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Castor Achromos
January 1st
Gender Identity:
Fanus (snakes eyes)
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
If his choice of clothing showed his lack of wealth, then Castor's physical characteristics revealed the kind of lifestyle the young Faunus had. Despite his average stature, Castor physique is rather abnormal and much defined compared expected someone his age, though the numerous scars and bruises scatted about his tan body clearly show the consequences of his training. His short hair lacks any resembles to any actual style and more something akin to a bushel of grass glued together. Castor mostly keeps it in such a way out of boredom, intentionally having it block a portion of his face. Aside from the unintentional benefit of hiding his Faunus eyes, only ever sweeping his hair back when he's taking a fight seriously.

Unlike your typical Faunus who's traits tend to be a tad more obvious from a glance, such as cat ears or monkey tails. Castor's eyes who thin slit-like pupil reveal his nature as a snake, and despite's its vibrant shade of red Castor himself is unable to see in color. Simply seeing the world in a monotone mixture of light and dark, though such a foreign concept like color doesn't seem to bother him in the least. His eyes do however have a very sharp sense of detail, so much so that Castor can not only see in low light conditions but have his vision be unhindered while underwater, and still easily pick up details in the environment. One may think that given his outer appearance that Castor would be some sort of wild child, who goes about picking fights with anything and anyone around him.

While there is some truth to that...there is much more that goes on with his mind than one might expect.
Outfit Description:
A simple glance can you easily that Castor is not exactly one who follows fashion trends, after all the wear and tear his clothes have gone through it would be easy to confuse him with a bum. His...maybe black mostly frayed jacket is probably older than he is, Castor also tends to wear it over his shoulders with only a gold chain keeping it in place. Underneath that is an equally worn-out whitish undershirt. For leggings he sports a dark pair of jeans which may or may not nibbled on by tiny beowolves near the bottom...his shoes while being a mixture of black and white are in similar disrepair so much so that the bottom of them is completely smooth from overuse.

Aside from that, the only other clothing he has is the Beacon academy uniform. Which oddly enough Castor considers it to be something of a "monkey suit" with how much he dislikes.
Personality Description:
If it wasn’t already obvious Castor is rather eccentric, granted the role of a huntsman tends to attract such people. Unlike his mentors such as Set surviving out in the wild with brutal efficiency, or Heru who plays politician more so than a huntress. Castor prefers to play things by ear, allowing his ridiculous hedonistic impulses to dictate his actions most of the time. Castor saw no value in the black and white views of morality as most people did, seeing all methods of succeeding in life were equal. Granted he wasn't the type to actively do something reckless like breaking the law with abaondon, instead he would at least consider it an one of many options at his disposal.

That being said his own personal preference leaned towards more destructive means, after all, this usually ended up with starting fights..and usually end rather brutally if Castor goes into them seriously. When it comes to more subtle means of getting what he wants Castor more often than not fails spectacularly, and tends to hate playing minds games with a passion...along with word puzzles, math. One could call him stupid and not be too far off the mark, though it would be more apt to call him simple as he does own a rather sharp mind. Being able to adjust to situations quickly and think even faster on his feet. Despite being so thick-headed and stubborn at times, Castor is very social and outgoing with people.

In his bizarre way finding some kind of common ground with people was rather easy at times thanks to his blunt and honest nature, plus his carefree attitude with life makes him someone easy to approach once you know him past any first impressions.
Backstory Highlights:
At first glance one can easily make a guess at what kind of childhood Castor had, living on your own in mistral will do that to you after all. Unlike your usual orphan who can be found rummaging through the back alleys of a city looking for food or shelter to make by, Castor found himself outside the safety of normal civilization. In fact, his earliest memories were of him as a child no older than ten years old digging himself out through dirt and mud as if he was buried alive, most people would lose their mind in this situation. Castor however remained eerily focused, while not even knowing which way was up, he continued to dig forward in hopes to escape his predicament. Despite his small frame, Castor found himself being able to quickly dig his way through as if some unknown energy was guiding his actions. Once he made his way out of...what might as well be his unmarked grave for all he knew. He still had no idea where he was as the area around him was covered in fog, combined that with the constant rain. The only thing Castor could see at a distance were mountains...and some strange glowing lights.

Not knowing where else to go Castor ventured forward unsure of what to do next, as time went by, he could feel the energy that helped his earlier slowly give way to hunger and fatigue. Castor could no longer focus on the lights ahead of him, as the energy that drove him forward soon gave way to hunger and fatigue. With his vision starting to blur, his mind starting to blank, and his body slowly refusing his command Castor tried to make his way forwards to no avail and soon collapsed on the ground. When he woke up Castor found himself inside a small shack where he was greeted by a hunched-over old man covered in head to toe in a strange "red" cloak, with a bone-like mask fashioned after some strange Grimm he had never seen.

The man question Castor and what a lone child was doing on their own, after a moment he was told of the young boy's predicament. It was impossible to tell what the stranger's reaction was, but as the two of them continued to talk the energy that had consumed Castor had returned. At that point, it was clear the stranger had taken an interest "strange to someone alone out here." The stranger would continue asking what Castor intended to do. When the boy said he wasn't sure, he was offered a chance to be trained and learn from the stranger who introduced himself as Set. For the next few years, Castor would spend every waking moment learning from Set, in time Castor would learn about aura and its uses. Most importantly he would learn about the huntsman and huntresses who train to kill grimm. Whenever the subject came up however it was clear Set's opinion of them was rather low though he refused to say why, as his training continued Castor would only continue to improve his skills. The nature of his aura soon became apparent as well, Set had warned against becoming overly dependent on such abilities. Warning his pupil that many would-be heroes had meet short, tragic ends due to such arrogance. He was also warned not to involve himself with other people, claiming that some people are more dangerous than even the deadliest creatures of grimm.

After a certain point, these conversations only served to whet Castor’s appetite for life as a huntsman, to see for himself if people were as bad as Set claimed they were. Castor also wished to see if he could find out more about his past, and why he was left buried alive in the middle of nowhere. Eventually Set would relent convinced the only way Castor would see his way is with firsthand experience. Directed him to one of the closest towns to see just how people are, per his mentor’s instructions Castor made sure he was not seen as he made his way into the city. Set also made him promise not to interact with people and only to observe from a distance, which Castor obliged...despite every fiber of his being telling him not to. As he continued making his way through the city, Castor could not help but notice many of the things Set had told him to seem to be correct. Many people seemed to be more than willing to use what little power and abuse each other whether it be human or Faunus it made no difference to these people, the more he saw of it, the more it lit a sense of bloodlust within him. So much so that if his train of thought had not been cut short, Castor would have more than likely acted on those impulses.

“For a second I thought I saw a beat, stalking its prey, but tis only a little child.” The voice said, belonging to a woman draped in a black cloak, and a white grimm mask fashioned after what might look like a bird. The woman’s garbs bore a striking resemblance to Set, “been meaning to meet you for a while now, had no idea my uncle’s protégé was a snake of all things.” When pressed further on what she meant the leady would introduce herself has Heru, huntress, and sister to Set. She would go further on to explain that Set had kept her appraised of Castor’s training and requested she finish the rest of it before he is allowed to enroll in a huntsman academy. After that Castor was willing to play with his mentor’s games if it meant getting into one of the academies.

Though the question as to why the change in mentors? wouldn't finishing the training with Set be enough? Heru explained that Set would be too preoccupied with a problem that required his attention, and would be leaving to another kingdom. She claimed the only reason she agreed to finish his training was as a favor to Set.

For the next two years, he would be under the tutelage of Heru, though the training he went through was not the same he had gone through with Set. Along with the physical aspects he was expected to meet and exceed as a huntsman, Castor was also expected to perform civic duties as well and have a life outside of just killing monsters. At first, the young man had little interest in such things, believing they were a waste of time and hindered his combat training. Eventually, he would find some joy in simple pleasantries such as art, dancing to even listening to music by himself, and while he was never good at any of them. He would find some fun in drinking and goofing off with locals every now and again.

Despite Heru’s disapproval of such hedonistic views, even she couldn't deny that Castor was more than ready to become a huntsman. At the end of the training, Heru and Set would both send him off, recommending that he go with Beacon academy within Vale, believing he would have the most success as opposed to one within their current kingdom.
Castor lacks formal education but was taught many academic and practical skills from his mentor. From reading, writing, and mathematics, among other skills expected of a person his age. To skills that would prove a more realistic use from living outside such as tracking, survival. When it comes to skills that involve less killing grimm and more trying to be a decent human, he has his second mentor Heru for that. Who taught him more practical aspects of living a social life such as the arts and even how to talk with other people. Granted the results of such things tend to vary...greatly.
Semblance Name:
Chaotic Psyche
Semblance Description:
Castor's semblance at first seems like any other summoning type of ability, molding one's aura to conjure a beast or guardian to aid the caster. That soon quickly changes as the creature's destructive tendencies and aggressive nature earned it the moniker of Chaotic psyche. The conjured beast in question looks more comfortable in a bestiary of Grimm than out in the wild. With its long serpentine skeletal frame with only its fangs bleeding a deep red, very few people would believe such a monstrosity is made of aura...let alone being controlled by someone.

Set claims his student's lack of discipline and willpower over the beast is the cause of its appearance, believing that its true visage will appear over time through experience. Regardless of this abomination is still quite impressive as it is. At a length of sixty feet it easily dwarfs most Grimm, Castor affectionately names Fidi dwarfs most beasts found outside in the wild. It's at this point is where the similarities between a standard summon and Castor's Fidi end, as the serpentine beast is the only summon Castor can conjure.

At first, this seems bizarre most summoners would have had access to multiple conjurations. But once you realize that Castor's creation seemingly grows out of his aura like a plant budding out of the ground. Unlike more traditionally forms of summoning, Fidi acts more akin to an extension of Castor's will as opposed to a mindless puppet who defends him. Though at times this is to his detriment as Fidi tends to butt heads with Castor...literally on certain issues and situations like a puppy throwing a tantrum. Not only that but the farther it strays from Castor the weaker it seems to be, with thirty feet seems to drop off point of its performance.

Fidi is quite durable and adept and assisting Castor in numerous scenarios. Usually acting as an extra limb in fights thanks to its surprising strength and length, Fidi also able to detach itself from Castor's body and act on its own. Allowing for two-pronged assaults or even the potential spying on others. As it turns out Castor can see through Fidi's eyes like a or in this case eye sockets... Heru claimed overtime Castor would be able to extend his other senses over to his summon and joking claimed Fidi would be able to do the same thing as well...

Lastly is Fidi's...appetite for dust in all its forms, from raw dust crystals, refined vials to even the electrical by-product from weapons like Molon Labe. It seems the summon has something of an obsession with the stuff, constantly devouring and absorbing the material through its body when it can. Fidi can harness this substance in a variety of ways, such as quickly reconstitute itself undoing the damage caused to it and sparing Castor from burning extra aura to fix the damage himself. Naturally expelling the dust as a projectile attack is also possible, along with infusing its body with dust elements such as bathing itself in flames or engulfing its fangs in lightning. Both of his mentors claimed this was Fidi's most destructive ability, they both also agreed Fidi would only continue to grow in size and strength in time.

But neither of them could agree on how the serpentine's dust ability would grow, would it be able to consume more unstable forms of dust over time? manipulate the more unique aspects of such materials as gravity dust to float? or even combine different dust elements to create new effects all together?
Weapon Name:
Molon labe
Weapon Description:
At first glance, Castor's weapon of choice looked like some simple outdated pair of gloves compared to modern weaponry such as guns, rockets, and transforming swords that were also guns and/or rockets. The name of said gloves was Molon labe, given to him by his mentors when he went to leave for Beacon. The fingerless gloves seemed to be made out of worn but durable leather straps that covered half of his forearm, banded over the knuckle portion of the gloves were strange pieces of crimson shaded metal.

It seems the gloves a trick up its sleeves, Molon Labe turns out was infused with some amount of electricity dust. Castor quickly discovered that he was able to tap into the destructive energy of the imbued dust through friction. As long as he kept his hand moving, even if his jabs or counters missed the weapon would start to build up the electricity. The same energy could easily be discharged via contact, and given his very active fighting style meant that Molon labe would be in a constant state of peaks and valleys with its energy generation. With the damage, it's able to dish out being determined to how much Castor had built up before then. The gloves could, unfortunately, keep their energy for long as it quickly starts to die when movement slowed down. As the metals in the weapon are unable to store the electrostatic currents it generates. Despite the leather having some form in insulating for protection, they can do little to protect particularly strong electricity such as one from a storm or strong semblance.
Other Gear:
Usually carries a bag with handful of dust crystals.
Fighting Style:
Unlike most martial artists, Castor’s combat style like his weapon is much older compared to most of their counterparts. In the case of his fighting style, Castor uses an old-school combination of boxing and wrestling. His usual train of thought switching between both to suit his needs. This is further emphasized with his stance, which shares aspects between boxing and wrestling, a leaning frontal stance, open relaxed hands pointed forward like a wrestler, the boxing aspects come from the slight turn his stance has, to allow quick reach for his punches.

The arms are also held much higher than a wrestler with the main arm is fully extended forward and the rear arm is held back. The positioning of the feet also plays an important matter in how Castor fights, with most of the weight behind the rear foot for stability and powerful kicks, while the front leg is used more for quick, farther kicks and equally fast leg defense.

All these aspects together create a strong foundation for Castor’s skills as a fighter, his preference for fundamentals over flashy techniques means he tends to be more deliberate with his moves. Such as throwing jabs to pick his foe apart piece by piece at range like an out boxer, or his numerous skills with grapples, locks, and holds similar to traditional wrestling.

Most of the speed in his fighting comes with his reaction timing, making a last-second dodge or reversal to clinch victory from certain death is far more enjoyable than it has any right to be in his mind. This illusion of reckless confidence portrays the image of a man who dances with death and danger, oddly befitting a huntsman.
Castor’s unique upbringing allows him certain benefits expected from someone his age. The combination of his semblance and fighting style make a potent combo for most fights. Be it one foe or multiple Castor rarely had trouble handling them unless caught off guard.

The reason being is that due to his fighting style being a much older one the chances of people being aware of it are small compared to most martial arts, along with his semblance whether it a fistfight or contest of grapples Castor dictates the flow of a fight and quickly adapt to expected situations. High pain tolerance was also a reward as part of his training, after all a good portion of said training involved hunting grimm.

But not everything about Castor is all business, on the contrary, he much rather enjoys the moments where he doesn’t have to risk his life, judging from the silliness he could provide to any party it’s honestly hard to ever see Castor as someone who would willingly involve himself in more morally dubious activities. Even more so doing such things on a whim, as if the concept of right and wrong are foreign as colors to him. Of course, such dangerous tendencies are double-edged swords and come with their own weaknesses.
While Castor’s many skills may help in a pinch, he has equally as many faults that impede his progress and more importantly can be exploited by opponents. His fighting style while effective and simple is also quite old is mostly built around extensive use of fundamentals. When against those who are more skilled or who use more unorthodox styles of combat Castor tends to struggle against them.

Another weakness is the limited ranged options Castor has, while his semblance is useful in combat, his only real ranged option costs comes from Fidi firing off dust from a distance...which brings us to the elephant in the room which is Fidi. While quite usfull and down right instrumental to Castor's surivvial at times also costs an abundant amount of aura to maintain. Meaning if for some reason his summon is undone or flat out destoryed, theres goes a good chunk of Castor's aura reserves.
+Showing off
-City life
-Overly Moral people
-Manipulative people
-Lack of skill in Dancing
-Lack of skill in playing musical instruments
-Lack of skill in creating art

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