.
Recent Events:
-Took out a hitsquad of a local street gang in the midst of night.
-Was promptly proposed to marriage by Bartok when they first met. She answered with a clear and concise no.
-Compacted a can, by using Bartok's face. Launched said can against his head by using her semblance.
-Obliterated a pillar of ice to demonstrate her semblance.
Alternate Characters:
Melina Caedus

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