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Bartok Evergreen
Oct. 31st
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Vampire Bat)
6' 4"
Eye Color:
Bright Crimson
Aura Color:
Blood Red
Physical Description:
Bartok is a tall individual, equal parts torso as his legs. His muscles underneath all of his fashion are toned like steel cables, staying close to his lean frame. Glossy black hair parted in the middle flows down to his neck. His pale skin stands out against all of the dark colors he wears.

Bartok has two Faunus traits of the Vampire Bat: Large bat ears sprout from his head, and pronounced canines that are functionally able to pierce skin.

Because of his worse-than-poor eyesight, Bartok relies heavily on echolocation to tell his surroundings. His large bat ears allow him to do this. With small clicks from his mouth or the sounds of his finger-snapping or even taps with his shoes, Bartok is able to get a very good lay of his surroundings.
Outfit Description:
Bartok always dresses to impress, even if he can't look in a mirror. Not of any folklore reason of becoming invisible in reflections, it's just that his eyes work terribly. However, he's always known that appearances matter.

His casual wear is a scarlet red button-up blouse(with the top 1 or 2 buttons unbuttoned, depending on his mood along with a popped collar) with a black silk vest with golden buttons over it. Black slacks with hints of a lighter shade of black striped down the legs come to black dress shoes that travel up to mid-shin under the pants. A black belt holds his shirt tucked underneath. Black and gold goggles cover his delicate eyes, shading everything but the sun to a thick, deep brown and black color.

When he wants to steal the show, Bartok has a full tux to wear. The suit jacket is a deeper, red color with a golden pocket square. A nicer version of his daily vest is worn underneath, still black, and then a golden blouse held together at his throat with a deep void-black tie. Scarlet slacks that match his suit are worn over his legs and nice, slightly scuffed to perfection black dress shoes that end at the ankle adorn his feet. Instead of his goggles, a pair of black spectacles rest on his nose.
Personality Description:
Bartok, for all of his fasion and showmanship, is a flirt and a jokester first and a gentleman second. Sometimes he can go a little too far for a joke or push an advance a little farther than he should, earning him a slap from women in both cases. Bartok doesn't let it phase him past flicking a smile, snapping his fingers into gun shapes, and wiggling them at the departing offendees. He also flicks finger guns at most girls that catch his eye. He also does it when a good joke is told, and when someone makes a fair point in an argument, and also when listening to good music. But he never, ever snaps his fingers at those who he's angry at. Not just enemies, as he will snap finger guns at Grimm and criminals alike with a flash of his sparkling teeth, but never those who have personally offended him or his friends.

He will tease and poke fun endlessly with his classic snaps and smiles, and will even make jokes and quips at his enemies, but even Bartok knows when it's time to be serious. Sometimes. He also knows when to be kind and gentle, and give gifts that bring smiles to the tears where flirts, snaps, and his own smiles would do no good. He is a total ladies' man and a hopeless romantic. He will easily go as far as setting up women who turn him down with other men more 'suitable to their style'.

Really, the purpose of his outgoing and almost annoying demeanor is for his own sake. He feels that without those responding to him or those to be around, he's empty inside. He needs others around him to enjoy his presence for him to feel validated and worthwhile. He lives off of what they give him.
Backstory Highlights:
Bartok was raised in a small town in Vale. It was a peaceful place , and Bartok grew up with no real Grimm attacks on the town. Most of his adversity came from him being Faunus and those that would pick on him. Especially since he was practically blind, it was easy for the other kids, ruthless as kids are, to pull on his ears and shout into them; Tease him about his eyesight and ask "How many fingers am I holding up?". Bartok could have taken off his goggles and, if he squinted really hard, could probably give an accurate answer. But he was always afraid they might poke his eyes or something.

One girl was nice to him, a Raccoon Faunus named Erin. He was nice to her back. She was always holding onto something shiny, and when one time the other kids took it away and pushed her down, she sat in the corner of the little school they had and cried. Bartok had just gotten his allowance of a few Lien, and had a shiny little coin. It wasn't worth much, he knew, and she liked shiny things. He gave it to her to cheer her up, and it had made her happy, which made him happy. That was when he realized he loved helping people, because he got the most wonderful feeling inside.

Growing up, he began to follow and tease Erin wherever she went. Erin, for her own reasons, decided she wanted to become a Huntress. Bartok, as he always did, followed her and, along with his selfish need to help others, decided to become a Huntsman as well and enrolled in the same academy as Erin, Signal.

There they trained and built their weapons alongside other students, discovered their Semblances, and then it was off to Beacon. Unlike others who had a traumatic way of unlocking their semblance, Bartok unlocked his simply in a training exercise against another team: Capture The Flag. Everyone was so excited and pumped, and Bartok couldn't help but go along.

Erin doesn't really like the fact that he came along with her all these years, but Bartok keeps up the constant barrage of flirtation not just on her, but on anyone else.
Bartok went to and trained at Signal academy.
Semblance Name:
Bleed and Drink
Semblance Description:
Gasps of surprise, grunts of effort and cries of pain from his opponent tells Bartok that they are giving him something, and he's taking it all.

Activating 'Bleed and Drink' causes his Aura to rapidly deplete, his Aura becoming visible and surrounding him in deep red light. Although his Aura is depleting, the higher emotions that those he can hear telegraph, such as battlecries, roars, sounds of pain, laughter, etc., the more his Aura refills. He feeds off of that emotion to fuel his Aura, keeping his shields and his Semblance active as it goes.

Bleed and Drink can feed off of the emotions of those Bartok can hear, though the further away they are the less replenishing and affect to Bartok's psyche it has. Also, although it can be hard to describe some emotions as 'strong' and some as 'not strong' while in a fight(normally a time when aggression is coming out), it can be said that the stronger the emotion, say a sorrow-filled battlecry, would energize Bartok to the point of him feeling elated.

In turn, Bartok starts to feel those emotions that he soaks in. If those around him are fighting out of anger, if using his Semblance, Bartok will feel the same anger. Fighting a group of Grimm with his Semblance will make Bartok feel the hate and bloodlust and animal savagery that the Grimm feel. Using his Semblance against Grimm that deal with emotions, such as Apathy, would possibly double the effects against Bartok and down him almost instantly.

However, using it while around those who are emitting a powerful brighter emotion, such as fighting to protect the innocent or a loved one, Bartok will feel that as well and fight with the same righteous vigor. Being around opposing emotions, like in a Huntsmen team fighting Grimm, would see him flicking between the two states if they are equal.

Any emotion, although the exact effects differ from things like fear, anger, and love, can feul Bartok's fighting ability, shields, and will to fight harder. However, it does not drain those emotions away from those generating them. (This may be a future evolution of Bleed and Drink, draining emotions in order to take all the gas out of his opponents but could be contested.)

Fighting Bartok cold and emotionless, while hard, is the greatest way to rid him of his Aura.
Weapon Name:
Coiled Sting
Weapon Description:
Coiled Sting is a twin pair of smooth black stakes, Each tipped with barbs. The large tipped barbs can launch from the stakes to latch onto stone and wood or wrap around other materials, acting like a grappling hook. Powerful roters inside allow them to pull something to Bartok or pull Bartok to it, fast and powerful enough that Bartok could use it to launch himself at someone. The barbs can remotley retract, allowing the metal stake-head to easily release from it's hold.

The strong metal chord inside each stake can attach the the other stake's end, the stakes combining to form a bow.

Drawing from a quiver normally belted to his waist, Bartok would loose arrows with either normal steel heads, or dust tipped arrowheads for elemental effects. Explosive, freezing, shocking, you name it. Each arrow lets out a very high-pitched whistle above the standard hearing for humans, letting his senstive ears pick up the sounds to echolocate.

When not transforming into a bow, the bowstrings can be released from their ends and be whipped around, entangle foes, or strike lacerations.
Fighting Style:
Bartok is strongest when in close quarters because of how close someone might be able to move. Hearing the air part, shifting of weight on feet, and any clothing on them that might make sound makes him more than competent enough to parry and block strikes, and slip from the others. He uses ballroom dance steps to move fluidly around a predictable opponent.

Making small rapid sounds to track where an enemy is going and how fast, Bartok is able to make pin-point strikes with his bow. He may let loose an arrow in an unsure direction to 'see' more by the whistling it produces.

The best way to take down Bartok would be to overload him in sound to ruin his perception of his surroundings while keeping him in the dark. Though doing so would likely put him and his opponent on the same ground.
-Ranged combat
-Bartok can blend into almost any social group, understanding current vibes and emotional states to match.
-While some people may call him annoying, he's never last picked for dodgeball.
-Confident, maybe too confident.
-Can play piano quite well
-And guitar only slightly.
-A pretty voice, he's a sucker for a pretty girl.
-He always needs someone around to feel somewhat of worth
-Can be a little too confident and may push something a little too far.
-Making people happy
-Being surrounded by people
-Swing music
-Sticks in the mud
-Being alone
-Anyone touching his ears
Recent Events:
Met and instantly proposed marriage to Vlithra(she said no)
Hosted a party on the beach
Alternate Characters:
Bastion Sandstone
Professor W. B. Copperfield
Jericho Galley
Flax Bienne

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