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Professor Honeydew Monarch
Colonel Henna Hatred, 4th Division, 506th DIR
Dec 11th
Gender Identity:
Rural Valian
Character Picture: ... llbody.png
5' 8"
123 lbs.
Eye Color:
Aura Color:
Seafoam Green
Physical Description:
Conventionally attractive, graceful, and always carrying an air of authority and confidence, Honeydew Monarch is one hell of a woman to look at. Her long blue hair frames her face and drapes about her shoulders in a certain controlled chaos that lends flair to her eyes, which are cerulean, striking, and calm. Her face is angled and wise, her chin somewhat shallow which makes her full lips and smallish nose stand out against her other features.

Below her chin, however, the striking curvature of her muscles flow and break like waves on a shore, she is athletic, lean, tempered, and experienced, it shows all along her body where any skin can be seen, and gives her otherwise feminine appearance a layer of strength that cannot be overstated. Her hands are somewhat large for a woman's, but this gives her grip an intimidating factor of its own.

From head to toe, the effects of her training and professionalism are very, very apparent.

She most often graces her features with a gentle smile, though her expressive face easily conveys other emotions. When she's angry, everybody around will know it just by looking at her, as her shoulders square, her brow furrows, and the intensity of her gaze burns holes in whatever she looks at.

When she's not in a serious setting, however, Honeydew becomes a different beast, a much more wily and seductive one, often laughing and grinning, losing some of the edge of her stern demeanor.

She always maintains good eye contact, she has great posture, and through her elegance conveys a sense of nobility as like a knight or an officer.
Outfit Description:
Honeydew's general attire is often a mix of functionality and style, as she prefers not to detract from her movement or the ability to fight at a moment's notice. In her civilian clothes, she will often wear skirts and tight tops of varying styles, most often black or blue. She can often be seen wearing tight-fitting shorts or other similarly non-restrictive clothing, and when she's teaching on campus, she always wears something more on the formal side, such as button-up blouses and dress skirts or dress shirts with slacks.

Honeydew also wears a pair of red-rimmed reading glasses when she's teaching her history class, so she doesn't strain her eyes too much reading close-up text, as she's ever so slightly far-sighted.

Her physical attire, combat gear, and outdoors teaching attire are one and the same. A set of gear left over from her time in the field as a Huntress of some renown, the outfit she's most commonly seen wearing, her main attire consists of a black corset-style breastplate that protects her hips and torso, a set of tiny skin-tight shorts that keep her legs as free as possible. These are coupled with patterned nylon stockings, and high-top black leather boots that are both durable and well-worn. She also wears a fair amount of armor, particularly one large steel knee-plate on her left leg and matching bracers and elbow plates.

Honeydew likes to wear coats, jackets, or sweaters most often open in the front and simply draped about her shoulders.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of her general gear is, however, the large golden badge she wears hanging from a collar around her neck. It rests along her chest, a stylized insignia of her authority as a Huntress, she never leaves home without it, as she is a proud warrior of Beacon Academy.

Similarly, she always has a knife on her... Somewhere... Usually on her belt at the hip, but if one cannot see it, that doesn't mean it's not there!
Personality Description:
Miss Monarch is well aware of who she is and knows that she should be respected, but she is a very reasonable sort who is wise well beyond her years. Honeydew is a dependable, upstanding person who always fulfills her commitments and never lies; she's fully committed to her friends, family, and Kingdom. She is diligent and punctual, never leaving things half-completed and always a couple minutes early to anywhere she's supposed to be.

Honey takes her work very seriously, because she views her job as an instructor as one of the most important aspects of the Grimm-fighting world. She understands that if she doesn't push her students to be the best, they could very well lose their life out in the field because she didn't instruct them properly.

Honeydew is obsessed with preparedness. It is the driving motivator behind her will to teach, it is what keeps her up at night, it is why she became a Huntress, why she fights, and why she loves her family the way she does. She wants to be prepared for everything. This, her friends and family believe, is where her Semblance derives from.

Outside of work, Honeydew is a passionate woman in the prime of her life who enjoys many of Vale's pleasures. She has a particularly close relationship with her former teammates and her brother, Bailan and his three children. Honeydew has been described as flirty, she really enjoys teasing people and seeing how they will react. She could be considered playful by nature. She's also a very curious person.

Honeydew's decade-long career is not without its darker side, though. Due to the amount of action she's seen on the front line with the Grimm, there are some demons which still haunt her the same as any veteran of the Long War. It troubles her from time to time when certain stimuli bring it on.

In a certain sense, because of this, Honeydew has forgotten how to be a civilian and lead a normal life. Her brother often remarks on her unwillingness to retire, that she should leave the life and settle down to have a family. But Honeydew is deeply unsettled by the normalcy of everyday life in Vale. Having seen the fragility of civilization first hand, she isn't sure she will ever be the same again, and the prospect of removing herself from Beacon, of getting a normal job and starting a family, it almost scares her.
Backstory Highlights:
Honeydew Rainbow Monarch was born in a small farming community on the outskirts of Vale's protected boundary. The daughter of a crop-yield scientist and a nurse, Honeydew's parents are a loving couple who are still alive and well today. The village she comes from is a close-knit community where everybody knows everyone else, Honeydew grew up with much scrutiny into her private life and family business. She found it somewhat difficult, though she was always viewed as a wonderful girl by her parents and a respectable, smart person by her community as a whole.

Her early life was spent around the family farm with her older brother, Bailan, who is four years her senior. She made a great student in school and even from an early age, was a whiz with a hammer and nails. She grew up helping her father on the farm, everything from building fences to plowing crops.

In her early teens, the hammer on the anvil of her destiny began to strike, starting when her father first taught her how to shoot a rifle. Being on the outskirts of the Kingdom, they saw their fair share of Grimm attacks. The first few attacks when Honey was old enough not to be locked in her home drastically changed her perceptions of the world. The young Honeydew believed truly that she could somehow bring an end to the Grimm.

Honeydew had always looked up to her brother, and he was sorely missed when he first left for Signal. She quickly realized how much less stable life was without him, and though she'd participated in several skirmishes with the Grimm against the town, she'd never managed to hit a single one of them even once with that old bolt-action rifle.

Finally, when she turned fourteen, she'd made up her mind, and left for Signal on her own to finally reunite with Bailan and become something more. Little more than a farm girl from the countryside at the time, it wasn't long before she'd distinguished herself as a fast learner, a brilliant mind in a fight, and possessing all the drive she needed to make something of herself.

When she finally reached Beacon Academy, Bailan was already in his final year. Throughout her schooling, he'd left to become a Huntsman and she heard tales of his exploits with his team in the field, dreaming of the day when she'd join him.

Beacon Academy is where Honeydew became the woman she is today. Quickly establishing herself early on as somewhat of a tactical genius, as her Semblance had manifested earlier while she trained at Signal, it wasn't long before she found herself in a team of her own. Three of her friends she'd met on the campus joined her to form Team HALT, with her at the lead, and they trained hard together, enjoying their young lives as teenagers in the prestigious academy setting that only a few years before they'd dreamed so much about.

Lyra, a boisterous lemur Faunus girl from Menagerie, became her best friend and roommate in the dorms. Allonzo, a stoic and exotic jackal Faunus from Vacuo joined them later after a series of humorous events, and finally, Terin, a dashing human swordsman from Vale proper completed their team, and for the remainder of their time at Beacon, they lived, worked, and played together as the best of friends.

Their very first mission after graduation was supposed to be a routine one. She'd laid the plans, she'd drilled her team through the scenario, it was a simple recon mission. Get in, get out, gather intelligence on the Grimm's whereabouts and report back. However, the mission didn't go as planned, and they paid a heavy price. Terin, their dear friend and Honeydew's partner, was torn away from them on their very first operation as a team together, and he lost his life to the Grimm; her teammates to this day still state that this was when Honeydew changed.

Until then, Honeydew had approached her command with a degree of leniency, but Terin's death had spurred in her that drive from her youth, and the seriousness that overcame her from that point on consumed the entirety of her career henceforth. Now Team HAL, the three friends would never replace their lost teammate.

Going on to operate as a specialized three-man squad devoted to reconnaissance and stealth operations, the level of effort they showed then drove them from the green ranks of newly-formed teams into the realm of the elite. In countless scenarios, Honeydew slowly proved her worth to her command, and eventually, it landed her the most important job of her career.


With Allonzo and Lyra acting as her handlers and clandestine operatives in the shadows, Honeydew was tasked with becoming an officer in the Atlas military. Given a false identity and paperwork and backed by a very well-executed array of social engineering missions, she was able to join the ranks as a brand new officer to a base just outside the main city of Atlas, where she stayed for two whole years gathering information and subtly influencing the course of history for the safety of Vale's sovereignty. Ultimately, she did her job with exceptional skill and would eventually return home an unsung, secret hero on the stage of world politics.

After a brief stint at defensive station within Vale's borders, however, her brother eventually retired as a Huntsman after marrying his wife who had just given birth to their second child. Now realizing that she had other reasons to remain in Vale, she opted not to transfer back to active field work but instead accepted an offer to become a teacher at Beacon Academy, where she now teaches History and Small-Squad Tactics, hoping to prepare students well enough that they do not fall on their very first mission, either.
Professor of History and Tactics, Beacon Academy
Honeydew is a veteran Huntress of Beacon Academy, where she studied before moving on to field work. She has been a Huntress now for twelve whole years. She is now the one teaching you!
Semblance Name:
Semblance Description:
Honeydew's Semblance is somewhat of a closely guarded secret. Only other Huntsmen potentially know what it does or how it functions, if they had access to her personnel files, and Honeydew doesn't often talk about or share information on it, in order to maintain the specific advantages it affords her.

What her ability actually does, she finds quite useful both on the battlefield and off of it. When activated, from Honey's perspective, the world begins to suddenly slow down rapidly, until it approaches a near-standstill. It begins to burn her Aura in order to rapidly compress time from her perspective, making everything freeze around her while allowing her to project her Aura forth and around her, taking her perspective with it. In effect, she can move around within her immediate area and examine the whole of it at a distinct, frozen moment in time.

While doing this, she obviously has a greatly-increased amount of time to think and to plan and to see what's going on, how things are moving, where they're moving to, and at what angle. This gives her distinct advantages in combat.

While she's looking around, certain things become apparent that might normally escape her perceptions. Specifically, she has a limited ability to see things outside of her vision, for example if they were hidden behind other objects, and she can see around herself in all directions. This makes surprising her very difficult at best.

While active, the ability continuously drains her Aura, but at such a rapid pace relative to everybody else, that it appears almost instantaneous. When the ability is ended, everything rapidly speeds up back to normal, and if she was outside of her own perspective, she experiences a 'snap' back to her own head and body that is particularly jarring, even after years of using it.

The only indication that she's used her ability is the slight shimmering of Aura that floats through the air along the path she took, briefly fluttering about before vanishing all together.

This ability has been trained over many years, and represents the pinnacle of what it can accomplish as a Semblance. Since Honey is a fully realized Huntress, there isn't much left to improve.
Weapon Name:
The Kingkiller
Weapon Image: ... s_Mace.jpg
Weapon Description:
A mace crafted from the finest material Remnant has to offer, the Kingkiller is unique in that it combines technology from Vale as well as pilfered mechanisms from the Atlesian military, in particular it utilizes a state-of-the-art gyroscopic stabilizer in the head of the mace which helps to properly balance the weapon while in motion, effectively allowing it to strike in the most efficient manner possible with every swing. The outer blades of the mace are individually capable of moving up and down, and together with the stabilizer, they adjust to deliver the maximum cutting potential with each and every swing, rendering even the heaviest of armor ribbons beneath its powerful assault.

In addition to its primary mode as a mace, the Kingkiller also has secondary transformations as a longsword, an axe, and a short spear, each seeing the blades reconfigure to suit Honeydew's needs in combat. The white part of the handle stores a single Dust canister, which can be used to empower the blades with elemental properties, though needs to be reloaded when switching the element each time. The base of the hilt can be twisted like a dial, which is how the secondary configurations are selected.

In addition to the Kingkiller, Honeydew utilizes many different weapons that she's acquired over the years, including pistols, rifles, grenades, and various gadgets. It all depends on what her mission is! Generally, she only uses the Kingkiller when it's needed, preferring instead to use other methods of dispatching her foes.
Other Gear:
Honeydew wears armor, and often carries grenades, a knife, and a side-arm into battle. She can be seen with many different gadgets when on active duty, however, anything that the mission might require.
Fighting Style:
Honeydew is a master of tactics and the concept of force multipliers. Often leading from the front, she uses her extensive experience and training to her advantage, always knowing when and where to strike and with what weapon and why. Honeydew is a master with her mace, using a fighting style she developed that focuses on defensively wearing down her opponent until she can score one major, crushing blow that potentially knocks her opponent from the fight. If it doesn't, she sets up for the next devastating attack.

Honeydew is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. She is trained in a specific Aura technique that allows her to generate a massive burst of strength by creating sudden explosive force within individual muscles, similar to an adrenaline rush, which allows her to pull of feats of raw physical power that can sometimes baffle those who witness them, often leading them to believe she has some kind of strength Semblance. This isn't the case, however, and she's always on the look out to find the next student to teach this mysterious and useful technique to.
-Tactics and squad leadership
-Literal physical strength
-Intuition and insight
-Experienced, knowledgeable
-Effective teacher, knows how to get points across
-Friendly toward anybody, as long as they show respect
-Always happy to answer questions as long as they're not personal
-Loving Aunt
-Very confident in her own ability
-Has a cool truck (vroom vroom)
-Always prepared for the worst
-Sometimes can be too harsh or strict
-Not always capable of understanding social situations
-Is sometimes haunted by certain events from the past
-Will occasionally underestimate somebody she views as incorrect
-A big tease
-Doesn't always consider other people's perspectives
-Sometimes too quick to jump in over her head
-Hates her brother's wife
-Can't stand it when her brother's mad at her cuz he always has a good reason when he is
-Long walks on the beach ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Hanging out with her bro and his kids (not his damn wife!)
-Lyra and Allonzo, her former teammates
-Tea, usually black tea with honey
-Coffee, usually black coffee with nothing
-History and Tactics
-Driving around with the wind in her hair
-Traveling (at least she did)
-Exotic foods, such as scorpion
-Punishing rule-breakers
-People that hit on her (she'll hit you back)
-Those who haven't properly studied history
-Those who haven't properly studied tactics
-Failing her students as a teacher
-Having to punish people who made honest mistakes
-Seeing people suffer, especially because of her own mistakes
-Her brother's wife
-Not being properly prepared
-Returning to her hometown, she's not sure why though
-Lyra's pestering
Fun Facts:
-Honeydew is a loving pet-owner of a small black and white cat named Boots.

-Honeydew's unit while in Atlas received a Meritous Unit Commendation for excellent performance.

-It's really REALLY hard to prank her or throw her a surprise party.
Recent Events:
Honeydew is a decorated veteran of Beacon Academy, and a current Professor of History and Small-Squad Tactics. She is currently grading your first-year student's History test.
Alternate Characters:
Fuchsia Iris Ükhel
Sable Citrine

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