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Akiko Momiji
Feb 9th
Gender Identity:
Faunus Fox Ears and Tail
Character Picture: ... 810155.jpg
Aura Color:
Light Blue
Physical Description:
Akiko, a natural born Faunus has some resemblances to a fox. Akiko's eyes are scarlet red with black hair, her Faunus ears the same color as her hair. Akiko's tail is mainly white, but she has a single black stripe that starts from the tip and ends near her back.
Outfit Description:
Akiko's outfit consists of her casual wear of a white kimono top hidden beneath a set of light armor, adorned with a pair of pauldrons and vambraces that were toned out with a crimson red and dark gold tint mix with a leather overbust corset. She also wears black thigh-high stockings with a pair of knee-high boots along with a mid-length red skirt.
Personality Description:
Akiko Momiji is a quiet and shy girl most of the time. She enjoy the company of others during the past time when she's reading books or hanging out with her friends. When danger comes walking, Akiko's quiet and shy mood turns into a serious and determined manner. She often tries to stay focused on what's ahead, making sure everything is prepared before her next task. With a carefree and gentle nature, Akiko tends to be around the libraries, bookstores or cafes around Beacon, visiting the family shop or taking a rest through the day.
Backstory Highlights:
Akiko spent most of her youth around the kingdom of Vale, wandering around the multiple districts and parks that were within the city walls. She would spend most of her days with her parents, older brother and younger sister at the local family bookstore helping out with the business or reading the books from within it's shelves.

Akiko would read books filled with stories of hunters and huntresses who wrote about their endeavors around the world, wanting to become a huntress herself in order to explore the world outside of the walls and do the many things that she had read in countless pages. Her parents, who were former hunters and huntresses also told her about their endeavors while they were in their prime. Akiko's parents encouraged their children to do what they wanted to do as time passed, Akiko now beginning to attend combat school at Signal Academy.

In her first few months at Signal, Akiko took her time as she built her weapon as her earlier designs from a simple sword underwent several trial and errors. Pondering about what her weapon's core ideal was, she stumbled upon an old blueprint hidden inside one of the books in the Study. The pages and writing were a bit ridged, but Akiko managed to work on the contents from within. A few weeks after, Akiko had finished building her weapon which she named Inazuma with it's design surprising some of the teachers in terms of electric dust stability and efficiency.

Unfortunately however, things had turned for the worse as soon as Akiko turned 16. While visiting her family for a week from studies, tragedy had struck one night as a couple of gangster were out heisting for dust in the commercial district. Her brother, who was part of the district neighborhood watch for the evening and being the good soul he was, went to handle the situation. Hours had passed and Akiko decided to go out to find him, only to find him in an alleyway fatally wounded. She quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital, only for him to pass as they arrived at the hospital entrance.

Akiko fell into grief, the untimely death affecting her performance at Signal. Many people tried to give her closure to the ordeal, ignoring the others as she went to be alone, hiding in the academy library for some isolation. Akiko would visit her brother's grave everyday, buried towards the outskirts of Vale on a ridge towards Patch, pondering on her future and what she wanted to do. Her thoughts were clouded, a lost feeling overtaking her mind as she had second thoughts of her purpose of becoming a huntress. However she soon thought of what was important to her, her family and friends as she managed to break the negative thoughts that were in her head as she found closure with a new resolve and mindset. Looking towards Beacon, her time at Signal was coming to an end as she soon found her new purpose right in front of Beacon's doors.
Signal Academy
Semblance Name:
Kishin Glyph
Semblance Description:
Akiko is able to create a shielding glyph, a physical form that can be used as a shield, an obstacle and a platform to enhance her mobility. The glyphs are about the size of a kite shield, staying active for short amounts of time. It can take several hits of small projectile fire, but can be quickly broken by bludgeoning style attacks. If the glyphs are maintained for longer periods of time, they will drain more aura. The glyphs may improve over time as Akiko learns to control her semblance or learns a technique to utilize the glyph in a different manner than it is intended.

When in use, the duration for a glyph takes six seconds while active in combat at the cost of a quarter of aura. Akiko can amplify the glyphs, maintaining longer durations to an extent before her aura is depleted, making the glyphs dissipate when her aura runs out. Akiko can willfully stop a glyph early before the duration is over.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image:
Weapon Description:
Inazuma is a Railgun in combination and appearance as a Katana. With two modes, Inazuma can switch between a Melee Stance and a Ranged Stance. In Ranged mode, Inazuma charges up like a normal railgun, the stronger the shot depending on how long it takes to charge. At Max charge, it can fire a electrical sphere that would cause area of effect damage for a few seconds. Inazuma can also uses electric dust to amplify damage, stun foes, interfere with electronics or combine with gravity dust to give it a magnetic effect.
Fighting Style:
Akiko fights in a defensive style, a resemblance towards the Iaido style which involes only drawing the blade out from the sheath for the killing blow. Along with using Inazuma, switching from Ranged to Melee makes her adaptable for Mid to Close range situations.
Outgoing after knowing others for a while
Panics in pressure
Introverted with new people
Sensitive with emotions
Tries to be the know-it-all
Some solitude
Bad Novels
Alternate Characters:
Miko Izumi (In Progress)

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