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Erin Cherrywood
March 17
Gender Identity:
Faunus - Racoon Tail
Character Picture: ... -865790998
145 lbs
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
- Eyes color: Gold
- Hair color: Thick white, black, and grey streaks
- Hair Style: She has mid-back length hair. The upper half is typically worn in a high ponytail while the bottom half is split into two braids that go over her shoulders.
- Skin tone: Very fair, but tans easily.
- Build: Erin has a thick hourglass shape, she is not fat but she is not skinny either. She is toned.
Outfit Description:
Casual - Erin wears a black sweater with a grey hood and red strings over a purple t-shirt, dark blue jeans with slight rips in them, and black combat boots. ... -865790998

Date - A purple off the shoulder shirt with sleeves that go to mid-forearm and show the lower half of her stomach. A black fishnet tank top under the purple shirt. A dark gray skirt with black trim on top, with one red and one gold pleat under a gold square bearing her emblem. ... -867051846

School - Regular uniform with black leggings under her skirt.

Formal - A strapless white dress with a large black ribbon around her waist paired with tall black heels.

Sleep - Black sweats with a grey tank top.

Always - She wears a red ribbon necklace, edged with black lace, that holds a shiny coin against her throat.
Personality Description:
Erin is studious and highly values her alone time. While she likes helping people she prefers to do so from the shadows; for example, Erin might overhear someone complain about how they lost their favourite pencil and go out of her way to find it then slip it into their bag unseen. She adores deadpan humor and puns. She is the kind of friend who wants to play board games but will also disappear for days without contact just to recharge afterwards. She is aggressive and blunt, you know where you stand in her opinion. She will readily admit when she is wrong and is forgiving.
Backstory Highlights:
Erin was raised in a small, peaceful town in Vale that rarely suffered attacks from Grimm. Much of her hardship came from her faunus heritage and the fact that she was raised by a single mother. Her mother is an obnoxious flirt who decided she wanted a kid but didn't want the man to go with it; she found a man willing to give her a child and leave without a trace. Her mom runs the local bar and serves many huntsmen passing through on their way to and from missions. Erin would sit upstairs and listen to their tales of Grimm hunting and travel and become enamoured by the idea of being more than some lowly barmaid's daughter.

Erin highly values alone time and her bluntness turns most people off. Her closest friend is her neighbor Bartok. They met in school as young children and she's always loved his shiny red eyes. When they were young children some of the other kids would turn their attention to her and her obsession with shiny objects. She once got a small silver bracelet from her mom and the other kids took it from her and shoved her to the ground. Overwhelmed and unable to get it back, she sat in a corner and cried. Bartok gave her the shiniest coin she'd ever seen and she made it her goal to see him succeed in life - even if he irritated her to no end. Bartok was always being picked on due to his faunus lineage and for being mostly blind. She spent many nights covering people's porches with trash as a way to get back at them for messing with her friend - though she'd never admit it.

Bartok was a flirty jokester who was always pestering her but she liked having him around, he was one of few people who didn't exhaust her - a secret she keeps to herself. Most of their early training came from playing games with one another and trying to recreate the events that the passing huntsmen would tell. Erin unlocked her semblance during class, she was staring at the teacher intently and when they locked eyes it kicked in. It took her several more accidental triggers to realize what her semblance was and how to activate and deactivate it purposely.

Together Erin and Bartok enrolled in Signal, though Erin did her best to dissuade her friend - she had a deep fear of Bartok getting hurt due to his lack of sight. Once at Signal they met plenty of others with disabilities whose skills surpassed their own and she gave up on trying to talk him out of it.
Erin was a student at Signal
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
By briefly locking eyes with Erin her opponent is suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of vertigo. The opponent is overcome with a sensation of feeling off balance - they either feel like they are spinning or the world around them is spinning along with intense nausea. Once eye contact is broken the feeling persists for a short while. Vertigo's effects may be intensified or lowered based on the amount of aura she supplies as well as how much aura, and aura control, her opponent has.

Vertigo cannot be avoided by sunglasses (tinted or otherwise) or other eyewear. The only way to avoid Vertigo is to be unable to see - ie. Vertigo does not work through a blindfold.

Her semblance does not work on blind opponents but it can work on those who are semi blind so long as they can see her eyes.

She usually has to purposely activate her semblance but it can be triggered accidentally by intense focus if her eyes meet that of another - imagine when you are in deep thought and suddenly you realise you've been staring right at someone.

Her semblance costs little aura, since it is so short lived, giving her ability to use it in rapid succession on multiple enemies. However using it on large groups or large enemies (beowolf sized grimm and above) will cause her to become dizzy herself. To circumvent this issue her fighting style relies on a lot of acrobatics and twists which require her to be able to work through dizziness herself. She still gets dizzy, she's just learned how to navigate the world while it's spinning.

As of right now her semblance is only used in short bursts that serve to slow down her opponents and lower their guard, but the effects may be drawn out with future future training and aura control.
Weapon Name:
Urumi Pendulum
Weapon Image: ... 687e20.jpg
Weapon Description:
Urumi Pendulum was constructed with her semblance in mind as well as the idea of fighting multiple opponents at once. Erin is not particularly physically strong which makes Urumi Pendulum optimal for her as it works more like a whip than a sword or flail arm. Erin has learned to follow and work with the momentum of the blade and thus her techniques include many spins and agile manoeuvres which make the weapon particularly well suited against multiple weapons and work in tandem with her semblance which relies on the opponent feeling dizzy. When not in use Urumi Pendulum is worn coiled around the waist like a belt, with the handle at the Erin's side like a conventional sword.

Physically, Urumi Pendulum is a long, black, whip like blade that splits into four different blades that can be filled with dust. When Urumi Pendulum is in single blade form the blades are spiraled around one another. There is a button on the bottom of the handle that splits the blades into four and calls them back together.

Her weapon only cuts and cannot safely be used to hold opponents. When she does try to hold her target the blades inevitably slice and let go.
Fighting Style:
Much of Erin's fighting style is based on the art of confusion. Her weapon and semblance both aim to attack her opponents sense of balance. Many of her attacks rely on quick, flitting, motions that build over time. Many of her attacks rely on her athleticism and agile nature combined with spins and jumps.

Since Urumi Pendulum only cuts and her semblance relies on direct eye contact she uses the multiple tendrils of of Urumi Pendulum to force her opponent's movements. Using the multiple tendrilled form of her weapon she aims two tendrils at either side of her enemy while the other two strike at the body of her opponent. She then leaps in and puts herself eye to eye with her opponent so she can activate Vertigo before rolling backwards and using Urumi Pendulum's blades to cover her retreat.
- Dependable
- Honest
- Passionate
- Determined
- Diligent
- Perceptive
- Skillful
- Persuasive
- Independent
- Insightful
- Brave
- Protective
- Faithful
- Thoughtful
- Quick-witted
- Quiet
- Tolerant
- Clever
- Forgiving
- Curious
- Hard-working
- Helpful
- Self-disciplined
- Orderly
- Wise
- Selfless
- Witty
- Detached
- Aggressive
- Opinionated
- Aloof
- Sneaky
- Stubborn
- Pessimistic
- Blunt
- Jealous
- Calculating
- Quick-tempered
- Rigid
- Impatient
- Withdrawn
- Starches
- Reading
- Shiny objects
- Movies
- Deadpan humor
- Traveling
- Exploring
- Tabletop games
- Rock tumbling
- Post cards
- Canopy beds
- Dumpster diving
- Treasure hunting
- Talking for extended periods of time
- Being flirted with
- Sweets
- Overly loud people
- Being forced to do something
- Social events
- Public displays of affection
- Mismatched socks
- Liars
- Pranks
- Overly loud bass
- Overly bright lights
Fun Facts:
Erin is obsessed with shiny items and goes out of her way to obtain them. Her obsession is so strong that she drops her trademark scowl for a cheerful grin as she excitedly examines the item of interest.
Recent Events:
- Has made friends with Kailyn and acknowledged a gift for making obstacle courses.

- Attended Bartok's beach party. It's been revealed that her blunt manner is superseded by concern for another's secrets or trying to be kind for Bartok's sake.

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