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Physical Description:
Lauren prefers her straight blonde hair be held in a loose ponytail because she can’t be bothered to do anything with it. Her excuse for this is that every time she uses her Semblance, her hair gets messed up anyway.

Her dark blue eyes lighten a few shades whenever there’s a thunderstorm, and her fair complexion almost seems to glow whenever lightning strikes.
Outfit Description:
Lauren prefers to wear tie-dye t-shirts and denim shorts when possible, though her armor covers most of her upper torso.

Her armor is a custom job – coils of copper wire line the inside of the limbs, and sturdy bronze plates cover her chest, back, sides, upper arms, forearms, and upper and lower legs. The armor was designed specifically so that it wouldn’t be magnetic, which is extremely important due to her Semblance.
Personality Description:
Lauren can be a little... intense at first, but deep down she really just wants to be friends with everyone.

Rarely if ever does she take anything seriously, including life-or-death situations. Especially life-or-death situations. Don’t get her wrong, she is extremely invested in surviving the situation, but she’ll die with a bad joke on her lips.

All she cares to say about her past is that she’s from Vacuo and is glad to be somewhere with grass.
Backstory Highlights:
Lauren’s family moved to Vacuo when she was too young to remember. What she does remember is the only rule of Vacuo: all who survive are welcome, and no one survives being nice.

Her family’s village was majority Faunus, which means that Lauren’s idea of what a “normal” person “should” look like is heavily colored by the fact that there isn’t really a “normal” when it comes to Humanity’s cousins.

It also means that her village was a frequent target for the local group of racist bandits.

When she was only seven years old, she snuck out of the house one night to visit a friend at the outskirts of the village. She arrived at her friend’s house to find that the front door had been smashed in and sounds of a struggle coming from inside. She crept in to see what was going on, and what she saw will stay with her forever – her friend, a Faunus girl no older than she, was tied to a table next to her mother, surrounded by five armed men, who were ransacking the room.

She had immediately run away to get help, but in her panic she knocked over a vase, causing the men to chase after her. After a few minutes, they’d ended up catching her near the oasis. As it was a new moon and nearly midnight, the darkness only served to aid them as they dragged her to the middle of the water and held her underneath it. “No witnesses,” they’d said.

The fact that she could hold her breath for a really long time had never been more useful. Letting herself fall limp, she’d waited for them to let her go and start to swim for shore before she dared poke her head above the waves. When she did, she silently counted the bandits – four – just as a muffled “boom”, a blaze of light, and a trail of smoke came from the direction of her friend’s house. Unable to stop herself, Lauren had screamed as her seven-year-old mind realized that both Faunus were undoubtedly still inside.

This scream did not go unnoticed – not by the bandits, startled by her being alive; not by the town, shaken awake by the explosion; and not by her Semblance, stirred to the surface by the trauma.

The electrocuted bandits had been unceremoniously laid to rest in the still-burning home their compatriot, who was mercilessly beaten to death by the villagers, had set alight.

Lauren’s family moved again after that, and eventually she ended up at Oscuro, where she threw herself into her studies, vowing that no one else would be burned alive in their own home as long as she had a say in the matter.

When it came time to choose a Hunstman Academy, Lauren chose Beacon because she wanted to get away from the harsh landscape of Vacuo and didn’t think going to Atlas – the polar climatic opposite of Vacuo – was a good idea.
Lauren studied at Oscuro Academy in Vacuo, where she learned to control her Semblance by reflex to aid in its combat utility.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Lauren has a great deal of control over the ambient electromotive forces (in short, she can alter the electrical potential of an area, essentially creating artificial voltage differences in places where they wouldn’t normally be, which will in turn induce a current flow) that exist within about ten meters of her person. She has yet to fully realize the scope of her Semblance, and because of this she downplays her ability – often joking that she has “weaponized static electricity”.

She has no trouble creating or cancelling small differences in potential, such as the ones she uses to create magnetic fields around her armor, but the larger a difference in potential she wants to create or cancel (or the farther away from her she wants to make the change), the more effort it takes her - and the more Aura. Overuse of her Semblance, whether it be to create or cancel too large of a potential difference at once, or too prolonged a time maintaining the same unnatural potential difference, can leave her in a state of temporary delirium – usually likened to drunkenness by those observing her.
Weapon Name:
Wings of Steel
Weapon Description:
Lauren’s weapons are a pair of highly-conductive, bladed tonfas and a set of four batangas knives with dust-coated blades.

Her choice of tonfas as main weapons was a natural consequence of her contortionism, and the choice to make the tonfas themselves be blades rather than staves grew out of the fact that the ability to switch which direction the blades are facing based on the position of her hands is invaluable to her.

Her armor’s coiled copper wire in and around the arms and legs allows her to create magnetic fields around her limbs with her Semblance (to repulse metal objects on or near them – such as her knives – or to attract other objects – such as an enemy blade).

In her years at Oscuro she learned to manipulate the potential of things around her in such a segmented fashion that she can break the field around one of her arms into three separate segments of attraction or repulsion – this led to her building the butterfly knives that are normally stored either in pouches at her waist or along her arms, held in place by her Semblance.
Fighting Style:
Lauren’s Semblance makes close combat a favorable environment for her, as most weapons are made of magnetic materials. Her style relies on constant rotational motion, exhibiting sweeping slash attacks with her blades and quick jabs with the point of the tonfas. She uses her batangas knives mostly either to parry attacks coming in from awkward angles or to make explosive attacks at the enemy by flinging them away from herself using her Semblance.

She is often contorted into positions that someone who didn’t have the ability to essentially create a bubble shield of weapon repellent around themselves would find utterly absurd in combat due to this allowing her to begin a spinning attack from unconventional angles.
Lauren is extremely flexible and uses her contortionism both as a parlor trick and in combat.
While Lauren can use her Semblance for extended periods of time, using it to create large differences in potential (in other words, creating literal lightning strikes from the sky) leaves her essentially helpless.
+ puns (wordplay is a good mental exercise)
+ oranges (not only is citric acid good for one’s vocal cords, but the cellulose and glucose in oranges is good for replenishing energy – especially when you’re using some serious brainpower to think about where you’re going to make the next metal thing go)
+ curly fries (they’re all twisty and bendy – just like her!)
– chocolate (generally too sweet)
– shag carpets (static electricity is literally a pain in her butt)
– sand (it’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere)
Fun Facts:
People Lauren has made uncomfortable by flirting with them:

Recent Events:
Lauren is new here!
Alternate Characters:
Kailyn Keison
Sean McCabe
Chain Dupp
Leonard Uaine
Azoireda Ikteris

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