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Fuchsia Iris Ükhel
June 13th
Gender Identity:
Faunus (Black Cat, ears and tail)
Beacon Academy
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131 lbs.
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Purple and pink
Physical Description:
Fuchsia is a moderately tall Faunus female who has an athletic build, her muscles are fairly well toned and add to the curvy nature of her physique. She has a fairly exotic look to her, with narrower eyes, light tan skin, and a thin face, and coupled with her black-furred ears, which are somewhat large even by Faunus standards, she radiates a feminine glow that accentuates her typically mischievous, angled, golden eyes. She usually wears thick eyeliner and lets her long, flowing black hair remain free. Her lips are thin, and situated in the middle of her bottom lip is a loop piercing, while another single stud piercing accents the right side of her small nose. Fuchsia's tongue is also pierced, a small silver metal ball usually visible whenever she talks.
Outfit Description:
Fuchsia typically wears black with purple highlights, preferring a heavy leather jacket and studded or spiked leather collars, bracelets, or belts. She almost always wears tight-fitting pants of various materials, usually black, grey, or on some occasions white or the basic blue of denim jeans. She wears a black ribbon in her hair, which is occasionally used to tie it back, though this is very rare and usually only happens when the situation calls for it. Underneath her jacket, she most often wears tanktops of varying colors. Fingerless gloves are a typical choice for her, either black or purple, with purple or black boots or sneakers, and every so often she is seen with a temporary streak of purple in her hair.
Personality Description:
Fuchsia embodies the general spirit of an alley-cat, she is a rebellious, rambunctious young Faunus who has a penchant for teasing people and flirting. Because of her past, she is a streetwise and savvy character who could be considered resourceful in a pinch and knows more than she lets on about most situations. There is a degree of mystery to her, as she rarely talks about her past outside of generalized surface information, preferring instead to talk about herself directly or other people. Fuchsia loves to express herself, whether that's through telling others how she feels, leaving it to be written on her emotive face, or banging it out on her drum kit, she is never short of ways to tell the world what she's feeling at any given moment. She loves music, in particular punk rock and metal, and is always down to see a show. People-watching is one of her favorite past-times, and she is an avid judge of complete strangers, though this isn't often a mean-spirited endeavor, seen by her as simple entertainment.

While on the surface, Fuchsia seems to be a passionate and outgoing sort who likes to have fun and party, which she does, underneath her external atmosphere there exists a more troubled and tumultuous girl who lacks direction and fundamentally doesn't understand herself or her place in this world. Fuchsia suffers from a strenuous case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can affect many facets of her life and leaves her frequently to suffer a high level of anxiety, making it more difficult to function properly on a daily basis. This problem can seep in anywhere and at any time to any given situation; it is the culprit behind her impulsivity and her lack of mindfulness of others feelings, as well as her inability to understand other people's perceptions of her actions or her words. Only in recent years has she become aware of this fundamental issue of her personality, though it has affected her for most of her life, and it is through recent treatment by the wonderful mental health staff at Beacon Academy that she's been able to start to heal from her past traumas and work toward a better life, hopefully full of friends who love her and optimism about the future that she might not have otherwise had in her previous life.
Backstory Highlights:
Fuchsia was born along with her twin sister in the city of Mantle, high in the north of Remnant's snowy wastes. Abandoned at birth by their parents, she and her sister Mauve were raised together in a destitute orphanage run by a cold and mostly uncaring staff. Their early life was indicative of the lack of parental love and support, and the two relied closely on one another to get by, the only family each other had in the seemingly indifferent world. From a young age it became clear to them that if they wanted to get by, they had to do what they could to survive by taking what they needed. They were seen by the other children at the orphanage as a pair of bullies who stole food and pushed the other children around in order to see their needs met. Neither Mauve nor Fuchsia were happy at the orphanage, and both were rebellious toward the staff. They were punished frequently for their misbehavior. Eventually, though, they grew older, and as soon as they were old enough to hatch a plan to escape, they did.

When the twins were a mere twelve years old, they fled the orphanage and became street urchins in Mantle's unforgiving cityscape. A pair of thieves and beggars, the twins soon found a small reputation for their skill at stealth and subterfuge, and were eventually approached by the leader of a street gang known as the Rat Pack, Street Rats, or simply "The Rats". The Rats were an organized criminal enterprise consisting entirely of Faunus that were engaged in many different illegal activities, including theft, mugging, burglary, gang warfare, drug trafficking, blackmail, and in some cases, even murder. The pair of young girls were easily swayed into the group by the charismatic leader, an alligator Faunus known as Carmine. He saw to it that the two were trained and vetted as criminals from a young age, and their teen years were spent largely committing crimes that ran the gambit of the Rats' list of activities. They were particularly adept cat burglars, working as a pair and pulling off a great deal of break-ins that resulted in thousands of Lien worth of stolen valuables.

Throughout this time, the twins had established themselves in a small home they'd carved out on the roof of a derelict apartment complex. Fuchsia has fond memories of this time in her life, between the age of twelve and fifteen, when her and her sister would spend nights on the rooftop underneath Remnant's stars, chatting or painting each other's nails or singing songs. Their interest in music was cultivated there when they became exposed to the cultures that seeped into the city from the rest of Remnant. It wasn't long before they'd constructed makeshift instruments and began to play basic songs together, forming a deeper sisterly bond than ever.

When the twins turned fifteen however, the beginnings of the rift that was forming between them began to show. Puberty had settled into their young bodies, and the differences in their personalities were amplified. Fuchsia's boyish nature and Mauve's more feminine one became apparent, they began to dress differently, with Fuchsia taking on her signature bad-girl style while Mauve gravitated more toward the prim and proper; neither of them disliked the other's differences, and in fact, they only made the girls love each other more, however it was these very differences that eventually led to their falling out.

As Mauve grew older, she became more and more disillusioned with the lifestyle they'd made for themselves. She wasn't a criminal at heart, and deep down she knew that Fuchsia wasn't either, however the impressionable young Fuchsia had been taken in hard by the gang lifestyle, swept up in the romanticized notion of criminality. Late in her fifteenth year of life, Fuchsia made the worst choice of her young life, and she pushed deeper into the ranks of the gang, taking up the drug trade as one of her many activities. It was only a year later that she found herself deep in the throes of addiction. Over the course of this year, however, the twins began to grow more distant, the changes in Fuchsia's personality brought on by her addiction eventually bringing on conflict and turmoil between the sisters. They fought many times, though they often made up, it was this dramatic off-and-on that grew weary for Mauve to deal with. Meanwhile, Fuchsia's emotions were increasingly unstable, she grew unpredictable and in some cases violent, and in the meantime she delved deeper and deeper into the depravity that was brought on by drug addiction and gang activity.

Eventually, Fuchsia hit her lowest point, and reality came knocking on her door one night when she took her violence to new extremes that shocked her into momentary lucidity. That night when she came home, she had a long discussion with her sister and together they formulated a plan to attempt to get Fuchsia sober and eventually leave the gang life all together. They wanted to escape Mantle, flee away from Atlas and the north and go somewhere where the grass was greener. They decided they would head to Vale.

The Rats weren't thrilled with the sudden change of heart that the two seemed to have, and the further they pulled away from the gang, the more vigorously they were pursued and eventually forced to commit crimes under threat of violence from the gang. Scared that they might be targeted for violence, the two attempted to fade into the ranks and become underlings that were less scrutinized, they had to go along with the gang lifestyle a little while longer while their plan took root and they could plot their escape.

Finally, they thought they had their big break, when a job came through for a heist that was perfect for their sorts of skills. The payoff was huge. Empowered by their dreams of a better life, they took the job and had planned to keep the score for themselves, using the money to run away and start a new life somewhere else. The only issue was that Carmine was one step ahead of them. He'd long been expecting the twins to double-cross him, and rather than wait around for this to happen, when their eagerness to take the job struck him as strange, he instead hatched a plan to double-cross them first.

Silently alerting the Atlas authorities and tipping them off to the heist, on the day they took action, Fuchsia and Mauve suddenly found themselves caught red-handed breaking into an Atlas noble's manor, and their heist became instead a desperate attempt to flee and survive. Hounded by the police who were well aware of their identities, their criminal pasts caught up with them and lent to the ferocity with which they were pursued through the city. They had, fortunately, planned an escape route ahead of time, to jump ship in Mantle's port and flee from the city aboard a boat bound for an outlying town. Unfortunately, on the way to the port, they were cut off when the Atlas police called in support from Mantle's division, and they found themselves surrounded and trapped in a small abandoned building like rats in a cage.

They both knew what had happened, they both knew they'd been set up. They both knew that they were either going to be caught or killed, but together they resolved that they didn't want to go down without a fight. They made a stand against the authorities, and a shootout ensued, in the process both girls were wounded. By a sheer stroke of luck, fighting through pain and the threat of death, it was this moment when Fuchsia's Aura suddenly sprang to life and her Semblance came to her, she suddenly found that she was able to cause the soldier's rifles to jam and their bullets to miss. She suddenly had the ability to give them bad luck, at least that's how she understood it at the time, and she used this new power to fool their efforts and escape with her sister, who had been hit several times and was bleeding profusely. Tailed by the police, they were able to hide long enough for Fuchsia to unskillfully bandage their wounds, Mauve's condition rapidly deteriorating by the minute. They were able to avoid further detection, and they made it on board their planned escape ship, though without any money to speak of. Mauve had lost a lot of blood... Too much blood.

She didn't make it. Fuchsia's twin sister, who had loved her and supported her and always saw the good in her, died there in her arms amidst the cargo of an old rusty freighter, barely tasting her freedom before she passed away.

But the story wasn't over for Fuchsia. Now alone, she waited for the few days it took to reach their destination before she snuck ashore during the night with her sister's unceremoniously wrapped body. A few torn sheets were all she'd been able to find aboard the boat. They'd landed at a tiny snowy village near the coast that was barely inside the protected borders that Atlas offered. Here there were only occasional soldiers and village folk, and nearby a forest where the Grimm lurked. Grimm weren't foreign to young Fuchsia, however she'd never seen them personally nor dealt with them herself. In that first day, though, another stroke of luck had found her somehow, and just outside of town, in the forest, she'd found an abandoned cabin in which she could lie low.

She'd buried her sister's body in the back yard. The grave was marked only by a single stone. Without a shovel, she'd had to chip away at the frozen ground for hours. It was hardly a fitting end for her beloved sister, but it was all she could manage.

The months following this debacle were spent merely surviving. Unable to truly cope mentally with all that had happened to her, Fuchsia became a reclusive, antisocial hermit, existing alone in her dilapidated cabin with only herself and the occasional wandering Grimm to keep her company. Her skills, honed by years of gang involvement, though, let her survive. She could fight, so the small number of wandering Grimm never gave her much trouble, and she could steal, making forays into the town at night to lift fresh-baked pies placed on windowsills or sacks of potatoes left in barns. What little the townsfolk did see of her were fleeting glimpses and dark silhouettes, noticing that their things were missing the next morning. They started circulating rumors of her existence, whispered low between themselves, this idea that there was a creature in the woods with big ears that stole food at night. They eventually attributed the disappearance of several children to her, though Fuchsia understood this to be the doing of the Grimm, preying on children that wandered too far out in the woods.

Fuchsia eventually became an avid hunter of these woodland Grimm, throwing herself almost recklessly at them, an attempt she now recognizes as self-harming behavior, she had been, essentially, trying to chase her own death. Life without her sister was extremely difficult, especially without any resources of her own, but after she'd saved several townsfolk from the Grimm, the rumors about her seemed to change in nature. She'd gone from a mysterious ghostly figure to some kind of witch in the woods, and every so often, she found small offerings left in baskets near the edge of the woods that were left with notes of thanks to her.

Life carried on this way for a year and a half. Now nearing nineteen years old, she'd grown more accustomed to this lifestyle, though it did nothing for her mental health, until one fateful day she met a man that would change everything for her.

A Huntsman from Beacon who was in the area conducting research on the local plant-life's medicinal properties, the man named Dargo had followed up on the rumors of her existence in a persistent and scientific manner, eventually tracking her down and finding her secluded old cabin in the woods. To his surprise he found not a monster or a witch or a hermit, but a scared, angry young Faunus who seemed down on her luck and didn't care much for other people. His initial approach had been met with violence, though his personal skill outweighed Fuchsia's, he did however note her proficiency with combat, observing her from afar for a few days and watching her daily routines. The next few attempts he made to contact her were much more successful, and eventually, he approached her and later befriended her, helping her get supplies and food and even teaching her things. He occasionally brought her gifts, trying to win her favor, and soon enough the two were talking regularly together, giving Fuchsia a much-needed outlet for expression and human contact.

Eventually, realizing her need for closure and to move on from whatever it was that was troubling her, Dargo offered her a solution to her unknown questions. What would she do with her life, now? Where would she go, who would she be now that she wasn't Fuchsia the Cat Burglar or Fuchsia the Drug Dealer? He offered her a choice; either she would stay there in this miserable winter hellhole, or she would leave with him when he returned to Beacon, and he would personally train her and vouch for her entry into the most prestigious Huntsmen Academy in the world.

How could she refuse?

A few months later, and Fuchsia left that place with Dargo, leaving her sister's grave behind and finally being taken away to Vale to start the new life she'd been promised. Though Mauve was gone, her memory still carries on in her sister, who is now determined to make the best of her circumstances, her newfound penchant for helping people grown out of her time saving strangers in the woods. The role of Grimm Hunter gave her new purpose in life, and the promise of finding friends her own age, good influences, and real future drives her now, a true Student of Beacon Academy.
Fuchsia learned everything she knows from the streets of Mantle, with a bit of extra training from the Huntsman known as Dargo.
Semblance Name:
Witch Way
Semblance Description:
Fuchsia's Semblance falls under the 'probability manipulation' umbrella. Often described as bolts of pure bad luck, her Semblance allows her to create Aura projectiles that, upon striking objects, people, or creatures, increases the probability of negative outcomes in the near future. Negative outcomes are oftentimes highly subjective, and because of this can be rather unpredictable when used in new situations. What is actually happening when Fuchsia uses this ability, however, is that a projection of her subconscious idea of a negative outcome is placed onto whatever it is she hits. For example, if an enemy were to throw a grenade her way, and she used this ability on it, one might assume that a 'negative' outcome would be that the grenade explodes, thus wounding her. However, because the situation is subjective and the manipulation based entirely upon her subconscious, the grenade instead results in a dud, because subconsciously Fuchsia believes a dud grenade is a negative outcome to throwing a grenade. These outcomes are hard-wired and unchangeable by normal means, she cannot simply will her subconscious into believing otherwise. In effect, the result is typically automatic. A thrown grenade under the effect of the Witch Way will ALWAYS have an increased chance of being a dud, no matter who throws it. In many situations, there is no describable 'negative' outcome, in which case this ability has no effect whatsoever to the probability of the situation. In many situations, common sense might dictate what a negative outcome is. If you step on a banana peel jinxed by Fuchsia's Semblance, you're almost guaranteed to slip.

The Aura projectiles themselves are mostly translucent, ethereal orbs that take on the basic colors of Fuchsia's Semblance, that is somewhere between purple and pink, or sometimes purple, other times pink. Each one is formed from a certain percentage of her overall Aura, thus allowing her to throw them in varying sizes at varying costs, but overuse of this ability can easily drain her too fast. The bolts themselves are somewhat smokey in nature, amorphous shapes that form around her fists which are thrown or tossed or even blown toward the victim. Upon striking a target the energy sinks in, staining the surface of whatever it hits with a blotchy patch of color that vanishes slowly over time. While it remains, the effect is constant.

People or creatures struck by this ability often find their motor senses impaired, either losing their sense of balance or simply finding themselves far less sure-footed than they'd expected, as the probability of them placing their feet wrong on the ground skyrockets. They might find their weapon incredibly difficult to aim, or if their weapon is struck, that it is more prone to jamming or being dropped than it was before.

It is possible to resist this effect by pushing the infectious Aura from one's body with their own Aura, though it is a rather stubborn, parasitic kind of Aura that doesn't easily let go. It is perhaps more difficult to remove it from inanimate objects, as they have no natural Aura conduits of their own, although objects made with Aura channeling in mind are easier to clear.
Weapon Name:
The Mauve Avenger
Weapon Description:
This oversized butterfly knife-turned-sword was crafted by Fuchsia upon her admission to Beacon Academy with assistance from Dargo. It is crafted from the remnants of her sister's sword, which was nearly destroyed during their escape from Atlas. Folded up, the length of the handles stretch two feet long, the blade held within is similar in length. The blade has a single outward sharp edge, the back, blunted edge is engraved along the length with a winding floral pattern, lotuses on creeping vines. The handles of the weapon are made from carved ivory featuring a long, coiling dragon which appears to wrap itself around both handles when they're brought together. They are quite thick, an inch each in diameter and both capable of loading Dust canisters at their base. A purple leather loop dangles from the end of one of the handles which can assist in binding them together so the weapon doesn't open accidentally.

The Dust canisters in each of the handles serve different purposes. The one loaded into the outside grip is used to discharge elemental effects from the bottom of the handle, while the one loaded into the inner grip can imbue the blade with elemental properties. Either one can be channeled to infuse with Fuchsia's Semblance.
Fighting Style:
The most obvious property that Fuchsia shows in combat is her speed, followed closely by her physical dexterity. Her catlike nature isn't lost on her here, and her tail gives her a distinct advantage in maintaining her balance when moving at such high speeds. A master of dirty tricks and underhanded tactics, Fuchsia can often take an opponent by surprise by exploiting their blind spots, weak points, and bewildering them with speed or surprise. She is adept in stealth-work, and easily capable of sneaking up on her opponent to strike when they're flat footed.

A skilled artist with the balisong, Fuchsia uses every aspect of her weapon to good effect. Her precise dexterity allows her to roll the handles along her shoulders, arms, wrists, or even her elbows when needed, giving her a great many angles of approach with her blade that normal swords can't exploit. She often whips the handles about herself in a fashion similar to nunchaku, using the blunt ends of the handles as striking surfaces as much as she uses her blade. She often strikes opponents with her elbows or knees, preferring to drive her speed into as small of a point as possible to deliver maximum damage, as opposed to broad kicks or more direct punches.
Years of a hard life have toughened Fuchsia up past the normalcy that an upbringing with less turmoil might. She's capable of withstanding a great amount of stress under pressure without cracking when others might, and she doesn't freeze up when experiencing high levels of fear. She can keep her cool in situations that might overwhelm others, which can be a boon to any combat team.

She can be considered a generous, dependable friend. Having grown up with not much in the way of money or even food, sharing became a way of life for her and she's never had any qualms with letting others have a piece of the pie. Though she doesn't like to get serious much, she's actually wise beyond her years, having experienced things from a young age that a girl ought not to until much older, but because of this she can speak from a place of understanding that could rival those older than herself.
While mostly stable mentally now-adays, Fuchsia suffers from a certain degree of post-traumatic stress disorder which can affect her in many ways throughout her life, the main one being an increase in general anxiety. She's prone to bad moods when in certain mindsets and doesn't do well in social situations when this is the case. Family, similarly, is something she doesn't like talking about, hearing about, or even seeing things that can remind her of it.

In combat, Fuchsia has been known to sometimes over-rely on her Semblance. She's a stealthy, fast fighter but her general aggression leaves her weaker on the defensive, and she's not the best in direct toe-to-toe engagements. She also has a great dislike of technology in general and because of this doesn't employ some of the gadgets at a Huntress' disposal that might otherwise assist her.
-Music (particularly punk rock and metal)
-Sneaking up on people (BOO!)
-Buying things for people

Fuchsia's interests wax and wane fairly regularly, however there are certain past-times that never get old for her. She's always been a party girl, perhaps a little too much of one, as the temptation for drugs and alcohol are ever-present in her mind, something she has to watch lest it get out of hand again. She likes surprising friends, and hanging out in crowded places, watching the crowd and trying to guess at people's stories, personalities, or why they look the way they do. Interestingly, now that she's got some money, she is rather generous with it, sometimes to a fault, taking much enjoyment at being able to buy things for others.
-Anxiety and Stress
-Homework (particularly math)
-Being alone for too long
-Talking about family
-Situations that make her feel trapped
-Intense quiet
-Fancy technology

Fuchsia is a sufferer of chronic anxiety, and any situation that increases her anxiety levels is general avoided like the plague, including homework, since she didn't have much of a formal education growing up, a fact that is now being rectified in her Academy years. Growing up in Mantle, she has a distaste for the upper class Atlesians and especially the military authority or those using privileged advanced technology. She hates feeling isolated or the quietness that comes with nobody being around, and as such she finds dorm life perfect for her. Though she knows it's very necessary, she hates taking her medication, viewing it as drugs without a real payoff, though she's trying to understand the payoff is less mental anguish. The pills still make her gag a bit though! And of course, as an orphan who's only known relative is deceased, she cannot, will not, and absolutely hates talking about family, or even hearing others talk about family. She's working on it.
Fun Facts:
-Ükhel means "death" in Mongolian.

-Mauve's middle name was "Orchid", a flower, similar to Fuchsia's middle name, Iris. Fuchsia grows both orchids and irises in her dorm room.
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Alternate Characters:
Professor Honeydew Monarch
Sable Citrine

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