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Bastion Sandstone
Mar. 7th
Gender Identity:
Character Picture:
6' 2"
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Physical Description:
Bastion’s legs make up the most of his height. Sandy blond hair is pressed down by his cowboy hat. He has a runner's build while keeping strong muscled shoulders and arms. A nice enough face for most, but not stunning. His nose has been broken before. If you saw his bare skin, you would probably notice the old and aged scars from bullet wounds.
Outfit Description:
Black slacks with thin white stripes go down the length. A tan button-up shirt underneath a stiff brown vest is worn. Dark leather boots with a matching wide-brimmed hat are adorned at opposite ends of Bastion’s body. A leather holster sits at his left hip, although Bastion draws his gun with his right hand.
Personality Description:
Bastion Sandstone is one to always try talking out a problem first before resorting to violence. Bastion is also one who can take a beating, whether that be verbal, mental, or physical. He is very hard to offend or upset as he rolls with the punches, shrugs off insults, and accepts the faults that people jab at with a smile. However, he doesn’t like it when those close to him are attacked mercilessly. He is the one who can take it, he is meant to take the hits.

Bastion also loves to laugh and generally enjoy the benefits of peace. He can be a flirt at times, loving to joke with everyone. He believes that belief you can find in most of Vacuo: If you can survive and strive for the same goal, you’re to be friendly with each other.

As Bastion is from a wandering tribe in Vacuo, he is used to people being covered with fabric to keep the burning sun’s rays off of them. Now being in Vale, the shortness of waitress’ and Huntress’ skirt lengths make his eyes spin and his face burn.
Backstory Highlights:
Bastion Sandstone was born to two active Huntsmen, Tulip and Cian Sandstone. Tulip, his mother, refused to relent in her hunting duties all through her pregnancy. The Sandstone’s were hunting a Grimm in the Vacuo deserts when Tulip’s water broke. A nomadic tribe helped her give birth. However, once Bastion was born and they started to raise him, the couple realized that they couldn’t keep going on missions. Finishing up their mission, they decided to stay with the tribe. They protected it among the dangerous deserts and raised Bastion there.

Among the hot desert sands, Bastion grew up, found a childhood sweetheart, learned about Grimm and how to handle and use weapons, to raise and care for animals, and how to deal with people. Both civilized, and not. Bastion’s skills as a diplomat was forged there, trading with townspeople and making peaceful deals with more violent tribes. Sometimes it didn’t work out so well. He normally got beat with fists and kicks as a result.

In one particular encounter with another tribe when Bastion was 15, his future was changed. The aggressive tribe was after rare spices and dust that the tribe knew the location of and harvested for use and trade. They weren’t taking “50/50” or “No” for an answer. A fight broke out. The leader of the tribe wielded a heavy hand cannon and was using it to blow people away. Bastion fought back with his own firearm, but the leader’s semblance of absorbing kinetic forces reduced Bastion’s bullets to crumpled metal.

Bastion had his own weak aura shield destroyed by the enemy leader using his stored up power in a shot of his gun. He had put his boot against Bastion’s chest and aimed the gun down at him.

“This is Diplomacy, kid.” He smirked before he put the stored up energy into the gun.

The blast would have vaporized his head and shoulders if not for Bastion’s Semblance kicking in. Not knowing how long it would last and seeing the leader stunned by the use of his own semblance, Bastion attacked relentlessly and beat the leader. He took the weapon from the leader and now wields it as his own. He didn’t get away from that without getting shot a couple of times by angry enemy tribemates once his Semblance ended though, which is where his scars came from.

Bastion’s parents always wanted Bastion to grow up to be a Huntsman, and Bastion mirrored that dream. They thought he would attend Shade Academy and stay relatively close to home. However, Bastion had learned the importance of meeting new people and cultures in his travels, and wished to attend school in Atlas. His parents dissagreed heavily with that, as it was so far away and they didn't want him pushed into a military uniform. They didn’t like the idea of him going to Mystral and being close to a bunch of kids who, in his parent's eyes, were the children of criminals. Beacon Academy was the last choice, and Bastion took it.

He left everything except his gun, a handful of Lien, and the clothes on his back. Including his girlfriend, Saffron. After a first and last night together as kids sometimes do stupid things, Bastion promised her that he would come back after graduating. Even though mail would be infrequent because of the nomadic attribute of the tribe, they still try to write when they can.

Bastion walked, hitchhiked, and caught the back of wagons on his way to Beacon, camping where he could each night until he saw Beacon Tower and stepped onto the cobblestones.
Bastion learned all that he knows from his parents, two retired Huntsmen. They protected the traveling tribe from Grimm and other hostilities. Knowing Bastion would grow up in this dangerous world, they taught him the skills he would need to survive. How to take a hit, roll with the punches, and shoot a gun. In preperation for the exams, they taught him what they could but he was always better in social and dangerous situations than he was with schoolwork.
Semblance Name:
True Grit
Semblance Description:
His Semblance is True Grit, activating only when his Aura Shield is about to be broken. During fights before his True Grit is activated, Bastion stores up the kinetic energy like some other semblances. When enough beatings have taken him almost to the edge, all of that force he has stored up comes back as an impeneterable shield around his body. When True Grit is activated, Bastion is invulnerable for a mere thirty seconds. While active, his eyes glow with sandy-yellow light.

As Bastion grows in his powers of protection, he'll learn how to create momentary shields of force for other's benefit. Using those shields will deplete the total time invulnerable when his Aura Shield is about to break, however.
Weapon Name:
Weapon Image: ... 1526606869
Weapon Description:
A magnum revolver, packing .65 caliber slugs in its four-shot cylinder and smaller .45 hollow-point rounds in the 6 shot cylinder. The barrel’s rifling expands or contracts based on what cylinder is in place to fit the ammunition. The cylinders can be exchanged with the pushing of a button and a flick of the wrist, exposing the other chamber to be reloaded while firing the other, it rotating underneath the gun.

Both cylinders lock on unfired shells, thus preventing them from falling out when moving or due to gravity or shockwave. Once fired, they are released from this lock to be easily retrieved. A small button near the middle of each cylinder releases the lock for manual unloading of unfired shells.

The barrel is about a foot long, and underneath is a compartment that shoots out a blade 2 feet long from the end of the barrel, effectively turning the gun into a Rapier that can still fire.

This weapon punches dents into Grimm armor and tears through their flesh while letting loose a powerful Boom that scatters leaves and blows dust off the ground. Bastion takes the recoil into his whole body like a champ, quickly resighting before firing again.
Fighting Style:
Although he can use the rapier to some degree, he’s not expert in this fighting style. He uses it more to parry and then get a point-blank shot off rather than actually thrust through someone. Bastion normally strafes around an enemy in a circle while firing, his heavy hand cannon tearing through his foes.

When one cylinder is out of ammo, he will quickly flick to the other cylinder and fire while reloading shots from his belt pouch. The smaller .45 caliber rounds are usually the standard Dust rounds that Huntsman use. Ice, Lightning, Earth, etc. He would use these to slow down an opponent or get some other advantage before switching back to his large rounds and blowing holes in them.

Bastion is a crackshot with his magnum, able to shoot well even from the hip. Like other cow-ranglers from his tribe handle revolvers, Bastion is able to quick fire using one hand to pull back the hammer while the other aims and pulls the trigger. However, this is normally done with the .45 caliber rounds. Doing so with the higher caliber rounds would technically be faster, but not as fast as the smaller caliber rounds.
Bastion can take truck-like hits, and can deal hits like a train with his gun.

No matter what insults or negative things Bastion has coming his way, he shrugs them off easily. He doesn’t get offended or mad easily at all.

He accepts people as they are and doesn't hold people to standards aside from being decent to those around them.
Living and wandering around in the deserts of Vacuo, Bastion hasn’t learned to swim.

His pride of being the one to take the damage in a fight can lead to him over-extending himself or not playing the smartest role. Even after his semblance is gone, he may believe wrongly, or be right, about the hits he can take.
-Being told the truth, he can handle it
-A civil conversation
-Good wholesome music
-Seeing other people happy
-Lies, or people "protecting" him.
-Being unable to help someone else
-Anyone who would attack the defenseless
Alternate Characters:
Bartok Evergreen
Jericho Galley
Professor W. B. Copperfield
Flax Bienne

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