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Sep 7
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Turtle)
Beacon Academy Boys' Dormitory
6'6" (198cm)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Tall and lanky, Lennie keeps his shoulder-length brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His face is covered in a short, well-kempt beard, and his nose is flat, with nostril slits like those of a turtle.
Outfit Description:
Lennie typically wears jeans, a sea green t-shirt which he never tucks in, and a faded leather jacket with the cuffs rolled back. His studded leather work boots have a myriad of thin metal spikes in their soles.
Personality Description:
Extraordinarily extroverted and upbeat, Lennie much prefers spending his waking hours anywhere that isn't his own room (though he always sleeps there). Never one to make friends come to him, he'll often drop by unannounced with the intent of dragging his friends off on some spur-of-the-moment adventure.
Backstory Highlights:
Lennie has never been any good at staying out of trouble, and it's probably for lack of trying. His impulsive personality and competitive spirit earned him numerous tumbles as a child, even getting him into a few fights - no hard feelings, though.

Constantly needing to use his fists or feet to get out of a jam meant that Lennie learned to box on the streets and to run in the woods, and neither of these things went unnoticed. His height and speed earned him recognition in sports, and his natural talent for boxing garnered attention of an entirely different sort.

Thankfully for Lennie, his uncle was a prolific coach of the literal ins and outs of boxing to many people, including a few Huntsmen and Huntresses who wanted to shore up their unarmed combat ability. As a result, Lennie trained alongside many of Remnant's finest in a competitive, but friendly, environment. He found himself captivated by the stories that they would tell, and when it eventually came time for him to choose a career, he decided that he would take the entrance exam for Beacon Academy - even though he'd yet to discover his Semblance. If being a Huntsman doesn't work out, he can always go back to boxing, but Lennie would very much like to become a Huntsman, if for no other reason than it sounds like an awful lot of fun.
Lennie is a boxing prodigy who later studied with his uncle, Adrian Quortle.
Semblance Name:
Intransient Steps
Semblance Description:
<{Lennie's Semblance is locked.}>

Lennie can create small patches of solidness in any orientation he wishes in any location he would be able to see. The larger (or thicker) the patch or the further away from him he makes it, the more Aura this uses. The patches can easily support the full weight of the average person, but fracture almost immediately if fired upon, making them impractical for use as shields (though they'll work for temporary cover in a pinch). He primarily uses them for mid-air mobility so he can bring his foes into melee range.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Description:
A pair of thin, chain-link gloves covered in thousands of small, sharp spikes that Lennie keeps stored in the cuffs of his leather jacket, the Fisticufflets are all the armament a boxer needs.
Fighting Style:
A natural boxer, Lennie prefers his enemies get up close and personal with him - so he can pick apart their defenses with his fists and pummel them into submission. If that fails, a few well-placed kicks should do the trick.

Finding a way to deal with enemies at range is something he hopes to achieve while at school, and while he hopes that his Semblance will help with this when he unlocks it, he understands the need to not put all of his eggs in one basket: as such, he's been experimenting with ranged weapons to see if any of them would be a good addition to his arsenal.
Lennie is a boxing prodigy, so close-range enemies are his specialty.

Gregarious by nature, Lennie can defuse tense situations with his ability to make friends with just about anyone.
Lennie currently has no way to deal with enemies at range.

His leap-before-you-look nature doesn't always produce the most tactically-sound ideas.
+ spontaneity
+ spending time with friends
+ social drinking
+ being outside
- being alone
- being drunk
- social media
- bad weather
Recent Events:
Lennie only wishes he was this cool.
Alternate Characters:
Kailyn Keison
Lauren Voltaire
Sean McCabe
Chain Dupp
Azoireda Ikteris

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