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Kailyn Keison
Aug 17
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Crotilinae) - Pit Organs (internal)
Beacon Academy Girls' Dormitory
Character Picture:
Personal Emblem Image:
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Kailyn is athletically built, with visibly toned (but not bulky) muscles. Her mid-length wavy red hair is cut on a diagonal such that it is longer on her right than on her left, and she typically sweeps it around to land in front of her shoulder. She has a slightly tanned complexion from her outdoorsy childhood.

While her Faunus heritage is not readily apparent, as her pit organs are inside her head, near her temples, the particularly perceptive onlooker might notice that she tends to favor leaving her head slightly tilted and that she often looks as though she is trying to resolve a visual conflict between her eyes.
Outfit Description:
Kailyn wears primarily t-shirts and jeans, and tends to stick to a color palette that's evocative of a forest lake (dark greens, blues, and purples), though the occasional brightly-colored outfit to shake things up isn't unwelcome.

Her idea of 'formal wear' is to put on something clean and maybe actually do something with her hair the morning of, but she does own a makeup kit and a jade cocktail dress in the event that the event in question actually enforces a formal dress code.
Personality Description:
While she’s generally laid-back and happy-go-lucky, picking a fight with Kailyn’s friends would not be a wise idea.

She reacts a great deal more negatively to derogatory comments about Faunus than one might expect, given that it is rare for humans to have experienced the bad side of racial prejudice and she easily passes as human due to her pit organs being an internal characteristic.

She greatly enjoys practical jokes, logic puzzles, board games, and chocolate, and prefers to think ahead (she looks before she leaps) – unless the entire point was not to think (see “that one time I jumped out a window to make a point”).

When it comes to training, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone more serious about keeping in top form. Those people with both combat prowess and a sense of humor will find an easy friend in Kailyn.
Backstory Highlights:
Kailyn grew up in a small town in Mistral. Her younger brother Arden was born when she was four, and the two were inseparable for most of her childhood. They did everything together: learning to fight, their history, even vector calculus.

The Grimm showed up at school one day. That was an interesting time.

After that, she spent two years roaming the woods around her home, learning to live off the land – something her father considered to be the most valuable skill you couldn’t learn in school. Though she found the Grimm more often than they found her first, she ended up with her fair share of scrapes and bruises.

Then she met a quick-thinking, fast-moving bulk of a young man who really liked punching things named Ander. The two became fast friends, and started looking for Grimm together.

Long story short: that did NOT end well. Ander got a nasty scar on his face just millimeters shy of losing an eye, and Kailyn got hit on the head so hard she woke up a month later. Chained to the wall of a cave. Gagged, blindfolded, and missing her coat.

She could only listen in horror as Ander explained that he had decided the world wasn’t worth saving and that he would be throwing in his lot with the Grimm. With the final revelation that this was a Beowolf den, he removed her blindfold and left her there for dead, her weapons in plain sight, but painfully out of reach.

On that day, Kailyn Grace Keison discovered her Semblance. Cold, betrayed, and missing half her clothes, she stumbled through the snow, collapsing on her back porch just after midnight a few days after the Winter Solstice.

After a year of experimental study to hone her Semblance, Kailyn made the journey to enroll at Signal with her little brother at his insistence. At first, she hadn’t wanted to be there, but by the time she finished her studies there she realized that she had a strong desire to get better – better at fighting, better at helping people, and better than Ander. And so she boarded an airship for Beacon, eager to take her education to the next level. It was a chance to get away from Mistral, away from her past. And to her, that was the most precious thing in the world.

Little did she know that her past was determined to find her again...
Kailyn studied martial arts at home with her brother while growing up and studied more rigorous combat arts at Signal Academy.
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Kailyn’s Semblance describes both her demeanor and her power – localized gravity control.

She can manipulate both the strength of gravity and its direction; while the range of her ability is inversely proportional to how many objects she’s affecting or how far from normal she’s changing gravity for those objects, Kailyn is certain that there’s far more utility in out-of-combat situations than combat situations. And not just because she can technically fly.

Through practice, she’s learned some crucial limits to her power – she can’t affect two things that are more than a few meters apart, and trying to do so will cause both effects to fail; she can’t create singularities; and she gets tired faster the further from normal she makes a change.
Weapon Name:
Daii Shonnara and The Fingers
Weapon Description:
The katana Daii and the wakizashi Shonnara together make a daisho. The hilts and scabbards of her swords are forest green.

The Fingers are a set of throwing knives sharpened to deadly perfection. The sleeve for the knives is the same forest green as both the belt which affixes it to her waist and her swords.
Thanks to her Semblance, she needs not worry about throwing away her only weapons.
Fighting Style:
Kailyn’s style heavily emphasizes melee, as her Semblance is her best weapon and all her weapons are designed for close combat. As such, she prefers to dodge in close and unleash a flurry of quick, precise strikes with her swords before moving to the next target – never staying for too long in any one place.

Her favorite move is to wait for her opponent to jump before holding them in zero-g long enough to run by underneath them, swords ready.
Due to her Semblance giving her extreme mobility, she is a master of melee combat, combining pure swordsmanship with her Semblance to create a powerhouse of close-quarters combat prowess.

Kailyn's Faunus trait, the pit organs of a crotalinae, are fully-functional and grant her passive heat vision of her surroundings up to a distance of about 10 meters. If she focuses, she can increase the proverbial resolution of this ability, at the cost of a narrowed field of view.

She can also perform complex mathematical computations entirely in her head – a strength that she doesn’t consider to be a blessing.

While she never took any formal lessons in music, Kailyn can sing on-pitch and is a mezzo soprano.
Kailyn can be baited into losing her temper through a variety of means, but the most common is derogatory comments about Faunus. She does not take kindly to those.

Due to the events leading up to her discovering her Semblance, she also has betrayal issues, making it harder than normal for her to open up to people about her past or to place blind trust in others.

Because of her Semblance giving her extreme mobility, she never bothered to learn the nuances of ranged combat beyond throwing her Fingers with deadly accuracy.
– chocolate
– painting
– sarcasm
– logic puzzles
– board games
– having a plan of attack
– Grimm (duh)
– math
– racists
– unexpected explosions
– people who don’t understand sarcasm
– people who are tone-deaf and don't know it
Recent Events:
– Jumped out of an airship, then landed on someone

<{Previously, on rwby-rp...}>
– accidentally fell into a fountain in the park
– intentionally jumped out a fourth story window in the library
– blew up a training dummy
– levitated a table in the cafeteria
- slept without incident in a bed that someone had bolted to the ceiling as a prank
Alternate Characters:
Lauren Voltaire
Sean McCabe
Chain Dupp
Leonard Uaine
Azoireda Ikteris

more in the works!

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